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Fantastic Four: Once You Go Black (MF,inter,oral,rape,pwp)
by Greg Nails & Vladimir

Susan Storm returned home after another press conference. Thanks to her invisibility she could walk the street without making any commotion. She liked walking the town, but it's not easy when you're a well known superhero. Thanks to her powers, she could still do it, all she had to care was to not collide with someone else. None could see her, after all.

She was anxious to meet her husband, Reed Richards, the well known scientist and founder of the Fantastic Four. The 5'8" super sexy heroine loved walking in the ghetto part of the town. She had been brought up here, after all, and she never missed a chance to sling by it.

However, the increasing number of black men in the hood were causing her some discomfort. Though she was invisible and a superheroine, she could not help but walk a bit faster, whenever she came close to a black man. She couldn't help herself. They all were built like giants, with bulging muscles. Some of them looked like they could defeat Ben in a fight!

She shook her head and walked faster. The more she stayed away from these black men, the better. She remembered all the experiences her white friends had with these ghetto men and she didn't want to have that. So she hurried home. But she came upon a particularly nasty alley where the sight of an ongoing situation took her breath away.

A white woman, a busty blonde white woman, was on her knees. Her glasses were skewed and her hair was a mess. Her makeup had been ruined. But what shocked Susan the most was the big, black, muscular thug behind this woman, ramming a huge black cock in her white pussy!

The man was anything but gentle. He held the woman's hair in one hand and he appeared to be using them as reins to plow this poor woman's tight cunt. He repeatedly spanked her ass, and Susan could see her bare flesh turning red with all the repeated impacts. The woman's perfect tits bounced freely, and Susan could notice faint marks on her tits. The woman was screaming in pain or pleasure, Susan didn't know. But surely, no respectable white woman would want to be treated like a whore, especially by black men. However, Susan was even more shocked when she recognized the busty blonde as Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man's former girlfriend and a distinguished scholar. At the moment, that scholar was getting fucked like a slut and Susan was determined to save her friend.

Tyrone was close to cuming when he was blasted off the his white bitch. He hit the wall and slumped against it. When he opened his eyes, he saw another hotter white woman, helping his bitch off the floor. He swore to make her pay.

Susan was dusting the dirt from Gwen's fantastic tits when big black hands covered her own huge set of tits. She was even more shocked when she felt a huge bulge between the crack of her ass, resting against her back. A deep, masculine voice growled in her ear and she felt a shiver run straight through her pussy, "What are you doing in this dangerous part all by yourself baby? Did your boyfriend leave you all alone?"

"Gwen, r-run!" Susan managed to whimper before Tyrone started squeezing and kneading her firm tits. Gwen ran, but no before casting a longing look at Susan, wishing she was in her place. Meanwhile, Susan found it hard to attack the big black thug when his hands were fondling her sensitive tits, pinching and squeezing her nipples. Her brain shut down even further when Tyrone forced his huge, thick black cock between her legs, so that 10 inches of his cock poked out from her legs, stiff as a rod, and thick as a soda can. She gasped out loud, her pussy visibly twitching as her juices wet her superheroine suit.

Tyrone grabbed her hips and started to slowly piston his cock between her legs, while he squeezed and used her big tits as leverage. He grabbed Susan's hand and forced it on his cock. "Oh gawd, that is so haaard", Susan moaned, and without being told, started stroking Tyrone's big black cock as it pistoned between her closed legs. She bit her lip and moaned as she started stroking the big black cock faster.

"Bigger than your white hubby?" Tyron asked as he flexed his rock hard cock in her small white hand. Susan moaned as his hands kept their assault on her sensitive tits. She turned around and with enormous effort shoved Tyrone away, using her powers. Tyrone growled, "I will make you my bitch" and moved. Susan tried to cover herself in a invisible bubble, but the black thug just punched the bubble over and over, using his enormous strength to finally break the bubble.

He wrapped his arms around the heroine and pulled her to him, his cock sliding between her legs again and her fantastic breasts were pressed against his hard, naked chest.

"Let me go you black bastard!!!" Susan screamed, trying to use her powers. But she was unable to do so. Tyrone leaned down and kissed her hard, his hands squeezing her ass cheeks as his tongue explored her mouth. He broke the kiss and growled again, "You want this nigga dick bitch. And you will get it". Tyrone then ripped her superheroine costume down in half, exposing her naked big beautiful, white breasts, pale as the snow and red from his rough manhandling.

Susan gasped in shock at her torn uniform. "H-how were you able to tear this? This is harder than vibranium", she said, unable to come to terms with her predicament.

Tyrone just grabbed her tits and pushed her against the alley's dirty wall, his black hands on her soft white skin arousing him to no end. "Bitch, you still think I am one of those lame heroes you run around with? I am a real man and I do what I want!!". He leaned in, and kissed her hard.

Susan squirmed against this aggressive thug's tight grip on her body and his big black lips on her own ruby red ones. She felt his hands squeezing and pinching her naked breasts, felt his dominant mouth and tongue invading her mouth and felt his big black hard cock against her soft stomach, leaking pre cum on her body. She gave in to his kiss, opening her mouth, and signaling her submission to Tyrone.

She was shocked. Nothing like this happened to her before. She fought countless battles, but none ever tried to molest her or rape her. She met many villains, but this man was more brutal than all of them. He not only overpowered her, he broke her pride and dignity as well. She felt humiliated, being treated in this way. And the fact that she was submitting to him, made her cheeks red from shame.
Tyrone broke the kiss and kissed down to her soft neck, running his tongue across her pale skin before he brushed his lips against the top of her cleavage. He grabbed both her tits in his hands, and told Susan, "Look down baby".

Whimpering, moaning, Susan looked down. Her pussy gave a familiar tingle when she saw her own soft white big breasts enveloped by Tyrone's big black hands. There was so much titty meat, her tits overflowed his big hands. She put her finger in her mouth and bit on it, moaning at this hot display of black flesh on white flesh.

Susan never felt so vulnerable. She was literally like a toy in his hands. The way he worked on her body was humiliating to her superheroine's pride, but from the other hand, it was extremely arousing. She could feel her pussy is getting moist.

"What is going on with me?" she asked herself, trying to think clearly, but Tyrone wasn't willing to give her a time for that. Tyrone sniggered, then started feasting on her white tits. His mouth engulfed her soft tit flesh, tasting her skin, leaving his spit on her breasts. Susan unconsciously wrapped her hands around his head and pulled him in close. Tyrone grinned and took one erect nipple in his mouth, his tongue lashing around it, then he sucked on it real hard, drawing unwanted moans from the white superheroine married wife.

"Mmmm, ooooh fuck mmmm, yeahh just like thaAAAT" Susan squirmed under Tyrone's assault. Reed had never made her feel this alive and this black thug that she had met only 10 minutes ago was laying his ownership on her body. And his mouth felt so good on her tits. She pulled his head in closer, enveloping his face in her white cleavage, as his tongue ran across her skin.

Tyrone then lifted her up in his arms, and bought her pussy above his cock head, ready to penetrate her. Thoughts of her marriage entered Susan's mind and she weakly protested. "N-No, please, I love my hus-AAAAAAAGHHHHH!!". Her words were replaced by a loud scream as Tyrone thrust his hips up brutally, while at the same time he slammed Susan down on his big black cock. His thrust was so brutal, he resized her tight white pussy and slammed deep, shoving in 11 inches of his thick black meat in her tender pussy.

"FUUUUUUUUUCKKKK!!!", Susan Storm screamed as she came all over this ghetto thug's big black cock.
"Consider yourself blacked, heroine" he grinned. Susan couldn't believe her own eyes. She looked down at the junction of their bodies, noticed how his big thick cock split her tender little pussy. Her pussy became wetter at the hot sight of his coal black cock thrust in balls deep in her lily white cunt. She moved her eyes up, drinking in his chiselled body, his bulging muscles and finally settled on his eyes. She still could use her powers, but something was making her unable to. It was like this big brute was someone she couldn't resist. She hated and contempted him, yet his dominant nature was making her weak and powerless against his assault.

She saw in his eyes that he would make her his bitch. That he didn't care that she was an Avenger, a member of the Fantastic Four. To him, she was just another white hole to fuck. Her pussy creamed all around his cock at this thought, which didn't go unnoticed by Tyrone.

He pulled out all the way, then smashed his lips against hers. His tongue dueled with hers as he thrust back in her again. He set up a devastating rhythm in her tender white pussy, his big hands cupping her ass cheeks, her lithe legs wrapped around his waist. Susan's big tits were mashed against his hard chest, her erect nipples brushing against his chest. He broke the kiss and looked at her. Her face was flushed, her mouth was open in a permanent 'O' as she took his punishing thrusts. He thrust in particularly hard, making her cum again.

"Aaaaauggh, you black fuucker!!" Susan screamed around his rampant cock, her pussy juices drenching his invading cock. Tyrone then pulled out, causing Susan to stumble on the ground, her knees weak from the mind-blowing orgasms that this black thug had given her. She looked up, just in time to get half of Tyrone's cock in her mouth.

"MmMGGLK", Susan moaned in shock, aroused on tasting Tyrone and her pussy on his cock. She tried to fight, so Tyrone pulled out and slapped her face with his monster cock. "Do you want me to fuck you again, bitch?"
Ruby red lips quivering in arousal, Susan bit her lip and shook her head.
Tyrone smacked her again. THWACK, THWACK. He sank his hand in her golden tresses and pulled on it, forcing Susan to look up at her enemy. "I said, do you want this big black cock in your white pussy again, you married white whore?"

Susan was getting increasingly turned on by Tyrone calling her names. And she did want his incredible cock that had made her cum more times than Reed had in their last 10 years. She weakly nodded.
Grinning, Tyrone grabbed her head and brutally thrust all his 12 inches down her throat. Susan's eyes bulged out at this monster length, but she let him fuck her face. Tyrone soon started rutting her mouth with the same passion as he had been wrecking her pussy. "GLK GLK GLKKL GLUUUHK GLGGHL", came the sounds as Susan Storm got face fucked like a true slut. And she was loving every minute of it. She loved being treated like a whore and this huge black man was the only one to treat her like she deserved to be.

"You superheroine cunts all dream of being fucked by big black cocks, don't you?" Tyrone patted her golden hair, enjoying every moment of breaking this woman. He always liked blacking white girls, but this one dared to interrupt him before. More, she hit him. He was determined to totally cock whip her. And he knew he wasn't far from this goal. As Susan choked and gulped on his cock, Tyrone begun to wonder if she can eventually help him to find and cock whip more of these caped and masked bitches. They were all so proud, high and mighty, but he just proved that solid dicking can turn even a superheroine into a filthy cockslut.

Susan ran her tongue all over Tyrone's gigantic cock, coating it in her spit, letting him resize her tight throat. His balls hit her chin over and over, while her lips were bruised by his constant rhythm. Susan had one hand in her cunt, rubbing her clit furiously as she gobbled up Tyrone's big black monster cock, her uniform in shreds on her body. Tyrone then pulled out, causing her to moan in displeasure, then yanked her up by her hair and growled in her face. "You want me to fuck you again, bitch?" This time, Susan nodded eagerly.

"No, not like this, cunt. Beg me!" he looked into her eyes. Susan felt so weak and submissive under his look.
"Please..." Susan said meekly, drunk with arousal and still bit ashamed of what just happened.
"Please... what?"
"Please... fuck me!"
"Because?" Tyrone teased her, waving his huge cock only inches from her face.
"Because... I'm white cunt who needs to be properly blacked by your magnificent cock!" she cried. Susan blushed while saying all these words, but she said them loud and clear. There was no turning back for her.

And so Tyrone fucked her. He fucked her on the grimy hood of a burnt up car, making her big tits bounce and jiggle. He cupped and squeezed her perfect white tits and sucked, licked and suckled on her erect pink nipples. He spread her legs apart and made sure she received every inch of his big black cock, making her scream as Susan came over and over.

"AAAAh, fuck me you black bastard, fuck me fuck me, like not even my husband can fuck, make me your goddamn biiIIIITCHHH!!" Susan screamed as she looked deep in Tyrone's eyes. She scratched his back, leaving her mark on him as he bit her right breast, leaning his mark on her. "Aaagh fuck, you like marking up your little white sluts, big boy?" Susan asked him sultrily, her eyes filled with lust for Tyrone, her tongue licknig her red lips. He just grinned and slammed his cock into her again and again, as she came all over his cock for the 10th time. She wrapped her long, slim legs around him, pushing him deeper inside her.

Tyrone upped his pace, digging the balls of his feet into the pavement so he could get additional leverage. His hips smacked into Susan's perfect white ass, his balls hitting her asshole. He squeezed and slapped her tits and Susan loved every minute of it. Then Tyrone slammed in deep inside her, pushing his massive cockhead straight into her fertile white womb, and started hosing her womb with his potent black seed.

"AAAAAGHHH!" Susan screamed, her eyes widening in horror, as she felt spurt after powerful spurt of Tyrone's thick seed filling her womb. But her eyes rolled up as she climaxed at the same time, harder than she ever had in her life. Her hands fumbled, gripping Tyrone's thick forearms,and she pulled him to her, kissing him deeply, thrusting her tongue in his mouth as Tyrone continued ramming into her pussy, sealing his fertile cum in her womb.

Susan was drunk with arousal. She had no idea how much of cum Tyrone loaded inside her, but she was quite certain that this black bastard impregnated her, since she wasn't on the pill and he cared not for using condoms. But she couldn't resist the intensive pleasure he was giving her. Yes, he was rough and brutal, he called her "white trash", "slutwife", "cumdump" and "fucktoy" all the time, but still, he was absolutely the best lover she ever had. No man fucked her ever like that. She felt completely dominated by this black brute.

They stayed like that for some time, Susan's legs wrapped around Tyrone's waist as he flexed his cock inside her pussy, causing little spasms of pleasure to run through her. "Bastard, you came in me. I might get pregnant", Susan snarled in his face, slapping his arm. "And you loved every second of it bitch, didn't you?" Tyrone said, grinning in her face, before he leaned down and bit her other nipple, marking up her tits.

"I loved it", Susan confessed, pussy tingling at the sight of his marks on her fantastic tits. Marks signaling his ownership over her tits, her pussy, her body. Tyrone then said, "Get up slut. I need to take care of some things and i will need you for it". "Yes master", Susan replied, humbled and blacked forever.


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