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A What If? universe where different people became the new X-Men.

X-Men: Menace Of The Mandarin Part 1 (no sex)
by Tyval ([email protected])

Professor Charles Xavier rolled down the silent empty halls of his now empty
"School for Gifted Younsters". The house seemed so big now that all it's
'children' were gone. Warren, Hank, Bobby, Scott, Jean, all of them had gone
on to live new lives. The mansion had served as both school and home to them,
its serene walls hiding its true purpose, that of a place for the training of
mutants, feared and hated by those they were sworn to protect.

Prof. X wheeled into his study staring at the large leather bound photo album
that was on his desk. Over the last few days he had leafed through the pages
many times. Most of the pages showed his former charges as ordinary students;
other pages however revieled their other identities. For the 5 of them had
been known by other names, Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, and Marvel Girl,
the X-Men!

They had fought the good fight, protecting innocents from evil men and
mutants who sought to enslave them or worse. More importantly they had fought
for a dream. A dream of mutant and human living as one. But they were no
longer children now. Each one of them had gone on to live their own lives.

Prof. X reached for the book and the memories it contained when the mansions
proximitry alarm woke him from his melancholy. Punching up a visual screen
andusing his formidable telepathic abilities Professor Xavier relaxed. The
video image confirmed the identity of his unexpected guests. A lean muscular
man followed by an attractive teenage girl, both with tiny wings on their
ankles flew over the mansion, then landed just outside the mansions front
door. While the girl was unknown to him Prof. X knew the man well, Prince
Namor of Atlantis, the Sub-Mariner!

"Greetings Namor," Prof. X said," It is a pleasure to see you again my
friend. And this young lady is..."

"The reason I am here," Namor stated," Forgive me Charles. This is my cousin
Namorita, like myself she is both human/Atlantean hybrid and a mutant.
Recently she has demonstrated new powers, powers that I do not posses. I have
no abilty in teaching her how best to develop and use her powers."

"I would be glad to help you Namor, but as you see, all my other students
are gone," Prof. X replied," I fear that your young cousin would get rather
lonely cooped up here alone. She would do best to be with other young

"Have you given thought to forming a team of X-Men Charles?," Namor asked.
"I know how close you were to your first students, but there are others like
Namorita who need you. And, forgive me for you saying this Charles, I think
you need them."

Charles Xavier's brow furrowed as he thought about Namor's words. Indeed,
Namor had rekindled a passion within him. He had been moping around for
weeks, plauged by self-pity. His dream however, was stronger than any

"Perhaps you are right Namor," Prof. X said, arare smile forming on his
lips," It is time for a new beginning. Welcome Miss Namorita, I truly hope
you will likeit here."

"Please call me Nita professor," Namorita smiled," And please, no silly code
names like Amphibian Girl, or Mermaid Lass."

Namor and Charles Xavier both were well known for their solemnity, but even
they laughed at Namorita's frankness and humor.

* * *

Los Angelas, Ca.; one week later:

Two warring gangs numbering nearly 100 on each side moved towards each other
at a deserted construction site. Both sides were heavily armed. The 2 groups
neared each other.

"STOP! Desist and depart!, came a voice from above the street punks.

Looking up, 20 feet above the young gangsters on some scaffolding were 3
other young men. On the right was a lean tall Hispanic youth in a torn
t-shirt and faded jeans, barefoot. The boy on the right was a lanky well
built African-American, dressed head to toe in black including his tennis
shoes. In the middle dressed in a karate gi, also barefoot, was a muscular
young white male with blond hair, the one who had spoken. All 3 wore
homemade masks.

Gang members on both sides that had guns trained them on the new interlopers,
their own conflict forgotten. The boy in the karate outfit waved his hand and
all the guns flew out of the hands of the astonished gangsters. The other 2
youths spang ito action as well in unusual ways. Large wings sprouted from
the back ofthe Hispanic boy, hands and feet became razor sharp talons as he
flew through the air slicing the suspended guns to pieces. Meanwhile the
young black youth zoomed among the gang members at fantastic speeds
collecting knives, brass knuckles, pipes and other weapons.

"Now, go home!" the blond haired boy said.

"They're fuckin' muties! Get 'em!

The talons on his hands morphed back into fists as the Hispanic boy would
swoop in, hit and fly away opponents. The black youth raced among the midst
of the gangs using his speed to strike. The blond male fought several
attackers at a time using an amazing ability of martial arts for his age.
On occasions he would also use his telekinetic abilities to aid his friends.
Within minutes the construction site was silent as the 3 friends stood alone.

"All-right! Mission accomplished by the 'Terrific Trio'! These punks will
think twice about breaking the law next time," the blond said as the 3 boys

"Too bad we can't put these guys in jail, every one of thems got a record
longer than my wingspan," the Hispanic said.

"Yea, but except for them trying to waste each other and tresspassing they
weren't breaking any laws," the black youth said, "If we tried to haul them
in we'd probably be the ones arrested."

"I know, but we had to stop this fight. There's a school only 2 blocks from
here, these gang fights can get out of control, if this fight spilled over
to there...," the blond shuddered leaving the sentance incomplete. He didn't
need to finish it.

"Very impressive," a voice behind them said.

Turning around the 3 young men saw a serious bald man in a wheelchair. Behind
him stood the prettiest girl that any of them had ever seen. The blue eyes of
the blond boy met the sea green eyes of the girl. Invisible sparks flew.

"Greetings Matt Rider, Billy Ray, Roberto Condoros. I am Professor Charles
Xavier and I would like to speak to you," Prof. X said.

* * *

New York City; 3 days later:

Tandy Bowen huddled herself up in a ball as the men entered the room again.
As usual, the doctor followed behind the leader with the ugly scar down one
side of his face. Behind the doctor were a dozen heavily armed goons.
Frightened tears formed in her eyes as she looked desprately for some means
of escape. There was none.

Of the 12 runaways that the men had abducted only she and Tyrone Johnson were
still alive. It was a miracle that Tyrone was alive. He had tried to protect
Tandy from the the beginning and had suffered several severe beatings as a
result. Tandy felt ashamed of her fear. Tyrone had done so much for her since
they had met. Summoning her courage Tandy tried to shield Tyrone with her

"How sweet dearie, but very misplaced. He's expendable, it's you I want," the
doctor cackled as he produced a syringe filled with the same drug that had
killed the others.

"No! Please let us go," Tandy begged as several of the goons lifted her up,
carrying her towards a grimy lab table.

"S-s-stay a-away f-f-from her," Tyrone stuttered as he tried to rise.

The leader was no longer amused at Tyrone's attempted heroics. While 2 of his
thugs held him the leader pulled out a glock.

"Noooooo! Stop! I'll do anything you want," Tandy pleaded, "Just don't hurt

The leader smiled as he lowered his gun. Tyrone spit in his face. A mask of
rage seized the leader as he emptied the 15 round clip in Tyrone's face.

"Noooooo! Tandy screamed, no longer concerned in the least for her own safety
as she tried to wriggle free in a hopeless attempt to reach Tyrone.

The goons strapped her down as the shock of Tyrone's death finally hit her
and she almost shut down. The doctor hovered over her as he readied the
injection. The leader stopped him before he could inject her with the lethal

"Just a minute doc," the leader leered," Me and the boys wanna have a little
fun with her hot little bod first."

This snapped Tandy back to reality. Despite her sheltered upbringing she knew
what these animals wanted to do to her.

"Nooooo!" Tandy screamed with all the fear and rage she had. Blinding
lightflared from her body momentarily blinding them. Tandy slumped back
exhausted in her bonds, not even knowing what she had done.

"The little cunts a fucking mutie!," the leader screamed as he tried to clear
his eyes," Kill the little bitch!"

The south wall of the room shattered as super-strength, telekinisis, razor
sharp claws, and hundreds of punches on a singlespot combined.

"More freaks! Kill them!" the leader ordered.

A black clad form blurred in front of him taking his gun away. In a haze
Tandy watched as a boy with wings lifted 2 men up by feet that looked more
like the claws of an oversized bird of prey before dropping them on top of
others. She saw a girl with pointed ears pont and shoot short lightning
bolts from her fingers, then proceed to shrug off 3 men like theywere

Tandy felt, rather than saw the black clad figure that seemed to be
everywhere at once. The leader pulled a knife on a handsome blond haired boy,
only to be disarmed and eat rapid fire punches and kicks. The doctor made a
desperate lunge to inject Tandy with the syringe. The blond youth tackled him
from behind and started beating him severely that it took all 3 of the others
to pull him off.

"Count yourself lucky that X-men don't kill slime," the blond said as he spit
on the unconcious scarface leader as he calmed down.

"W-who are you?" the dazed Tandy asked as the ponted eared girl snapped the
heavy leather straps that held her like they were tissue paper.

"Don't be afraid, we're the X-Men," the blond smiled, "I'm Midnight Rider,
that's Condor, Darkray, and Namorita."

Tandy passed out. Tandy Bowen lay in a coma for 3 days. When she awoke
Professor X told her that he had been trying to find her and Tyrone for 3
days since Cerebo had located them as mutants. Prof. X was very sorry that
thy had been unable to locate them in time to save Tyrone. Tandyhad actually
saved herself when she had unconciosly used her latent mutant powers. After
that they had been able to finally zero in on where she was. Unfortunately
too late for Tyrone.

Calling herself Dagger after her light knives Tandy vowed to join the X-Men
to try and help others. Prof. X knew he had some students dedicated to
justice. Tandy fell in love with Matt Rider from the beginning. But she also
fell in love with the confident Namorita. This worked out well oddly enough.
Being Atlantean, Namorita didn't have the hang-ups about bi-sexuality that
most surface women had. To her it was natural to be in love with Tandy and
Matt both. Matt of course loved both of them equally. Aint it grand to be
young, mutant and in love?

End of Part 1


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