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Chapter 2 - The Pink Capture

It was later on that day. Kimberly had been working out at the Angel
Grove Juice Bar and Gymnasium when Kat found her. It was easy for Kat
for find Kimberly - it seemed like the only place she ever went was
school, the mall, and that stupid little Juice Bar. Kimberly was
sitting at the bar, drinking one of Ernie’s disgusting fruit shakes
when Kat went up to her.

"Oh, Kimberly, you need to help me!" Kat cooed.

"What is it?" Kimberly’s pretty face looked genuinely concerned.

"Something awful attacked me," Kat said. "It was awful! I’m so
frightened I don’t know what to do!"

"Let’s go look at it," replied Kimberly. "You’re my friend, and friends
need to stick together in these things. You know I’ll do anything I can
to help you."

Kat led Kimberly outside. It took all of Kat’s willpower to keep calm,
since the very act of betraying Kimberly, who was only trying to help
her, was very exciting to her. The thought of leading this girl, this
girl who trusted Kat totally and would do anything to help her, into a
hideous trap sent a tingle through Kat’s lovely body. Soon they were
alone in a corner of the park.

Suddenly, there was a flurry of feathers. The Tenga warriors, a bunch
of large bird-like creatures, appeared and attacked. In addition, a
large winged monkey appeared, brandishing a sword. It was Goldar, Zedd
and Rita’s right hand man, er, monkey. The Tengas attacked Kimberly,
and Kim instantly started to fight them. Kicking and jumping, Kimberly
sent feathers all over the place in a desperate attempt to save her dear
friend Kat. Meanwhile, Kat looked on in disgust. Kimberly was winning!
These Tengas were, as always, utterly useless. All of Rita’s monsters
were useless! If Kimberly was going to be captured, Kat would have to
take care of things herself. She motioned to Goldar and two of the
Tengas. She had the Tengas hide in the bushes, and threw herself on the
ground and ordered Goldar to attack her. Goldar did, and as he started,
she yelled out.

"Kimberly! Help me! HELP ME! Oh, please, Kimberly, help me!"

Kimberly looked at Kat lying on the ground, with Goldar standing over
her. She had to save her friend! She ran over to her and began to
battle Goldar. While she was busy fighting, Kat waved to the two Tengas
who were hiding. They jumped Kimberly so fast she couldn’t even react.
They held her arms firmly, while Goldar exalted, "Hooray! The Pink
Ranger is ours!" Goldar then waved his arms and, in a flash of light,
they vanished, taking the captive girl with them.

Hearing Goldar’s pathetic boasts made Kat roll her eyes. As soon as the
Tengas left with their prisoner, Kat picked herself up, wiped herself
off, and said to the sky, "Goodbye, Kimberly! Thanks for being such a
good friend!" And then she walked off back to the juice bar, giggling
to herself.

Kimberly was brought to Zedd’s lair and was dragged before Lord Zedd and
Rita. Seeing these two sent shivers of fear through Kimberly, but she
resolved to be strong. After all, she had faced up against these two
before and the Rangers always won! There was nothing to make her think
otherwise. She looked sternly at the evil couple.

"What do you think you’re doing? Let me go!" Kimberly insisted. The
only response of Zedd and Rita was laughter.

"Let you go?" laughed Zedd. "When we spent so much time and effort to
prepare entertainment especially for you? I think not! Rita! I think
our Pink friend needs a little exposure, don’t you?"

"Yes, I do, Zeddie dear," laughed Rita, and she walked towards Kimberly.
Kimberly looked straight into Rita’s evil eyes. "Are you ready, Pink
Power Twerp?" mocked the evil queen. And with that, she reached down,
grabbed Kimberly’s shirt and tore it open. Kimberly gasped in shock,
and then Rita slowly tore all of Kimberly’s clothes off.

"What are you doing? Stop this! Stop it right now!" demanded Kimberly
as she wriggled in the firm grip of the Tengas, trying to escape from
Rita fingers. But to no avail. Once Rita had finished ripping
Kimberly’s clothes to shreds, she grabbed each of Kimberly’s shapely
legs and, despite the girl’s struggles, removed her sneakers and socks.

Kimberly finally stood before her tormentors filled with shame,
completely naked. Her body was lucious. Shaped firmly from years of
athletics, she was truly a sight to behold and Rita and Zedd drank in
her form. Her nubile young body would be able to withstand much
punishment, of that they were sure of. And they couldn’t wait to begin.
But there was one thing left. Rita went to Kimberly’s wrist and
removed the lone thing left on her body – her communicator and power
coin. Holding the power coin and the communicator filled Rita with
immense pleasure, for this meant that the final part of Zedd’s wicked
plan was now within their reach. Kimberly looked on in terror at the
objects in Rita’s hands, for they were the only things that she would be
able to use to escape. And the thought of a power coin in the hands of
Zedd and Rita filled her with immense apprehension - to what evil
purposes would they try to put it? Still, thought Kimberly, they hadn’t
beaten her yet. She was still a Power Ranger. She would endure this
treatment, and when the other Rangers came to rescue here - as she was
certain they would - Rita and Zedd would be defeated and they would
regain the power coin.

Zedd came towards the helpless girl and motioned to the Tengas. Zedd
and Rita walked away, and the Kimberly was led behind them. They walked
through a long corridor and finally came to a door. Rita and Zedd
opened the door and the Tengas brought Kimberly in. When Kimberly saw
what was in the room, her knees buckled with terror.

It was a torture chamber. It was filled with things so horrendous
Kimberly could not believe her eyes. The center of the room was a table
which had straps on it, clearly to be used to secure a victim. There
were braziers filled with burning charcoal, with iron pokers in them
getting red hot. Whips of all sorts hung from the wall. Kimberly could
see rows of clamps, hemostats, pliers, needles, strips of metal, and
knives of all sorts, each one clean and shiny, gleaming in the
lugubrious light that filled the room. Hooks hung from the ceiling.
She could see instruments that looked sort of like dental tools on
another table. Kimberly was absolutely filled with fright. Her pretty
eyes glazed with fear, and her nipples were erect with terror. Zedd and
Rita could see the terror in the hapless girl’s eyes and it filled them
with happiness. Smiling at the effect the torture chamber was having on
Kimberly, Rita approached her.

"What’s the matter Kimberly?" mocked Rita at the naked girl, who stood
shivering before her. "We’ve set this whole room up especially for you!
We know how much you like parties, so we planned this one especially
for you! Tengas! Put her on the horse!"

The Tengas dragged her over to a metal "horse." It looked like the
vaulting horse that Kimberly was familiar with in gymnastics, but
instead of being padded wood it was made out of metal. It was a piece
of metal bent into a "v-shape" lengthwise, with the bent edge pointing
up. They put Kimberly on the horse so that as she was sitting, the edge
of the metal was directly in her crotch, between her vagina and anus.
Kimberly gasped as she felt the metal digging into the delicate, tender
flesh. They then tied her arms above her head and secured her wrists to
a hook above her. Finally, they tied her ankles with straps that were
attached to springs that hooked into the floor. Once they had secured
her thusly, the springs on her ankles pulled her downward and the metal
edge of the horse began to dig into Kimberly delicate flesh even more
and the pain began to increase. Kimberly gasped and moaned. She tried
to lift herself off the horse by her wrists, but when she did that she
could only hold herself aloft for a second, and when she let go she came
crashing down on the horse, causing a wave of agony to shoot through
her. She twisted from side to side trying to escape, but she only tried
that once. The intense pain that shot through her convinced her that
was not a good idea. She sat there, straddling the metal horse, pain
shooting through her body. She had never felt this much pain in her
entire life. In fact, she hadn’t felt much pain at all before. Through
her entire life, she had been pretty much pampered. Her parents had
never even spanked her. And because of her looks and popularity,
everybody was always so nice to her. And as a Ranger, the power she had
seemed to protect all the Rangers from ever actually getting hurt. So
despite her resolve to be strong, she was simply unprepared for the
pain, for how much it hurt. She gasped and sobbed, and tears began to
flow down her pretty face. "Please, oh God, please let me go…" she
begged. "Oh please, please, please…"

The sight of the Pink Ranger’s face contorted in pain sent shivers of
joy throughout the evil duo who was torturing her. Lord Zedd picked up
a whip and approached her. He showed Kimberly the whip and let her
quake in terror for a few minutes. Kimberly had never been whipped in
her entire life and the prospect filled her with trepidation. "No,
Zedd, no, no, no, no, AAAAHHH!" Kimberly’s back and crotch exploded.
Zed had begun to whip Kimberly. In addition to the searing pain of the
whip striking her tender back, the stroke caused her to involuntarily
jump on the horse, causing a new wave of pain to shoot through her. She
screamed in pain. The whipping continued, each time Zedd would strike
her, the agony would shoot through Kimberly’s delicate frame. Zedd
would wait, Kimberly would plead with him for mercy, she’d have to look
at Rita’s smiling face, and just when she thought maybe, just maybe, it
was all over she’d hear the "whoosh" of the whip flying through the air
and then the exploding, searing agony. Kimberly hung in misery, the
metal horse causing every second to be a living hell for the miserable

Zedd stopped whipping her, and Kimberly, her body drenched in sweat, sat
pitifully on the horse which was causing her constant agony. Rita
approached her. "Oh, my pretty little Kimberly," Rita said. "Don’t you
look pretty on the horse! Let’s see if I can make you look even
prettier!" And with that she began to stroke and fondle Kimberly’s
naked body, rubbing her breasts, tweaking and pinching her pert nipples
which were hardened with terror. Kimberly moaned in misery and groaned
in pain as Rita repositioned Kimberly on the horrid horse. Every time
she twisted Kimberly’s body the horse would dig deeper into her delicate
crotch. She whimpered in misery. Rita then reached down and grabbed
Kimberly’s pubic hair and yanked it. Again, the pain of the pulling of
her delicate hairs and involuntary jump it made her do on the horse
caused Kimberly to shriek with pain, a shriek which was pure heaven to
Rita and Zedd.

"Please, Rita, please, no more…" cried Kimberly, sweat and tears
blanketing her face. Rita only smiled and looked at her with wicked

"I’ve got something extra special for you now!" she exclaimed, and
pushed a button on the bottom of the horse. Kimberly shook in terror,
unable to conceive of what lay in store for her.

"Please let me go," Kimberly pleaded, "Please, no more, no mo.. oh God,
what’s happening, Oh, God, no, no, NO NO NO NOOOOO! AAAAHHHH!" The
metal horse had gotten hotter and was getting even hotter. Now, in
addition to the metal just digging into her crotch, it was burning it.
She couldn’t imagine any greater pain, she screamed and screamed and
then she opened her eyes and saw Rita and Zedd both holding whips.

Rita and Zedd both started whipping Kimberly at the same time. Zedd
send the whip flying towards her shapely back and Rita worked on
Kimberly’s lovely breasts and firm stomach. Kimberly was going
completely out of her mind, trying to evade the whips, each time causing
the metal to dig even deeper and the metal itself was burning the
delicate crevice of her crotch and the whips struck again and again and
again and the pain got greater and greater and greater and Kimberly’s
screams of agony got louder and louder and louder until finally the pain
got so intense that she fainted and hung lifelessly from the hook.

Quickly, they took her down and examined her body. The whips they had
used were wide strapped. They caused intense pain, but left very little
marks. Kimberly’s crotch was slightly burned, but it hadn’t been
seriously damaged, which was good news since Rita and Zedd had major
plans for Kimberly and would have been very upset had this initial
session done any serious damage to her. Rita wanted to revive her then
and there and continue the torture but Zedd objected.

"We can’t do too much to her just yet," he reminded her. "Remember the
book? Remember our plans? The torture of the Pink Ranger must proceed
slowly and deliberately in order for us to enjoy it properly. And we
must also make sure that Phase 2 of our plan will work."

Rita nodded in agreement, albeit reluctantly. She wanted to see the
Pink Ranger writhing and screaming in pain, but she knew that Zedd was
right, it would be better if they waited. And it was important that
Phase 2 worked. So she called out to the person who would be
implementing Phase 2. "Katherine! What are you, my evil Kat?"

Kat heard her voice and came into the room. She bowed and said, "Yes,
Empress, what can I…" her voice trailed off as she saw the unconscious
form of Kimberly lying on the floor. She looked concerned. "What
happened to her?"

Zedd and Rita laughed. "As you can see, she didn’t enjoy our little
welcome party! Ha-ha-ha!"

Kat looked down in concern, but held back her feelings and looked back
at the evil doers. "And what is your bidding, Empress?"

"Go down to the earth. Tell them about what’s happening to pretty
little Kimberly here! You know what to do!"

Kat bowed again, struggling not to stare at Kimberly’s inert form. "As
you wish," she whispered, and with a wave of Rita’s hand, Kat vanished
from the room.

Zedd leaned towards Rita. "I hope you know what you’re doing with that
girl!" he said.

Rita only smiled. "Don’t worry, my wicked darling. I think she’ll
surprise even you before it’s all said and done!"

With that, they waved to the Tengas to take Kimberly to her cage. When
they grabbed her, she revived and felt herself being carried to a small
cage which was lying on the floor of a remote room in the palace. It
was very dimly lit and when they put her in the cage and locked the
door, she collapsed to the floor and began to cry. She carefully felt
down to her crotch which still ached horribly from the punishment that
she had endured. She didn’t know how she would be able to take any more
of it - but she had been able to endure it, she was still alive and
strong and she knew the other Rangers would come for her. She had even
more hope because she knew that Kat had seen her captured. Surely, Kat
would tell somebody, and they’d come to rescue her. Hope took some of
the edge of the terror that still enveloped her, and she drifted off to


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