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Fantastic Four: Once You Go Black 2 (MF,MFF,inter,oral,rape,pwp)
by Greg Nails & Vladimir

Peter Parker and Mr. Fantastic entered the FF lab.

They were discussing some important stuff. Since they were scientists, they got along. In fact, each of them spend most time with their superhero and science stuff, sometimes forgetting about their families and loving ones. As they neared the lab, however, they could hear a sound.


"Wonder if Susan is home", Reed mused then opened the door to the lab. What they saw shocked Peter to the very core. He stood there, with his eyes open wide and jaw dropped down. In his superhero life, Peter Parker saw a number of strange, unexpected and shocking thing. But none of them prepared him for what he saw inside the Richard's lab.

Gwen Stacy, his smart, sexy hot blonde ex-girlfriend, was facing Peter, but her eyes were alight with lust. She was bent over a couch while a big black brute of a man thrust his hips into her repeatedly. Peter could his big black cock going balls deep in her tight white pussy, while Gwen moaned like a whore. He was somehow surprised that she was able to take such a monster cock inside her pussy.

"Gwen, wh-", Peter managed to say, before the black man turned his eyes on him. For some reason, Peter grew afraid of this man and his knees started trembling and he shut up. "Hey white boi", the black man grinned, as he pulled on Gwen's golden hair back and thrust brutally into her cunt. Gwen screamed as she came right in front Peter's eyes.

Her loud, orgasmic scream echoed in the room as Peter watched the black man creaming her pussy. Gwen's face was a mask of pure lust.

"What is goin-", Reed managed to say before both he and Peter were covered in a bubble. Reed recognized it as Sue's, moments before his beloved wife walked in, dressed in his favorite, expensive, blue lingerie. "Hey honey", Susan smiled and winked at him trapped in her invisible bubble, before she walked over and kneeled by the black man. The big black stud took his cock out of Gwen's pussy and he poked his cock head at Susan's mouth. His sperm leaked down Gwen's well fucked pussy. Then he looked at Reed, "Your wife sucks and fucks black cock like a pro", he said, before grabbing Susan's head and thrusting his 12 inches of thick, black cock down her tight white throat, right in front of her shocked hubby

"MLGHKK" Susan moaned like a bitch as she took Tyrone's superheroine taming cock down her throat. She loved it when he used her like a whore. The way she was meant to be used by strong men. Not so long ago she'd never admit to herself that she was in this stuff, but Tyrone helped her to find her true self, placing her right where she belongs. While he was balls deep in her, Susan looked at her pathetic hubby trapped inside her bubble and flipped him off. Tyrone then face fucked her hard, as the entire time, Susan flipped her white hubby off. Tyrone pulled out his cock and slapped Susan's face. Then he sat down on the couch. Susan and Gwen kneeled on either side of him. Both women looked at the big, black man with love and devotion, wasting no time to look at the both entrapped superheroes.

Gwen put her dainty white forearm next to Tyrone's thick black cock. "Look at this cock Peter. It's thicker than my wrist. When he shoved this massive cock in my pussy, I knew I would become his bitch. He fucks me like a real man, Peter. He made me cum so much, i begged to be his bitch, his white whore. And the-glphkkk". Tyrone had just grabbed Gwen's hair and impaled her mouth on his cock to shut her up. Susan started licking the part of his cock that Gwen was unable to take.

"Shut up, talking is not the primary skill of the blacked bitches" he said and turned to the trapped superheroes. He grinned at Reed and Peter. "White bois like you will never be able to satisfy hot bitches like these. That's why they became my bitches. Once they got hooked on my dark meat, their tight holes craved nothing else. You superhero dudes sure lack in the sex department. "

"Impossible!!", Reed blurted. "I have been married to Susan for 10 years. You must have drugged them to perform these degrading acts." A part of Reed knew that his penis didn't compare to this imposing black thug's cock, but his weak self-worth would not allow him to face reality. Also, he still had his powers. He was quite certain that he'd be able to take down this man with ease.

Tyrone pulled both blonde sluts and made them kiss passionately, keeping his cock head between their lips, so they smothered his cock head in the most passionate lesbian kiss ever.

"See? These two would turn into lesbos in no time, because you could not satisfy them, pussy bois. Luckily, my cock was there to save them from such fate".

"Gwen would never become such a...a...SLUT!!" Peter screamed out the last world, tears running down his sad face. As long as he knew Gwen, he would never expect her for acting this lewd by her own will. He started to wonder if he really knew her well. Or was she always like that? No, it was impossible.

"Is that so, white boi?" Tyrone's deep voice cut through his whining. "Slut", he addressed Gwen, who immediately looked at him. "This lame faggot has a wife, right? A red-head bitch?". Gwen grinned evilly. "Yes master. She has tits as big as mine, with a bigger ass. And she's a real red-head". Tyrone then spanked Susan's round ass, causing not a single word of protest, but another long moan. "Slut, teleport that bitch here. I want Spider-fag here to see the power of my cock".

Moments later, a disoriented MJ Watson stood before Tyrone. When she recovered, her mouth dropped in shock. Susan was bouncing her firm white ass on the biggest, blackest cock MJ had ever seen. Twice what her hubby had. A mean-looking black thug had his coal black hands cupping Susan Storm's firm white ass and he was punishing her tight pink pussy with powerful thrusts. MJ then got another shock when she saw Gwen, her hubby's ex, squeezing Susan' big white tits together, so that the black man's face was surrounded by warm titty flesh. He sucked on erect pink nipples of both Susan and Gwen while his cock plundered Susan's cunt. Both women moaned in unison.

MJ dropped her things in complete shock. She heard sobbing sounds behind her and turning around, she saw her hubby and Reed Richards trapped in Susan's bubble. She was about to scream when dark hands wrapped around her and engulfed her tits through her tight pink dress. "Mmm,a sexy bitch you like needs a real man", a deep voice growled in her ear. MJ was shocked when she felt his lips kissing her neck then jaw, then ear.

At first, Mary Jane was about to struggle. Even without any superpowers, she was an independent woman and living with superhero thought her that sometimes you just have to fight. She managed to free herself from some dangerous situations as well. So she did her best to free her body from black man's hands. But her attempts were pathetic. Tyrone manhandled the struggling redhead with ease.

"Have some spirit, bitch?"

"Lettt mmme gggoooo" she tried to break his grip.

"Gimme five minutes and you'll never want to leave me" he grinned and smashed her lips with a strong, demanding kiss. Mary Jane's eyes went wide when she was kissed by Tyrone. None ever kissed her in this way. Peter was always very gently, he never showed any strength when they were together. From the other hand, Tyrone's kiss was completely different. Not only it was good, it was literally sucking the resistance off her body.

Powerless to resist his advances, she turned around and kissed him, plunging her tongue in his mouth. She kissed this stranger deeply, her tongue exploring his. Tyrone ripped her dress down in half, making her squeal. She felt his big strong hands unclasp her bra, throw it away and then engulf her tits. She bought her arms up and grabbed his hands, feeling the raw, manly power in those hands. She broke the kiss in shock when she felt his thick cock between her ass cheeks. "H-how..." her voice trailed off.

"You're just a slut and my cock makes all sluts wet and horny, just like these two" he pointed at Susan and Gwen. "And you're next in line".

"I'm not... a slut" said shocked Mary Jane. She couldn't believe that she just kissed this man. And she did this right in front of the eyes of her trapped husband. It was all wrong. She wanted to escape from this place... but something kept her there. She found that she can't move away of this black man.

"See for yourself, slut", Tyrone pulled her tight dress up, exposing her pretty pink panties to Peter, and thrust his rock hard black cock between MJ's thick white thighs. MJ looked down and moaned loudly. Tyrone's big black hands covering her pale white tits were so hot, her panties got wet and she leaked her juices on his cock. When she saw his big black cock, her eyes went wide and without thinking, she grabbed his cock, moaning at the thickness.

"MJ nooo", Peter moaned in defeat, as MJ started jerking off Tyrone, her wedding ring glistening on her finger. Tyrone cupped her chin and turned towards him. Her green eyes stared submissively at his brown ones. "I will fuck you and make you my married white bitch". MJ just nodded. This big black thug was a primal male, a dominant alpha. He had the right to any women and if he wanted to make her his bitch, she was the lucky one. It was hard for her to accept it, but she had no other choice. Her hand on his cock was best proof she could have.

Tyrone then snaked his hand down and ripped off her panties, uncovering her red-haired trimmed pussy. He then put both hands on her inner thighs and lifted her up, spreading her legs wider until his big black cock was poised right at the gates of her sopping tight white pussy.

"Want me to black you, slut?" he teased horny redhead. "Want me to fuck you at the eyes of your pathetic hubby?" his cock rubbed the entrance of her womanhood. "Want me to make you my personal, white cumdump?" he asked again, looking into her emerald eyes.

"Do it", MJ hissed. "Make me your white bitch, you filthy black bastard!".

"Do it, master", Gwen said. She was on her knees before Tyrone, her hands stroking his shaft. "Make her your slut in front of her pathetic hubby", she said,while grinning evilly at Peter. "Do it, my lord", Susan said, coming to stand next to Tyrone. "Make us heroines realize that we need a big black thug to be our master".

Tyrone grinned, then in front of Peter, he slammed his big cock straight into MJ's tender pink pussy, resizing it forever, and blacking her too. His powerful bitchtamer spread her pussy lips, thrusting deep inside. Redhead moaned wantonly as Tyrone fucked her with all his might. Sweat shone on her white skin as each thrust was turning her more and more into his fucktoy.

Mary Jane never felt anything like this. It was raw, primal strength that dominated her completely. This big black stranger had the sheer audacity to only make Susan Storm, a loyal wife and Avenger, cheat on her hubby, but he was now fucking her pretty red-haired pussy, wrecking it in front her own hubby. And MJ was loving it. She loved how Tyrone asserted his dominance on her, on weaker men. On her hubby. She cupped his face and kissed him hard, thanking him for blacking her. Her wedding ring sparkled as she rubbed her clit while Tyrone's big black cock kept plundering her deepest depths. Now she knew what happened to Susan and Gwen. She could see both on the floor, sharing the long, passionate kiss, caressing their tits as Tyroned claimed his another bitch. Yes, she called herself his bitch, because she knew that it was a proper way to name herself.

"AAAAAAAAAGHHH you fuckerrrrrrrr", MJ screamed as she came all over Gwen's face. Tyrone grinned, then slowly pulled his thick cock out, until only the tip remained in MJ's pussy, and thrust in again, harder than before. "Fuuuuuuuckkkk!" MJ screamed again, as she squirted her juices all over Gwen's face. Tyrone repeated this for five more times, making MJ cum each time he thrust his mammoth black cock in her, till she was almost comatose with the intense orgasms that wracked her body. He then pulled out and she fell to her knees. Grabbing her red hair, he dragged her to the couch and threw her on it. Spreading her thighs, he got between her legs and slapped his heavy cock on her sensitive pussy.

Mary Jane gasped from breath, she was like a fish out of water. A series of the powerful climaxes overpowered her. Her big, full breasts were rising and falling. Tyrone clenched his fingers around her stiff nipples and twisted them, causing another cry.

"Nice tits, red. I think we can make them even nicer with some jewelry. How about some golden nipple rings?" he grinned. "We can also give you navel another ring. And tattoo your slutty body properly to mark you as my cumdump forever".

He turned back, to see Susan and Gwen still kissing passionately. They rubbed each other's pussy with their hands as their tits mashed together.

"Sluts!" he called them. They instantly broke the kiss and crawled to him obediently.

"Tell your hubbies who your daddy is", he said, looking in MJ's eyes, but commanding Gwen and Susan. "Tyrone is our daddy, our big black daddy!", Gwen and Susan said in unison. "Do you want me to be your daddy too, you married white whore?" Tyrone smacked MJ lightly, as her hips squirmed on his cock, desperate to get his cock back in her warm depths. "You ARE my daddy, you black bastard!!", MJ snarled. "Now stop teasing me and fuck me like there's no tomorrow". Tyrone grabbed her big white titties, and in one brutal thrust, impaled MJ on his cock. "OH Fuuuuuck, that cock is sooooo better than that white boi", MJ moaned, biting her lips, as Tyrone unleased a devastating rhythm in her cunt
"Be a good bitch, Mary Jane!" said Gwen. "He's much better that the Pete boi!"

MJ forgot everything else. Her entire being was centered around that big black bitch-taming cock. Tyrone was hard, rough, brutal, merciless, dominating. He was a real man. And he fucked her like a real man. She looked down towards where his cock met her pussy. The coal black cock splitting her lily white pussy open was so hot, she came again. Tyrone leaned down and started licking, sucking and biting her bountiful breasts. He squeezed and kneaded them, pinched and slapped them, and left his hickeys all over alabaster white breasts. He bit her nipples, causing her to scream, then sucked on and drank her milk. She pulled him up and kissed him, as his hips thrust into her powerfully.

"Fuck her hard, master" cheered Susan. "Make Mary Jane your cumdump, just like us!"

Gwen and Susan cheered vigorously, much to Peter and Reed's dismay. Tyrone enjoyed their cheers as well. Couch creaked as he fucked MJ as hard as he could, forcing her cock deep into her pussy. Tyrone looked back at Peter, and saw him crying like a little bitch. He spanked Susan's ass and taking his cock out of MJ, thrust in her mouth. He winked at Reed and brutally facefucked Susan, before inserting his cock back into MJ's puss. He leaned down and drank more of her milk that had pooled in the valley of her cleavage. He kissed Gwen, making her moan, then suckled hard on MJ's neck, before biting it and leaving his mark on her.

On and on this went, with Tyrone tormenting Reed and Peter as he had his way with MJ, Susan and Gwen. Many times he talked to the two patethic cucks that their beloved girls are his sluts only because they failed as a men. Tyrone treated three girls like whores and they loved him for it. So much, that MJ begged Tyrone for his cum. "Cum in me, please knock me up. I need my hubby to see me getting knocked by a real man, a black man". He roared like a lion and thrust in balls deep in her womb,unleashing a massive geyser of black fertile cum in her, impregnating her immediately. Peter watched it with his eyes wide open - Mary Jane never ever asked him for a child, saying their lifes aren't givig them enough time to be a good parents. And know she was asking this black bull for that. No, she was begging him. Peter's humiliation was even stronger than before.

MJ screamed in pleasure, then was knocked unconscious by the intense orgasm that hit her when Tyrone came bareback in her. The last thing she saw was Tyrone telling Susan something.

When she woke up, she found herself staring at her hubby and Reed, still trapped in Susan's bubble. They were standing near a portal, through which she could only see dark matter. "That's the Negative Zone," a naked Susan standing besides her said. Our master wants to send them there for all eternity. I will send my hubby away. What about you, red?"

MJ looked at Peter, crying. Before, she had thought he was the manliest man she ever knew. Now, she was disgusted with him. She smiled and nodded at Susan. Together with Gwen, the 3 of them kicked the bubble, sending a screaming Peter Parked and Reed Richards into the Negative Zone. The last thing both ever saw was their wife, in the arms of a real man, his cum leaking from their fertile wombs.


The FF lab had changed. Gone were the science stuff. Instead, it bore the signs of sexual conquest. Bras, panties, damaged superheroine costume and the smell of cum and pussy was everywhere. Even now, Tyrone was busy ass-fucking Black Cat. The voluptuous cat burglar had stumbled upon MJ and Gwen in an intense threesome with Tyrone in a dark alley. The slut that she was, she followed Tyrone and he fucked her brains out when she asked him nicely. Easy as heroine's pussy pie. When Mary Jane told him that Felicia was Peter's ex, he was kinda surprised. What that patethic white boi had to make these pretty girls falling for him? But it wasn't a problem anymore. And Felicia turned to be a raging nympho just like the others.

"God daddy, you are a fuckin GOODDD!!!! Fuck me, fuck me fuck meeeee!" Felicia screamed as she came for the upteenth time on Tyrone's rampaging cock. Her tits bore his bite marks, just like all his bitches. Even now, he was feasting on them, drinking her milk, as she scratched his already well-scratched back.

Later, Tyrone relaxed on the king-size bed, having MJ, Gwen and Felicia give him a soft, sweet blowjob. Just then Susan entered. "Daddy, I found it".

"Found what, slut?", he asked. "Another way to fuck you or something?"

"The other universe that you talked about." Susan said, a smile on her lips

Tyrone mirrored her smile. His plan was set in motion.

To be continued


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