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Chapter 5 - A Friend In Deed?

Kimberly spent most of the night trying to control her feelings, and
then losing control and breaking down and crying. Despite the fact that
her body, especially her finger and toenails, still hurt, her body was
strong enough to have not suffered any real damage. Ultimately, the
pain had abated down to a dull, throbbing ache, and then a mix of
emotions filled her. Had that actually been Kat? Or was she just
hallucinating? And if it was Kat, what was Kat doing there? Could Kat
be part of this? No, she couldn’t believe that. She wouldn’t even
consider that. Kat was her friend and what, thought Kimberly, would
anybody be without their friends, without friends they could count on.
If Kat was there, she had been captured, too. But what would they want
with her? They couldn’t be planning to treat Kat the same way they
were treating her. That would be too horrible. Seeing Kat there did,
however, give her some strength. She had something to remain strong
for. She needed to endure whatever they would do to her so she could
save Kat. Eventually, exhaustion overtook her and she fell into an
uneasy and fitful sleep. She was awoken by a whisper coming through the
bars of her cage. She looked up and saw Kat kneeling there, calling to

"Kimberly," Kat whispered, hoping nobody else heard her. "Wake up!"

Kimberly saw Kat and her spirits raised. "Kat! Thank God you’re OK!"

"Come on, we’ve got to get out of here!" Kat replied.

Hope welled up inside Kimberly like never before. She crawled closer to
the bars. "What’s going on, Kat? What are you doing here? I don’t
think I can stand any more of this!"

"Don’t worry," said Kat, trying to assuage Kimberly, "when they captured
me I pretended to be evil and jealous of you. When Goldar captured you,
he mentioned you were a Ranger, so I figured that that might be the only
way to save you. Look, I found this key, so let’s go! I think I know
where your power coin and communicator are, so once we find them we can
get out of here!"

Kimberly was filled with more happiness and relief than she had ever
felt in her young life. She was going to be saved! And Kat would be
saved, too! She looked at Kat, eyes filled with gratitude. "I knew you
weren’t part of this! I knew we were friends!"

Kat pushes open the door of the cage and Kimberly crawls out. "Of
course we’re friends! What else?" The two girls hugged and tears of
joy welled up in Kimberly’s eyes. "Here, put this on," said Kat, giving
her a makeshift wrap Kat had found. The wrap wasn’t much, but Kimberly
was grateful for the covering and quickly put it on. "Now, " continued
Kat, "Let’s go!"

They crept down a long, dark hallway. The entire palace was silent, and
Kimberly and Kat dared not speak for fear of attracting attention.
Finally, they came to a small chamber. It was very dark, with only a
small light. On the table, in clear sight, were Kimberly’s power coin
and communicator. Kimberly’s eyes lit up at the sight. "Boy, are you
guys a sight for sore eyes," she said as she went to get them.

"Actually," interrupted Kat, "I know something that’s even a better

Kimberly stopped in her tracks and looked at her. "And what’s that,

"This!" cried Kat, and with that she stepped forward and grabbed the
wrap that Kimberly was wearing and tore it from her. Kimberly gasped as
she once again stood entirely nude in the room. Just then the lights
went on, and Kimberly saw, to her complete horror, that they were in the
torture chamber! And they were not alone - Rita, Zedd, Goldar, and the
Tengas were there. Two of the Tengas grabbed Kimberly’s arms and held
her securely. Kimberly was filled with fear, and she looked at Kat with
horror-filled eyes. Kat smiled and stepped forward and grabbed Kimberly
by her hair and gave it a yank. Kimberly yelped in pain and Kat, who
stood a full five inches taller than Kimberly, leaned in close to
Kimberly’s trembling face. "What’s the matter, Kim? Aren’t we just the
best of friends? Lord Zedd," she said, "I think Kimberly is ready for
some more torture, don’t you agree!"

"I most certainly do! Strap her down!" cried Zedd, motioning to the
Tengas to grab Kimberly.

screamed as she was dragged back to the torture table and fastened down.

"So, my dear," Rita said to Kat as Kimberly was being secured to the
table, "perhaps you would like to join us?"

"Why, Empress, I would love to!" said Kat, and she and Rita made their
way to the torture table where Kimberly now lay, helplessly bound. When
she saw Kat approach, Kimberly was filled with rage and shock and she
strained against the bonds that held her securely. Tears began to well
up in her pretty eyes.

"How could you? Oh God Kat, how could you?" wept Kimberly, the misery
engulfing her. "How could you? We were such good friends… oh God Kat,
please please don’t do this please…" Her voice trailed off into pitiful

Kat leaned down and smiled at the weeping girl and stroked her face.
"Oh, poor Kimberly. Aren’t you happy? Why aren’t we seeing your pretty

Rita leaned in close. "Perhaps she’s ashamed of her teeth!" the wicked
queen mocked.

"Really?" exclaimed Kat, "Well, you know, I’ve always wanted to be a
dentist! Maybe I can help her!" And with that, Kat pulled out a dental
drill and held it before Kimberly’s face. When Kimberly saw the drill
she gasped in horror and began to struggle in her bonds. "I’m sure
Kimberly will let me practice on her. After all, we’re such good
friends!" laughed Kat, and Zedd and Rita joined in the laughter. "What
do you think, Kimberly?" taunted Kat, as she rubbed the cold steel of
the drill against Kimberly’s cheek. Kimberly was gasping for breath,
horror overtaking her as the blonde girl rubbed the drill against
Kimberly face. She could only whimper in response to the cruel taunting
of Kat. Rita then grabbed Kimberly’s head and held it firmly.
Kimberly’s whimpering became louder and more pathetic. Kat fired up the
drill and let it whir in from of Kimberly’s face. She began to plead
and beg.

"Oh God no, Kat, no please in the name of God don’t do it please Kat
please remember don’t oh God no no no no no…." Kimberly’s please would
have melted the heart of anybody less wicked than the three individuals
enjoying her suffering at the time, but they were to no avail. Kat
continued to taunt Kimberly by starting the drill up, letting it stop,
rubbing it against her cheek, then starting in up again. Finally, Rita
held Kimberly by the hair and then grabbed her chin and held her mouth
open. Kat quickly inserted a metal spring which held her mouth open.
Kimberly’s eyes went even wider with horror than they already were.
Smiling wickedly, Kat inserted the drill into Kimberly’s mouth, and
fired it up. Total and complete terror overwhelmed Kimberly as she
looked up at Kat’s smiling face, and she closed her eyes just as she
felt the drill begin to cut into one of her teeth and her mouth exploded
with pain.

Words cannot describe the suffering of the poor bound girl as her blonde
tormentor drilled through her tooth. Kat would drill for a while, then
allow Kimberly to rest so she could appreciate the pain, and then start
in on another part of the tooth. She drilled with exquisite slowness,
making sure that Kimberly felt every second of pain, every ounce of
agony that she could feel. The sight of Kimberly’s face contorted in
misery, the steam rising from the mouth where cries of anguish were
escaping, and the sight of Kat smiling and laughing while Kimberly cried
out were a beautiful sight for Lord Zedd and Rita. And Rita was getting
extra enjoyment holding Kimberly’s pretty head still for the torture.
After a while of this torture, Kat took the drill and then drilled
straight through the remainder of Kimberly’s tooth straight into the
living nerve of the tooth. Kimberly went rigid with pure pain as the
drill cut through the sensitive nerve and as Katherine happily drilled
away, Kimberly went limp into a faint.

Cold water is drizzled onto Kimberly’s face and she slowly comes to.
The first sight she is greeted by is Katherine’s smiling face. The
tears begin again as Katherine begin to stroke her face.

Kimberly looked up at Kat. "Please, Kat," she begged, "Oh God Kat
please no more don’t do this, please, please, oh please…"

"Poor, poor, Kimberly. It’s time for even more fun!" Katherine said
wickedly. Saying that, she picked up a large dildo which was covered in
small spikes. Kimberly looked on in horror - nobody could be that
cruel! Katherine ran the dildo along Kimberly’s naked body, moans of
misery and fear escaping from the girl’s mouth as she felt it caress
her. She then felt it on her crotch, and looked down to see Katherine
standing next to her, with the horrible dildo pointed at Kimberly’s
vagina. Kimberly screamed "NOOOO!" when Kat, with a wicked, almost
inhuman smile on her face, rammed the dildo deep into Kimberly’s virgin
cunt. Unholy shrieks of suffering came from Kimberly’s throat as Kat
slid the dildo in and out, in and out, in and out. And then she removed
it and before Kimberly had a chance to take a breathe, rammed in deep
into Kimberly’s ass. Kimberly had never experienced anything like the
pure agony she felt as the studded dildo made its way into her anus.
She strained against the bonds that held her firmly so greatly that Kat
thought for a second she might actually break her bones trying to
escape. But her struggles were, of course, to no avail. She remained
securely tied to the table, suffering intensely and screaming in pain
and pleading for mercy, as Kat fucked her ass with the studded dildo.

When Kimberly felt she couldn’t possibly take any more, that she would
surely die, the dildo was removed. Kimberly lay still on the table,
eyes closed, desperately trying to find some reservoir of inner strength
to be able to endure any more. That’s when she felt the cold metal on
her stomach.

Kat was rubbing a large, metal dildo on Kimberly’s smooth, firm stomach
waiting until she looked down. Once she did, Kat, with an evil grin,
slid the metal dildo into Kimberly’s cunt. It was more uncomfortable
and cold than painful, and Kimberly gasped as the cold metal entered her
ravaged vagina. Kat then took an identical metal dildo and slid it into
Kimberly’s ass. This caused as much pain as discomfort, but Kimberly
was able to stifle a cry of pain. Kat then attached wires to the ends
of both dildos and hooked them into a large machine that was now near
the table. Kat turned the machine on and is began to hum. Almost at
once, Kimberly realized what was going to happen and opened her mouth to
plead for mercy when her entire body was racked with piercing agony.
The electricity flowed through the dildos into her cunt and ass and she
threw her head back and began to strain mightily against the straps.

The electroshock torture continued for what seemed like an eternity to
the suffering girl. Kat, Rita, and Zedd would take turns turning the
machine on and sending waves of pain through Kimberly’s naked body.
They’d increase the level of electricity each time and enjoy her
twitching and suffering. Every time the shocks would stop, Kimberly
would convince herself that it was over, that they had finally stopped,
that there was no more and then the fiery jolt of pure anguish would
overwhelm her very being again. Kimberly fainted several times during
the torture, but each time she was awakened with cold water. When she
awoke, she was greeted with Kat, Rita, and Zedd’s hideous smiling faces
and then the pain would come crashing back. Finally, long after
Kimberly’s threshold for enduring the suffering had been reached, they
removed the dildos and sent her back to her cage to rest.
Chapter 6 - Good vs. Evil?

Kimberly lay trembling in her cage. The events of the previous day left
her shaken and almost beaten. It was all overwhelming her - her
betrayal by Kat, Kat’s cruelty, and the awful, awful torture, the
searing pain that seemed to inundate her very soul. She had fallen in
and out of restless sleep, although each time sleep overtook her she had
awakened with a start from nightmares she couldn’t remember, but she
knew were horrible beyond words. She felt like she was almost beyond
tears when she heard footsteps coming towards her. She curled into a
fetal position and began to whimper when she saw Kat kneel next to her
cage. She looked up at Kat with a pitiful look on her face.

"Why?" whimpered Kimberly. At that moment, the sadness and misery she
felt at Katherine’s betrayal was the strongest emotion she felt. "Why,
Kat, why? Why are you doing this?" Despite her efforts, tears began to

"Why?" replied Kat. "Because evil is everything. Don’t you understand
that, Kimberly? Evil is what makes the universe go ‘round. Haven’t you
looked around the world recently? Wars, floods, famines, devastation!
Evil is everywhere, and evil always wins. Good may win a battle or two,
but evil always wins the war.

"You see, nature needs destruction. Do you know about entropy? Well,
Kim, if you spent more time studying and less time at the mall and that
wretched juice bar, you’d probably understand it. Entropy is the
tendency for the universe towards chaos and disorder. There’s no
stopping it. Given order and stability and disorder and chaos the
universe will, unfailingly and ceaselessly, veer towards chaos. This
same hunger for disorder has been put into us by nature. And it
manifests itself in our world by mankind’s endless love of evil.

"You may want to know why. I, too, want to know why but I at least
accept it and don’t spend my life in a ridiculous battle against the way
the universe is. Evil rules supreme everywhere. Everything in the
universe is heading towards total destruction, there’s nothing any of us
can do about it. So the only thing that makes any sense is to join in.
And most of mankind agrees with me. History shows us this quite
clearly, Kimberly dear. The tendency is in each and every one of us.
For example, Hitler massacred millions of people. Why? Because he
wanted to. Because he was evil and he loved it. But my point is that
if he were alone in his evil, nothing would have happened. He didn’t do
it alone, because he couldn’t have. He convinced half of the free world
that slaughtering innocent people was the thing to do. And they agreed.
They did more than agree. They joined in and helped. Why, you may
ask? Were they convinced he was right? Of course not! They did it
because deep down inside, people are evil. They love evil, they revel
in it! Given an excuse to do evil, they jump at it! And these were not
monsters, they were regular, everyday people with families and loved
ones. And yet, given the opportunity for evil, for pure unadulterated
evil, they all willingly joined in. ‘It’s not my fault! I was only
following orders!’ Excuses for evil! Excuses for enjoying committing
evil deeds! Excuses they were all happy to take!"

Kimberly crawled to the bars of her cage. "You’re wrong," hissed
Kimberly. "Evil doesn’t win. Ever! Remember, Hitler lost. The evil
was defeated in World War 2 because the forces of good banded together
to fight it! So you’re wrong!"

Kat laughed contemptuously. "The forces of good? You mean Stalin’s
Russia? The Communist block of Eastern Europe? Kimberly, Kimberly,
Kimberly, you disappoint me. Was the bombing of Dresden a good deed?
The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Perhaps they were necessary to
end the war, necessary to defeat what you called "evil", but dare you
call them good? They were excuses to do something horrible. To kill
thousands of people in a single stroke, to commit the ultimate evil, and
yet to be able to have this act justified, not just justified but
praised! What greater calling for evil! What greater joy in the evil
heart of mankind than to be able to perform an unspeakable act and have
it called good? No, even today we can see war as the ultimate stage for
mankind justifying acts so atrocious they boggle the mind. And as is
its nature, mankind jumps at the opportunity to do this evil. And Zedd
and Rita are, in effect, my generals. They give me justification and
the opportunity for committing evil deeds, deeds that I do because I
enjoy them.

"Rest assured that everybody who has ever committed an evil deed, a
horrendous murder or any great evil, and has later repented they were
sorry are only sorry they were caught - at the time of committing the
deed, they were enjoying themselves very much! Doubtless, they were
experiencing sexual pleasure at performing the atrocity. Evil,
Kimberly, is the only true necessity in the universe, and we all enjoy
it. That’s why it always wins."

Kimberly looked at Kat with horror. "You’re wrong, Kat. People aren’t
evil! The universe isn’t evil! Evil will not win!"

Kat laughed scornfully. "But look at us, Kimberly. You are good, and I
am evil. You are weak, and I am strong. Do you know why I torture you?
Why I inflict intense pain on you?" Kimberly just stared back in
response. "Because, dear Kimberly, I enjoy it. No other reason is
necessary. Rita and Zedd have a score to settle against you Rangers,
but I just love hurting you! It gives me intense pleasure to see you in
pain! There’s probably never been a more clearly defined "good" and
"evil" than you and me right now, Kimberly. And I think we know which
one of us is winning this little encounter, don’t we?"

"But you’re a monster!" cried Kimberly. "You’re not even human, you’re
one of Zedd and Rita’s creatures!"

"No, you’re mistaken," replied Kat calmly. "I am completely human.
More human than you, in fact - your foolish battle for goodness is
doomed and futile, because mankind is inherently evil. Zedd and Rita
will be able to recruit an army to support them. Zordon had to recruit
six pathetic teenagers. Of course," continued Kat, "you could change.
You could turn evil! It would be pleasant to see you doing evil deeds,
enjoying the suffering of others!"

"Never!" cried Kimberly. "I will never turn my back on my friends!"

"Then you should prepare yourself for more torture," said Kat, and a
shudder of terror ran through Kimberly. Kat saw her shudder and smiled.
"And I can see how that appeals to you. And there’s no escaping your
fate, either. I have you in my power. I enjoy torturing you. I thrill
to see you in agony. Oh, what fun we’ll be having later on, Kimberly,
what fun we’ll be having!"

Kat stood up and turned to walk away. "Think about it, Kimberly. Think
about it." And she strode away. Kimberly threw herself onto the floor
of her cage and began to weep great wailing sobs. Eventually, exhaustion
overtook her and she fell asleep, a sleep filled with troubling and
fearsome dreams.


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