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Chapter 7 - A Day of Reckoning

Kimberly awoke with a start when the Tengas shook her cage. She cowered
away from them as they grabbed her by the arms and pulled her down the
corridor. Since Kat’s speech, Kimberly’s terror had grown greater and
greater and at some time during the night, she decided she couldn’t take
any more. So when they entered the door of the torture chamber, and
Kimberly could see Rita, Zedd, and Katherine waiting for her there, with
a burst of power she tore free from the Tengas and threw herself at
their feet. The Tengas went to grab her, but Zedd waved them away,
curious to hear what their prisoner had to say.

"Please, Lord Zedd, please! I can’t take any more! You’ve won, you’ve
beaten me, I’ll do anything, anything, just don’t hurt me anymore!"
Kimberly put her head against Zedd’s foot and was visibly shaking with
terror and shame.

Zedd looked at his two female associates. "Well, what do you think?"

Kat smiled. "I think we should see how serious she is. Kimberly," she
called out, "Come here." Kimberly looked up, tears streaming does her
face. She started to get up to walk to Kat when Kat reached over and
slapped her across the face. "On your hands and knees, bitch - crawl to
me!" she screamed at the helpless naked girl. Whimpering in misery,
Kimberly crawled before her blonde tormentor. Smiling wickedly, Kat
removed her skirt and panties. She then grabbed Kimberly by the hair
and stuffed her face into her crotch. "Lick me!" Kat cried.

Kimberly was in anguish. She had an idea what to do, but she certainly
had never done anything like this before. Her face was rammed into
Kat’s crotch and she found it hard to breathe. She stuck out her tongue
and found Kat’s cunt and as soon as she did, Kat yanked at her hair and
pushed her face even tighter into Kat’s wet cunt. Panic was beginning
to set in as Kimberly desperately tried licking any place her tongue
would reach, but the tugging and twisting of her hair made her aware
that she wasn’t doing good enough. Kat pulled Kimberly’s face away from
her crotch and yelled in her face, "LICK ME, BITCH!" and then rammed her
face back into her crotch. Kimberly tried, desperately trying to draw
in air where possible and lick and breathe and lick and hoping that it
was good enough that they wouldn’t hurt her anymore and Kat kept
twisting her hair and grinding her face into her crotch and Kimberly was
sure she was going to faint from lack of air.

Kat was getting more and more frustrated at Kimberly’s attempts. Every
time Kat would feel Kimberly’s tongue in a futile attempt to find Kat’s
clitoris Kat would twist her hands, which were filled with Kimberly’s
hair and twist Kimberly’s head. Kimberly would give a yelp of pain and
try again. Finally, totally fed up with Kimberly’s ineptness, Kat
grabbed Kimberly’s hair tightly and rammed her face into her crotch,
using Kimberly’s lovely nose to masturbate with. Kimberly started to
panic, since Kat had stuffed her face so deeply into her muff that she
couldn’t breathe, but the pleasure Kat felt at feeling Kimberly’s pretty
nose rubbing against her clitoris was immense. Kimberly’s struggles and
whimpers were enormously entertaining to her torturers, until finally
Kat gave Kimberly’s hair one final tug and threw her away from her onto
the floor where Kimberly lay still, weeping in shame and fear. "The
bitch is worthless," exclaimed Kat. "Put her on the table."

MORE OH PLEASE NO MORE!" But her cries were ignored, truly, they were
music to the ears of her tormentors.

Seeing Kimberly being strapped back down to the table filled Kat with
excitement and pleasure. Kimberly’s body, which was lovely to begin
with, was especially thrilling to view secured down. Kimberly strained
mightily at the straps that held her firmly, each muscle in her young,
firm body flexing with every ounce of strength she had in a desperate,
but futile, attempt to escape the punishment that awaited her. Kat was
getting wetter all the time watching Kimberly’s struggles. After Kat
had had her fill of drinking in Kimberly’s voluptuous misery, she pulled
out a hemostat. The hemostat was thin, and the ends were pointed. She
went to the end of the table, where Kimberly’s feet were exposed. Kat
began to tickle the sole of Kimberly’s left foot. Kimberly’s toes began
to wiggle, and the delicate foot twitched. The tickling sensation was
very strong, but Kimberly was too terrified to laugh. Kat grabbed
Kimberly’s left foot, immobilizing it. She grabbed Kimberly’s little
toe with her thumb and forefinger, and took the hemostat and carefully
slid it under the toenail. Kimberly began to wail in unimaginable pain
as the hemostat found its way under the toenail. She snapped the
hemostat in place, and then, with a jerk, twisted the hemostat.
Kimberly’s little toe nail popped out, and blood began to spurt from the
exposed nail bed. Kimberly let out a long pitiful scream of pure agony.
Kat looked at the tiny nail and smiled. She then picked up another
hemostat and went to Kimberly’s face. "Are you ready for another?" she

"Oh God no, I couldn’t stand anymore, Kat, please oh God Kat please.."
pleaded the miserable girl.

Kat’s only response was to pick up another hemostat and go to the fourth
toe on Kimberly’s left foot. Immobilizing the foot and toe, she slid
the hemostat under the toenail. After Kimberly’s screams died down a
little, Kat began to slowly pull at the nail. Kimberly’s nerve endings
were stretching, causing her untold, unimaginable suffering. The toe
was being stretched as Kat tugged at the nail and then there was a snap
and Kat’s hand shot back, holding the nail in the hemostat. Kimberly
let out a long, almost endless wail of pain. Blood was flowing from the
exposed nail beds, so Kat took a sizzling soldering iron and burned the
exposed, exquisitely sensitive, nail bed. The burning iron cauterized
the wound and stopped the blow of blood, but the pain was so intense
Kimberly wailed louder than she had before and then passed out. She was
instantly revived with cold water. Just in time for the next one.

Kimberly’s middle toe was Kat’s next target. Kat took the soldering
iron and slowly slid it under the nail. Kimberly thrashed and struggled
and screamed in pain as the nail and the nail bed began to burn. Kat
then took the soldering iron and placed it directly on the top of the
little nail. She held it there for ten full seconds, ten seconds during
which Kimberly’s screams and cries shook the walls of the torture
chamber. The tiny nail was brown, almost black, and it was an easy
matter for Kat to slide the hemostat under the browned nail and rip it
from its nail bed. Kimberly’s body went rigid with pain, and she passed
out, but was quickly revived.

Kimberly’s second toe, slightly longer than the others, was Kat’s next
target. The power she felt, the absolute euphoria she felt torturing
Kimberly was so intense she thought she might pass out from pleasure.
As she slid the hemostat under the toenail and clamped it shut, as she
felt Kimberly’s delicate foot struggle desperately to escape, as she saw
Kimberly’s supple toe try to evade the torture, as she felt Kimberly’s
body go rigid with pain and as she heard Kimberly screams of suffering
and pleas for mercy, Kat was just overwhelmed with joy. She slowly
removed the toenail, stretching and snapping Kimberly’s most delicate
nerves, and reveled in Kimberly’s screams as she looked at the nail in
the hemostat. She walked to Kimberly’s face and held the nail before

Kimberly looked up at her. She could barely see the blonde smiling down
at her, holding the nail in the hemostat. "Please," she rasped, her
voice hoarse from screaming, "No more, Kat, in the name of God no more…"

" ‘In the name of God?’ Don’t you see, Kimberly, I have complete power
over you. I am your God. I have become your Goddess, able to inflict
pain, life, or death on you at my will. See what a merciful Goddess I
am!" And with that, she went down to Kimberly’s feet, picked up another
hemostat, and went to work on Kimberly’s right foot.

Kat took extreme pleasure in slowly removing the toenails from her right
foot. Each nail was removed with exquisite slowness, causing Kimberly
to feel that she was going to go insane with the pain. Finally, after
what seemed like an eternity, only her two big toenails were left. Kat
had left them for last, because they would be the most painful.

Kat picked up a hemostat which was a little larger than the others. She
heated it to a high temperature. Kimberly was just whimpering and
moaning pitifully. Kat went to her feet and started to slide the
hemostat under Kimberly’s right big toe. As the hot tip touched the
skin of her toe, Kimberly jerked against the leather straps and they
made that creaking sound that only leather can make as its being
stretched to the limit. The larger hemostat was tougher to get under the
larger nail, and pushing very hard, Kat only got it about half way under
and her nail was lifted halfway off of her toe. Kat had to twist and
push with all her might and slowly but surely the hemostat made its way
under the nail. Kimberly was going ballistic as Kat pushed the burning
hemostat under the nail. Finally, it was totally under the nail and Kat
clipped it shut. Kat started to pull with all her might, using both
hands. Kimberly’s big toe was stretching as Kat tugged and tugged.
Kimberly was crying out in agony and wailing even louder than she had
before. After about a minute of tugging Kat grit her teeth and gave it
one really hard, firm pull, putting her entire weight behind it, and the
nail came popping out. Kat smiled proudly and held up the large nail
for Zedd and Rita to see. They nodded their approval, while Kimberly’s
screams reached a new volume. Kat went to Kimberly’s face, and grabbed
her around the mouth. Kimberly stopped screaming and looked at Kat in
absolute terror. Kat smiled wickedly and showed Kimberly the nail.
Kimberly was quaking in fear and began to whimper and plead for mercy.
Kat then took the soldering iron and cauterized the exposed nail bed of
her big toe. Kimberly’s suffering as Kat burned the nerve endings could
not be believed.

But there was a single toenail left, and Kat wasn’t going to let
Kimberly off so easily. She went to her left big toe, the only one left
with a nail, and put a clamp on the toe just above the toenail. She
started to tighten the clamp. Tighter and tighter the clamp went,
causing Kimberly to cry and scream in misery each time Kat tightened it.
The toe began to swell after a while, and Kimberly took a thin piece of
metal and heated it to a red hot temperature. Then she put the metal
just under Kimberly’s big toe nail and slammed it under the nail with a
hammer. Kimberly’s entire body went rigid, and then one long scream of
pain started to come out of her throat. Then Kat grabbed her toe and
bent down the metal. The nail began to slowly pop free as Kimberly’s
screams filled the room. Finally, with one mighty push, Kat pushed down
on the metal and Kimberly’s nail popped out. Kimberly wailed in
unimaginable pain, and then Kat went back to tightening the clamp.
Soon, the bone in Kimberly’s toe cracked and Kimberly wailed and wailed
in unmentionable agony. Kat was overcome with lust at the sight of
Kimberly’s suffering and grabbed her tortured foot, stuffed it into her
crotch, and began to masturbate with Kimberly’s tormented toes. Feeling
Kimberly’s lovely little toes rubbing against her genitals sent waves of
joy through Kat’s body. Holding Kimberly’s ravaged foot with both
hands, she stuffed Kimberly’s big toe deep into her cunt and rubbed her
clitoris with her smaller toes. Kimberly screamed with pain as her
ravaged toes were manipulated in order to give the wicked blonde girl
intense pleasure. Kimberly screamed and screamed and Kat moaned and
sighed as the pads of flesh on Kimberly’s toes rubbed against Kat’s
clitoris and labia and finally, as Kimberly’s pain and suffering reached
a new height, waves of pure joy ran through Kat and she came in a
thundering orgasm as Kimberly mercifully passed out.

When she awoke, Kimberly was still strapped onto the table, but she the
table was tilted so she was almost vertical. Kat approached her,
holding two long, very thin needles in her hands.

"Do you know what these are for? No? Well," taunted Kat, "I’ll show
you!" And with that Kat began to fondle Kimberly’s lovely breasts.

"Oh, no…." muttered Kimberly, unable to speak louder than a whisper
since she had screamed so much earlier. Kat squeezed Kimberly’s left
breast in her left hand and pulled it forwards, then began slowly
inserting the needle through the breast near its base. Kimberly’s head
jerked back, her teeth gritted, eyes closed, her face twisted in pain,
and despite the rawness of her throat, Kimberly screamed her head off .
As the needle made its slow progress through the breast Kimberly jerked
in her straps, which made the pain worse while she twisted her head and
clenched her fists as the sweat poured down her contorted face. At
last, after what seemed like an eternity, the point exited the other

Kat smiled at Kimberly. "Now wasn’t that fun?" she mocked. And then
she squeezed Kimberly’s right breast, and the second needle was
inserted into it and pushed through. Tears rolled down Kimberly’s face,
her hair was splayed, between her breasts and her toes she didn’t think
she would be able to stand any more, she was sure she was going to die
soon. Rita stepped next to Kat to admire her handiwork. Kimberly’s
ravaged body was a joyous site for them to see. But Kat wasn’t finished
with her just yet, so they tilted the table back so that Kimberly was

Kat grabbed Kimberly’s left hand. She strapped her hand down flat to
the table and took a nail and positioned it over the fingernail of
Kimberly’s pinkie. Kimberly saw what Kat was doing and began to shriek
for mercy.

"Oh, GOD! No, Kat, no, please, no, FOR GOD’S SAKE NO DON’T, DON’T, OH
Kat had driven the nail through Kimberly’s fingernail, through the
finger, nailing the finger to the table. Kimberly went wild with

second nail into Kimberly little finger, just below the first knuckle.
She smiled at Kimberly, who was writhing and screaming in agony.

"OH God, oh God, " gasped Kimberly, twisting in her bonds, "Oh Kat,
please Kat oh God Kat please, please, no more no more don’t
PLEAAAAAAAHHH! AAAAAAAAAHH!" WHAM! With another blow of the hammer, Kat
drove a third nail into Kimberly’s pinkie.

Kimberly was thrashing about in pain, and Kat stood back and drank in
her suffering. Despite the orgasm she had just had, Kat felt herself
getting wet again. So she went to Kimberly’s right hand and drove three
nails into the pinkie. Kimberly thought she would go insane with agony.
After a while of enjoying watching Kimberly writhe in pain, Kat then
took a small saw and slowly sawed off Kimberly’s pinkies. Kimberly went
wild with pain as the Saw sliced through flesh, muscle, and bone, and
when Kat used a burning iron to cauterize the exposed stump, the sheer
magnitude of the pain she felt overtook her and she blacked out. Kat
woke her up after the first finger was removed, for she didn’t want
Kimberly to miss out on the horror of the amputation. As Kat expected,
Kimberly fainted after the second finger was removed as well. Her
tormentors decided she had had enough for one day, and sent her back to
her cage to regain some strength for the next day’s program, although
Kat also resolved to have Lord Zedd make something up to keep Kimberly
awake, since what she had planned for the helpless Pink Ranger would
require it..


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