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A "netorare" themed story this time, including the hottest superheroine milf ever - Susan Storm. She's not as popular among writers as Wonder Woman or Supergirl, but I think she deserves more attention.

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Fatastic Four: Bitch On The Beach (MF,hypno,drug,ntr)
by Greg Nails

Susan Storm, known as Invisible Woman, enjoyed the sun as she lay on the beach. It was so good to have some summer break for just her own, even if it was just a weekend only. No Fantastic Four stuff, no crime fighting, just a beach, sea and the sun. Dressed in the scanty, blue bikini, Susie bathed her sexy body in the warm rays of the sun. Finally she decided that she wants something to drink. She walked to the beach bar.

"Hey cutie" asked Paco, the tall, dark skinned boy as she walked to the bar. Susan looked at him.

"Hold your horses, kid" she said "I'm married woman and I'm not interested in boys"

He rose and walked to her.

"Hey, no offense, I just want to say that you look absolutely gorgeous. Let me buy you a drink"

"Go away and look for someone in your age" said Susan and walked to the bar, asking for a drink.

A boy winked to the barman. Susan never noticed when a small pile was put into her drink. She drank it all, feeling nice and refreshed and was about to leave the bar when suddenly she found her legs are kinda soft. Feeling dizzy, she looked for a seat. Was it because of the sun? She wasn't sure.

"What's up?" asked the same boy again as he appeared next to her.

"Nuthin... just a bit... dizzzzzy..." Susan tried to say something, but even her tongue was like made of cotton.

"I think you need a bit help. Here, hang on" Paco put her hand on his arm, helping her to stand. Susan found that the world is spinning around. She had no idea what's going on. A dark skinned boy lead the confused woman to the nearby, desolated corner of the beach, well hidden behind some rocks.

He lay her on the warm sand and immediately started kissing her lips. Susan was still confused. Paco reached with his palm between her legs, rubbing her pussy. A soft moan left her lips. She felt her body getting hot and horny. Not fully understanding what's going on, Susan started to return the kisses.

He removed her bra and begun to fondle her round, perky tits, twisting her big, puffy nipples. He paused kissing and closed his teeth on her left nipple, chewing it softly. Susan moaned even louder as his fingers parted her pussy lips.

"That's why I like married chicks. They're all sluts" he said, feeling how quickly the woman is getting moist. He looked into her blue eyes.

"Do you want me to fuck you, slut?"

"I... what...?"

"I asked do you want me to fuck you, slut?" he repeated, fondling her breast.

"I dunno... please, let me..."

He closed her mouth with another kiss. Susan answered again and for a long moment they shared a passionate, French kiss. Paco still caressed her body, giving helpless blonde no time to rest.

"Yesss..." she moaned finally said when they broke the kiss "Fuck me, pleassseeee...."

"Tell me you're a slut and you want to be spermed" Paco teased helpless woman, caressing her hot body in even more demanding way. He knew that she was his woman now, but he needed a final proof.

"I'm a slut.... and I want to... be spermed" said Susan in the sexual daze. She'd never say anything like that in her normal state. But she was way too horny and too confused to even care about it.

Paco wasted no time. His stiff manhood penetrated her warm, welcoming fuckhole. Susan moaned loudly as the boy started to fuck her. He closed his palms on her beasts, caressing them as his cock screwed helpless Susan Storm.

"Ohhh yesss!! Fuck me!!! Fuck your slut! Faster!" she moaned.

"M'I better than your chubby?" he asked, teasing her.

"Yes! Yes! You are! Much better! Oooooh!!!!"

"Are you a dirty slutwife?"

"Yes!" Susan moaned like a bitch in the heat, "I'm!"

"Tell me you want me to impregnate you!"

"Yes! Make me pregnant! Pleassse!!"

"As you wish, fuckslut!" he said, fucking her faster and rocking her entire world. He rammed her like a machine gun, giving Susan not a chance to rest. She was all his now. Paco kept himself from cumming too fast, waiting to cum along with her. Th long he fucked her, the most horny she was. And finally they did. Susan made a loud, animistic cry as the orgasm hit her. Boy's cum filled her womb. Sand stuck to her sweaty body. She saw a stars dancing in front of her eyes.

Her rapist turned her body upside down. He spit on his index finger and pushed it into her tight ass hole.

"What? What are you....aaaaach! No, not there!"

Susan was slowly returning to her senses, but her body was still hot and numb. Also, she was horny as hell. She knew she was having sex with a stranger. It was wrong. But somehow, she couldn't fight the pleasure. What happened to her? She had no idea. But something was making her thoughts cloudy.

"Right here, babe. Sluts are not meant to say no" he said, slowly forcing his veiny cock inside her tight anal hole.

"Arghhhh!!! Unghhhh!!! Unghhhh!!! Stttoopppp!!" cried Susan, but he was deaf for her pleas. He knew it was probably painful for her, but he wanted to claim her totally and to make her learn who is the master here.

"Damn, you're tight. Guess your chubby never fucked you in the ass?"

"No, Reed never did anything like this!"

"Guess he prefers being fucked in the ass instead" grinned the boy and pushed even harder, causing Susan to cry louder.

"It's like a fuckin' virgin..." he doubled the speed.

"Mhhmmm!!! Nghnnn!!! Noo! Noooo!! Hurrrrts!!! Ooooh!!!!" her cries were getting more desperate.

Paco fucked Susan in the ass with a deep thrusts. She felt like having burning iron pushed inside her. But with every thrust she was getting weaker. Finally something broke inside her. Susan stopped resisting. She moaned again, but this time with a lust only.

"Seems that I tamed you for good, slutwife?"

"Yeesss!! I'm yours!"

Paco made sure to fuck her ass long and hard, claiming Susan's body with his rod. Drug wasn't working anymore, but there was no need for that. Susan moaned wantonly, accepting the debauchery.

He filled her ass with his hot semen and thrown the panting woman on the warm sand. Susan gasped, she never felt anything like this in her entire life. This feeling of the total submission was something totally new for her. Reed was always good and gentle. But this boy took her like a slut, he forced her to have sex with him. But was she really resisting? Susan couldn't decide. She had her powers, there was no problem for her to get rid of this boy. But she did nothing to stop him. Instead, she asked him to fuck her.

"Come on, babe, time for you to clean some cock" Paco said, breaking her thoughts.

"Yesss..." she purred as she walked on her fours to the boy and started to lick his cock. As she polished his cock with her saliva, Paco looked at her face. There was something familiar in this blonde milf.

"I think I saw you before" he said "What's your name, slutwife?"

"Gulp... it's Susan..."

"Susan what? Susan Slutwife maybe?"

"It's Susan Storm"

"Wait... Don't tell me you are this chick from the Fantastic Four? A superheroine?"

"Yes... slurrrrp... I'm"

Paco was stunned at first. He had no idea he actually fucked and tamed a superheroine. He looked at the gorgeous milf between his legs. She was sucking by her own will. Yes, he definitely tamed that slut. As Susan slurped on his cock, Paco wondered what he'd do with her now. Originally, he planned to take her to his flat and fuck for a few days. But now he knew that was dangerous to simply take here somewhere for a long time, her superpals and her superchubby would probably start looking for her instantly.

When she finished sucking his cock and was rewarded with a mouthful of sperm, he told her to dress up and they walked to her car. Susan took her phone and called the Reed. She sat on the Paco's lap, giving a Latino boy a lap dance, when she talked to her husband, telling him that she'll be out for a few more days. Reed, busy with another of his experiments, never noticed a slight difference in her voice and the soft moans of his wife.

Susan handled him the keys of her car. They rode to the mall first, where Paco made her buy various scanty and sexy outfits, both cheap and slutty along with some expansive too. She left the mall in the red six inch heels, fishnet stockings, red mini skirt and the short, tight pink blouse with "Mother knows breast" written on the chest, with her belly button on display. Next they hit the shop where she had to buy a six pack of beer along with some snacks. Next they head to the tattoo saloon, where Susan get a small tramp stamp. She was reluctant about this, but Paco gave her round ass a slap, which was enough to convince her.

The next few days they spent at Paco's flat, where Susan had to serve him, buy him a food and, of course, fuck him anytime he wanted. He made her wear all the clothes they bought and she had to pose for him, striking some sexy and suggestive poses. Susan, totally cock whipped by Paco, did everything willingly. Finally, he made her to take all the money from her husband's account and they left the country, flying to the south America, where none would ever find them. Right before leaving, Paco send a pack of photos of Susan to Reed. There were pictures with Susan dressed in the sexy lingerie only, Susan sucking his cock, Susan serving him pizza with her firm breasts on full display, Susan giving him a lap dance. He added the note "I own your bitch now, sissy" and clicked the "sent" button.

The End


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