X-Men: Demon Lust Part 2 - Phoenix (FF,anal,reluc)
by Redvenom

Chapter 3: The Taking Of Phoenix

Psylocke struggled awake on damp sheets, feeling strong hands on her
shoulders. Her breath came in gasps, and her skin was clammy with sweat. The
young woman caught herself before she instinctively launched an attack,
recognizing the beautiful face of her fellow X-Man Phoenix above her.

"Beth, what's wrong?" Jean asked, frowning with concern. Her frown deepened
when her team mate did not answer.

"I heard you cry out in your sleep. When I knocked, I didn't get a reply and
I was worried something had happened." Phoenix continued, sitting down beside
her team mate.

Psylocke took a hurried glance at herself, fearful to find marks of her
ordeal. She still had on her loose T-shirt she usually wore to bed. Beneath
it, her skin was flawless as usual apart from a thin sheen of sweat. She
touched a finger to her lips, almost expecting to find dried cum around her
mouth, but found nothing. Psylocke took a deep, calming breath before

"A nightmare. Some dumb dream I..." she started, staring at Phoenix.

Jean blushed when she looked down and realized that in her hurry, her
nightgown had opened, exposing generous amounts of her cleavage almost to
her nipples. "Well, if you're ok, then I'll best get going," she said,
straightening her gown hurriedly. As the redhead turned to leave, she felt
Psylocke's hand on her arm.

"Jean, will you hold me for a moment?" Psylocke whispered, looking
uncharacteristically vulnerable for once.

Phoenix hesitated for a momment, then nodded in understanding, wrapping her
arams around her team mate in a motherly hug. As the raven-haired woman burst
into tears on her shoulder, Jean held her closer. She noted that Psylocke's
hair smelt faintly of cinnamon as she felt their bodies press together in
embrace. Concerned at her team-mate's sudden display of emotion, Phoenix held
her for long moments, not speaking but sharing the comforting warmth of her
body. Psylocke cried out her pent-up horror and humiliation, tears rolling
down her pale cheeks and staining the shoulders of Jean's nightgown.

Even as they embraced, Jean was acutely aware of their breasts pressed
against each other. She had always admired Beth's terrific breasts and often
wondered what it would be like to hold them in her hands, so hot and hanging
full. She could feel the stiffened peaks pressing against her own through
the thin nightgown, rubbing over her nipples. With a start, Jean brought her
mind out of its wandering, berating herself for her lesbian fantasies.

As she tried to break the embrace, she found that Psylocke had locked her
strong arms around her. Jean could feel her warm breath on her neck. Wet
lips brushing past her ears, then down her soft throat before moving upwards
again. Her tongue playing over Jean's red lips, wetting them delicately.

"Mffffff!" Phoenix gasped in surprise and shock as her raven-haired team
mate clamped her mouth hungrily around her own. She could feel Beth's tongue
pressing past her teeth, twirling around her own. Jean began to struggle,
trying to push her team mate away but Psylocke was strong, her superbly toned
muscles holding the redhead tight against her. Despite her resistance, Jean
could feel her heartbeat hammering in her ear as her excitement increased.

Still straining feebly, Jean was caught by surprise when Psylocke shifted
her weight then twisted around before slamming her against the wall. Phoenix
gasped as her breath was knocked out of her, leaving her momentarily stunned.
With her much better unarmed combat skills, Psylocke pressed her advantage on
her hepless team mate. Expertly, she pinned the redhead's left arm with her
own while trapping Jean's right arm between her body and the wall.

In their struggling, Jean's nightgown had opened, and Psylocke locked her
eyes on Jean's superbly firm, ripe breasts before he head swooped down on
them. Jean gasped in sudden pleasure as the she felt her team mate's warm,
wet mouth envelop her right breast, tongue flicking busily over the nipple.
She moaned as Beth moved over to the other breast, and back again, working
over her sensitive nipples until they hardened to stiff little peaks.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Beth, don't do this... Don't.... Ohhhh!" Jean moaned, trying
to hold back her arousal as her body began to respond to Psylocke's expert
touch. Pinned against the wall, the redhead's mind was in a turmoil, caught
between trying to escape from the situation and feeling guilty because the
touches felt so good. 'Oh, God,' she thought, 'she really knows how to do a
woman.' Moaning, Jean felt a sticky wetness between her legs as she began to

[You've been a naughty girl, Jean.] Psylocke pulsed to her mentally, not
stopping her ministrations. She continued her wet caresses on Jean's
trembling body even she taunted her team mate telepathically.

[I know what you really, secretly desire. You've been thinking about it
haven't you? Even while you were busy getting fucked by Scott just last
week...] she continued.

[Beth! You aren't supposed to pry into the thoughts of your team-mates!]
Jean gaped, aghast at what her team mate had done. And more frighteningly,
that she knew.

[...Naughty Jean, thinking about lesbian sex with Cyclop's big cock up your
tight, little pussy. What, big Scottie doesn't give you enough ride?]
Psylocke taunted. She smiled with satisfaction at the slowly growing stain
on Jean's gown between her long legs.

[Please....stop... stop this, Beth.] Phoenix pleaded, squirming from her team
mate's unwanted attentions. She shuderred as she felt Psylocke forcing her
thighs apart, and her resolve hardened.

[Psylocke, if you don't stop, I'm going to...] Jean began, gathering her
psionic powers.

Beth smiled, then with a swift movement lifted the trapped Phoenix slightly,
her hand snaking under Jean's nightgown. Jean gasped as her team mate jerked
her filmy silk panties down to her soft thighs with one violent tug. Without
pausing, the raven-haired mutant mashed her open mouth against Jean's pussy,
her tongue flicking over the engorged clit.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jean screamed in shock as she felt Psylocke's mouth
working on her sensitive flesh, licking and sucking madly. Phoenix sagged
against her team mate, her slender hips jerking as Beth's tongue played
about the fleshy lips of her pussy before worming its way inside.

"No! Beth, you musn't... Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!" Jean moaned, rendered
incoherent by her team mate's increasingly frantic tonguing. 'Oh God, God,
she's good,' Jean thought. She had oral sex before with her husband Cyclops,
but it was never this good. Never like this.

"Ohhhhhh! NO! NO! NO!" Jean cried helplessly even as she felt her hips moving
hungrily of their own accord, jerking in estatic rhythm. She felt her arms
come free as Psylocke continued her tongue fucking. Going... going...
going... Jean grabbed Psylocke's head with both hands, and then in a move
that surprised even her, jammed her team mate's head firmly into her own
crotch, increasing the pressure on her clit. Going... going... going...

"Yesssssssssss!" Jean hissed between clenched perfect white teeth as her
orgasm burst upon her.

Crying out in her pleasure, her hands tangled in Beth's long dark hair as
she kept pushing on Psylocke's head to keep the madenning tongue on her clit.
Eyes closed, moaning as her hips bucked and jerked frantically, riding out
her climax. Just when she didn't think it could get any better Jean screamed
in pain as she felt Psylocke bite her engorged clit. The intensity of the
pain and pleasure triggered another orgasm that made Jean claw fiercely at
her team mate's head, crying out her sensations. Both women slumped onto the
bed in a tangle of arms, breathing heavily.

When she recovered, she saw Psylocke eyeing her with undisguised lust.
Psylocke's red lips were still wet with Jean's juices, trickling down her
delicate chin. The air was thick with their mingled perfumes, sweat, and sex.
Jean felt heated, the blood rushing to her head making her head swim and her
heart pound in her ears. She watched entranced as Psylocke raised her arms,
pulling off her loose T-shirt. 'She has terrific breasts,' Jean thought. She
found her gaze dropping to focus on the neat triangle of dark hair between
her team mate's long, well-toned legs.

Then it was Jean's turn. As if unable to move, she sat silent as Psylocke
disrobed her as well, pulling at the sash at her waist and sliding the gown
off her shoulders. Jean's panties were pulled down to her ankles and she
stepped out of them. Jean blushed as her team mate smiled and nodded in
appreciation at her nude form. Both women regarded each other for long
moments, before Psylocke reached for Jean. Pulling the redhead against her,
Psylocke kissed Jean deeply, her tongue twinning around her team mate's.
Jean returned the kiss, her mouth working busily over Psylocke's, tasting
her own juices on Beth's soft lips.

Jean reached a tentative hand to her team mate's full breasts, caressing the
firm globes. Heard Psylocke gasp as her nails brushed past their hardened
peaks. Moaning in pleasure as Jean increased the pressure, playing and
thumbing the erect nipples. As their mouths parted, Psylocke reached back,
opening a drawer on the bedside table. Jean blushed again when she saw that
the raven-haired woman had two black plastic dildos in her hands. So, that's
what she has been amusing herself with, Jean thought. Unsure of what was
about to happen, she watched as her team mate came up beside her on the bed,
a slow smile on her face.

[On your knees, Jean.] Psylocke ordered.

Jean trembled in anticipation as she allowed herself to be positioned on her
hands and knees, her hips raised slightly. Nervously, the redhead watched as
Beth moved behind her silently, one of the dildos in hand. Obligingly, Jean
bent over, thrusting her buttocks upwards and exposing the puffed open lips
of her pussy. She shivered in arousal as she felt the dildo playing about
her entrance, the tip just dipping inside the fleshy lips. Teasing her.
Soon, the black plastic tip glistened with her juices.

[Oh, you'll love this, Jean.] Psylocke reassured her telepathically.

Jean's eyes were closed as she moaned with pleasure, enjoying the feel of
the long, hard length easing slowly into her, gently parting the sensitive
walls of her pussy. She shuddered at the delicious feel of slow penetration
as Psylocke wormed the dildo into her with consumate care. When it was
halfway inside her, Jean began moving her hips impatiently, eager to get the
full experience.

[My, my. You like this, don't you?] Psylocke teased. [Make you a deal, Red.
There's still one spare cock. I'll do you if you'll do me.]

Phoenix looked around, and saw the other dildo lying on the bed behind her.
She stared at it, puzzled, then realized what her team mate had in mind. The
thought excited her as she pictured what she wanted. The black plastic cock
floated off the bed as Jean focused, concentrating her mental powers.
Positioned on her knees behind Phoenix, Psylocke spread her supple legs
obligingly. Held in Jean's practiced mental control, the dildo floated into
position, aiming for the flowered open lips of her team mate's pussy.

Phoenix could feel Psylocke's body tense as the fake cock settled into
position, its tip just penetrating the soft fleshy lips. With a mental push,
Phoenix sent the fake cock tunneling deeply into the raven-haired young
woman and was rewarded with Psylocke's cry of sheer delight. Her team mate's
response was immediate, her strong fingers thrusting the glistening dildo
into Jean's pussy up to the hilt.

"Oooooooooooooohhhhhh!" Jean screamed, shuddering in delight at the sudden
penetration, almost losing control of the dildo.

Both women began to pant as they fucked each other furiously with the fake
cocks, their bodies bucking and writhing erratically. Their liquid moans and
gasps blended into a chorus of pleasure as their orgasms began to buld. With
her mind, Jean sent her wetly glistening dildo sawing in and out of her team
mate's engorged pussy. Similarly, Psylocke's dildo was slick with juice as
she worked the hard length in and out of Jean's dripping pussy with lewd
slurping sounds.

As her pleasure built to new heights she had never before experienced, Jean
clawed at the pillows, a trickle of saliva spilling out of the corner of her
wide open mouth. Then with a gargled cry, the redhead orgasmed powerfully,
her back arching as she flung her head back. As Jean's juices spilled over
her hands, Psylocke came as well, her hoarse cries blending into her team
mate's wails of pleasure. Trembling uncontrollably, Jean slumped onto the
bed as Psylocke collapsed over her, her chest heaving as she panted for

[We're not done yet.] Psylocke pulsed to Jean, who was drifting on the edge
of slumber. It was obvious that the raven-haired mutant was not quite sated.

Jean moaned as she felt Beth's strong fingers caressing her buttocks,
kneading the firm flesh. She inhaled sharply as the questing fingers found
the crease bewteen the taut, muscled globes, knowing instinctively what her
team mate was seeking. And shuddering as one finger circled the winking
entrance, before probing gently inside the tight ring of muscle.

[Has he ever has you there?] Psylocke wanted to know.

Jean blushed, almost imagining the sly smile on her team mate's beautiful
face. "No... Never."

[A hard cock inside your ass... You don't know just how good it feels. Once
you've had it, you'll always want to be fucked up the bum.] Psylocke intoned
as she began to circle Jean's anus with her finger.

[...I'm sure ol' Cyke has dreamed about it. In fact, I'm certain that he
can't wait to stick his big cock inside that tight asshole of yours.]
Psylocke teased, her finger dipping slowly inside Jean's asshole, past the
constricting ring of muscle.

The raven-haired mutant watched amused as Jean wriggled her buttocks, moaning
softly and thrusting her hips up against her exploring finger. A shiny trail
of juice spilled out of her pussy and crawled down her sleek thighs as
Phoenix began to lubricate again.

[It feels good, doesn't it? Tell me, Jean] Psylocke demanded.

"It... it feels good" Jean moaned, overcome by the unfamiliar, forbidden
pleasure of being penetrated in her most intimate orifice.

[Tell me you want it. Tell me you want me to fuck your tight little asshole.]

Jean hesitated, then gasped in delight as her team mate buried her finger up
to the knuckle inside her ass, wriggling gently.

"Yessss!" she hissed "Fuck me in the ass, Beth!" As said so, she felt another
finger pushing inside her anal passage as Psylocke began to give her what she

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jean cried as she felt the two fingers twisting around
inside her ass, stretching her tight, virgin anus. As she thrust her hips up
further, she reached back with her hands, pulling her buttocks apart to give
her team mate better access to her asshole.

Pleased at her reaction, Psylocke reached for one of the dildos, still
slick with the juices of their previous activity. Jean gasped in sudden
disappointment as the fingers slipped out of her ass, then shuddered as she
felt the larger shape of the dildo nosing about her anus. Jean wriggled her
hips, relaxing her spincter muscles to allow the head to lodge inside her
stretched-open asshole. The lewdness of the anal penetration sent thrills
racing down her spine and Jean found herself panting.

The redhead took several deep breaths, trying to relax her anal muscles as
Psylocke began to worm the hard, slippery length into her ass slowly. The
going was hard at first, even with the slick coating of juices. Jean clawed
at the sheets beneath her, moaning in pain as she forced herself to relax.
As her anal passage began to accept the intrusion, her moans became those of
pleasure as her team mate slid the dildo all the way inside her rectum.

Psylocke paused for long moments, savouring the sight of the black plastic
cock buried to the base inside the backside of the moaning, writhing Jean
Grey. The thought of taking the prim and proper Phoenix in the ass turned
her on immensely. The redhead's firm buttocks clenched and relaxed in
mesmerizing rhythm as she moved her hips hungrily, eager to have the full
experience of the anal sex.

"Go on.... Oh, go on!" Jean pleaded, her eyes closed in rapture.

When she did so, Psylocke slid into position beneath Jean's bent over body.
Phoenix found herself facing the spread-open lips of her team mate's dripping
pussy and realized what the raven-haired mutant wanted of her.

[Eat me out, Jean. Eat my pussy, and I'll do your bum.] Psylocke pulsed.

Nodding, Jean hesitantly began to lick at Psylocke's engorged sex, her pink
tongue playing lightly over the erect clit at the apex of the fleshy lips.
As she did so, Psylocke curled her suppple legs around Jean's bobbing head,
locking it in place and mashing her mouth against her pussy. At the same
time, she took firm hold of the dildo and began to vigorously move the fake
cock in and out of Jean's ass.

"Mmmmmmmfffffggggg!" Jean cried, as she inhaled the musky smell of Psylocke's
pussy mashed into her face and felt her asshole being reamed deliciously at
the same time. As she jammed her buttocks back against the anal intrusion,
she drove her tongue deeply into her team mate, licking and sucking madly.

[Link your mind with mine, Jean.] Psylocke offered, as her hips began to
writhe from Jean's ministrations.

Stretching out her consciousness, Phoenix met her team mate's mind and made
the connection, their individual thoughts and sensations swirling aross the
mind-link. Jean shuddered as she shared Psylocke's pleasure at the oral sex
she was giving her. She could feel her own tongue on Psylocke's clit from
Psylocke's perspective. So real was the pleasure that her own pussy began to
contract in spasm as her juices ran down her sleek thighs. A totally
disorienting sensation that blew her mind.

[Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh! Its... Its like fucking myself!] Jean screamed
mentally as her pleasure doubled.

Psylocke moaned in agreement as she felt Jean's anal penetration first hand,
even as she worked dildo embedded in Jean's backside. The raven-haired mutant
intensified her efforts, reaming Jean's asshole frantically. Both women
screamed as one from the incredible combination of pain and pleasure. Rocking
wildly, the two mutants fucked each other like animals, their sighs, grunts,
moans, and choked cries blending incoherently. Jean was the first to come,
crying out her passion as she arched her back powerfully. Mind-linked, the
redhead's climax hit Psylocke full force. As she felt her body began to
spasm, she jammed the dildo as far as it would go into Jean's anal passage
before screaming and cumming herself. Sucking madly at Psylocke's gushing
pussy, Jean felt her team mate's violent orgasm merge into hers, sending her
body out of control at the doubled sensation.

[Oh God! Oh God! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!] Phoenix screamed in incredible pleasure,
flailing and bucking wildly.

The two women collapsed onto each other, chests heaving for breath and limbs
tangled in sweaty embrance. For long moments the only sound was the heavy
breathing as they recovered from the most intense sex either had ever
experienced. Jean was the first to stir, moaning as she rolled off the
panting Psylocke. Sliding to the side of the bed, she stared off into space,
trying to come to terms with what she had just done.

"Oh god..." Jean whispered, realizing that she had just cheated on her
husband Cyclops. And with a woman, to boot.

"You can't tell me you didn't enjoy it," Psylocke gloated, reading her mind
as she sat up behind her team mate, fingers playing with Jean's flaming red
hair. Leaning closer, the raven haired mutant whispered into Jean's ear,
"You want more, don't you?"

Jean stiffened when she felt Beth's supple hands reach around cupping her
breasts, gently caressing the full, firm globes. Reaching for the nubs at
their peaks. At the back of her mind, Jean intended to stop Psylocke, but
for some reason she could not explain remained still and silent. As if she
was a third party, she watched entranced as the fingers stroked around her
nipples in slow circles. She gasped as long nails brushed past her nipples,
felt herself blush with shame as they erected. Shuddering as he felt
Psylocke's tongue lick wetly over her earlobe, her team mate's breath warm
in her ear.

"You'll come up here to my room tonight, won't you?" Psylocke asked, her
voice soft. Seductive.

Jean gasped in pain as her team mate bit down on the soft flesh of her

"We'll do everything. Everywhere. I'll make you cum until you scream....,"
the raven-haired mutant promised.

Jean trembled at the thought and knew with a sudden horror that she was
going to do it.

* * *

Phoenix could hardly keep her mind on her work the whole day as she relived
her lesbian encounter with Psylocke in her mind over and over. Sex with
Cyclops was perfectly satisfactory and she usually had no trouble suppressing
her carnal desires. Now, all she could think of was naked bodies, grunting
and wild, frenzied fucking. Twice, she masturbated in her room, taking
herself with her hairbrush in her pussy and her finger probing her asshole.

That night, breathing heavily from anticipation, Jean prepared herself
carefully for her meeting with Psylocke. First she took a bath, then
carefully dried herself and applied her perfume. Her hand trembled as she
reached for the tube of KY jelly. It had remained unused since she had bought
it soon after her marriage to Cyclops. Now, Jean bent over and squirted a
generous amount onto her anus. She was still sore there from the morning's
anal episode, but this time she would be fully prepared. The redhead moaned
softly as she worked the slippery gel tenderly inside her anal passage.

From her dresser, Jean retrieved her most daring lingerie. Her skin tingled
as she put in on, the black silk caressing her body like a gentle breeze.
She felt her nipples harden fiercely and visibly under the silk bra. Sheer
black stockings completed her dressing. She stared at the mirror for long
moments, the unfamiliar look in her eyes making her seem like a stranger to
herself. Wrapping a robe around her shoulders, she sneaked to Beth's room,
feeling like a whore. And being excited by that thought.

Psylocke opened the door at the first knock. Jean gasped when she saw that
her team mate was already naked. A sheen of sweat covered Beth's sweaty body
and her nipples were already erect. Her heart hammering fiercely, Jean
timidly stepped into the room, all the while feeling Beth's eyes hot on her
body. Her hands turning Jean around to face her. Her hands on Jean's
shoulders, slipping off the robe. Her mouth on Jean's, kissing her hard and
deep, their tongues twirling wetly. Her hands snaking between Jean's thighs,
stroking slowly and carefully until the silk panties were damp with Jean's

Jean gasped in disappointment as Beth broke their kiss suddenly.

"Sit on the bed, Jean," Psylocke ordered.

As Jean complied, she noticed Psylocke holding a small cube in her palm. She
could make out intricate designs on its faces, glinting in the low light.

"No questions, Jean. Mind-link with me," Psylocke continued as she sat beside
her on the wide bed.

Again, Jean complied, stretching out her thoughts to connect mentally with
her team mate. The redhead watched confused as Psylocke began to manipulate
the protusions on the cube, twisting and pushing. Jean heard a click and
whirr as Psylocke stared back at her with a satisfied smile. Unsure of what
Beth had done, Phoenix was on the verge of breaking their mental link when
the box hummed and activated, creating the gate to the Plane of Lust. Jean
screamed in horror and dread as their linked minds were caught in the
swirling vortex.

The End


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