WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, comics, companies, writers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Starring: Scarlet Witch (Marvel comics)

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

The Mass Tarr's Harem: Part 7
A comic book/super-heroine erotic story
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

In another dimension, on a planet far removed and isolated from any other inside of lavish place of shining stone atop a mountain with clouds rolling just feet below the peak... Inside of a central chamber with a lavish, gem-furnished golden throne as the centrepiece...

"MMMM... You all certainly know... AHHHHH... How to spoil a man..." Mass Tarr smirked as he groaned, his long and thick to match cock getting pleasured in a way most fitting for a stud who has travelled across worlds and dimensions to "claim" beautiful women to call his own.

Kneeling in front of him were not one, not two, but three gorgeous, busty blondes all using their more than ample chest to pleasure his cock. To the left, the one known as The Invisible Woman who grinned up as she pressed her together onto the side of his shaft, but stayed perfectly visible for her man. Opposite her was Gwen Stacy, biting down on her bottom lip as she groaned herself while working her boobs onto his member and sliding against his crotch from how close up against him she was. In front and facing him was Black Canary, a sly smirk on her pretty face as she also made her big boobs be pressed right into his member as well as against the breasts of the other women.

This all allowed him to thrust his cock up between the "cleavage" that they were all forming as he got to experience the softness of three different pairs of breasts at the same time. That in turn made them groan as their mounds jiggled from both his stiff pumps and their rubbing against one another as they stayed in place for the stud they were all now very addicted to used their chests for his own pleasure. From the groans they were letting out, they were getting off on him fucking all of their tits as well.

It also seemed from both the smooth way his dick was able to pop up between their mounds and then vanish back down that this was far from the first time either of these three had taken part in something like this before. Although in Mass Tarr's "palace" he calls a home, it was rather impossible to note when time had passed, if even at all. Regardless, the way all the women were perfectly up close as their breasts squished and rubbed against him and each other showed they'd all been involved in a position like this in the past. Just never before they met the stud they were now all too eager to satisfy.

"MMMMM!! Stay... Ahhhhh!! Stay right there!!" He instructed as he throbbed, but continued to pump his dick up into the gap that allowed his cock to experience the pleasure from all three women's breasts at the same time. A thrust later and the first blast of spunk shot out, landing back down onto the chests of Gwen and Canary but all three women grinned with glee as their man started to cum. That rod fired out plenty more spunk for them to collect, with Invisible Woman getting plenty of it over the tops of her tits too along with her fellow gorgeous blondes. By the time he finished his thrusts up, all three were more than generously covered with his jizz over their tits to make it seem that they'd just taken a group of men's loads across them.

"Mmmmmm... Hope you enjoyed that Mass Tarr..." Black Canary purred as she leaned back, using her hands to rub the spunk all across and over her tits.

"Oh, I know he did..." Invisible Woman said, smirking as she licked her lips and looked down at her own jizz-glazed mounds. "You don't collect any women who can't fuck you nice and good, do you Mass Tarr?"

"Of course not!" Mass Tarr laughs in response. "Only the best... And that goes for all of you as well!"

"We can't wait to see who you bring back next, Mass Tarr." Gwen says with a nod. "And watch as you fuck here really hard and good like you always do in front of us all!" She added with a big, sexy smile.

"Then enjoy cleaning each other up while I go and "acquire" the next, very deserving member of our ranks..." Mass Tarr said with a smirk. "I expect this one will be quite a different, but all the more enjoyable, experience for us both..."

* * *

Scarlet Witch was used to bending and reshaping reality.

Blessed, or cursed, with Chaos Magic Reality Warping gave her the superhuman ability to change reality itself as she commanded. Be it teleportation, powerful Hex Bolts, or even more power actions she could very well if she wanted to completely change or even destroy everything in the known world. That made the stunning beauty both respected and feared. Her current signature attire therefore made her instantly recognisable. Head to toe in bright scarlet colours, with boots, gloves, a long flowing cape and a pointed helmet on her long haired head. Her body was clad in a tight-fitting corset-like bodysuit that perfectly showed off her frame from her juicy hips up to her large, rounded tits with ample cleavage. Underneath, a lighter shade of crimson of a completely covering bodysuit from the neck downward, acting like tights over her legs but just a covering up top over her expose skin of the arms and upper chest.

On this rooftop, the other side of the city away from the Avengers Tower, she did not however expect to suddenly see someone else so effortlessly change reality to their own demands. Let alone see that person stand completely naked in front of her with the biggest cock she'd ever seen hanging between his legs.

"You... You've come for me?" Scarlet Witch questioned, already her eyes finding it hard to pull away from the open staring she's doing as his cock starts to harden.

"Indeed so Scarlet Witch!" Mass Tarr confirmed with a warm smile. "In fact, to have sex with you if I may be so direct. As unlikely as that might sound..."

"I've already been through, and experienced, more than just the mere unlikely in my life..." She states, narrowing her eyes for a moment as she looks to him. "If this is some kind of trap... I'll blast you and your... Huge cock... Into another dimension faster than you can blink." She warns. At least, she attempted to threaten. Her repeatedly glances down at his dick were making those words far from effective.

"No tricks!" He still smiles, raising his hands up in innocence. "I simply wish to give you the pleasure that truly deserve to enjoy! If you have your doubts... Then perhaps you should be the first to "test" me to see if I mean what I say or not?" He offers to the powerful super-heroine.

"Like I haven't heard that all before about giving something to me..." She says with a raised eyebrow. "...I mean what I said. You try anything?" She warns, raising her own hands a little and letting them glow with an intense scarlet light as a warning, showing off a tiny hint of her abilities. Despite her words, her looks down at his now approaching rock hard size were giving away that she didn't seem completely disgusted by his offer. That was further proven when she actually stepped forward, reaching him as she took a hold of his member I her gloved hand. Biting down on her bottom lip a little, she slowly lowered herself down to her knees in front of this muscular hunk, her eyes locked onto his shaft as her hand stroked across his large size.

"I... I shouldn't be doing this..." She claimed. The way she was staring at his long dick while her hand pumped over his length showed otherwise. Further more so as she licked her lips. Shifting in closer, she soon found her tongue pushing outward with a brief slide across the crown of his cock. Letting out a gasp at the touch, she glanced up. Getting a smirk back from the handsome stud, she leant in again for another lick over the tip. "And yet... Mmmmm... I want to..." Scarlet Witch added with a seductive purr in her voice, which alone was an admission of how sinful this act is. Looking up, she gave another swirl around the crown slowly, still stroking off the length as she licked away. Brining her mouth in closer, she let her lips smooch the tip before giving another flick of the tongue against him. Another groan escaped her before she could resist no more, and let her lips properly part as she pushed forward.

"Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmmm..." She moaned around his member as his fat inches passed into her mouth. She didn't stop until half of his size was inside her oral hole, her hand almost meeting her chin as she still stroked off the rest of that vast length. Gazing up again, she placed her free hand onto his thigh. With that, she began to lift her head back upward, stopping short of pulling completely off of him as she slid back downward with a groan. "Mmmmm!! Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmpphhhh..." The stunning Avenger's groans were already muffled by that man-meat she was taking smoothly and steadily between her full lips. The steady motion was quickly established, a sigh of apparent skill with this particular sexual act. That was also clear from how she kept her gloved hand gripping his base stroking back and forth with synchronised timing with the motion her mouth was doing.

"Ahhhhhh... Most wonderful Scarlet Witch... Mmmmm..." The mysterious, otherworldly stud receiving this double teaming on his shaft was certainly not holding back his moans of enjoyment. Both the blowjob and the handjob were being delivered with firm and focused bobs and strokes respectively. Either of those acts alone could easily finish off a normal man even with this steady pace. This particular hunk however was obvious built to last and take plenty more from her. "Mmmmm... Delightful! Ahhhhh... Such a fantastic feeling... Mmmmm! And feeling mouth as well..." He added with a handsome laugh. He kept his gaze locked down at her stunning facial features, seeing the intense stare back the powerful, Hex Bolt wielding beauty was giving. So he watched as his inches vanished forward between her pouty lips before soon appearing again as she repeated the action. Not to mention how her saliva was starting to be layered over his length from her slurps.

"Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmphhh!! Hhhhmmmm mmmm..." The scarlet-clad stunner groaned again around the man-meat she was feasting on. Keeping one gloved hand on his powerful thigh, her other continued to pump over his rod as she worked her oral hole back and forth along his stiff pole. At least she was, but her growing lust was making her fingers gradually loosen from around him. In time with how her face was pushing closer and closer still towards his crotch as more of those inches were slipped inside that damp mouth. "Mmmmmphh!! Hmmmm... Hrrrrlllkkkk!! MMMMMPHHHH!!" She gave a slight gag as his cock-head touched the back of her mouth, proving this was by far the biggest cock she's even gotten to suck off before. The reflex just made her narrow her eyes up at the man she was servicing in defiance of her own stunning body. Forcefully, she pushed her mouth downward hard, eyes closing as she let out a deeper, raspy gag. More importantly, she had her lips now around the base while her fingertips held onto him just enough for her own support as she held herself down onto him.

"GAHHHHHH... HHHHHLLLLKKKK!! MMMMMPHHHH..." She gagged around his meaty rod, staring up with eyes beginning to water as she forced the deep throating to go on. The man taking this wasn't minding one bit from the moans he was letting out as he watched on. Refusing to release the hold on his tool, but the discomfort growing, she lifted her hands away from his body. Those palms soon glowed, using her own superhuman abilities to change not just reality, but her own cock-sucking ability. With her throat relaxed now and also shining from her powers, she could openly moan and purr around the cock she had deep down inside her mouth and beyond. She even smirked around the dick of the hunk she'd only just met but was deep throating. Letting the action stay for several more moments as her signature mask rested against his muscular midsection while her chin rested against his ballsack.

"Mmmmmmphhhh..." She groaned once more before she finally lifted her mouth all the way up and off of that cock. "Mmmmm... I don't know what came over me..." Scarlet Witch admitted, licking her lips as she looked over his dick now covered in her saliva.

"It was absolutely not a bad thing at all!" Mass Tarr stated with a smile, offering a hand to her. "A warm up enough for us to continue on, don't you think?"

"I agree..." She replied with quite a saucy purr in her voice, taking the hand as she was helped to her feet. "But I think I will take the lead with this..." She stated, her hands glowing with her powers as she levitated off the ground.

He watched as a glow flashed around her crotch, seeing first the bottom of that bright scarlet corset being pulled to the side by her powers. Next, and making herself gasp in the process, that same Chaos Magic then ripped a hole in the see-through covering her stunning body was clad in underneath. That allowed free access to her already wet looking, shaven pussy. While he was staring down at that, she took advantage with a smirk, lowering herself downward and impressively skilfully onto that rod with a single, slow motion. He got with the programme right away, gripping her spread legs by her heeled boots as he let her do all the dirty work just as she'd demanded.

"Mmmmm!! Yessssss... So big!! Mmmmm..." She moaned her approval as she lowered herself down onto his cock, already sinking half-way down as her tightness adjusted to such a massive length. Biting down on her bottom lip, she gazed across at the groaning stud she was now impaled on with that clear lust obvious and burning in her own eyes. "I would be lying if... Ahhhhhh... I said I'd never used this before..." She shamelessly admitted, and showed it to be true as she used her super powers to now raise herself upward on his dick. Reaching the tip, she now changed course but instead of gravity used those reality altering abilities to drop downward onto his tool. With a moan, she started to repeat the motion, building up a rhythm as she fucked herself onto the same dick she'd been sucking off just moments before.

"Ahhhhh... And this is not the first... Mmmmm... Time I've gotten to enjoy such a "powerful" experience myself..." The inter-dimensional hunk admitted, a reference to previous conquests of other super heroines with far greater than normal human abilities, let alone appearance and bodies. He just smiled and moaned, watching as this powerful in more ways than one stunner as she raised and lowered herself onto his dick. That easily kept them both groaning out with each lift and drop she carried out onto his rock hard length. "Mmmmm... Of course... Ahhhhh... Nothing quite the same... Mmmmm... As this..." He added. While his hands still held onto her boots, he wasn't even making a single thrust upward into the slick snatch being pushed down onto his shaft. Instead he was more than happy to let her carry out those naughty urges as she rode his cock with a steady and firm motion. The smoothness certainly confirmed her words of having performed this unique sexual act before more than simple one time before this.

"MMMM... Ahhhhh!! You've... Ahhhhh... You've got that right..." She groaned, feeling his pole pushing into her love tunnel as she made her gorgeous, still clothed body lower down further onto him. Not just taking him in deeper, but her body was moving with more stiff effort for a harder movement back down. That left not just her breasts now bouncing in time with that being driven by powers frame, but her long cape and flowing hair swaying away as she still kept herself completely off the ground. "Ahhhhh... This... MMMMM... This usually finishes off any man... AHHHHH... Who thinks they can handle me..." She admitted with a grin. The acknowledgement explains why she's putting more effort now into these steady up and down bounces onto his long and thick to match cock. She now knows that this man who she has barely met can give he the kind of sinful action she and that wonderfully curved body has been craving for so long. It all makes for a hotter show for that stud standing and moaning himself as he watches her snatch raise and lower over his cock again and again.

"It sounds to me... Mmmmmm! That I must prove my intentions..." Mass Tarr smirks back at her. With that, he now starts to work his own desirable but otherworldly body in response to hers. His hips push upward, meeting her snatch as she drops herself down so his cock can slide in even deeper than she'd already been taking. This instant loud moan that they both release show she's not complaining one bit about the new change of pace. So he sends in another thrust the next time she pushes downward onto him. "MMMM... And I am always... Ahhhhh... More than honoured to do so..." He adds between his groans. Matching her steady pace, each time she lifts up with her powers along his cock he's sliding back out but never fully exiting that wet and snug twat. Then it's a stiff thrust upward as that still scarlet-clad frame is sent down hard onto his manhood, resulting in the sexy smack of skin hitting skin as he gets balls deep into the stunning Avenger.

"Ooooooh FUCK!! MMMM... Oh yes!! MMMMM..." She moans with delight, her helmet-wearing head tilted back from the pleasure of being filled up with every inch of his big cock. Even then, she's still using her powers to smooth perfection as she keeps herself riding away on this now thrusting dick. It's all a far contrast from the reality altering abilities she's known, feared and respected for using. "AHHHHH... Mmmmm!! Don't stop... MMMM!! Give me... Ahhhhh yes!! Give me that cock..." She demands, looking back at him with another lusty grin topped up with a lick of her lips. Putting on a show, she lets her hands even as they glow with her Chaos Magic run across her jiggling breasts. Then making herself gasp as she gropes herself through her attire. She has to bite down on those pouty lips though as even that doesn't throw off her lover from another dimension as he keeps on thrusting up to the hilt into her snug and damp snatch.

"Mmmmmm... I'm more than happy to..." Mass Tarr confirms, but finds himself soon thrusting up into just thin air. That's due to her lifting herself all the way up and off of his rod with a groan as she now floats for a moment before him.

"You'd better be... I'm too into this now to be left disappointed..." Scarlet Witch playfully warms with a sexy smirk on her gorgeous face.

"If I did that, then I... Oh??" He was cut off with a glow now formed around him. He now found himself raised off the ground completely, but otherwise unaffected as his cock remained rock hard as he was lifted up to the same height she was also at.

"I thought you said you were used to this?" She teased, smirking as she manipulated reality to move both them around in the air. Now she was underneath him, back facing the ground fat below as her long cape and hair hung down. She smirked as she wrapped her arms around his strong neck, keeping her legs spread wide apart as "blindly" she used her powers to guide him and his mighty shaft back into her snatch. "Mmmm... Fuck me." She demanded simply, the stare from those eyes showing her fierce desire even stronger than those dirty words. "MMMM... Deeply. And fucking hard!" She added as those inches slipped back past her folds and the shaft once more filled up her passage that remained nice and snug around his size. She gritted her teeth, but only from that feeling of still wanting more even with all that cock back inside her snatch as his crotch touched her body. This also proved how incredible her powers were that she is able so easily to suspend them both above ground even as they are having sex at the same time.

"Mmmmm! As you wish!" He responded with a grin of his own, unfazed even with unique to say the least position he was in. Even with being held up, his legs weren't even dangling as he kept a firm hold on his frame to keep him in place in terms of being up in the air. He did have free control over the more relevant for this situation parts of his body. That allowed him to draw his cock back out of her snatch to the mid-way point, before he firmly and deeply rammed back in with a thrust that easily had them both moaning out loudly. "MMMM!! Ahhhhh yes Scarlet Witch!! MMMMM... Fantastic..." He groaned his approval as he kept the thrusts coming, breaking into a stiff, repeated motion in no time at all. His muscular frame was now smacking against her desirable, still fully clothed frame so the sexy slap of skin hitting off of skin rang out to mix with their shameless cries. For good measure, he kept a hold of her legs by those boots once again, while he body was "leaning" over hers thanks to her own powers ensuring he wasn't going anywhere any time soon.

"AHHHHHH FUCK!! MMMM!! Oh yes!! AHHHHH YES MMMM..." She groaned out, head rolling slowly from side to side for a moment as the enjoyed the great pleasure from all of his cock being slammed up into her snatch. Her arms moved up, the glowing gloved hands now holding onto his arms while he gripped her legs as she further showed her desire from taking this fucking. "Ahhhhhhh!! MMMMM... More!! MMMM!! Fuck me!! MMMMM... Fuck with that big cock!!" The reality warping beauty demanded despite her getting just that. His pistoning motion sending his shaft in to the hilt each and every time he pumped into her wet but still erotically tight snatch. Perhaps a little from the effort used to utilise her abilities to keep them both up in the air, but more due to the skill of his treatment of her snatch she was now starting to sweat. The beads were gradually forming and then trickling down the sides of her beautiful face. At this point she couldn't care less about that, her eyes glaring lustfully across at this stud. She's only just met him, but already blown and now is getting pounded into her pussy as if they'd been lovers for years.

"MMMMM... Of course! It would be... AHHHHH... A true insult to do anything less... Mmmmm!!" He proudly said, showing how seriously he takes his "mission". He will settle for nothing less than making sure this superhuman stunner experiences a sexual high deserving of both her and that curvaceous body of hers. Speaking of which, she was now jolting back and forth in the air, bouncing away a little each time he cock slammed forward to fill up her wet box. This kept her large breasts jiggling nicely for a visual treat, while underneath her cape and long hair swayed back and forth in time with the motion of her. "Mmmmm... This... MMMM!! This what you deserve Scarlet Witch!! MMMM..." He added between his own moans. Even with her abilities keeping him suspended up above her, and in turn them both high above ground, he's not slacking off one bit. He stiffly plunges his cock in and out of her snatch, his balls slapping against the exposed skin as her body suit stays pulled to the side to allow access to that needy, tight hole.

"UHHHH!! Yes!! MMMMM... I need this... AHHHHH!! I fucking WANT this!!" She moans out with another intense glare across at the otherworldly hunk driving his dick in and out of her snatch. Her gloved hands still glow as she keeps her powers going impressively even after all the balls deep pounding she's willingly taken. Most normal red blooded women would have been sent into screaming orgasms long before this point, let alone be able to think straight from the pumping alone even in a "regular" on the ground position. "Fuck me!! MMMMM!! Don't you... AHHHHH!! Fucking DARE think about stopping now!!" She warns in her highly lust-driven state. In the next moment then moaning out loudly again and tossing her hair back as she stares up at the sky when he delivers another balls deep pump. Her snatch is still nicely snug but soaking wet now from the machine-like way he's been hammering away into her. He clearly has no plans of stopping now if his own groans of shameless enjoyment are any indication, and remains unfazed by both those "threats" or the entire suspension above the ground situation he's banging her in.

"MMMM... As if I'd ever think of that..." He smirks back as he verbally confirms what his thrusts have been indicating to her all along.

"Then... AHHHHHH... Then fucking prove it!!" She snaps with a voice clearly lust-drunk. Lifting her hands away she uses her Chaos Magic to an even more intense effect, as she suddenly engulfs both of them in a bright, scarlet light.

In the flash of an eye, she had teleported them both to different positions but kept them both still high, and in fact now looking to be even further above the ground down beneath them. This time Scarlet Witch was now facing forward away from Mass Tarr, her back facing his broad chest and his cock still stuffed into her snatch from behind. Legs spread wide, her arms were reaching back as if to grab a hold of him but found her flowing cape getting in the way. With a yell of frustration, she again let her passion get the better of her as her hands glowed again. Suddenly, her powers caused not just the cape, but almost her entire uniform to become shredded and burst away from her stunning body to vanish into nothing in a second. All that remained was her signature helmet on her head as her naked, sweat-glistening body was on full display for the stud behind her with his dick still inside her dripping snatch.

"So be it!!" The dimension travelling stud said to her challenge. He then physically responded with hands gripping her gorgeous waist and more importantly with the first slam of his hips forward against her rounded backside. The moans for them both started up again with even more volume than before, matching the force and pace needed for highly sexual state as he rammed his shaft home deep into her pussy. "AHHHHH... MMMMM... Yes Scarlet Witch!! AHHHHH... Feel it! Love it!! MMMMM..." He groaned out, his chest grinding against her back as the beauty leaned again him, responding to the powerful thrusts with her arms reaching back to capture his head. He didn't mind one bit about having her mask resting against his face as she tilted her long haired head back. His focus was on giving it to her as she clearly needed and deserved to be taken, and from those loud cries she was letting out he was on the right track and then some.

"AHHHHH FUUUUUUCK!! MMMMM!! YESSSSS!! FUCKING... FUCK YESSSSS!!" She screamed out, eyes shut as the sweat now freely dripped down her frame. Her breasts were bouncing away as the beautiful body of the powerful Avenger jolted stiffly upward in response to his hard and deep thrusts. All the while, she continued to use her powers to keep them both held up above ground for a position alone they're both never likely to ever forget. "MMMMM FUCK!! YES!! OH FUCK YES!! I... I need this!! I LOVE THIS!!" She added between her groans, able to open her eyes to yet again glare with a burning lust for the stud she barely knows but has engaged in such sinful but shameless sex with. Further showing her desire, she lifted her own glowing hands up as she used her reality warping abilities to make his palms switch from holding her waist to now gripping onto her large, jiggling tits.

"MMMMM... You need this... You deserve this!! AHHHHH FUCK... MMMM!!" He grunts himself, sweat now trickling down his own handsome facial features to stain onto her helmet resting against him. He kept his deeply pounding motion going at this stiff rough and swift pace, the slap of skin hitting off of skin ringing out in the air they were both floating in to mix with their cries of passion. "AHHHH!! Take it! Love it! MMMMM... Feel it!!" He encouraged her lustful state as he moaned, loving the feeling himself of her snug and soaking snatch around his stiff shaft as he slammed away into her again and again. He was also more than eager to accept her "offer", letting his hands grope and roam across her chest as his fingers dug into the more than ample flesh of her mounds.

"OH YES!! YES!! YES YES FUCKING... AHHHH!! YESSSSSS AHHHHHHH!!!" Scarlet Witch squealed out, her eyes now seemingly being glazed over with the same shine currently surrounding her hands. Such is the intensity of the orgasm that flows through her body, making her snatch release a torrent of juices around the thrusting cock to further show how desperately needed this sexual appeasement has been. "AHHHHH... AHHHHH OOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUCK... AHHHHHH..." She gasps out, her tongue actually hanging out from her mouth as she's overwhelmed by such a strong to say the least sexual high, gasping for air as her groped chest heaves for air. The reality warping beauty gets to feel every last moment of it however as the stud behind her continues to thrust away into her and shows off again his own skills by gradually easing off when she finally starts to lower the volume of her moans.

"MMMMM... As wonderful... UHHHH... As I knew you'd be..." Mass Tarr comments with a groan, letting go of her breasts as he starts to slide his cock out from her snatch.

However, before he can fully do so his body is frozen in place as her hands glow once again. "Mmmmm... I'm still... Not finished with you yet..." Scarlet Witch says with a big, lusty grin on her sweat-covered face.

Once again she creates a flash of light that consumes them both. A short teleport through reality and it takes them both back down to the rooftop this had all started off at. Somewhat familiarly she's back down on her knees in front of him, but not using her mouth to pleasure him. Instead, it's her own chest being used as she has his lengthy, coated with her juices cock sandwiched between her large, rounded mounds. However, she's again using her Chaos Magic powers to make her tits press against his shaft rather than physically touching those boobs herself. It's obviously enough to get him going as he moans already from the sensation of a most unique pleasuring.

"No touching..." She playfully warms with a smirk as she stares up at him. In the next movement, she twists her wrists to put on a little show as she uses her powers to make her own breasts slide all the way up the big cock she's now extremely familiar with. Once the bell-end has vanished between her orbs, she smoothly runs them back downward towards the base and his crotch, an erotic slap sounding out when they reach his muscular frame. Then it's back upward to repeat the motion, which while making him moan out in delight even has her groaning sinfully even after her own massive orgasm.

"MMMMM!! I wouldn't dare... AHHHHH... Argue..." The still rock hard even after all this wild and mid-air fucking stud says, smirking as he stares down at those bouncing breasts working over his rod. As many fine and ripe breasts he's seen and gotten to experience before now, this kind of hands-free, power-aided titfuck will be once he won't likely ever forget. The way he's moaning deeply as he cock gives a telling throb within her deep cleavage further proves the level of pleasure this is giving to him. He's always prided himself on proving his abilities in terms of giving sexual satisfaction, and showed that and then some making her cum so hard minutes before. However there's no need to rush towards his own peak so groans out as he watches her manipulate her own stunning body as she slides her tits up and down over and against his dick.

"Come on! Give it to me!!" She snaps, again showing how intense her lust is as she glare up at the stud who had just driven her to a hard orgasm, but seemingly hasn't yet fully put out the flames of passion inside her. Far from distracted, she keeps her powers going as she lifts her juicy tits swiftly and smoothly back and forth along the cock she'd just came all over. No doubt all those pussy juices that were coating his rod and now stain her breasts are just aiding this tit-fuck as a form of makeshift lubricant. "All fucking over me! Mmmmm... I want you to fucking coat my fucking face!!" She further demands with the kind of made-for-porn grin that alone would make a normal man blow their load in a heartbeat. However he's managing to last if not for much longer, his cock pulsing again between her breasts she she keeps them pumping over and against his shaft using only her signature Chaos Magic powers.

"AHHHHH... Gladly!! Here... MMMMM!! Here it cums!!" He warns with a grunt and a groan, and instantly she releases the grip of her tits around him so he can grip and stroke himself off. Even though he's the one letting loose now, Scarlet Witch herself moans out as she closes her eyes and feels the first hot blast of spunk splash out across face, hitting high across her helmet and even into her hair beyond. The rest of the shots however land more "on target" than the first, with thick streaks landing across her cheeks, nose, lips and chin. Still tail ends and the heads of some blasts end up onto and staining her helmet, just making the sight even hotter as the powerful Avenger takes this face-full of cum. By the time he's pumping out the final drops of his large load, there's spunk slowly dripping off her pretty facial features down onto her chest. All topped off by the big, sinful and shameless grin on her stained lips.

"Mmmmm... Just as I wanted..." Scarlet Witch commented, looking up at the spent stud. "And just what I needed..." She added with a smirk.

"If I may assume?" Mass Tarr smiled back, offering a hand to help her up. "I believe I have proved exactly what I am capable of." He said with a hearty and proud laugh.

"You fucking did that for sure..." She agreed, accepting the hand but once standing up, putting her arms onto his broad chest as she stared at him. Those eyes still lusty even after taking such a vast amount of cum all over her face. "And I want it again. Right. Fucking. Now!" She demanded, licking her lips to taste his spunk from off them, and already reaching down to take a hold of his cock.

"So eager!" He smiled back. "In that case, allow me to show you that you are not the only one capable of "teleportation" Scarlet Witch..." He was able to say just as he was made to groan by her stroking him off.

In the next moment after a whisper of a long forgotten, from a completely different realm enchantment, it was a completely different kind of light that soon surrounded them both. Once it faded, they were both gone not just from the rooftop but from the planet, and the dimension completely. For Scarlet Witch, she'd soon get what she wanted from him again and again. Her willing agreement to remain as part of that ever growing, populated by equally stunning beauties Harem of his got him exactly what he came for. And plenty more opportunities to enjoy her "abilities" too...

* * *

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