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Fantastic Four: Once You Go Black Part 3
by Greg and Vladimir

Tyrone lay on the former bed of Reed Richards, enjoying a titty fuck from three of the ripest, juiciest pair of white tits. MJ, Gwen and Felicia Hardy (Black Cat), pleasured their black master, using their firm white breasts to envelop his big black cock. It stood like a conquering staff, unable to be smothered even with the the three sets of breasts squishing three quarters of its thickness.

The three white sluts bounced on their knees, looking with eager devotion at Tyrone, making him moan and groan as his cock got serviced like only a man like him deserved. They also looked with jealousy at Susan, who was 69ing with Tyrone, feeding him her freshly shaved and cleaned pussy while she serviced his cock with her mouth. She ran her tongue all over his shaft and made love to the cock head, then cupped MJ's chin and kissed her deeply, thrusting Tyrone's cum in her mouth. She did that with the others, granting them Tyrone's seed, then all the sluts swallowed, and went back servicing Tyrone. After 20 minutes,Tyrone came, spraying his cum all over the titties of the former heroines. MJ eagerly lapped up the cum from Gwen's tits. Gwen hungrily devoured her master's cum from Felicia's tits. And Felicia, like the greedy cat that she was, licked up all the cum from Susan's face and tits. All the sluts moaned like bitches in heat, as they writhed in the pure lesbian pleasure. They knew they were putting on a show for their daddy, and they loved it.

Tyrone then pushed Susan off and started dressing up. "My pussy still hungers for your big black cock, daddy", Susan moaned. Tyrone smirked and bending down, kissed her hard, crushing her lips. "I got work to do babe. Take care of these sluts for me. Make sure they don't run away" Tyrone had grown a soft spot for Susan. While being one of his first white bitches, the woman was a straight up badass. He had read up her past exploits in the FF archives. Tyrone was under no impression that he had tamed Susan Storm. She apparently loved screaming when impaled on his cock and was thus content with letting Tyrone be the "man of the house". If she tired of him, she would blow him up with no hesitation. Which is why Tyrone admired her. She was something that he was afraid of, and that turned him on. After kicking her hubby in the Negative Zone, he had spent every night pounding her cunt raw, making sure he left her comatose with pleasure.

"Where are you going master?" Felicia asked, liciking her lips. "To tame a universe", he replied, smirking at Susan. Susan responded in kind, knowing what he planned. She wished she could go with him, but she had to make sure things remained stable in her universe. The disappearance of Spider-man and Mr. Fantastic would not remain hidden for long. Tyrone had limited time-period within which he could execute his plan, and so he couldn't afford to tarry any longer. "Hurry and come back to me soon, my lord. My ass still remains virgin", MJ cooed, winking at him and biting her bottom lip. It took every ounce of willpower for Tyrone not to pounce on MJ and wreck her ass. Hers and Susan's ass was a reward that he would claim later.

Tyrone then looked at the 6 ft tall black portal that had opened up before him. He stepped into the portal, and it closed behind him.

* * *

Tyrone stepped into a beautiful forest, by a pool. He hid behind a tree and saw a beautiful naked blonde bathing in the pool. She had big, firm tits and long golden blonde hair. He sneaked in the pool and coming up behind her, he manhandled surprised girl.

"Auugrrrh!!!" she cried as he bend her over his lap and slapped her butt hard. He could feel the girl was strong so he had to hurry, before she'll break free. She turned around, gasping in shock. With a quick movement, Tyrone hoisted her up and spreading her legs, slammed her pussy down with enormous force on his cock, resizing her tight white cunt instantly.

His bitchtamer made its way into her pussy, impaling helpless woman. She tried to fight, but little she could do as Tyrone grabbed her hands and immobilized her as his cock did it's job. With every thrust it robbed her strength. She still tried to resist, but she was losing this fight.

"Aaaaaghhhhhhh!!!!", the blonde screamed, cumming hard. Tyrone fucked her for a few more minutes, making her cum over and over, filling her pussy with his thick, potent sperm. Then he threw her on the bank, beside a tree. He grabbed her hair and wrenched her to her knees. "Who rules this forest, bitch?" he snarled in her face. "J-Jungle Babe", the blonde replied dreamily. She reached for his cock, but Tyrone just slapped her, leaving her sprawling in the mud. He used her hair to clean of his cock and then went in search of Jungle Babe, not realizing he had just fucked her older sister's brains out. Woman lay there, panting and looking at Tyrone's semen leaking out of her well fucked cunt.

Tyrone had been on the move for 2 hours, when he saw another stunning blonde, feeding a deer. She had a bigger ass, bigger tits, and seemed a bit older than the blonde he had just fucked. Creeping up behind her, he said "Hey bitch" in his deep voice. The blonde whirled around startled. She gasped deeply, seeing the big black stranger looming above her. He just pushed her against a tree, ripped her shirt off and started sucking and licking her big white titties. "Ohh mmm, yeaaahhh, w-who are yo-AAAHH!", the blonde screamed in pain, for Tyrone had just bit her nipple. "I am your master, bitch", saying Tyrone turned her around, pushed her face first against the tree, and ripped her panties off. The blonde's eyes widened when she felt his big cockhead rub against her sopping pussy. "N-no, you are too bi-AAAAGHH!", the blonde screamed, as Tyrone brutally thrust in balls deep in her tight white cunt, resizing her too. Tyrone grabbed her hair and used them as reins as he pounded her cunt harder, his big black cock going balls deep in her tight white pussy, making her squirt all over. Tyrone fucked the woman as hard as he could, giving her no chance to resist. She moaned loudly, feeling completely tamed and cock whipped. When Tyrone came, he made sure to load all his semen deep inside her white, unprotected womb.

"What? have you... " she tried to say something when he pulled his cock out of her well fucked cunt. Noticing that the woman is still not completely tamed, he gave her ass a rough spanking. Her cries echoed in the forest as Tyrone's large palm redded her butt mercilessly.

"This will do the trick" he said while spreading her red buttocks. She cried louder than before when he shoved his dick in her ass. It was her last attempt of resistance. As Tyrone began to fuck her ass, she started to moan.. "Fuck my ass, you black fuckerrrr!", the blonde screamed, before Tyrone made her cum again. This orgasm was even stronger, she almost lost her senses when tyrone blasted her ass with his cum. He pulled out, then left her there, panting and shivering in post-orgasmic pleasure, as he resumed his search for Jungle Babe, not realizing he had just fucked her mother.

3 more hours of walking the beautiful forest, and still Tyrone had not found Jungle Babe. As per the FF archives, Jungle Babe was a big slut. She was a heroine, but couldn't resist big cocks, especially when they were on villains. He was surprised finding such facts in the FF archive, but it seems that Reed collected various data. He probably never thought of using such informations though. As for Tyrone, these informations turned out to be priceless. Her read them all, while Susan knelt between his legs, sucking his cock. It was very arousing to use Reed's computers while his former wife was giving him head. He thought of this poor cuck with contempt. But no matter how pathetic husband Reed was, he gathered a lot of valuable info. Tyrone read enough to be certain that Jungle Babe is gonna be first on his list.. With her tamed, he could be in control of the Reinvigoration pools. Reed had classified them as myths. Apparently, if someone took a dip in those pools, they could become immortal, stronger, faster, more intelligent. Tyrone wanted to see if the pools were indeed a myth. No matter how strong he was, it never hurt to gain some power up. He dealt with super powered women, after all. So far he was quite lucky but he could meet a really strong and dangerous chicks, much dangerous that the ones he just tamed.

Soon, he came across a building. It was made of wood and had carvings of wild animals and females. Lots and lots of scantily dressed females. There also appeared to be drawings of several males, though they wore different clothes than the females. Tyrone was quite surprised when he found that males weren't fighting at all. It seems that in this land women were a warriors. He smirked with disgust, thinking about all these pathetic men, accepting women's domination. It seemed that the time came to change some things and rules here. He spend a little more time, noticing that various people on these carvings wore different clothes and hairdos. Tyrone wondered if they were of different tribes. Regardless, he pushed the door open and went inside.

The inside of the building was a maze. There was no one in sight. Tyrone navigated his way through, when he heard soft moaning coming from a room a few feet away from him. He peeked inside and saw a red-head woman, her fingers in her pussy, stroking herself as she viewed the clip of Tyrone fucking the shit out of the 2 blondes he had met earlier. The red-head seemed to be getting herself off to the pornographic video. Tyrone sneaked up on her and then in one fluid move, removed her hands and thrust 2 thick black fingers in her sopping white cunt.

"Ohhh!", the red head gasped, as he pussy was stuffed with his fingers. Before she could say anything, Tyrone yanked his shorts down and shoved 3 inches of his cock in her mouth, silencing her. He then started thrusting his fingers in her cunt rapidly, making her juices fly as he grabbed her head and pulled her mouth further on his cock. "Does Me fucking those whores turn you on bitch? ANSWER ME!!", Tyrone demanded harshly. The redhead moaned as her juices spilled out helplessly under the assault of Tyrone's fingers while her tongue mindlessly worshipped his cock. She squealed as she came, her pussy squirting juices helplessly. Tyrone removed his fingers and tasted her juices. "mmm you taste nice, bitch. Now tell me, who are those sluts that I fucked and where is Jungle Babe?"

30 minutes later Tyrone left the room, leaving a cum-soaked, cum-filled redhead. Her breasts and neck bore his marks. His sperm leaked out of her well fucked pussy as she lay on the floor with her legs spread wide.. She was his slut now. Armed with the information he had gleaned from the redhead as he fucked her, he went to confront Jungle Babe. Moments later, he found himself outside her throne room. He kicked the doors open and walked in as if he owned the place

Sitting on the throne was Jungle Babe. She was beautiful, with blue eyes, big white titties that threatened to spill out of her bikini, and thick thighs that promised a juicy white ass. She wore a locket around her neck, the source of her powers. Currently she held a tablet in her hand, her legs were spread, and she was fingering herself as she watched the clip of Tyrone ravaging her sister and mother. She was so engrossed in fingering her cunt, she didn't notice the door burst open, nor did she realize she was completely defenseless. She was nearing her orgasm, when she found her fingers getting removed from her cunt. She gasped in shock and looked up at Tyrone, just as his big black bitchtamer sank 5 inches in Jungle Babe's pussy, making her cum immediately.

"Ohhh by the Goddessss!!", Jungle Babe shrieked as she finally came. Powerful climax shook her entire body, robbing her of the strength. She hung helplessly in Tyrone's strong arms, more like a rag doll than the heroine. He sexy body trembled after the post orgasm thrills. She looked up at her sexual conqueror. "W-who are you? How did you get in here?" she asked, just as Tyrone sank in another few inches in her tight cunt, making her moan in pleasure. "I am Tyrone. I fucked your sister and made her my bitch", Tyrone said, then slammed his entire 12 inches in her pussy, making her cum again. He was surprised how easily it came. She was truly a pathetic heroine. Tyrone was about to wonder if all these meta women were that weak. But he had other things to do now.

Tyrone started increasing his pace, fucking Jungle Babe on her throne, his strong black hands keeping her white thighs apart. Juices run down her legs as Tyrone's cock rammed her tight pussy, giving white heroine not a chance to resist his rough, sexual assault. Jungle Babe thrashed her head around, her stunning gold blonde hair dishevelled as Tyrone bought her closer to another orgasm. "I am Tyrone. I fucked and impregnated your mother, the former queen. I made her my bitch too.". Jungle Babe squealed as she came yet again, squirting her juices all over Tyrone's rampaging cock and balls. This climax stole the last remains of her strength.

"I am Tyrone.", Tyrone said in his deep, baritone voice. The voice of a master. He upped his pace, thrusting his black cock balls deep in Jungle Babe's tight white cunt, stretching her out permanently. It seems that she never had a sex with a real man, since her pussy was still very tight. Jungle Babe gasped and moaned deeply, her blue eyes rolling to the back of her head as Tyrone completely wrecked her pussy. He tore her bikini away, exposing her big firm white titties. Jungle Babe grabbed his head and forced his head in her deep cleavage. She moaned in pleasure when Tyrone started sucking, licking and biting her tits. He took his lips of her tits and looked deep in her eyes. "I will knock you up and make you my bitch too."

Her pussy quivered at his words and she squirted again. But she wasn't completely cock whipped yet. "N-no, I don't want a black baby. I am a superheroine and I have my reputatio-mmmmm". Tyrone just shut her up by kissing her deeply, his tongue invaded her mouth, silencing her effectively. His hands squuezed her titties while her legs wrapped around his torso, pulling him in. He broke the kiss. "I don't care what you think slut. You are no heroine. Just a skanky slut". Saying that, Tyrone slammed balls deep in her fertile white womb and came, hosing her womb with his potent black seed, knocking the queen of the forest up immediately. Jungle Babe shrieked in pleasure as Tyrone continued pounding away at her defenseless cunt. She looked down at his rampaging cock and saw it decorated with her juices. His hand was on her flat stomach, as if staking his ownership on her womb. Which he had.

"So, what do you have to say about carrying my baby now, slut?" he asked, looking at the well fucked Jungle Babe with his cold, dominant eyes. "I just filled your white cunt with my seed and knocked you up. You proved to be way too weak to resist my black cock. This makes you my cum dump, right?" he made the heroine kneel in front of him. His cock slapped her face, leaving wet trail on her features. "Kiss my black cock like a lover, you white bitch!" he said.

Jungle Babe trembled as she did what she was told, planting a warm, passionate kiss on the tip of the cock that just fucked her stronger than any other. Tyrone then pulled out, making her groan and whimper at the loss. They both turned to look at the doorway, where Jungle Babe's sister and mother were standing, along with Alina, the redhead Tyrone had fucked earlier. He beckoned then in while he turned to face Jungle Babe. "Who is the ruler of the forest now, slut?" Jungle Babe gasped deeply. As per the jungle rules, the ruler of the forest had to defeat the previous ruler in combat. Tyrone had defeated her in sexual combat. She bowed her head, got up from the throne, and kneeled before Tyrone. "You are the ruler of the forests, my lord". Other women crawled on their fours to him.Tyrone grinned then sat on the throne, surrounded by his bitches kneeling on the floor and craving for his attention.

"Slut, go get me something to eat", Tyrone barked at Alina. She got up and left hastily, eager to please her new black king. "You bitches, get your white asses up here and titty fuck your new king". Jungle Babe, her mother and sister crawled on their knees and engulfed Tyrone's masterful conquering rod between their soft white big titties. Just hours earlier, he had enjoyed a titty fuck from 3 of his bitches in the other Universe. Tyrone loved making white heroine bitches submit to his big black cock. It was even better when the trio was some kind of royal family. These white bitched thought they were high and mighty, probably better than him. "kiss, you filthy sluts", he commanded. The 3 women kissed, not feeling an inch of guilt for their incestuous behavior. They wanted to please Tyrone because he was a real man. So Jungle Babe swapped spit with her mother and sister, the once former queen reduced to nothing more than a common whore. Tyrone grinned, wondering how mighty have fallen. These three white cunts were just breaking one of their biggest taboos just because of his command. Jungle babe broke the kiss and looked sultrily at Tyrone, "Do you like watching us mother and daughters kiss over your cock, my lord?" Tyrone laughed, feeling powerful. "Get your asses to the bedroom. By tonight, you will do more than just kiss. But first, take me to the Reinvigoration pools?"


Thunder shook the windows, waking her up.

The billionaire wife got up from her bed and went to the windows, watching the stormy night unfold. For some reason, the black skies unnerved her a bit. She felt a gnawing fear in her guts, fear for her city and her fellow heroines. An unexplainable fear.

Axanna shook her head. She was just imagining things. She went back to her loving hubby on his bed and got in the sheets. Summer would be coming home in a week from college with her boyfriend and she had to prepare her room.

There was nothing to be afraid of, Axanna thought as sleep overtook her.


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