My Little Margie (MMF, oral)
by JH

Margie Albright sat on her bed looking, for the third time, at her watch. She sighed deeply and finally accepted the day and time.

Her "participation" was necessary for the advancement of her father, Vern Albright, at Honeywell and Todd. For the past three years she had played this game with the Presidents at the firm. She found out what Mr. Honeywell and Mr. Todd wanted and how to keep her father advancing in the firm. She only hoped Freddy Wilson (her boyfriend) never found out. She realized last year, she had turned 20, how much she liked what she was doing...and the effect she was having on those two old men.

She moved to her make-up table and turned on the surround lights. The face that stared back at her was a pretty 21 year old with no make-up. She had short light auburn hair and blue-green eyes. First she applied a bluish color to the lids of her eyes and used an eye brush to pull the color out. Using an eye liner she ran a black line along the upper eye lid and at the corner pulled "wings" at the corners. Using an eyebrow pencil she enlarged and deepened the eyebrow arching them dramatically. Next she used her eyelash curler and then her black eye mascara. Finally fitting false eye lashes on her upper lashes. She brushed on concealer and setting powder. Finally she outlined her lips and put on a deep red lipstick. Now the face, that was a fresh faced 21 year old, was of a very high class young lady.

She went to a drawer and pulled some items from the back of the lowest drawer. First a pair of black lace panties. These were special in that they had an opening at the crotch. She slid these on and pulled them snug on her hips. The opening let some of the soft hair covering her vagina to show. Next she pulled a small, black, lace shelf bra. This bra lifted her smallish breasts up and left her nipples exposed. She took a six strap garter belt and snapped it around her waist. She was petit enough that she, almost, never had to wear a girdle. Smoothing the straps she pulled a black seamed nylon up her left leg then her right. She attached each chrome clasp. Standing she smoothed the nylons against her legs. Walking to her closet she pulled a box holding a pair of patent black stiletto high heels. She slipped her foot into each one and leaned over to snap each ankle strap. When she stood up her 5'5" height was now an inch under 6'. She stood in front of a full length mirror and pulled the seams straight from the heels to the welts. She slipped on a long sleeve, black, satin dress with a pencil cut skirt just at her knees.

She looked in the mirror - even she had to admit - she never looked sexier. The two old men were in for something they could only have imagined in a wet dream. Wrapping her stole around her shoulders she left the apartment and swayed to the elevator. When it arrived Dian Fauntelle, first gasped then gaped as Margie entered. She smiled to herself at the effect she had. "Ground, please".

The elevator door shut.

* * *

She took a cab to the Honeywell & Todd office building. She smiled to herself at the dichotomy that her boyfriend, Freddie, thought of her as a virginal young lady and the role she played with these two men! The smile almost turned to laughter at the thought that when she started she was shocked at what she had to do to insure her father's continued rise up the company ladder and how much she enjoyed it now.

At the door of the building she slid out of the cab and walked up the steps to the front door and to the elevator. Pushing the button she waited for the elevator. For most of the companies in the building it was closing time and as elevator doors opened both the young men and some of the women took appreciative notice of the sexy petit woman. Margie entered a near empty elevator - pushed the button to the floor she wanted and watched the doors close.

She exited the elevator and swayed to George Honeywell's office. She stood in the doorway. The light behind her outlined her frame. George Honeywell took in the young lady in the doorway knowing what was going to happen.

"Come in Margie, I've been expecting you." He moved his chair back from the desk and showed his exposed cock.

She ran her tongue across her lips causing the lipstick to glisten in the dim light. She walked toward him and in a well-rehearsed move knelt in front of him, gripped the base of his cock and slid her lips over the shaft. The sucked more and more until the entire prick was in her mouth, the head hitting the back of her throat. Slowly she lifted her head until only the tip was in her carmine lips. Her tongue was swirling around the head and she began to pull the cock back into her mouth. This process went on until she began to feel him tense. She looked up at him and let him escape her mouth. "Do you want to come in my mouth? You can watch me swallow."

It was more of a rhetorical question because she already knew what he really wanted. Without waiting for him to answer she moved up to straddle him in the chair. She pulled up her dress and through the slit in her panties inserted him into her wet, slippery cunt. She lowered herself down until he was all the way in her. George had his head back and eyes closed enjoying the feeling. Margie was moving up and down on George's cock. His prick was sliding in and almost out of her cunt. Margie kept up a rhythmic movement and could feel the shaft begin to swell then pulse inside her. George's sperm shot deep into Margie's vagina. She clenched at him milking his cock.

When she felt him slow then stop she slid into a kneeling position if front of him and took him back into her mouth. She sucked and let her tongue swirl around the flaccid pole. She could taste herself on him and the taste caused a fireball to build in her stomach. As she was sucking she could feel her dress being pushed to her hips. She spread her legs and lifted her ass to meet what was going to happen next. She felt the cock sliding into her slippery cunt. Behind her Mr. Todd had buried his cock in the petit brunette. As she sucked on George Honeywell Mr. Todd slowly fucked her.

Margie gripped the cock in her mouth with one hand and she rubbed her own clit with the other. The cock in her mouth began to harden and grown. She hummed to heighten the effect of her tongue on the prick in her mouth. Behind her the other cock was sliding in and out of her cunt. Her cunt hair and panties were soaked with the escaping cum of her previous exertions and her own juices. The scent of lust in the air was thick due to the sucking and fucking. All at once she felt George shoot off in her mouth. She swallowed repeatedly so all of his orgasm went down her throat. At the same time the cock in her cunt exploded and shot deep in her vagina. Her clit rubbing along with the two men's orgasms pushed her over the edge and she came at the same time.

After a moment she stood up and straightened her clothes. She took a finger and pushed a bit of the cum on her lips into her mouth. "Waste not - want not."

With a smile she looked at the two men. "I think we're done here. See you next year." She picked up her stole and walked out of the office.


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