Mighty Morping Power Rangers: All Grrrl Orgy (FFFFF)
by Anonymous

"Comfy, boys?" Tanya cooed sweetly, tightening the silk scarves around
Billy's wrists, securely fastening him to his padded chair. Katherine was
doing likewise to Rocky.

"Isn't this taking the 'Kinkiest Christmas Present' bit a little far?" Rocky
asked Billy in a stage whisper. Both men had been invited over to Kat's house
to receive their Christmas presents and had been promptly tied up.

"This is hardly the most lascivious present we have ever received," Billy
answered. Ever since the Christmas when Kim had 'given' Trini Adam as her
gift, it had become something of a tradition to see who could give the most
sexually outrageous present.

"Not yet it isn't," the Pink Ranger interjected as she held up a pair of

"I had something really special in mind for you, Billy," Tanya purred as she
reached around the former Blue Ranger to fasten on his eye covering. She made
certain to rub herself up against him provocatively in the process.

"If this is Billy's present, then why am I here -- not that I'm complaining,
mind you," Rocky wondered.

"Because this was just too good for one person," Kat explained. "Can you see

"Nope. How much fun is that?"

"You'd be amazed at how vivid the images conjured by the imagination can be
when vision is obscured," Billy noted, recalling an occasion with Kim and
Tommy in his underground trophy room.

"This all-girl orgy is for all you closet voyeurs out there," the Yellow
Ranger giggled. Moving in tandem, she and Kat hovered close to their
teammates, kissing them without touching any other part of their bodies.
Tanya probed Billy's mouth while Kat plundered Rocky's.

"Could you tell who you were kissing?" Katherine queried when the two had
removed themselves from the immediate vicinity of the guys.

"I'd know your kisses anywhere, Kat," Rocky boasted.

"Oh? How about now?"

Grinning, both women beckoned to the figure watching and waiting in the
shadows of the Hillard living room. She approached Rocky and gave him a
lingering kiss.

"Uh...." Rocky fumbled, unable to identify his kisser. Billy, however, knew
that sweet mouth.


Tanya and Kat had imported her from Switzerland for the occasion.

"Merry Christmas, guys," Trini said. "Why don't you sit back and relax. Don't
worry; you'll get to watch soon enough, but right now, I have a little story
to tell you...."

"OhGod ohGodohGod," Katherine panted. She could feel her juices streaming
down the insides of her thighs as Tanya's hot, wet tongue probed her inner
folds. On hands and knees, Kat arched her back as she pushed her pussy harder
against Tanya's face, imploring her to lick harder. Trini, crouched beside
the Pink Ranger, urged her upright. Gripping her best friend's thighs, Tanya
pulled herself into better position to attack Kat's hot cunt. Trini nuzzled
the side of her face against the slope of Kat's chest before closing her
mouth over the taut nub of a nipple.

"Please make me come," Kat pleaded, and Tanya began to lick her moist pussy
even harder. She licked all around the gleaming folds of pink flesh; then,
she drilled her tongue against the blonde Ranger's clit. As the tiny head
rose, Tanya pulled it between her lips and sucked on it as she ran her tongue
in circles around the tiny organ.

Trini's mouth on Katherine's chest had hot fire racing through the Pink
Ranger's body. She felt her skin prickle as she was carried closer and closer
to her orgasm.

"Uhn, uhn," she began to pant. So close, so close, so close!! She rocked her
hips against Tanya's mouth, but the Yellow Ranger never lost her hold.
Suddenly, with a shout, Katherine came. Her muscles clenched and a fresh flow
of fluid hit Tanya's tongue. Tanya and Trini continued their assault on
their companion's body until her massive orgasm roared through its course.

When Kat came, Billy and Rocky nearly did, too. Trini's narration of the
events had faded as the three women became caught up in their own pleasure,
seemingly forgetting the presence of their audience. However, both Blue
Rangers possessed sufficient imagination to create mental pictures inspired
by their companions' moans.

"I told you we'd be late," claimed someone new.

"Aisha?" Rocky gasped, recognizing the voice.

"The boys are still blindfolded? That's too cruel, you guys."

"Kimberly?" Billy seconded.

The two had also been teleported home for the festivities.

The former Pink and Yellow Rangers found their friends lying on the floor in
a tangle of shapely limbs and naked bodies. Kat's thighs and Tanya's face
glistened with the telltale signs of someone's monster orgasm. The two
newcomers traded glances and licked their lips hungrily.

"Oh, I suppose we can let them see now," Tanya replied with an air of

Aisha and Kim did the honors, slipping the boys hot kisses in the process,
but they made no move to untie them.

"Aw, we wanna play, too," Rocky pouted.

"It's not your turn yet," Tanya scolded.

"You two," Trini interjected sternly, staring predatorily at the late
arrivals and betraying the state of her arousal with her tone, "need to get
naked -- now!"

Tanya pulled Kimberly to the ground, and the present Ranger assisted the
former one in removing her blouse. She lay splayed the ground, her breasts
heaving enticingly. Tanya, straddling her partner's thighs, plumped her pert
tits together. As she brought her mouth down to Kimberly's creamy flesh,
the gymnast ran her hands up the Zeo Ranger's sides, gaining partial access
to her fulsome breasts. Tanya sucked rhythmically on Kim's nipples, sending
intense bolts of fire shooting directly to her lover's pussy. Kimberly
sought out Tanya's nipples and gently but persistently pinched them,
delighting as they hardened in her grip.

As her massage elicited a moan from her lover, Tanya abandoned Kim's breasts
and slid off her thighs. The original Pink Ranger's moan of complaint became
a sigh of contentment as the Yellow Zeo Ranger slipped her pants over her
hips and down her legs. Once Kimberly was nude, Tanya swung into position.
Reversing herself over Kim's body, she straddled her partner's face as she
bent forward. Arching her back, Tanya fitted over Kimberly perfectly. With
her fingers, she spread her partner's outer lips, finding the pink, moist
flesh inside. A jolt shot through her as she felt Kimberly's tongue take a
swipe at her pussy. Tanya gave a deep, hearty groan and ground herself into
her agile lover's face. Kim's tongue was patient but persistent. As it calmly
licked at Tanya's juicy folds, hot pleasure flowed through her. Tanya was so
overcome with her own enjoyment that she scarcely noticed her own actions.
She was licking roughly at the former Ranger's cunt, delighting in the warm
fluids filling her mouth.

Tanya felt Kimberly moan into her cunt as she sucked her clit into her
mouth. As her own orgasm built, she found herself eating her caramel-tressed
companion with even greater enthusiasm. Closing her eyes, Tanya continued to
tongue Kim's pussy when suddenly, almost catching her by surprise, her orgasm
crested. The muscles in Tanya's thighs clenched as Kimberly licked her sex
relentlessly. Her body tensed with the incredible fire scorching through
her. She was seemingly paralyzed save for the cries bursting forth from her
throat, and her climax whirled through her like wildfire. Amazingly, she
felt Kim continue licking and sucking at her hypersensitive womanhood,
pushing her through her current orgasm and right onto the brink of a new one.
Somehow, her own tongue found its way back to Kimberly's waiting cunt, and
she licked Kim savagely, wanting to return the exquisite favor.

The Yellow Ranger's fingers bit deep into her partner's thighs, leaving white
marks. As she pushed her lover ever closer to orgasm, Kim had stopped licking
her womanhood, unable to help herself as she writhed with the exquisite heat
flooding her veins. Having already come, Tanya had no complaints. She crawled
off of Kimberly's body and knelt between her legs. As she dove back into the
original Pink Ranger's pussy, Kim began to play with her breasts, pinching
her nipples into sharp points, moaning all the while.

Kimberly gave a shout as her orgasm tore through her body. Instantly, Tanya's
warm tongue was replaced by her insistent fingers. The Yellow Ranger crawled
up beside her and crushed her mouth against Kim's, forcing her tongue past
Kimberly's lips, letting the perky gymnast taste herself on her lips.
Kimberly returned the kiss hotly as Tanya's fingers slid across her wet,
happy pussy.

Meanwhile, their companions had not been idle.

As Aisha had her shirt stripped off roughly, she felt a pair of hands grab
at her breasts. She gasped as Trini's expert fingers pinched down on one
of her nipples. The original Yellow Ranger just as quickly ripped off her
black skirt and panties. Trini's eyes lustily devoured the sight of Aisha's
plentiful curves.

As Trini stripped Aisha bare, Katherine had caught her second wind and
managed to sit up. She watched Trini longingly run her hands all over Aisha's
bountiful body, then crawled over to the two girls, eager to join in the fun.

"Hold her," Trini ordered.

Kat, kneeling, obeyed by pulling Aisha into her lap. With one arm wrapped
around Aisha's midsection, the Pink Zeo Ranger placed her mouth against her
'captive's' neck, licking and sucking at her flesh. Trini, however, commanded
Aisha's undivided attention as she began to slowly lick her way down the
former Ninja Ranger's body, taking extra time to encircle each of Aisha's
nipples with the point of her tongue.

By the time Trini had reached Aisha's pussy, the second Yellow Ranger was
grinding against Katherine wildly. Kat gently stroked Aisha's sensitive
nipples as she continued to restrain her.

With Aisha perched on Kat's lap, Trini lay on the floor, positioning her head
between the hapless woman's legs. Were it not for the blonde Ranger's hold,
Aisha would have been sitting on Trini's chin. Arching off of the floor, the
original Yellow Ranger pushed her face into her successor's pussy and began
to eagerly lick and nibble at the ripe, pouting flesh. Aisha trembled from
the double onslaught of Trini's mouth and Katherine's fingers at her nipples.

"Oh, God, I need to come," Aisha pleaded. She reached down and began to
finger her clit. Trini was quick to add her tongue to the sensitive sliver of
flesh. Aisha desperately wanted to come, her hormones fired to the bursting
point. Kat's fingers also entered the fray, pinching and pulling harder than
before, making two radiant streams of red-hot fire pulse through her chest
and straight to her sex. It had her grinding rhythmically against Trini's
talented mouth. Groaning, she begged, "Please, Trini!"

Warm juices dripped into Trini's mouth, tantalizing her tongue. She began to
lick harder, earning more of the sweet syrup. She felt Aisha tensing above
her, and Trini knew that her orgasm was close. She pulled Aisha's clit
between her lips and drummed her tongue against it insistently.

Aisha cried out lustily as her body exploded in an orgasm. She stretched one
arm behind her and wrapped it around Kat, clinging to her gratefully as her
body was racked with ecstatic tremors.

"Come on, Aisha," Katherine said, urging her off of her lap. "Trini hasn't
come yet."

"Mmmm," the former Ninja Ranger purred. Giggling, she asked, "Top half or
bottom half."

"I'll start on the bottom," Kat answered, grinning. As Aisha placed her mouth
on one of Trini's breasts, Katherine began to flick her tongue across Trini's
puffy netherlips. She was definitely aroused; her engorged mound was already
shiny with her succulent juices. Kat eagerly tongued Trini's womanhood and
stroked the silken flesh of her thighs.

Trini had performed on so many of the other women that she was practically
on the edge without having a single hand, or tongue, on herself. As soon
as Katherine's wet organ snaked inside her pussy, a mini-orgasm shuddered
through the original Yellow Ranger's willowy frame. She moaned softly and
ground herself against the Australian's delightfully warm tongue more
insistently as it probed at her depths. Then, she lost it, an earth-shaking
orgasm exploding through her. Lights swirled before Trini's eyes as she
writhed in the throes of a massive climax.

Trini's cries melded with Kim's as the two first-generation Rangers climaxed
at the same time. Then, almost as one, all five women collapsed on the
floor -- exhausted but well satisfied.

From their chairs, Rocky and Billy stared at the heap of five, happy girls
who kissed, cuddled and giggled before them. Both were painfully hard and
desperate with the need to come.

"Can we join in now?" Rocky asked hopefully.

"What do you say, girls?" Trini asked casually. "Let 'em play or make 'em
watch a while longer?"

"Let 'em play with each other and let us watch for a while," Kimberly
suggested with a wicked giggle.

The two Blue Rangers looked at each other and shrugged. It didn't take more
than a moment for them to respond.



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