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Chapter 8 - The Pink Finale

The shaking of her cage woke Kimberly. She looked up and saw the two
Tengas who were ready to drag her back to the torture chamber. She had
lost all strength to resist, and her body still ached from the torture
that had been inflicted on her. When the Tengas grabbed her she only
whimpered, and groaned in pain as they dragged her down the corridor.
She was brought to the torture chamber where Zedd, Rita, and Katherine
awaited her. She was held before them – she needed to be held since she
was too weak to stand on her own and considering the condition of her
feet and toes from yesterday’s session, standing or walking was pretty
much out of the question in any case – and Zedd lifted her pretty head
by the chin while her three tormentors took a second to drink in her
misery. "Please… no more… please… in the name of God no more…"
whimpered the miserable girl, her voice reduced to a hoarse whisper by
the constant screaming.

"Oh, pretty Kimberly," said Kat, stroking Kimberly’s face and wiping
away a solitary tear which had started to fall from her eye. The blood
lust was beginning to fill her again, she could feel her pants getting
wet with excitement at the thought of what she was going to do to
Kimberly. After stroking Kimberly’s face, she pulled her hands away and
said "Tie her down! NOW!" Zedd and Rita recognized the pure evil in
their protégé’s voice and immediately motioned to the Tengas, who
dragged the groaning girl to the torture table. The mere thought of
being strapped to the horrible table was driving Kimberly wild, and she
struggled futilely against the creatures who, ignoring her struggles and
pleas, secured the writhing girl to the table. Once she was securely
strapped in, Finster, another of Zedd and Rita’s worthless lackeys,
approached her. "As you requested," the strange creature said to Lord
Zedd, "I will inject her with a stimulant to keep her awake during her
ordeal." And with that, he displayed a large syringe, which was
injected into Kimberly’s arm. A slight sting caused her to wince as the
stimulant entered her body. She looked around in terror.

Kat went to the end of the table, where Kimberly’s naked feet were tied
and smiled at her abused toes. They were swollen from the torture they
had undergone yesterday, and the sight of them excited Kat immensely.
She begin to tweak and play with Kimberly’s toes, and every time she
grabbed on a shriek of anguish would escape from Kimberly’s throat,
followed by a hideous giggle from the blonde. Kat picked up an iron
poker which had been sitting in a brazier and was red hot and, grabbing
Kimberly’s lovely foot, placed the red hot iron directly on the sole of
her left foot. Kimberly shrieked and wailed in agony, struggling
desperately against the straps that held her firmly. Kat patiently and
carefully burned Kimberly’s entire left foot with the iron - she placed
the iron all over her sole, she separated Kimberly’s lucious toes and
put the iron between them, burned the top of Kimberly’s foot, and burned
the pads of the toes. During the entire ordeal, Kimberly thrashed and
screamed and screamed in unbelievable suffering. When the iron would
get too cool, Kat would replace it in the brazier and pick up another
and continue. The feet are loaded with pain receptors and Kimberly’s
screams and cries were pitiful to behold. Once Kimberly’s left foot was
no longer soft and pink but rather burned almost beyond recognition, Kat
smiled and gave it a slight kiss. Then she went to Kimberly’s right
foot. First, she stroked the tender bare foot, making the foot twitch,
and increasing Kimberly’s horror. Then Kat swung her arm back and, with
all her might, struck the sole of Kimberly’s bare foot with the sizzling
iron, and the screaming started again, at a level unheard of before as
the iron embedded itself in Kimberly’s delicate bare foot. Kat let the
stay put until it had cooled slightly. Then, with a pull, she tore the
iron loose from Kimberly foot and tore away the flesh. Kat merrily beat
Kimberly’s bare feet with the burning, sizzling iron until Kimberly feet
were almost unrecognizable as human. Kimberly’s screams of anguish were
echoing off the walls, only the stimulant that Finster had administered
was keeping her awake.

The burning iron in her hand, Katherine could no longer contain herself.
She held the sizzling iron in front of Kimberly’s face, allow the girl
to plead and beg for mercy. But Kat had no mercy for Kimberly – the
iron soon was being used all over Kimberly’s lovely and ravaged body.
Her armpits, her sides, her thighs… Kimberly thrashed and twisted and
screamed and wailed in intense agony. She couldn’t believe the pain she
was feeling, she had long ago started to pray for death to deliver her
from the suffering. Kat then went to Kimberly’s ravaged cunt. She
reached in with her fingers and scraped the inside of Kimberly’s cunt.
Then she brought the sizzling iron against Kimberly’s clitoris.
Kimberly’s screams were beyond human, and Katherine’s wild-eyed look of
glee and lust transformed her beautiful face into sometime awesome to
behold. And then, just when Kimberly thought she had hit the limit of
pain, Kat slid the sizzling iron into Kimberly’s cunt. Kimberly’s mouth
went wide open, her eyes bugged out, gave an almost silent gasp of pure
agony, and then, despite the stimulant, passed out.

Kat revived Kimberly by slapping her across the face. "Wake up, bitch!"
she shrieked at the helpless girl who lay before her. Then, to the
Tengas she cried "Turn her over!" Quickly, they flipped Kimberly onto
her stomach and secured her tightly. Kat picked up the iron, which was
not red hot and, with all her might, swung the iron down onto Kimberly’s
shapely ass. Kimberly let out a wail of pure pain that shook the walls.
Kat let the iron cool slightly as it dug into the soft flesh of
Kimberly buttocks. Then, when it had set slightly, she pulled it up
with a jerk. Since it had embedded into Kimberly’s flesh, it tore the
flesh as it was removed. Kat continued to beat Kimberly’s ass with the
iron, each time letting the iron sink into Kimberly’s ass and then
ripping it up. The walls of the torture chamber shook with the strength
of Kimberly’s screams of agony, and when Kimberly’s firm, beautiful ass
was reduced to a tattered and charred mass of flesh and Kimberly had
passed out yet again, Kat stopped and told the Tengas to flip her back
onto her back and secure her.

They did as they were told, and while Kimberly was being revived,
Katherine’s excitement had reached such a pitch that she could no longer
contain herself. She threw away the iron and immediately stripped off
all her clothes, exposing her lovely, firm body. Through her tears,
Kimberly looked at her in horror. "Kat, no," she rasped, her voice
almost giving out, "Please no more you can’t for the love of God no more

Kat was now losing all control. She climbed on top of the helpless girl
and began to claw at her breasts with her nails. Kimberly shrieked as
Kat kneaded her breasts, squeezing them with all her might. Then, like
a wild animal, she began to tear at Kim’s breasts with her teeth.
Kimberly felt the searing pain as Kat sunk her teeth into the delicate
area around her nipple. Despite her best efforts, Kat was having
trouble breaking through the skin. But that didn’t stop her - letting
out animalistic grunts, she continued to tear at Kimberly’s breast until
finally, a new wave of anguish overwhelmed Kimberly as blood began to
spurt from where Katherine’s teeth had bit into Kimberly’s breast. Kat
didn’t look human as she, using her teeth and fingernails, continued to
tear and rip away Kimberly’s breast. Little by little, piece by piece,
Katherine would tear away a tiny piece of Kimberly’s breast. Kimberly’s
head thrashed back and forth, she screamed and screamed, she struggled
with every ounce of energy left in her to throw her tormentor off her,
but to no avail. Kat would occasionally look up into Kimberly’s eyes
just to make sure the Pink Ranger knew what was happening to her. She
would also move around, rubbing her clitoris on the new wounds she
opened up in Kimberly’s flesh. The sight of Kat, looking up at Kimberly
with blood and gore dripping from her mouth, was so evil that Rita had
to wipe away a tear of joy. Zedd had never seen anything so wonderful
in his life - this girl was truly a monster to be cherished!

Katherine had completely mutilated one of Kimberly’s breasts when she
reached over for the blowtorch. Kimberly was bleeding quite a lot, so
Kat used the blowtorch to cauterized the open wound where Kimberly’s
breast used to be. She then sat there, fingering herself, drinking in
Kimberly’s voluptuous agony as her screams hit a new pitch and volume.
And then she started in on Kimberly’s other breast! Again, teeth and
nails tore chunks of flesh from Kimberly. Kat would stop at times, daub
her face with Kimberly’s blood, drink it, and eat part of the flesh.
Once, she removed a nice, large juicy chunk of flesh, and while Kimberly
was screaming, she stuffed it into Kimberly’s mouth, forcing Kimberly to
eat her own flesh. This sent Zedd and Rita into a fit of laughter, and
Kat smile approvingly at them. Then Katherine took a blowtorch and
charred the ribbons of flesh that were once Kimberly’s breast.
Kimberly’s mouth was wide open in an almost endless wail of pure agony.
The screams were beyond human since her throat was ripped raw from the
immeasurable screams that had been wrenched from the poor girl.

As Kimberly screamed and writhed, Kat began to lick her, running her
tongue down Kimberly’s shapely stomach, stopping to put her tongue in
Kimberly’s shapely navel, until she had made it down to Kimberly’s
genitals. With an evil grin, she took Kimberly’s clitoris in her mouth
and bit down with all her strength. Kimberly’s screams of agony got
even louder, if that was possible, as she felt the blonde’s teeth
digging into her clitoris. Kat bit and tore and chewed until finally
the delicate organ came off in her mouth. With even more of Kimberly’s
blood running down her face, Kat smiled and crawled up to Kimberly’s
face, Kimberly’s pretty face which was so contorted in pain it was
almost unrecognizable. Kat brought her smiling face close to Kimberly’s
and showed Kimberly her tongue, which still had Kimberly’s clitoris on
it. And then she closed her mouth, smiled, swallowed, and muttered,

Kimberly was nearing the end, but Kat needed to torture her more.
Taking a scalpel, she carefully and slowly sliced through Kimberly’s
stomach. Kimberly threw her head back and just started screaming and
gurgling - her suffering had reached the point where her horrendous
screams didn’t even sound human anymore. Kat carefully reached into
Kimberly’s abdomen and delicately pulled out her intestines. She could
tell that this was causing Kimberly even more pain, as the pitiful girl
began to shake and gurgle even more. Katherine then thrust the
intestines into her crotch and began to masturbate with them. Rubbing
the entrails against her clitoris, she got more and more excited as
Kimberly felt more and more pain, pain to a level that had never been
conceived as possible. The sight of the lovely naked blonde, kneeling
on the naked bound body of the Pink Ranger, covered in her blood,
masturbating with her intestines while Kimberly shook, coughed blood and
contorted her face in agony, was a stirring sight for Rita and Zedd.
Kat rubbed and rubbed and rubbed and Kimberly wailed and gasped and
shook and Kat’s ecstasy increased as did Kimberly’s inconceivable agony
and finally Kat threw her head back and shrieked as a massive orgasm
shook through her body - she had never felt such pleasure and joy in her
entire life, and with that she squeezed Kimberly’s entrails and pushed
them deeper into her cunt. Kimberly was in her final, most hideous
death throes, and that only increased Kat’s ecstasy, and during the last
of Katherine’s three thunderous orgasms, pure agony finally overtook
everything keeping Kimberly alive, and she gave two final lurches in her
bonds and then was still.

Kat looked down, breathing heavily after the exertion. Sweat and blood
drenched her body, and she smiled happily and leaned close to Kimberly’s
ravaged face. She kissed Kimberly’s unresponsive face, which was
horribly contorted in pain, delicately on the lips. "My Lords," she
said, still straddling the corpse of the girl who was once the Pink
Ranger, "I believe the Pink Ranger is dead!"

"Hurrah!" exalted Zedd, and Zedd, Rita, and their minions began to do a
happy, hideous dance around the room, as from somewhere some cheesy
music had filled the air. Katherine, still breathing heavily, was just
as happy, and rubbed Kimberly’s intestines all over her shapely body,
masturbating to yet another orgasm.

The dancing stopped. Rita and Zedd approached the table where Kat was
kneeling over Kimberly’s corpse. "And now," Zedd began, holding
Kimberly’s power coin and communicator in his hands, "It’s time for
phase two of our plan! Are you ready, my wicked Kat?"

Kat, covered almost from head to toe with Kimberly’s blood, nodded and
smiled. "Of course, my Lord. I can’t wait!"

Chapter 9 - A Darker Shade of Pink

Kat looked over at Tommy, sleeping next to her. The rest of Lord Zedd’s
plan had unfolded so easily, so perfectly, that Kat could hardly believe
that that bungler Zedd had actually thought of it. She smiled as she
recalled the events.

She teleported herself and Kimberly - or rather, what was left of
Kimberly - back to the command center. She had made up this wonderful
story about how she escaped. She claimed that she was captured by the
Tengas and brought before Rita and Zedd. Kimberly had been horribly
abused, but that she managed to grab the power coin and the communicator
and she and Kat escaped. They were then, according to Kat, trapped in a
corner of Zedd’s lair where Kimberly, in an act of enormous goodness,
sacrificed her life to save Kat.

Of course, Kat embellished the story with loads of heart-rending details
and by the time she was done there wasn't a dry eye in the place.
Kimberly, dear sweet Kimberly, had made the ultimate sacrifice for her
friend. Of course, Kat wanted nothing better than to tell them that she
actually died screaming for mercy as her guts were hanging out and she
was eating her own shit, but discretion is the better part of valor, so
Kat held onto her tongue. As part of the "emotion of the moment," she
hugged Tommy for a long time, and once again felt, despite his sorrow,
he had another hard-on, which made her smile inwardly. She then sat in
the command center, listening to the other Rangers.

"What can we do with Kimberly?" cried Aisha. "What are we going to do
with her?"

Kat had a idea – they should cut her up into little pieces and put her
in the garbage disposal. Or maybe just leave her out for the garbage
man to pick up with the rest of the trash. However, she had a feeling
those ideas wouldn’t go over so well, so she remained silent, waiting
for somebody to come up with an idea. And waiting for just the right
time for her plan.

Finally, Billy came up with the suggestion. Kat wasn’t surprised - he
seemed like the only one of the group who had all the brain cells
functioning. Billy’s idea was that they take a walk along the cliffs
near the train track. When a train came, they’d throw Kimberly’s body
onto the tracks. That would mask the other wounds she had. They’d
claim in was an accident, and who would doubt her closest friends? They
all agreed that they had to do this, and it was done.

The "accident" caused quite a stir. Kimberly was very popular, and her
loss caused much of Angel Grove to mourn. Once the mourning had died
down a little bit, and of course during the mourning Kat sought out
Tommy for long stretches of "comforting each other," Kat thought the
time was right to strike.

She went to Tommy and showed him the power coin and communicator. "What
are these, Tommy?" she asked. "Kimberly gave them to me and I’ve been
saving them. She said they were very important and she said something
else. It was the last thing she ever said. She said ‘Kat, they’re
yours now. May the power be with you.’ Tommy, what did she mean by

Tommy looked at Kat and smiled. "She was passing something on to you.
She wants to live on through you."

Kat looked suitably surprised. "You mean me? A power ranger?" Tommy
smiled and they transported to the command center. The rest of the gang
was waiting there, and Tommy related the story as Kat told him.

Zordon spoke. "Our dear friend Kimberly has chosen you to carry on as
the Pink Ranger and she has chosen wisely. You will do honor to our
dear, fallen comrade."

Zordon explained the obligations of being a Power Ranger and the powers
she would command as the Pink Ranger. The others, especially Tommy,
smiled in happiness at her. She looked touched, almost overwhelmed.
She finally said, "It will be an honor to carry on the legacy of the
Pink Ranger. I will devote my life to Kimberly’s memory!" With that,
she broke into tears and Tommy held her closely. A closeness that would
very shortly become intimate.

"Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi, who would have believed this would end so happily! I’m
sure Kimberly is smiling down on this in heaven!" And with that, all
the Power Rangers, including the new Pink Ranger, circled into a group

Kat, of course, felt that she should have been given an Oscar for her
performance that day. She was amazed that she managed to keep a
straight face through the whole scene. But she didn’t completely lie,
because she did keep Kimberly’s memory strong. For every time she
fucked Tommy, she would remember Kimberly screaming in pain and begging
for mercy and the orgasms would come strong and fast.

And so Kat lay in bed with Tommy. Kimberly was dead, and Zedd and
Rita’s plan of getting one of their evil minions as a Power Ranger had
worked. But Kat began to question whether continuing to work for Zedd
and Rita was the best course of action. Oh, they were effective in
getting rid of that pest Kimberly, but could they rule the world? Now
that she had the Pink Ranger power, it seemed to her that maybe she
would be a better ruler. And for a king… well, Tommy had started out
evil. And Kat did believe that given the chance, the evil in everybody
wins out. Or Billy. For sure, Tommy was a good fuck, but that was
probably about all he was good for, and she would certainly tire of him
eventually. Kat was, however, impressed with the way Billy managed to
tap into the continuum of time-space at will. He might be a better,
more useful ally. And she saw the way he looked at her - she got the
feeling that if she just rubbed her hand on Billy’s cock he’d blow up
the Earth for her. As Kat lay in Tommy’s bed, she decided that maybe
she would continue to actually fight Zedd and Rita. Those two goofs and
their army of buffoons couldn’t stop her. And when the time was right,
she’d turn either Tommy or Billy, or maybe both, evil and together
they’d rule the world. And then Kat - who had betrayed her friends,
tortured an innocent girl to death, and was now planning on betraying
Zedd and Rita and taking over the world - curled up beside the man she
desired and drifted off into another night of blissful sleep.


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