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*** Agony in Pink contains scenes of bondage, rape, and torture ***

Chapter 7 -- The End is Near

Kimberly was awakened by the shaking of her cage. She looked up and saw
Goldar and two Putties. She immediately curled herself up into the fetal
position and began to whimper and tremble. She didn't have the strength to
fight anymore, and her body still ached horribly from the torture. Her
body still hurt where she had been burned, her hands ached where her thumbs
had been removed, and the tips of her lucious toes, now bereft of the
lovely toenails that used to be there, were aflame with pain. Goldar and
the Putties grabbed her lovely naked body and dragged the whimpering girl
down the hall to the torture chamber, where Tortura and Lord Zedd awaited
their victim's entrance. They held her before Tortura and Zedd -- she
needed to be held since standing or walking was pretty much impossible
considering the condition of her feet and toes -- and Tortura took a
hypodermic needle and gave her another injection. Today's injection was an
even stronger stimulant than the one she had been given yesterday. "No
more," whimpered Kimberly, her voice reduced to a low hoarse by the
constant screaming. "Please no more no more please..." Her voice trailed
off into sobs. "No more?" roared Zedd, grabbing the sobbing girl by the
hair. "But we've got so much more planned for you!! Ha-ha-ha-ha!!!" With
that, Tortura motioned to the Putties, and Kimberly was dragged to a table
and securely strapped in.

Kimberly's eyes were filled with terror as she could see Tortura making
arrangements. She couldn't see what he was doing, but every fiber of her
being was filled with terror. She then heard a "whooshing" sound, and then
Tortura turned around and Kimberly's eyes went wide with horror. Tortura
stood before her with a lit blowtorch in his hand. "OH GOD!" cried
Kimberly, unable to even conceive what the torch would do to her delicate
flesh. "YOU CAN'T! NO NO NO NO!! OH GOD NO AAAAHHHH!!!" Tortura swiped
the open flame against her armpit and the miserable girl screamed in agony.
Tortura produce stripes of searing agony as he passed the flame over
Kimberly's armpit, arms, and thighs. He then went to the screaming,
writhing girl's bare feet. Grabbing her right foot in his hand, he waved
the torch over the top of her toes, burning them horribly. Kimberly's
screams were indescribable -- and when Tortura waved the flame over the top
of the toes on her left foot, her screams of agony got even more pitiful.
Tortura gave her a few moments to appreciate the pain, and then her grabbed
Kimberly's naked foot and put the flame on her sole. Kimberly's agony
exceeded anything she had felt before as the torch's flame burned the
tender bare sole of her foot. The flame was positioned on every delicate
toe, every sensitive crevice of her naked foot -- not a single inch of
Kimberly's beautiful bare foot was neglected. The sole of the foot
contains many pain receptors, and the burning had them all aflame.
Kimberly's face was contorted, she almost didn't look human as she screamed
and screamed and screamed in pure agony. Finally, what was once a lovely,
shapely pink foot was now completely charred black, almost unrecognizable.
Only the stimulant kept Kimberly awake and out of severe shock during the
torture, since the pain she was feeling was far beyond what she could
endure, and she was still screaming in agony from her foot when Tortura
went to work on her other foot. This one he was a little slower with, to
make her appreciate the torture even more. Each toe was slowly burned
until it turned from its usual lovely pink color to a charred black. Then
her heel was burned to black, and finally her instep and the rest of the
sole of her foot. Kimberly thrashed and twisted, totally consumed with
agony. There was nothing else in her life, it seemed, but pain, pain, and
then more pain. Every time she thought there could not possibly be any
more pain, that she had felt it all, there seemed to always be a higher
leak of pain, a peak past which there could not possibly be any more pain,
but then Kimberly would reach that point and yet there would still be more
pain and more pain... Tortura and Lord Zedd stood back and admired
Tortura's work. Kimberly's mutilation was proceeding nicely.

Kimberly was allowed to rest for a short while. Her screams died down to
whimpers and gasps, and she lay on the table, moaning in misery. Her feet
were two balls of pure agony, she almost couldn't think, but she snapped
back to life when she felt Tortura strong hands grab her right hand.
"NO!!!" she shrieked as her held her hand firmly and grabbed hold of the
fingernail on her ring finger. With a firm yank the nail was removed, and
shrieks of pain tore from Kimberly's throat. The nail of her middle finger
was next, and after that he grabbed her middle finger with the pliers and
twisted it back until the bone snapped and her finger was bending backwards
towards the back of her hand. Kimberly's screamed in agony, and her
screams continued as Tortura removed the nails from her index finger and
thumb. Examining the lovely girl's mutilated hands, Tortura decided to
torture her hands more, so with the pliers he broke the three remaining
fingers on her hand. And then it was on to her left hand. Kimberly's
thrashing and screaming continued, and didn't abate when Tortura removed
the fingernails from the remaining fingers on her left hand. However, on
this hand he took a pair of clippers and snipped off her fingers. Of
course, Tortura made the amputations last a while -- he snipped each finger
at each joint, so it took two or three snips to completely remove each
digit. Then he cauterized the stumps with a hot iron. Pain almost
overwhelmed the effects of the stimulant being use on Kimberly, and she
began to go faint. In order to prevent this, the torture was stopped, and
Kimberly was given some water and allowed to rest for an hour or so.
During this time, she was given another shot of the stimulant. She would
need it for what Tortura had planned for her.

Kimberly lay panting on the table, still securely strapped in. Tortura
approached her naked body, and she began to gasp and tremble. Her voice
was a low rasp, reduced to this by the enormity of her pain. "Please... no
more... no more.. oh God please no more..." the pitiful girl whimpered.
Her lip trembled and she shook with fear as Tortura began fondling her
right breast, tweaking the delicate, brown nipple. "Let's rough things up
a bit," taunted Tortura and he took a piece of sandpaper and began to rub
it on Kimberly's nipple. At first, the pain wasn't that bad, but shortly
the rough paper scraping away at the exposed flesh of the nipple sent waves
of pain through Kimberly. She began to thrash and moan, but Tortura
continued to run and rub until her nipple was a mass of blood and exposed
flesh. Putting down the sandpaper, he picked up a scalpel, and before
Kimberly's horrified eyes carefully cut a circle around the nipple, slicing
through the layers of skin. "NO!!! PLEASE!! NO OH GOD OH GOD!!!" cried
the terrified girl as Tortura sliced down from the nipple to the base of
her breast, making six slices so that if one looked down on her breast the
slices made it look like a pizza. Tortura sliced very carefully, only
cutting through the layers of skin. He then, using a pair of pliers,
grabbed a flap of skin next to the nipple. He began to pull, and as he
pulled the skin, he carefully ran the scalpel where the skin met her flesh,
delicately removing the skin. Words cannot describe Kimberly's pain as
each of the six flaps were removed, skinning her breast, nor could words
describe Lord Zedd's joy at this newest mutilation. Tortura then began the
slow process of removing her breast. Tortura worked with exquisite
slowness -- using the scalpel, he removed a chunk from Kimberly's breast
and then would burn the exposed wound with a burning iron to minimize the
flow of blood. Kimberly's agony truly surpassed anything imaginable -- the
pain had gotten so great she could no longer scream, her mouth was wide
open in soundless agony, her beautiful face contorted. It took Tortura a
long time, but finally, the breast was removed. Kimberly had almost gone
insane, the pain had replaced everything else in her life, there was just
pain and pain and more pain. And then Tortura went to her remaining
breast. Once again, six slices are cut down the side of the shapely
breast. But this time, Tortura works UP from her torso to the nipple,
removing the flaps of skin but leaving them attached at the nipple.
Kimberly thrashed and squirmed and cried out -- the agony had far exceeded
her capacity to withstand the pain, and only the powerful stimulant kept
her awake and alert. Once the flaps had been removed, Tortura grabbed them
and pulled them up. With a tearing sound, and an almost inhuman shriek of
pain from Kimberly, Tortura pulled off the flaps of skin and Kimberly's
lovely nipple came with it. Immediately, Tortura took a handful of salt
and rubbed it into the exposed flesh of her breast. Then he took a garden
claw, and sank the teeth of the claw deep into Kimberly's breast.
Kimberly's cries of agony continued as he pulled up, ripping her breast
apart and leaving only shreds of flesh where a lovely, firm young breast
once stood. Kimberly was thrashing in agony, and Tortura once again took
up the torch and used the flame to burn the remnants of Kimberly's breast
to stop the bleeding.

Continuing to torture Kimberly, Tortura then went to her crotch. Finding
her clitoris, Tortura brings the sizzling iron to play on the sensitive
organ. After he had burned the delicate organ, causing more excruciating
pain for the helpless writhing girl, Tortura takes a fishing hook, which
has strong string attached to it, and carefully slides the hook through the
clitoris. Kimberly's face was contorted beyond recognition as she twisted
in hideous agony. Tortura held the thread up, causing the clitoris to
stretch. Finally, Tortura gave it one strong jerk and the hook tore
through the delicate organ. Kimberly's body was consumed with agony as
blood began to spurt from her mutilated clitoris. Her agony was increased
as Tortura cauterized the wound by burning her mutilated organ with a red
hot poker, and then, Tortura spread the lips of her vulva and with one
strong move, pushed the red, hot sizzling iron into Kimberly's cunt.
Kimberly went stiff with agony and then, despite the stimulant, passed out.

Cold water brings Kimberly back to her senses. Lord Zedd is standing over
her, laughing. "Welcome back, my dear" gloated the monster. "Look what's
next for you! Ha-ha-ha!" Kimberly looked at Tortura and saw that once
again, the monster's cock was protruding. But this time, Kimberly noticed
that the cock was rough. Indeed, Tortura had changed his cock to be have a
surface much like sandpaper. Tortura mounted Kimberly's body, and as soon
as the tip of the rough cock touched Kimberly's ravaged cunt, she began to
scream in agony -- well, scream is probably the wrong word. Kimberly's
throat was torn raw from her screams, so just gasps of pure anguish came
out of her throat. Tortura continued to pump away, each thrust mutilating
Kimberly's already despoiled genitals. Blood came out with each thrust,
and Lord Zedd was loving every second. Kimberly's head was twisting from
side to side, but Tortura grabbed it and held it firm. While he was
fucking her, he began to snip away her right ear, piece by piece. By the
time he had finished removing her ear, Kimberly's struggles were beginning
to fade. She was beginning to fade, and since he had one more torture
session left for her, Tortura quickly unmounted her and turned her over on
her stomach.

On her back, Tortura rams the sizzling iron deep into her ass. By this
time, Kimberly was almost gone, and the indescribable agony the burning
sent through her caused her body to jerk. Tortura mounted her and forced
his rough cock into her asshole. A cry of pain escaped her mouth, and Zedd
grabbed her by the head and held his head close to her suffering face. "Do
you have anything to say, Pink Ranger? Any special thoughts?" Kimberly
tried to speak, but the agony that was her entire life prevented any
intelligible sound from escaping her lips. Tortura continued to fuck her
ass, and the pain was too much for her to bear. "Well," taunted Zedd,
"since you have nothing more to say, let's make sure you have nothing more
to say!" And with that, Tortura grabbed Kimberly's tongue and sliced a
good chunk of it off. Now blood was gushing from her mouth, her cunt, and
her ass. Zedd looked into the miserable girl's face and began to laugh.
Laugh a horrible laughter of sadism and evil joy. With the laughter
ringing in her ears, Kimberly's body gave a couple of convulsions and then
was still.

Tortura stands up, and he and Zedd look over the ravaged body of the Pink
Ranger. "She has gone into severe shock, my Lord. Soon she will die. We
could try some more stimulant, although it may not work, and try to boil
her in her own blood. That way we could try to squeeze the last bit of
pain out of her." "No," said Zedd, as his eyes were glued to the naked,
mutilated girl who trembled slightly and moaned quietly. "My greatest
triumph is yet to come! I have finally become victorious!
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!" And with that horrible proclamation, Zedd held up his
hands, exalting over Kimberly's tortured frame, and the miserable girl went
into convulsions, gave two or three jerks and then was still. Lord Zedd
held up his hands and proclaimed "Behold! The Pink Ranger is dead!" Cries
of "Hail, Lord Zedd!" rang from the hall, as his minions cheered on their
leader in his moment of glory. Standing over the mutilated corpse of the
girl who once was the Pink Ranger, Zedd drank in their praise, and felt
ready to take on his rightful place as ruler of the universe!

Chapter 8 -- The End of The Power Rangers?

"I think I may have something!" proclaimed Billy, as he and Alpha-5
surveyed the latest series of printouts. "At the least, it gives us a few
places to look!" "Way to go Billy!" exclaimed Tommy. And all the other
Rangers shared his enthusiasm. "Now we'll get Kimberly and kick some
butt!" cried out Zack, ready for battle. "Let's go now, " said Trini, "I
can't stand the thought of poor Kim being there another second." "You got
it guys, " said Jason, and standing up straight, he said "It's morhpin'
time!" But before the Rangers had a chance to activate their power coins,
Lord Zedd's voice filled the hall. "You are too late, Power Rangers!
Behold! I give you The Pink Ranger! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!" And with
that, a flash of light filled the room and Kimberly's body appeared.
Besides the ravaged corpse, Zedd also sent all the body parts that had been
removed from her, so her toenails, bones and bits of flesh from her
fingers, her tongue, the pieces of her ear, and the flesh that was cut from
her breasts were littered about and on her body. Kimberly's pretty face
was contorted in agony with her eyes wide open. Blood was all over her, in
fact, even though there was no heart to pump it through her body, it
continued to seep from her mouth and from several of her wounds. At the
sight of Kimberly's body, Trini collapsed onto the floor in tears, and
began to whimper, and Billy threw up. There was no doubt what had happened
to the poor girl. Alpha-5 began to run around the room chanting
"Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi, Kimberly's been tortured to death! What are we going to
do?" And then Zedd's voice filled the air and his image filled the viewing
globe. "Here is your precious Pink Ranger! And if any of you tries to get
in my way again, the same fate will be waiting for you! Our torture
chamber seems so lonely now that the Pink Ranger is gone!
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!" Silence filled the command center. Even Zordon didn't
know what to say.

It took a long time for the other Rangers to stir. Jason stood up and
tried to think straight. "What are we going to tell Kim's parents? What
will we tell anybody? My God, look at her! How can we get her buried?
Zordon, what can we do?" Zordon looked down at the crestfallen Rangers.
"There is nothing we can do. We can clearly not let anybody see Kimberly's
body. We must destroy it, and then find a new Pink Ranger to fight Zedd."
"A new Pink Ranger?!?" cried Trini, regaining her senses. "You just
can't REPLACE Kim! And how are you going to prevent the same thing from
happening to us? No, I can't do it anymore!" and with that Trini threw
down her power coin and communicator and ran from the center. Zordon could
sense that the same thoughts were going through the rest of the Ranger's
minds, and so he spoke. "Go now, rest, and mourn the loss of our dear
friend. Later, I will call you back, and if you no longer wish to wear the
colors of the Power Rangers, I will understand, and we will transfer the
power to others."

Are the Power Rangers finished? Had Lord Zedd finally won? Or will they
regroup and save the world? Stay tuned!


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