Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Destruction Of The Pink Ranger Part 5
by Cheryl Roberts (mf,voy)

The Campbells were sitting down to lunch. Kimberly was still absent, and
Aisha just picked at her food.

"Where's Kim?" Mrs. Campbell wondered. "We haven't seen her all morning."

"She's with Tommy," Aisha replied noncommittally.

"She was gone before breakfast," her father commented. "I thought she wasn't
feeling well."

"She felt better, and Tommy invited her to join him for a run in the park.
They haven't really had a chance to spend any quality time together in a
while." Aisha felt sick inside having to be evasive with her parents. She
had always been honest with them, but there was no way she could tell them
the truth.

"I don't know, dear. Kim and Tommy have been spending an awful lot of time
together lately."

"Kim is leaving at the end of the school year; they're not going to have many
chances to see each other after that."

"I know I'm not her mother, but I am concerned. For a high school crush,
they're awfully serious."

"It's more than a high school crush, Mom. They really love each other.
They're talking about having a future together."

"Aisha, rarely do high school sweethearts get married. Once they go their
separate ways to college . . . they are planning on going to college, aren't
they? It would be such a waste if they weren't. They're both bright young
people," Mr. Campbell said.

"I know Kim is planning on going to school, but whether here or in Paris I
don't know. I don't think she knows. Tommy's grand ambition is to have his
own dojo and be a martial arts instructor. He'd be great at that. He has
the skill and really enjoys working with kids."

"I'm afraid they're getting too serious too quickly," Mrs. Campbell

"There's a lot of stuff between them, Mom. Their relationship is solid."
Aisha turned her attention to stirring her food around her plate. "Girls
with high school crushes don't generally give their lives for their
boyfriends." The last was muttered under her breath and was not meant for
her parents' ears, but they heard it nonetheless.

"What do you mean by that?" Mr. Campbell asked sharply.

Aisha took a deep breath before answering. "There was more to that business
at the end of the school year than Kim and Tommy let on. I think they only
told us guys and their parents. Tommy was hurt, bad. You've seen that
winged goon Goldar on the news, haven't you?"


"Well, he was beating the stuffings out of Tommy, and since Tommy was
manacled, he didn't stand a chance. Kim tried to distract Goldar. He had
an energy lance; according to Tommy the lance sucked the energy out of your
body. Goldar threw the lance at Tommy, trying to spear him, but Kim shoved
Tommy out of the way. The lance went right through her chest."

"Oh my God," her mom gasped.

"Kim should have died. It was a miracle that the Rangers were able to save

Aisha withdrew into herself, and her parents respected her silence. It made
Aisha sick to think that her best friend was close to death for a second
time, and there was nothing she could do but wait. Tommy had to cure her
this time; he just had to!

* * *

"Any word yet, Billy?"

"Negative, Aisha."

"This is getting frustrating!" Aisha fumed. It was later the same afternoon,
and Aisha was unable to curb her impatience. After her conversation with her
parents, she needed to talk to someone and called Billy.

"I know, but Kim was so far gone, reversing the spell may take quite some

"It just isn't fair! Zedd's done enough to them; why did he have to do this

"Because he delights in hurting us. All we can do is hope that Tommy and
Kimberly are successful in surmounting this latest obstacle, proving to Zedd
that we will never be beaten."

"Billy, my parents are starting to ask some difficult questions about Tommy
and Kim. I wish I didn't have to beat around the bush so much. I told them
a little more about what happened six months ago -- the sanitized version.
I wish we could tell them the truth about us so things wouldn't be so hard

"So do I, Aisha, but you know why we cannot."

"I know. I wouldn't want to lose my powers for anything, but Kim and Tommy
might. What'll we do if that happens?"

"We go on. Just like when Zack, Jason and Trini left. Even without their
powers, they'll still be there for us, and they'll still help out, just like
you, Rocky and Adam did at first."

"I'm scared for them, Billy."

"I know, Aisha, so am I."

"Do you think we should try and get in touch with the Command Center and see
if Zordon knows anything yet?"

"He'll contact us when he knows something."

"I hate waiting; I almost wish we had some tengas to trash."

From there their conversation switched to less sensitive topics. Out in the
hall, Mrs. Campbell frowned. She hadn't meant to overhear her daughter's
conversation; she had merely come by at an opportune moment. She was puzzled
and a little frightened. Apparently, her daughter and her friends had a
secret that they dared tell no one. But what sort of powers could she lose?
What were some of those strange things she had mentioned? Command Center,
Zordon, tenga, Goldar, Zedd, energy transferences . . . and then, an idea
gripped her. It was ludicrous, but it was the only thing that explained all
the bizarre events -- the strange absences, the knowing, silent exchanges
between the six friends, the lack of anxiety about the move to Angel Grove.
Mrs. Campbell had to give this serious consideration.

If she was right, and her daughter was a Power Ranger, how did she feel about
it? She had seen the Rangers and the monsters they faced on television. She
had always felt pride in the accomplishments of those young people and what
they stood for, but it was different knowing it was her daughter facing those
dangers and knowing that she could be hurt or worse. Of course, she could be
jumping to conclusions, but her heart was telling her that she was on the
right track. Which led her to the question, what had happened to Tommy and
Kimberly that could cause them to lose their powers, and did she really want
to know?

* * *

"Billy, what are you doing here?" Zordon queried as Billy materialized in the
Command Center. Billy was carrying a picnic hamper and an overnight bag.

"I brought something for Kim and Tommy to eat and some clothing as they only
have their pajamas from this morning," he explained.

"An excellent idea. That was very thoughtful of you."

"Do you know how things are going?" Billy asked hesitantly. "We're all
pretty worried."

"I wish to respect their privacy as much as possible; however, I have run
periodic scans. While Kimberly is out of immediate danger, the spell is by
no means broken."

"That's something at the very least," Billy noted with relief. "The guys
will be happy to hear this."

"I'll teleport these bags to the infirmary," Alpha said.

"It would be better if Billy took them to the infirmary."

"Me?" Billy queried with a nervous squeak.

"I sense that Tommy and Kimberly are presently asleep. The drone of the
teleportation beam would only disturb them. You are able to move much more
quickly and quietly than Alpha," Zordon pointed out.

"If you're sure I won't be interrupting anything . . . ." Billy agreed,
swallowing hard. He headed down the corridor, his stomach muscles tying
themselves in knots. He hesitated outside the door. This is absurd!
Zordon just told you that they're asleep. They won't even know you're
there. All you have to do is drop off the bags and get out. Thus
fortified, Billy palmed the control panel.

The darkness and heat caught him off guard as the door slid open. He stepped
inside, casting a furtive glance towards the examination bed. He was
surprised to find it empty. Then he spotted the white island in the middle
of the floor. Tommy and Kimberly lay amid the tangle of sheets, their bodies
unusually dark against the white linens. The two lay snuggled in each
other's arms, their coverlet revealing more than it concealed. There was
something aesthetically pleasing in the way their bodies were entwined.
Kimberly's head rested on Tommy's chest, poised over his heart; her left arm
was draped over his midsection, and her left leg was bent and rested atop
Tommy's legs. Tommy had his arms wrapped about her protectively. Billy
suddenly realized that he had never observed anything so beautiful and so
powerfully moving before.

Or arousing, he admitted to himself with a blush as he realized that his eyes
were lingering on the line of Kim's body--the arch of her back, the way her
buttock curved, rounding into her thigh . . . . By the tightening in his
groin, Billy knew he had stayed too long. He gave himself a mental shake.

You're here to deliver food and clothing, not gawk.

Billy wanted to leave the containers some place where Tommy and Kimberly
would easily find them. He decided that the examination table was the most
likely spot. He circled the makeshift bed, moving as silently as his spirit
animal. However, as he reached the bed, he heard movement behind him. He
spun around. Kimberly was stirring, and she was facing his direction! In
a panic, he ducked behind the exam table. He heard Kimberly utter a very
sexy, "Mm!" Billy tried to activate the teleportation mechanism on his
communicator, but the button was jammed. He couldn't teleport, and with
Kimberly awake, how was he going to get out of the infirmary undetected?

"Ooh, Tommy, you are sooo gorgeous!" Kim murmured, her smile of satisfaction
evident to Billy in her tone. He was breathing heavily as he pressed himself
up against the metal bed frame.

Don't you look. Don't you dare look! Billy, however, could not help but
sneak a peek. He tried to convince himself that it was only to gauge how
much of the infirmary was in Kimberly's line of sight. Kim's back was to
the door, but if Billy tried to move, she would undoubtedly see him.

Kimberly sat up and stretched out, providing Billy with a clear view of her
full, softly rounded breasts. The sight made his mouth go dry. Her eyelids
were at half mast, and her smile filthy cute as she lifted her hair off the
nape of her neck. Kim then stretched herself out over Tommy's body and began
planting a trail of kisses from his lips to his chest and stomach, but she
didn't stop there. Billy's breath caught in his throat as she continued
lower. She licked her lips and emitted a hungry growl as she contemplated
Tommy's cock. She looked up briefly; for a moment Billy thought she might
have seen him. Her smile sent shivers down his spine. It was one of pure
lust. Kim savagely swallowed Tommy's shaft.

Billy pulled back, his eyes tightly closed. However, the sounds of her
sucking and slurping and her obvious enjoyment were too much for him. When
he peered around again, Kim's eyes were shut but she wore the most blissful
expression Billy had ever seen. He watched mesmerized as she, with rapturous
delight, bathed Tommy's cock with her tongue, her lips slowly sliding over
the hard flesh. Billy could hardly refrain from reaching for his own fully
engorged anatomy. Tommy suddenly groaned, which severed the spell Kim's blow
job held him under.

"What a way to wake a fella up," Tommy teased. Billy wanted to swear, doubly
frustrated by his arousal and by the fact that Tommy was awake and facing the

"I'm glad you liked it," Kim giggled drunkenly. There was a lengthy pause,
but Billy didn't dare try to look now.

"How are you doing, Princess?" Tommy murmured.

"It still hurts, Tommy," Kim whimpered. Billy could hear her tears in her
words, and it made his heart ache. "More, please?" Billy had never heard
supplication sound more scintillating or more desperate. He needed to get
out of the infirmary now. A quick glance revealed that Tommy had taken
Kimberly in his arms. Billy seized the moment to crawl towards the bank of
medical computers. There was still a lot of room to cross, and he still
couldn't get to the door undetected, but at least he wasn't in Kimberly's
line of sight.

"How do you want to do it this time?" Tommy queried.

"I want you to make love to me," Kim responded softly. "Like you did in my
fantasy. I want to savor the way your hands feel on my body, the warmth of
your mouth on my breasts, and the softness of your tongue on my pussy."

Billy had to bite his hand to keep from moaning out loud.

"I'd like nothing better; it's all I've ever wanted to do," Tommy said, "but
do you think you can handle it? We tried it slow earlier, and it didn't

"That was -- what? Two of your orgasms ago? I've lost track of the times
I've come," Kim remarked (Billy's hormones were in a state of hysterics at
the thought). "I feel like I have a little more control now. I think I can
make it at least once. Please, Tommy, touch me. Make the hurting stop."

Tommy and Kim knelt facing each other. Billy had an excellent view. Tommy
reached out to touch her up-turned face; his hand drifted down to play with
her hair. He kissed her; it was a long, slow lingering dance of the tongues.
Then, Tommy gently eased Kimberly down onto the mattress.

"Relax and enjoy, Beautiful," Tommy murmured, smiling at her warmly. Kim's
eyes were aglow with love and trust. Tommy began by dusting Kim's entire
body with his hair. She practically melted under the whisper soft caress.
Her sigh conveyed utter contentment. Billy was fascinated by the whole

Next, Tommy skimmed his hands up Kim's legs. He scarcely seemed to touch
her, and yet shivers shuddered through her body. He patiently explored the
length of her body with the softest of strokes. He seemed to know just where
to touch her to bring her the most pleasure. Kim's sighs became more full
bodied as she vocalized the enjoyment she felt at Tommy's touch. Billy felt
his pulse racing as he observed the quiver in Kimberly's abdomen as Tommy's
hands glided over it and the way her back arched as Tommy's hands fluttered
over her breasts.

When Tommy started back down Kim's body, it was with his mouth. His tongue
grazed Kim's throat, tickled the hollow, and outlined her collar bones. He
kissed his way down her breastbone to the valley between the swell of her
bosom. Kim reached around and guided Tommy's head to her right breast,
moaning exquisitely as Tommy's lips closed around her nipple. As his lips
and tongue pleasured her right breast, his hand sought to do the same to her
left. He lingered a long time over the softness of her breasts, much to
Kimberly's delight. She was moaning more deeply, and her body was beginning
to move underneath Tommy's. That seemed to be Tommy's cue to continue
exploring other areas of her body.

Billy held his breath in anticipation as Tommy's lips worked their way ever
closer to Kim's parted legs. Her body seemed to offer itself to his mouth.
Her moans were growing deeper, her pleasure and need more evident. Tommy
seemed to be oblivious to the way her body strained against his as his tongue
leisurely slipped down to Kim's brown curls.

"Oh, please Tommy!" Kim pleaded with a throaty moan. As Tommy's tongue
darted out for a taste of her sweet nectar, Kim gave a squeal of delight that
shattered Billy's last pretense of trying to escape. Billy's eyes were wide
as Tommy buried his face between Kim's legs. Her gasps and sighs coupled
with the gyrations of her body held Billy enraptured.

The sight of her writhing body glistening with perspiration, the rise and
fall of her breasts, the thrust of her hips against Tommy's face, the
sounds . . . the smell of sex . . . was intoxicating, exciting Billy
beyond anything he had ever experienced. Their movements were so vivid
and real--real people, real emotions. No video could ever capture what
he was witnessing here; not that he had any practical experience with such
matters. As he told Trini what seemed like aeons ago, his idea of a good
time was reading a science magazine.

"I'm coming, Tommy!" Kim gasped, drawing Billy's attention back to their
love making. Kim's body was taut even as she ground herself more
determinedly against Tommy. For his part, Tommy seemed to ignore her
mounting ferocity, keeping his movements controlled and deliberately slow.
Tommy didn't answer her. He kept on licking, however he grabbed hold of
her buttocks more firmly. Kim placed the palm of her hand on the back of
his head and pressed him even closer.

"Yes!" she shrieked, her climax finally cresting. Billy was breathless as
she rode Tommy's face, her body arching off the cushions and snapping back
down with the power of her orgasm. His hand stroked his throbbing cock
through his jeans. Kim fell back suddenly, gasping for air. Tommy emerged
from between her legs, his face coated with her thick white fluid. As her
body continued to tremble in the throes of ecstasy, he raised himself up
and slowly introduced his cock into her pussy. Kim emitted another of those
enticing squeals as Tommy pumped his hips forward. Kim wrapped her arms
around Tommy's neck and kissed him. Her fingers played with his hair, and
her lips sought out his ears, nibbling at his lobes then venturing further
south to kiss his neck.

Tommy maintained a steady rhythm with his strokes, pulling almost all the
way out very slowly, then snapping forward rapidly. Kim gasped with every
stroke. She seemed to enjoy the leisurely pace, but her body still trembled.
Her hips began thrusting forward with greater urgency, and her moans were
becoming muted whimpers.

"Tommy, I'm losing it . . . ." she gasped, a note of fear creeping into her

"Just a little bit longer; you can do it," Tommy encouraged.

Billy held his breath. Kim's words disintegrated into inarticulate growls.
Tommy increased the rate of his thrusts. Kim's hands tried to find a
purchase on Tommy's sweat-slick back; she finally dug her fingers into the
cheeks of his ass. Their bodies rocked together at a frantic pace; if they
didn't achieve their climax soon, Billy was afraid they would collapse. Just
as he was about to give up, Kim cut loose with a joyous shout, which Tommy
swiftly smothered with a kiss. She continued to ride his cock throughout her
orgasm. Tommy's face betrayed an enticing mixture of agony and ecstasy.
Billy sat back with the realization that he had come too.

"Tommy, you didn't come," Kim whimpered with breathless disappointment.

'How could he not have,' Billy wondered.

"We've done it so many times, that it takes me longer," Tommy panted. "How
did you like that?"

"That was terrific, but I'd have liked it better if you'd have come," Kim
pouted. Her statement was punctuated by a sharp intake of breath and a stab
of pain. Her suffering snapped Billy to his senses. When he peered around
the corner again, Kim was doubled over.

"Tommy . . . ." Kim's voice oscillaed between a deep and dangerous growl and
a frightened whimper.

"See, it's a good thing I didn't come yet," Tommy teased gently, but he
quickly became serious. "Don't hold back."

"Damn it, Tommy!" Kim swore. "I hate this, but I need your cock so badly!
I need your come inside me. Make the flames go away!"

Tommy took a deep breath; Billy could perceive signs of strain and exhaustion
in his carriage. The glow of lustful hunger in Kimberly's eyes reminded
Billy that there was a life or death motivation behind their actions. He had
witnessed the beauty of their emotions, but those emotions had to take second
place to the needs of the body. They were making love not so much as an
expression of their affection for one another but because they had no choice.

Kim pounced on Tommy, knocking him to the mat. She prepared to straddle his
still hard cock when she paused, a wicked gleam dancing in her eyes. She
quickly pulled Tommy up then knelt with her ass in the air and her face
pressed to the mat. She wiggled her behind in invitation.

"Come and take me, Tommy. I know you like it this way. You like watching my
ass as you fuck me, don't you? You like to stroke it and play with it as you
pound your cock into my hot, wet pussy. I bet you wish you could fuck it,
don't you." She smiled back at him predatorially, licking her lips.

Tommy quickly positioned himself behind her. With a single, sharp thrust he
buried his cock deep within her, his hips slapping against her cheeks loudly.

"Ooh, yes!" Kim growled as she rammed her hips back to meet his strokes. "I
love it when you shove that cock of yours in so deep! Come on, fuck me nice
and hard!" She bent forward even further, so that her face was pressed into
the pillows. Her hands clenched the cushion tightly. Her smile sent shivers
down Billy's spine, and once again he had the uncomfortable feeling that
Kimberly knew he was there. Teleportation effect be damned! He had to get
out of there. Billy fiddled with the control on his communicator. Finally
he was able to activate the mechanism, and Billy teleported home, wanting a
cold shower and clean underwear.


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