Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: A Beautiful Friendship (F/F)
by Robin August

"Tanya, are you okay with all of this?" Katherine asked as she bent forward
to grab a few of the remaining kernels of popcorn from the bowl. Tanya had
only been with the team for a short while and was still acclimating to her
new life, home and friends. Today, Zeo Ranger Two had hit her first hormone
spike -- an experience even more unsettling than one's first morph.

"Well, we all have to lose our virginity at some point, right?" Tanya asked
her new friend and roommate with a shrug. "At the time, I was so horny I
didn't care who I was with."

"Billy's a good lover," Katherine said with a smile. The former Blue Ranger
had been the closest available team member when Tanya's spike hit 'critical.'
"... especially for a first time. He's been through this so many times, and
he's very patient and understanding."

"Which really helped," Tanya agreed. In spite of the blowjob she had given
Billy, she had still been a little nervous. "So, who was your first?"

"Adam." Kat's smile warmed as she fondly recalled her first experience with
the then Black Ranger. "He's a very gentle lover." Unless he's feeling really

So far, all of the Ranger men had proven themselves to have some type of
valuable sexual asset. For Billy, it was his impressive girth. Tommy was the
longest man Katherine had ever heard of without venturing into the realm of
'too long,' while Rocky had aspects of both. Aisha had told her that Rocky's
cock is what you get if you average Billy and Tommy together. Fairly long,
fairly wide ... for Katherine, he was perfect. From what the others had told
her, Zack was absolutely gargantuan, and Jason ... she had seen pictures of
Jason without his shirt. Katherine was so impressed with his body that his
cock was secondary. She only wished he was still around. Adam, on the other
hand, had a penis that was remarkably normal. It wasn't particularly long or
wide -- about average, she'd guess -- it certainly wasn't so small it was
insufficient or something to be ashamed of, but even Katherine had to admit
than when he was lined up with the others, he looked a bit out of place.
However, Adam possessed one important quality the others didn't...

"Adam also has incredible staying power," Kat continued. According to Aisha,
"he'll get you off half a dozen times before he even has to start thinking of
baseball to hold back." Not just that, but he bounced back quickly and was
also very versatile. He could make love like a gentleman or fuck like a

"Are you still saddle sore?" Katherine asked suddenly, a knowing grin gracing
her pretty features.

"Saddle sore?"

"Sorry, old in-joke," Katherine said. "Aisha and I used to ride horses all
the time, and when we were finished, we'd be a bit bow-legged. It reminded us
of how we felt when we lost our virginity -- or had been with Billy."

"Oh, then yes," Tanya agreed with a slight chuckle, "but he was very gentle."

Katherine smiled. "Is Billy the only man you've ever slept with?"

"Yeah," Tanya said. "The only one. Have you slept with any of the guys
besides Adam?"

"All of them," Katherine admitted. At Tanya's slightly surprised expression,
she continued, "Several times. And on occasion, with more than one at a

"What?!" Tanya cried, turning around to look at Katherine. Lowering her
voice, even though the house was empty, she gasped, "You've had sex with more
than one guy at a time?"

"Tanya, when the hormones hit..." Katherine mused, eating the last of the
popcorn and letting the implication hang.

"Would you tell me about it?" Tanya asked, interest sparking in her eyes.

"Sure," Katherine volunteered. "I had been on the team for about two weeks,
and Rocky, Billy, Aisha and I were at the mall. One thing lead to another,
and the next thing I knew, I was back here with Billy in my mouth, Rocky in
my pussy, and Aisha lying on her back beneath me playing with my breasts."

"Aisha?" Tanya asked. "You've had sex with women, too?" It was an idea she
hadn't considered before.

"Yeah, absolutely," Katherine said. "The guys also do each other."

Tanya wasn't expecting the rush of hormones that followed. Unbidden, an
image of Adam and Rocky both sweating and glistening as they lay on the floor
sucking each other's cocks rushed into her mind. She could only imagine what
Rocky looked like, as she had yet to see him without a shirt even, but the
image appeared quicker than she would have suspected.

"Would you like to have sex with me just to see what it's like?" Katherine
offered, taking a long sip from her straw, and Tanya could almost see those
lips wrapped around a cock. It startled her to see her friend so nonchalant
about asking her if she wanted to have sex. However, what surprised Tanya
even more was how quickly her body responded. She felt a warm, tingling
sensation spread through her. Replacing the image of Rocky and Adam fellating
each other was one of Kat kneeling before her as she lay at the edge of the
bed, her roommate's warm tongue lapping at her pussy.

"Okay," Tanya breathed, barely audibly.

Smiling, Katherine jumped off of the bed and hurried over to the door.
"There's no one home," she said as she shut the door, "but just in case..."

"I'm a little nervous," Tanya confessed as she stood up.

"Don't be," Katherine assured her. "Other than the obvious finale, I promise
you, having sex with a woman is not that much different than being with a
man -- some things are even better!"

"Wh-what do I do first?" Tanya asked.

"Relax," Katherine instructed. "Sit down and try to relax. You don't have to
do anything you don't want to do, okay?"

Tanya nodded. As she sat down on the edge of the bed, Kat ran her hands
across her back, her fingers briefly outlining the Yellow Ranger's muscles
before sliding up beneath her oversized yellow sweatshirt. With no bra to
hinder her, Katherine happily ran her hands along Tanya's smooth skin. Then,
she pulled the shirt up over Tanya's head. Kat bent down to her partner's
neck and planted a tiny kiss on the side. Running her hands down Tanya's
arms, she then guided her into a reclined position.

"You can close your eyes if you like," Kat told her as she loomed above her
friend. It didn't surprise her when Tanya's eyes fluttered shut.

Katherine knelt on the bed beside her teammate. Tanya had an exquisite body,
her breasts large and full, and as soon as she reached out to touch them,
Kat discovered that they were incredibly soft. She brushed her palm across
Tanya's nipples, smiling as they hardened. Then, she lowered her mouth to
Tanya's chest and kissed her nipples in turn, using only fleeting flicks of
her tongue. She then returned with more enthusiasm, roughly licking Tanya's
taut buds. She abandoned the peaked centers momentarily to run her tongue
all over the quivering mounds of flesh. Backing off a bit to admire her
handiwork, she saw that Tanya's breasts gleamed wetly from her tongue bath.

Kat eased down Tanya's body, gently brushing her lips down the midline of her
abdomen as she did so. Sliding off the edge of the bed, Katherine waited only
a moment before pulling her teammate's gray sweatpants off. Tanya sat up and
opened her eyes as she felt herself being bared. Kat didn't say anything, but
she did smile at her partner when she removed Tanya's panties. With an
entreating whimper, Tanya bucked her pussy up at her blond friend.

"Down girl," Kat said. "We have plenty of time." However, she quickly flicked
her tongue across Tanya's outer lips and delicately stroked her roommate's
smooth inner thighs with her fingertips, using only light, playful touches.
Then, Kat thrust an index finger inside her friend.

"Tight as a virgin," she teased. She extended her tongue and flicked it
across Tanya's slit, tantalizing her pink flesh. Katherine began to calmly
thrust her index finger in and out of Tanya's pussy as she lapped at her
folds. Seeking out her clitoris with her tongue, the Pink Ranger delicately
licked at the hooded organ until it peeked out from its hiding spot. Using
her tongue, she ran circles around the hardened kernel of flesh.

Tanya began to exhale long breaths as her body started to rock. Katherine
wrapped an arm around one of Tanya's thighs. Rather than stop her partner's
rhythm, she rocked with her. Slipping her middle finger into Tanya's pussy,
Kat began to thrust faster and harder. Suddenly, Tanya shouted out a loud,
explosive cry. Throwing her gaze upward, Katherine saw Tanya writhing through
the throes of a silent orgasm. When she momentarily removed herself from the
Yellow Ranger's snatch, Tanya promptly put her own hands on her pussy and
frantically fingered herself, trying to keep the explosive, fiery tinglings
roaring through her.

Digging under her bed, Kat quickly found what she was looking for. From a
hidden box, she pulled out a fairly thick, very long, pink dildo. Despite
its monstrous length, it was shaped exactly like a real cock. Katherine also
pulled out a bottle of lubricant from the box and quickly rubbed the dildo
until it was gleaming, just in case. By the time she had her sex toy ready,
Tanya was finished with her first orgasm and definitely ready for more.

"If this is uncomfortable," Katherine said, "let me know." Tanya opened her
eyes quizzically as Kat introduced the tip of the pink dildo to her pussy.
She moved the fake cock around, levering it back to probe Tanya's upper walls
with the head. Kat continually delved a few inches deeper on each forward
thrust. Tanya had her legs spread wide as Katherine impaled her on the sex
toy, groaning enthusiastically. In no time, the Pink Ranger was plunging a
good eight inches in and out of her teammate's pussy, and Tanya's nether-lips
clung to the dildo as she pumped it back and forth. Extremely aroused by the
scene before her, Kat worked her clothing off and eased a hand between her
legs, fingering herself slowly.

Tanya pressed her back into the bed and arched her pelvis into the air. Kat
stayed with her, realizing Tanya was about to have another orgasm.

"Uhn, uhn, uhn!" Tanya panted, bucking her hips up harder and harder as she
fucked her invisible partner. Then, with a room-shaking shout, Tanya came
harder than anyone Katherine had ever seen.

The Pink Ranger pulled the dildo from her partner's quivering mound and
watched as her friend continued to reel from her powerful orgasm.

"You okay?" she asked with amusement.

Although she didn't realize it at the time, a big contributor to Tanya's
orgasm was the taboo nature of the situation. She had just had sex with a
woman, and much to her surprise, it didn't bother her as much as she thought
it would have. In fact, in hindsight, she didn't care at all. Katherine had
just given her the most powerful orgasm of her life.

"I'm great," Tanya moaned. "Sweaty and sticky, but great. Thank you, Kat."

Katherine moved up to Tanya's head and gave her a kiss. She felt her teammate
return it eagerly, Tanya's tongue snaking into her mouth to tangle with her

"Glad I could help," she murmured as they broke away.

"Can I try?" Tanya asked a little anxiously.

"If you like," Katherine said. Truth be told, her pussy was burning to have
Tanya's tongue on it. "I'm already naked, though; sorry if you wanted to
undress me."

"That's okay," Tanya said. "Hey, can we take a shower together? I really hate
being sweaty."

"Good idea," Katherine said with a smile. "Come with me."

She quickly hurried into her bathroom and got the shower running. By the time
Tanya had joined her, the water was already nice and hot.

"Bear with me," Tanya apologized. "I still don't know what I'm doing."

"Don't worry about it," Katherine told her. "That's the worst thing you can
do. Just trust your instincts." She pulled the sliding glass doors open and
stepped in. Tanya got in behind her and slid the door shut.

Remembering what Kat had done to her, Tanya skimmed her hands down her
blond lover's chest with a light touch. Even with the hot water pouring down
their bodies, the Pink Ranger's nipples were hard points. Tanya pressed her
front to Kat's back as she wrapped her arms around her. She happily ran
her fingertips around and across Katherine's right nipple with her left hand
as her right slithered down Kat's body. The Yellow Ranger then saw that
Katherine's showerhead was retractable. Slipping it from its holder, she
aimed the warm spray at Katherine's chest.

Kat gasped when she realized what Tanya was going to do. She felt herself
rise up on her tippy-toes as the warm liquid cascaded down her body, dipping
into the curve of her torso but falling short before reaching her pussy.
However, that all changed when she felt the warm water gently caress lower.

"Oh, God," Katherine moaned, scarcely able to stand if not for Tanya
supporting her. Tanya was gently kissing her neck as she did nothing more
than aim the stream of water at Katherine's pussy, the water providing
never-ending stimulation to her sex. Kat had gotten herself off with that
showerhead more than once.

As the continual stream of water made love to Katherine, she felt the warm
rush of an orgasm creep up on her. She emitted a simple, low moan. Suddenly,
it was as if that moan paved the way for others; she felt a roaring of
sensation begin to consume her. Tanya held an arm tightly around her as her
blonde roommate began to writhe and slam her body against her.

"Oh my God!" Kat cried out, rotating her hips. A series of feral grunts began
to burst from her as her orgasm welled up within and exploded. Tanya was
literally holding her up as she trembled in her arms.

"Are you okay?" Tanya asked with a humored tone in her voice.

"Yeah," Kat sighed as Tanya redirected the spray of water to her abdomen. She
turned around in Tanya's arm so that they were facing each other. "What did
you think?"

"Very nice," Tanya agreed, her eyes flashing happily. "It's just too bad
Adam's not here; I'd sure like to put his stamina to the test!"

"Mm, me too," Kat said, smiling as she turned off the water. Then she teased,
"Adam may have impressive staying power, but I can last for days longer than
he can." The pair shared a grin at that, then Katherine asked, "So, did you
enjoy it enough to want to try it again?"

"Well... I would like to try eating you out," Tanya ventured hesitantly, "and
maybe even use the dildo on you, too?"

"I was hoping you'd say that! You know, I think this is the beginning of a
beautiful friendship."


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