Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Destruction Of The Pink Ranger Part 10
by Cheryl Roberts (Mf)

Dawn was breaking as Kim returned to Stranger's Rock. She was tired, sore,
singed, and still coughing on smoke. Fortunately the fire had been detected
early, and they were able to get everyone out of the building. She had a
feeling it was arson, and she suspected Black Jack was behind it. Her first
day as the White Stranger had been eventful. She hadn't really minded; just
seeing the relief on the faces of the townsfolk when she rode by made it all
worth it. She did think it odd that for someone who was such a hero to Angel
Grove, no tales survived.

Kim slipped out of the saddle and walked White Lightning into the cave. Upon
entering, she found Thomas waiting up for her. He had made breakfast.

"Bless you, Tommy -- I mean Thomas; you're a sweetheart," she declared with
a yawn.

"'Twas no trouble, Miss Kim; it's the least I can do," he said as he handed
her a tin cup full of coffee and a plate of something lumpy and white. Kim
didn't care if it was oatmeal, mush or mashed potatoes. She was famished.

"Busy night?" Thomas queried. His concern grew as he smelled the smoke which
had permeated her clothes.

"The miserable bastards set the dry goods store on fire. We were lucky we
caught the fire before it spread," she mumbled around a mouthful of food.
"We got the Masons out all right, and the rescue helped establish that the
White Stranger is alive and well." Kim finished her meal then stripped off
her sooty clothes before Thomas could avert his eyes. To his relief, she
wore her chemise underneath.

"I owe you a lot, Miss Kim -- first you saved my life and now this," Thomas
said, struggling with the words as Kim sat down next to him and snuggled in
close. She leaned up against him and fell asleep almost instantly. He
noted that she smelled of sweat, smoke, and horse, and somehow he found
that much more appealing than Miss Karen's scents or Missy's home cooking.
Thomas put a check on his thoughts. Miss Kim was already spoken for, but
he couldn't put the memory of her kiss out of his mind. He'd never
experienced anything like it before. The way she had talked, the way she
had sat on him . . . the way she looked in his clothes . . . recalling
her outrageous pink costume . . . and seeing her in her present little
slip of a garment brought heat to his cheeks and to his loins.

Stop this. Somewhere -- some when, there's a young man who is probably
worried half to death about where Miss Kim has gone. He's probably looking
for her right now. You should be thinking about a way to help her get home
and not how her breasts nearly spill out of her bodice.

Kim shifted position slightly, and Thomas' arm dropped around her shoulder.
He was about to pull it away when Kim grabbed his hand. She drew it over
until his fingers brushed her bosom. Thomas swallowed hard, and Kim giggled
in her sleep.

"Oh Tommy!" she gasped.

Thomas found himself envying his kinsman in the future. He didn't want to
wake Kim, so he carefully reached around to adjust his rampant anatomy.

* * *

Kimberly woke to the sound of bells frantically pealing in the distance.
"What is it?" she asked as she shook off her drowsiness and her dreams of
black flames.

"Those are the school bells," Thomas reported as he tried to get up. "It
means trouble."

"Stay put; I'm on it," she directed him. She quickly dressed and led White
Lightning from the cave. She swung herself into the saddle and set the
steed thundering down the hillside toward town. As she reached the main
thoroughfare, she noticed that the citizens were rushing to the western end
of town.

"What's up?" she queried, reining White Lightning in.

"One of the students has gone missing at the school!"

Kim urged White Lightning towards the sound of the bell. When she arrived
at the schoolhouse, there was quite a gathering of people, and she belatedly
realized that she had put her charade in serious jeopardy. In the gathering
she spotted William, Billy's ancestor. She dismounted and sought him out.

"What's going on?" she queried. William hadn't heard her approach and jumped
when he heard a low voice behind him.

"The White Stranger! Am I ever glad to see . . . wait a minute. You're not
the . . . ."

"Sh!" Kim hissed, clapping her hand over his mouth. "It's me, Kim."
William's eyes went wide as she tilted the brim of her hat up so he could see
her face. "The real White Stranger is recuperating from a gunshot wound, but
keep it under your hat. What's happened here?"

"My cousin Johnny wandered off from the school yard, the young uns say, then
he started hollering and carrying on. They saw a man in black carrying him
off. They think the varmint carried him out to Stone Canyon Gorge and tossed
him over the side," William explained. "Can you use your Pink Ranger powers
to get him out?"

"There is no more Pink Ranger, William, merely plain ol' Kimberly, but let's
go have a look. Can you get me to the edge of the gorge without anyone else
getting a good look at me?"

"Follow me. There's a trail down the way a piece." William and Kim hurried
away from the school and found the trail. It led them to the gorge about a
hundred yards from where the townsfolk were gathering.

"I see him," Kim murmured, spotting a huddled shape curled up on a narrow
ledge. "Poor little guy, it looks like his foot's caught or something. See
how he's tugging at it?" Kim peered over the edge of the canyon rim to see
what lay below her. "The ledge runs all along the cliff. Find a rope and
lower me down."

"Are you sure? That ledge can't be more than four inches wide," William
noted. Kim smiled at that.

"I can walk that with my eyes closed," she said confidently.

"I'll fetch the rope from the school bell," William offered, and hurried off.

While Kim waited for him to return, she wondered why no one else had ventured
down with a rope to rescue the boy. Simply lowering a line wouldn't do with
his foot caught. There had to be something else that she wasn't aware of.

"Here you go, Miss Kim," William panted. He dropped the line over the edge
and braced it around his body. Kim kicked off Thomas' boots; she'd have
better luck in her bare feet than in the oversized clod hoppers.

"I'll go down here, but have the rope waiting over where Johnny's stuck.
I'll pry him loose then tie the rope around him and send him back up," Kim

"How will you get back up?" William wondered.

"I'll figure something out once the crowd has thinned out."

Kim started her slow climb down the canyon wall. William kept the rope
secure. The ledge was a good fifteen feet below her, and Kim wondered how
Johnny survived the fall, if indeed he had fallen. It was possible that he
was deposited via another route. She was half way down the rope when she
heard a gun shot. Seconds later a bullet sheared through the rope. Kim
quickly tucked herself into a somersault position so she could better
control her fall. Even so, she hit the ledge hard and nearly fell. She
maintained a hold of the edge and quickly scrambled back up. Another shot
rang out; there was her answer: a sniper.

Kim lay flat on the ledge and tried to spot the gunman. The bullet which
had snapped the rope had come from Johnny's direction. Kim took that to
mean the villain was probably concealed somewhere nearby. She stayed on
her belly and crawled closer to the child. She covered nearly half the
distance, waiting all the while for a third shot to ring out, and she was
not disappointed. This time she caught a glimpse of sunlight off metal.
There was a clump of bushes up the trail from Johnny; she'd have put her
money on the gunman being hidden there. Her hand slipped back to the gun
in Thomas' holster. The cold, metal butt sent a shiver running through
her. No, that wasn't the answer. She had never fired a gun; she didn't
even know if the gun was loaded. Kim had to figure out another way to stop
the gunman; if a gun fight ensued, Johnny might be hit by a stray bullet.
Kim wished she had her power bow.

Kim continued forward. Another shot rang out. This one was high,
ricocheting off the cliff face. The bullet knocked several rocks loose,
sending them cascading down on her head.

"Ow!" she yelped, covering her head with her arms. They were good sized
stones -- approximately baseball sized. They gave her an idea. She
carefully got to her knees and hefted one of the rocks. Her throw wouldn't
have won any baseball games, but at least the rock reached the bushes. She
scrambled a few feet closer and launched a second missile. She kept up the
barrage until she heard what she'd been waiting for: a groan. She had
finally hit her unseen target. Even more gratifying, she was rewarded by
the sound of a gun careening off the side of the canyon. She watched
carefully and caught a glimpse of a fleeing black clad form.

With a sigh of relief she hurried along the ledge to where Johnny was

"The White Stranger!" the boy sniffled. Kim guessed him to be around six or
seven years old. He wiped his eyes furtively, and Kim pretended not to see.

"Hang on, Johnny; I'll have you out in a jiffy," she murmured, careful to
keep her face shadowed.

"You won't tell the others I was crying, will you?"

"That'll be our secret. You sure are wedged in here real tight," Kim grunted
as she reached down into the crack in the ledge. Suddenly she felt a sharp
pain on the back of wrist. "Ow! Something bit me." She freed Johnny's leg
and glanced at the marks on the back of her hand. They looked rather like
spider bites. After the initial sting, the discomfort wasn't bad, so she
paid it no further attention. She glanced upwards and spotted William
leaning over the edge of the canyon. Next to him was Doc Hart. "Send the
rope down, William!

"Now, when they start pulling you up, you can help by sort of walking up the
side of the cliff," Kim directed as she fastened the rope around Johnny's
waist. "You let Doc Hart have a look at that ankle of yours, all right?"

"What about you? How are you going to get back up?" Johnny wondered. "And
how come your voice sounds so high? You sound like a girl."

"I inhaled too much smoke at Mason's store last night," Kim fibbed. "You
tell William that I've gone to see if I can find the guy who was shooting at

"Sure. Thanks."

"Up you go, Johnny."

Kim waited until William and Zachariah had hold of Johnny before she wandered
further up the ledge. She approached the bushes carefully, but no one was
there. The bushes concealed a narrow gap in the cliff. Kim followed the
hidden trail. It meandered quite a ways; when she emerged from the miniature
canyon, she found herself on a hillside overlooking the school. There were
several large trees on the hill, and Kim dragged herself over to one of them
to sit and rest.

Kim felt drained, overheated, and a little lightheaded. She looked at the
back of her hand again; it was slightly swollen and tender to the touch. She
didn't feel real good. Of greater concern to her was the burning in her
veins. She recognized the sensation; she could no longer deny that Tommy
hadn't fully cured her. She was back to the first stages of fever induced
by Zedd's spell. What was she going to do? Tommy wasn't simply miles away;
he was separated from her by 110 years or more.

Kim had to get back to the cave. She roused herself to check the schoolyard.
She watched as William and Doc helped Johnny over to a wagon; no doubt they
intended to take him to Doc's surgery. With their departure, the rest of the
crowd gathered in the yard dispersed. Kim waited until everyone was gone
before venturing down the hill. White Lightning was patiently waiting by
Thomas' boots. It was all Kim could do to get herself up in the saddle; she
had never felt so weak and nauseous under the spell before. She nudged White

"Come on, boy, take me home."

* * *

"Miss Kim, is something wrong?" Thomas queried as Kim returned. She all
but fell out of White Lightning's saddle and staggered drunkenly across the
floor. "What happened?"

"The Black Seven gang snatched William's cousin and dropped him down Stone
Canyon Gorge. I think he was the bait so they could take potshots at the
White Stranger," Kim related as she sat down exhaustedly. Her face was
flushed, and she was sweating profusely. She cradled her hand in her lap
as she settled down next to the fire. "I got him out all right; thank
goodness I'm a gymnast or I'd have never have made it across that ledge
even without the sniper."

"What's wrong with your hand?" Thomas asked.

"Huh? Oh, it's nothing much; I think something bit me."

"Those are teeth marks," Thomas said as he dragged himself over to examine
her hand; he gently probed the punctures. Her hand was red and puffy.
Thomas placed his hand on her brow. Kim was burning up with fever.

"I felt something when I reached into the crevice . . . ."

"You had better lay down," Thomas recommended. There was no telling what
the critter had been or what sort of poison it may have injected into her

"Sounds good to me, I'm beat," she agreed. She stripped off everything but
her chemise and curled up on a blanket by the fire. "Mm, that feels good.
Why am I so cold?"

"Just rest, Miss Kim," Thomas said. She had drifted off almost as soon as
her head hit the blanket. Thomas was concerned. She really needed to see
Doc Hart and get some medicine, but there was no way either of them could
ride. He thought a moment longer then recalled he had something on hand
that might be of use. He dragged himself over to his footlocker and rooted
through the items until he found a small leather pouch.

It had been a gift to him from Soaring Falcon, the medicine man to the local
Indian tribe. Thomas had met Soaring Falcon the afternoon when he had first
encountered the Black Seven gang; they had been molesting a young Indian
woman. He helped her escape from them. Shining Crane was Soaring Falcon's
granddaughter. Thomas and the shaman hit it off; Soaring Falcon named him
One Who Seeks and offered to help him find what his soul was searching for.
He also began teaching him the ways of his people's mysticism. Thomas wasn't
sure he believed in everything Soaring Falcon had to say, but some of his
words brought him comfort, and the shaman's herb lore had proven useful on
many occassions.

Thomas sorted through the herbs in the pouch until he spotted the sprig he
was looking for. According to Soaring Falcon, the dried flower was good for
treating poisoned bites. Thomas set about to making a pot of tea. Once the
water was almost boiling, he crushed the sprig into the water and stirred it
until it dissolved. He held Kim's head in his lap and poured the brew into
her mouth. Her fever sleep was so deep that she didn't even budge as he
forced the contents of the cup down her throat. Now for the worst part:

* * *

"Tommy," Kim moaned in her sleep.

It had been several hours since Thomas had administered the herbs. Kim
seemed to be doing no better. Presently, she was tossing and turning.
Thomas tried to keep her brow wiped, but she was perspiring too much. She
had worked off the covers he had thrown over her, and at the moment she was
tugging fitfully at her undergarment.

"Settle down, Miss Kim," Thomas urged her. It wouldn't do to have her
undress herself in her sleep.

"Tommy, please, the flames are back. I'm not all better!" she whimpered

"It'll be all right," Thomas said soothingly.

"Make it stop hurting, Tommy," Kim pleaded frantically.

"You've had medicine. What else should I do?"

"Make it stop like you did before! I need you, Tommy."

"All right, Kim, I'll help you," Thomas agreed. What would it hurt to
assumed the role of her beau as long as he got her to settle down? "Just
tell me what to do."

"Take me, Tommy; take me now!" Kim sat up suddenly; her eyes were opened
but glazed with fever. She was not awake. Her hands caught her chemise
and all but ripped it from her body. Thomas swallowed hard as he tried
not to look at her, but it was impossible to tear his eyes away. Kim's
expression wavered between agony and appetite as she advanced towards him,
crawling slowly, like an animal stalking its prey.

"I need you inside me now, Tommy," she said beseechingly. "Make me feel so
good it won't hurt any more!" Thomas had no clue what to do, and he wasn't
prepared for Kim's strength or the ferocity of her desire. She pounced on
him, pinning him to the cave floor. Her mouth savaged his as her hands
tugged at his shirt. Once his chest was bared, she kissed her way down his
chest and stomach. Upon reaching his belt buckle, she gave a cry of
frustration and whipped the belt off. In no time, she had his trousers and
drawers pulled down around his ankles. With one fluid move, Kim straddled
his hips and impaled herself on his cock. Thomas groaned in disbelief and
pleasure, and the ride was only beginning.

Kim moved herself hard and fast on his organ. She had her hands braced on
his chest as she rode him. Her head whipped up and down, and her hair flew
hither and thither in her frenzy. Thomas had given up trying to disengage
her; he settled for trying to hold on to her, his hands digging into the
soft flesh of her buttocks. His eyes went wide as Kim sat up straighter
and began playing with her breasts. The pain was ebbing slowly from her
face to be replaced with a sort of glow. Thomas had never seen anything so
exciting in his life.

"Please, Tommy," Kim whimpered. "I need to come, Tommy. Make me come!"
Her frenetic actions were beginning to slow, but her hips were pounding
against him harder than before. Her back arched sharply, thrusting her
breasts forward. In spite of himself, Thomas released his grip on her
haunches and reached for one of her bouncing mounds. He found her breasts
surprisingly soft and her nipples surprisingly hard.

"Yes, oh yes!" Kim's moans were becoming throaty growls as she worked him
harder. He felt the warmth of her fluids bathing his cock, and felt the
velvety walls of her sex contracting, hugging his rod tighter than anything
he had ever felt. It was both excruciating and exhilarating.

"Fuck me, Tommy! Oh God, fuck me! Make the fire stop!" she screamed.
Thomas nearly screamed himself as the walls of her vagina clamped about him
with vice-like strength. Pleasure exploded through every nerve ending in
his body. Kim's body began to shake, and she literally pounded against his
hips. Kim screamed long and loud as her climax hit. She continued to
writhe about like a wild woman as ecstasy rippled through her. At last she
began to settle down. With an exhausted sigh, she kissed him then collapsed
on his chest. As she fell forward, Thomas' cock slipped out. He lay there
gasping with relief for several moments before he realized that he, too, had

Suddenly, Kim began stirring, and Thomas felt his heart go cold in his chest.
What if she woke up now? What would she think? Thomas didn't know what to
do; he hadn't the strength to lift Kim off his body.

"I'm sorry, Tommy," she murmured sleepily. "I didn't mean to lose it like
that. It's just that the flames were back . . . I was so scared . . . .
Please tell me you didn't lose your powers this time." Thomas was startled
to see that she was crying, but she was no more in her right mind than when
she had ridden him.

"Don't cry, Kim; everything will be all right," he assured her, and Kim
snuggled down next to him, drifting back to sleep.

Thomas' mind was in a whirl. Never had he experienced anything like what
had just happened. He had never been with a woman before, but he always
thought that a lady would be as genteel in bed as she was in public. He
never dreamed that a woman, much less Kim, would be so raw and wild. Yet,
when he looked down at her as she pressed against him, there was no trace
of the wantonness. There was no trace of the tormented shadows that had
darkened Kim's face. She was at peace. Thomas groaned softly. It was
too much for him to handle at the moment. He had dozens of questions --
about her actions and about his reactions, but they would keep for now.
He allowed himself to pull Kim closer and drift off to sleep.


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