WARNING -- The following story contains graphic sexual descriptions. Those
under 18 or offended by such material should not read it!

An explanation as to where this would fit in X-Men continuity

(for those who have READ X-Men recently)

I never read the issues where Jubilee was introduced, so this story takes
place not then, but all the way back between X-Men #9 and #10.

(for those who have WATCHED X-Men recently ON TV)

This story has mutants which are not currently on the team, like Colossus,
Archangel, Bishop, and Iceman, and a mutant that hasn't been on the show yet,
Psylocke, but the familiar lineup of the Professor, Cyclops, Wolverine,
Storm, Rogue, Gambit, Jean Grey, Beast, and Jubilee are also included.)

This is the first story I've ever written. I hope you like it.

And finally an apology..Some of the measurements in the story are
exaggerated, both because of Jubilee's state of mind and because these
characters exist in the most fantastic and unusual world there is: comic
books. So if you can believe even for a second that there could be X-Men,
then believe that they could have body parts those sizes and still battle

X-Men: Jubilee's Initiation Into The X-Men Part 2 (f-gang,oral,anal)
by Leto

"Don't be afraid. It's only Jean holding you up with her telekinesis. Jean,
please set her down." Jubilee was lowered to the ground, and her arms were
released. Jean still had a firm hold around her ankles, though.

"Oh geez, Jean, let me go!! I'm naked here, and there are all these guys
around and I think I'm gonna die I'm so embarrassed!!!" Jubilee blurted,
shielding herself as best she could from the glaring eyes of the X-Men.

"Are you embarrassed about that?" Professor X asked from his wheelchair,
almost chuckling, "Well, we can remedy that! X-Men...disrobe!" Five seconds
later, a pile of brightly colored uniforms lay in a pile on the floor.

Jubilee gawked at the rippling muscles and lengthening cocks of the X-Men,
and looked sheepishly at the four gargantuan pairs of breasts that jutted
from the X-Women's chests.

Professor X continued. "For a while, Jubilee, you have known the X-Men as a
team. Now, it is time for you to become a part of the X-Men's LOVING family.
Every one of my X-men has participated in a similar initiation, and now it is
your turn. In order to truly become as close a group as possible, you will
have to submit to the desires of the X-Men until they are satisfied."

"Submit to the mean have sex with them?"


Jubilee liked the idea of getting a little closer to some of the X-Men,

"What about the other girls?" she asked.

"You'll have to please them as well. Now we know you are still a virgin, so
we will try to break you into this as easily as possible. Cyclops will go

Cyclops lay down on the round bed, and Jubilee was carried over next to him
by Jean's power. Cyclops kissed her gently on the lips, then moved his hands
down to her tiny breasts. Jubilee felt her nipples tingle from his caresses
and her pussy felt wet. His cock rose to full attention and she brought her
hands down his washboard stomach to take hold of it. She had touched another
boy's dick before, a short Mexican kid's while they hid in the dressing room
of a store back in a mall in So Cal. But it was even smaller in her hand than
Cyclops' six inch cock was. She stroked it until Cyclops pushed her back down
to the bed and positioned himself at the opening to her virgin cunt.

Jubilee hissed as the head of his cock slipped between her lips, and shrieked
as Cyclops pushed violently into her and took her virginity. She thought she
was going to explode because her pussy was filled so completely. Cyclops
pumped in and out of her tight crevice in slow strokes. Jubilee felt the pain
caused by his intrusion fade and begin to be replaced by a curious feeling.
The tingling from her nipples had moved down to her pussy and was growing in
intensity. She could feel her clit become erect and Cyclops mashed it against
his pubic bone as he thrust into her.

"OHHHH, Scott, OHHHUHHHHH!!!!!!!" howled Jubilee as she quivered and trembled
as she had her first orgasm. She could feel her pussy become even tighter as
it rippled around Cyclops's cock. Suddenly Cyclops stiffened both above her
and inside her and Jubilee could feel his cum jet forcefully into her pussy.
Then he pushed himself off of her and pulled out, her juices and his cum
leaking out onto the sheets.

Iceman came over next and immediately began to fuck Jubilee with his
seven-inch spear. Jubilee could feel the difference in size in her tight
cunt. She was kissing him when a shadow loomed overhead. It was Jean Grey,
upside down from Jubilee's point of view.

"Jubilee, kiss my pussy," she said as she straddled Jubilee's face, which
was soon engulfed in Jean's sopping gash. Not knowing what to do, she just
pressed her mouth against the lips. She found the bump of Jean's clit and
knowing how good it made herself feel began to tickle it with her tongue.
Iceman, while still fucking Jubilee, had moved his head up between Jean's
legs and was kissing both Jubilee's mouth and Jean's slit.

"OHHHH, OOH, Use your fingers, Jubes, fuck me with'em," Jean got out between
licks of her clit. Jubilee stuck first one, then two, then three of her long
slim fingers into Jean's eager hole. It only took one or two strokes before
Jean collapsed in orgasm and fell onto the bed above them. Jubilee looked
around and saw six of the X-Men fucking each of the three holes of Storm and
Psylocke while Gambit was using his gloved hands to pleasure Rogue.

Iceman, seeing Jubilee was losing interest, smiled impishly, then triggered
his mutant power. His cock became encased in an sheath of frigid ice. Jubilee
shrieked, "Bobby, WHAAAAUUUH!!!" as she felt her steaming cunt filled with
intense cold, her body quickly orgasming from the sensation. Iceman's cum
shot into her pussy soon afterwards.

Archangel sat on the bed next to her, his silver wings folded almost
entirely into his back. Jubilee's gaze wandered around his muscular body,
concentrating on his face and chest where his blond hair stood out sharply
from his blue skin, then down to his crotch, where his blond pubic hair
wasn't nearly as interesting as his eight-inch cock. Archangel grabbed her
by the hips and rolled her over so she was laying stomach-down on the bed
with her legs hanging down to the floor. He dipped a finger down to her
pussy and scooped out some of the wetness-cum-water mixture and spread it
around Jubilee's puckered asshole.

"No, Warren, what are you doing?" Jubilee yelled, and received her answer
in the form of Archangel's cock plunging halfway into her tight ass. Jubilee
howled at the intrusion, and felt disgusted as his seemingly giant prick
fucked her tight asshole. She felt a slight pain as he thrust into her
bowels, then mercifully the viselike pressure on his cock brought Archangel
off. His cum shot up into her stomach, and he pulled his azure tool out of

In part three: Gambit, Rogue, Beast and Psylocke!!!! Stay tuned!!!


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