WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, comics, companies, writers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Starring: Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy (Marvel comics)

Codes: Cons, MF, MFF, FF, Oral.

Amazing Spider-Man: The Mass Tarr's Harem Part 5
A comic book/super-heroine erotic story
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

"I seriously need to talk with MJ about this... We can't go on like this over Peter..." The beautiful blonde known as Gwen Stacy said, heading along the apartment complex corridor towards the residence of the woman who can certainly be called her "love rival" to a certain man with a secret (to some) web-slinging alter-ego. Clad in a fashionable short skirt and tightly fitting top to match the headband in her long hair, her wonderful body is being nicely shown off but not for the purpose of distracting or making the other person feel inadequate.

Gwen approaches the door, but sees that actually the door is already open. Curious, she reaches for the handle but pulls back when she hears what sounded like a loud shocked gasp from within the apartment of a certain "MJ" Watson. Curious, Stacy carefully pushes the door and steps inside.

While Gwen might have had plans of her own, so did a being from not just another world, but a completely different dimension who has been on his own personal "rewarding" mission to convince and "collect" stunning females from other worlds to add to his growing Harem. That man calls himself Mass Tarr, and it just so happened that he had arrived at this same location just a couple minutes before.

Looking around the corner of the doorway into the main "living" area of the apartment, Gwen let out a shocked gasp with wide eyes at what she saw in the room. The stunning Mary Jane Watson, kneeling between the legs of an unknown, otherworldly looking but very handsome and muscular man as he sits on a couch completely naked, smiling as he watches the redhead gripping and stroking his massive, thick lengthy that is easily the biggest that not just Gwen, but Mary Jane has ever seen in their lives. If Stacy could rip her gaze off that huge piece of man meat, she would have perhaps noticed the sexy attire of form-fitting bra and panties that showed off the shapely to say the least curves that her "love rival" had on, but just like the other female she can't take her eyes away from that big shaft, finding herself licking her lips as she watches MJ's hand pump away at that size.

"Let's see exactly what you can handle then, Mass Tarr..." Mary Jane smirks, leaning that flaming haired head down so she can start applying her tongue onto his bulbous bell end, sliding across the slit on the tip and then around for a slow and smooth circular motion. Keeping her hand pumping away at the length, she lets out a groan as she works around the crown, staring up at the irresistible stranger she's rather easily starting to service the cock of. As she travels around for another steady lick around the head, it's apparent he can easily handle this tongue and hand combination, a light groan of approval escaping him as her work leaves a light cover of saliva on that tip.

"Mmmmm... Looks like this is going to be fun after all..." She comments, shifting position so she can now take his dick into her mouth, groaning herself now as she wraps her lips around his thickness, staring up as she gives a sharp round of pumps with her hand for good measure as a test. It gets a clear moan of enjoyment from the mysterious stud, the first of no doubt many more as she starts to get down to business, pushing her gorgeous face downward onto that rock hard pole, another groan from her getting muffled as her oral hole gets filled up as she moves slowly downward. Her eyes widen when that crown touches the back of her mouth, but before she can gag she soon slides back upward, lifting off with a gasp as she catches her breath, but only briefly as she smirks up at him and goes back down with a hungry plunge.

Watching from the doorway still, Gwen bites down on her bottom lip as she watches Mary Jane start to bob her her up and down on that mighty fuck-stick, seeing why the redhead can't seem to resist getting some of that big dick that's being taken up into the red-head's mouth with smooth ease again and again as her head rocks back and forth. As she watches on, the blonde is getting turned on herself if the hard, poking through nipples of her top are any indication, finding her hands fidgeting at her skirt while she watches this steamy blowjob being given just a short distance away, but close enough for her to hear even the dirty slurps MJ is doing with each push of the head she delivers.

"Mmmmm... Yes Mary Jane... Most delightful..." Mass Tarr compliments with a smile and a moan, letting a hand run through that trademark bright red hair as the beauty in front of him rocks her head up and down at a steady and nicely deep pace, already feeling her saliva starting to flow down his fat inches as she eagerly blows him, despite having only known him for minutes prior to sucking his cock like this. "Ahhhhh... I can assure you... Mmmmm... I can handle this, and plenty more to come..." He adds with a confident chuckle, his eyes glued to the sight of his member vanishing upward between her soft lips before quickly reappearing when she raises her head upward but never to the point of pulling completely off, allowing her to race back downward almost to the point of causing herself to gag when that cock-head nears the back of her clearly experienced oral hole.

"Mmmmphhh!! MMMM... Mmmmmm..." MJ moans around the manhood of this stud from another dimension, her eyes lusty as she stares up while she bobs her head again and again, her hand now being more used to keep that pole in place for her to suck off as she feasts away on this stiff prick despite her own prior profound affection for another far from normal man. Indeed from the hungry way she's bobbing up and down on this cock it would seem they've been lovers if not just fuck buddies for years, rather than the few shameless minutes it's actually been that has left his cock with a more than generous coating of her saliva from the repeated sucking.

"Mmmmm... Mary Jane... You are..." Mass Tarr starts to say, before he looks up, seeing the woman watching on at this blowjob and smiling warmly at her. "Ah! It appears we have an audience Mary Jane!" He states with a chuckle, completely unfazed by seeing another just as stunning beauty.

"Ummmm!! I was, I mean... I was here to... The door was..." Gwen stutters, but once again her eyes are drawn to that big dick that she gets a clearer view off when MJ lifts her mouth all the way up and off from him.

"Gwen??" Mary Jane questions as she looks over, but finds herself grinning while she gives his cock a stroke. "Gwen, you've got to try this stud out! He's hung like... Well, look for yourself..." She shamelessly says as she starts to stand up.

"Bu-But... But what... What about Peter?" Stacy says, but already her body is further betraying her as she's already walking into the room.

"Gwen, you can either join in, just watch, or you can leave..." Watson states as she reaches back behind herself, unclasping it and taking it off, letting her wonderfully sized tits be released as she tosses it aside. "Because I'm sure as Hell going to screw this hunk! I mean, come on! You going to say no to this??" She says, motioning to the smiling, rather too casually relaxed for this situation man still sitting on the couch.

"...Fuck no I'm not!" Gwen says, moving right in and helping herself to now be the one kneeling between his strong legs as she grabs his cock, not caring about the saliva of the other woman coating him as she gets a good look at him in between strokes of her hand along his size.

"Mmmmm... A pleasant turn of events!" Mass Tarr states the obvious as he watches the blonde test him out. "Ah, but I can't forget about you either..." He says, watching as MJ slides her panties down her legs, showing off not just the tuft of red above her snatch, but how slick she is down there already.

"Damn right you won't Tiger!" Mary Jane grins, the now naked beauty climbing up over him with both feet planted on the couch seating each side of him, squatting down so she can lower her ass downward towards him and resting her hands on her smooth legs for support. She soon gasps out when he reaches up, grabbing the thighs to hold her as bringing that rugged face up to meet her sweet hole, not wasting a second as he starts to lap his tongue up against her folds to her immediate, moaning delight. "Mmmmm FUCK!! Damn... Uhhhhh... Oh yeah, get licking me stud..." She says approvingly, biting down on her bottom lip and even closing her eyes, a sign of how skilled this otherworldly hunk is to get her going with just the first round of flicks of his tongue. He's of course far from finished there, letting his tongue run around the outer edge before focusing on the middle slit with a sliding motion all the way up and down, smirking up into her as he happily drinks down the juices that have formed already there.

"I know a couple guys who would kill to be in this situation..." Gwen mumbles to herself, having watched the kicking off of her love rival's eating out for perhaps longer than she should have. Snapping out of it, she turns her attention to the cock she'd been staring away at since she stumbled upon this no-strings-attached encounter but now is looking to make up for "lost time", parting her own pouty lips so she can take his shaft inside. Groaning as the inches slip inside, she starts to bob her blonde haired head along his size, her hand firmly gripping the base as she works her mouth over him with a steady rhythm, showing herself that she's no stranger to serving a cock, but never before one as lengthy and thick to match as this one.

"Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmm!! Mmmmphhh..." Pushing her mouth smoothly up and down, Stacy is finding herself groaning not just from the feeling of her lips being pushed to the limit to remain nicely snug around his member, but the sinful act itself of blowing a still relative stranger, especially after another just as beautiful woman had just been doing the same to that same dick just moments before. "Mmmmm!! Mmmmmphhh... Hmmmmmppphhh!!" As she slurps away and starts to replace the spit that had been over him with her own, she's becoming more and more glad she stepped in to make this sexual encounter an unexpected threesome, her moans bouncing off the dick she's stiffly blowing and even slightly swaying her sizeable booty while she dishes out this blowjob to the hung and hunky man from another world.

"Uhhhh!! MMMMM!! Fuck yeah... You ain't just cocky... You can really... Ahhhhh!! Use that mouth of yours..." Mary Jane comments between her moans, rocking her hips a little so she can grind her pussy down against the hungry mouth that's clamped against her pussy, feeling the lips working against her lower ones as well as the talented work his tongue is doing sliding right up into her box as he probes and licks away to keep her easily pleasured and profoundly wet now.

"Mmmmm... And fucking look at you go Gwen... MMMM!! Sucking that big fucking dick..." The redhead adds, watching as the blonde down below continues to bob her head up and down the vast size of the stud the have between them, as Gwen doesn't even pause her slurps when her hands reach up to readjust her headband so she can keep on sucking off this stud that's keeping the other woman enjoying the best seat in the house thanks to his lashing tongue working over Watson's hot, damp snatch.

"Mmmmphhh!! Mmmmhhhssstttt eehhhhsssqqqiiissstttt... Mmmm..." His words along with his moans are obviously muffled from the snatch of the redhead he's sucking away at, while down below he's taking another flaming hot blowing from the blonde, pleasured and then some from how her saliva is now trickling past her lips and all the way down his fat cock. While it appears from his gripping hands and how his mouth is sliding against Mary Jane's pussy that his focus is solely on dining away on that tasty hole, it's taking skill along to be able to multi-task as he handles the kind of blowjob that would easily have finished off an experienced web-slinger, let alone a normal man long before this point. He's more than happy to let these stunning ladies have their fun as they pick, still probing and pushing around the beauty mounted above him while feeling that soothing mouth roaming up and down over his rod again and again from the stunner between his legs.

"Mmmmphhh... Mmmm!!" Gwen groans, giving one more slurp along him before lifting up and off, drawing a deep breath as she sits back. "Fuck!! Where did you find this guy??" She remarks, watching as said stud continues to munch away on Watson's pussy for a moment more.

"Mmmmm!! He just... Ahhhhh... Appeared out of nowhere..." Mary Jane said between her moans, finishing with a sigh as he slips downward to allow her to shift off. "And damn am I glad he has!!" She adds with a shameless grin.

"No shit! This is like something out of a fucking porno..." Stacy says with a naughty smile of her own, getting up so she can start to undress, shifting down not just her skirt, but panties as well as she also shows she's gotten wet downstairs from just the act of sucking cock.

"I for one am very happy not to have disappointed you both..." Mass Tarr states with a smile, moving himself so he can now lay down along the length of the couch, his cock pointing proudly straight up and ready for a whole lot more. "Or should I say, yet at least..." He adds with a chuckle.

"Damn straight Tiger... We're far from finished with you yet!" Watson says, still grinning as she moves back onto him but now mounting him over his crotch, reaching down to grip his cock for positioning as she starts to shift down.

"I agree... Let me get a piece of that tongue that had MJ almost screaming out!" Stacy says with the kind of lusty tone that was more of a demand than a request, having ditched the rest of her clothing and shoes so her also very desirable and rounded breasts are on full display. She moves up onto the seating, and shifts over to almost mirror the other woman as she eases her snatch down towards that handsome face of this otherworldly hunk. Similar to before, Gwen is soon moaning out as he eagerly reaches up to hold her, applying his mouth onto her wetness and pushing his tongue upward so he can get right to work with suddenly licks across, over, and all around her sweet entrance. "Mmmmm shit!! Ahhhhh... Oh yeah!!"

"Oh FUCK!! MMMMM!! He's... OH GOD!! Ahhhhhh!!" The eyes of the redhead are wide as she takes his inches up into her tight, damp pussy, and it becomes quickly clear she's never even had a toy of this vast size inside of her before, let alone a man from any planet or dimension. She has to shift back, delivering light bounces as she tries to adjust to this massive invasion that's stretching her even far before half of his length is past her folds, gripping the back of the couch for added support. "MMMMM YES!! Oh FUCK!! Mmmmm... Ahhhhh MMMM!!" She's soon moaning out though when the hunk underneath her takes the lead, starting to thrust up and forcing his member deep into her love tunnel, setting her off in turn not just in terms of her cries of delight, but a proper bouncing motion that already has her lovely tits jiggling with every motion she does on his pumping rod.

"Mmmmm!! Yeah... Fucking... MMMM!! Fucking ride that huge cock MJ!!" The blonde encourages between her own moans, enjoying the sight of the other woman riding that fat pole just as much as the feeling of the tongue of the man below them both working over her snatch, making Gwen shift back and forth against his facial features to ensure this eating out reaches as deeply and to as much of her needy snatch as he can get to. "Mmmmm... Oh SHIT!! His tongue... Holy fuck! MMMMM... He's so good..." She all too easily admits, but need not say any verbal encouragement to keep this pussy munching going on as just being able to eat out such a stunning woman is all the ammo he needs to keep licking and slurping away on her sweet honey pot. Add in the pleasure he's getting himself as he fucks the bouncing redhead impaled on his member, and it's little wonder that he's repeatedly moaning up into Stacy's snatch as he carries on licking away at her while taking a red hot ride from a redhead at the same time.

"UHHHH!! MMMMM FUCK!! Oh yeah!! MMMM SHIT!!" Watson moans out, sweat drops beginning to form across her stunning, hotter than any normal model body as she keeps up an impressively brisk pace to bounce up and down on the shaft being sent straight up into her tight, wet snatch. The slapping sound of her body connecting with his rings out when she drops down to meet his next pump being sent firmly up to stuff that pussy full, mixing erotically with both her own sinful moans and the equally shameless ones being let out by her former love rival, now turned three-way fuck buddy just a short distance away from her. In fact, the eyes of the two women meet between the bounces of one and the grinding of the other, both of them licking their own lips with the synchronisation that many a skin flick would pay top dollar to have their starlets pull off.

Before either woman knew what was going on, soon Mary Jane and Gwen had their hands through one another's long hair, tongues smacking against each other as they made out on top of a stud from another dimension they barely knew, but had so willingly given themselves to for some wild and steamy sex. Swapping spit and exchanging groans as they continue to ride and grind respectively on their portion of that hunk underneath them, their hands soon roam across the other woman, groping the generously sized chest of the other to further increase their moans, as if they weren't already loud and shameless enough from the licking and fucking they were each taking already.

This new woman-on-woman element to this threesome would be enough to make a normal man blow their load in an instant, so it's another clear indication of the sexual talent that the man calling himself Mass Tarr has to back up his massive cock that's able to remain focused, hearing and sensing the making out and feeling up the beauties on top of him are doing. Indeed, he's keeping impressively calm but still very much turned on as he continues to lap and flick his tongue away at Stacy's snatch as she grinds down against his now coated from her juices lips. At the same time at his other end, he keeps his hips firmly thrusting upward again and again with a machine-like pace to drive in deeply with all his thick inches into Watson's snug snatch, his member now with a layer of her juices that just makes the motion all the more pleasurable as well as smooth for the firm and quick motion he's delivering.

"MMMM!!" Gwen moans, pulling back from the tongue wrestling so she can gasp out. "You kinky bitch!!" She says with a grin as she locks eyes again with her former love rival, before letting out a moan from the work being done to her snatch down below.

"You think that's kinky??" Mary Jane comes to a stop, moaning as the hunk under her keeps pumping into her for a couple more moments before he eases off, allowing both her and the other beauty to dismount him. "Just wait for this... Up you get Tiger! We need that couch space..."

"Gladly!" Mass Tarr wisely says, getting up so he can watch the two women move onto the seating, giving each other a grope as they move into position.

That soon becomes clear as MJ rests back, with Gwen on top of her almost sitting on the red-head's lap, the two chest-to-chest but allowing Mary Jane to reach around, raising that ass of the blonde's a little so her snatch can be offered up. "Come get her Tiger..." Watson ironically purrs considering the nickname she's so eagerly given to this hunk that she usually reserved for the shared love interest that she can the woman on top of her used to share until this point.

"It would be my pleasure..." The stud from another dimension gladly accepts the offer, stepping in behind them and lining his cock up, pushing it right into Stacy's slickness with a firm thrust that makes her rock forward on top of the other woman with a loud moan, now feeling those stretching sensations the redhead enjoyed so vocally moments before. There's plenty more to come though as he gets to work, gripping her hips so he can properly push his pole in and out with piston-like pumps to make not just himself moan, but the gorgeous blonde he's now giving it to, and in turn woman she's on top of as their tits slide against one another's from Gwen's rocking motion.

"OH FUCK!! MMMMM!! Oh shit!! OH FUCK!! MMMM!!" Already Stacy is tilting her head back in joy, her cries loud and very much shameless as it doesn't take long before her tight snatch is taking more and more of his fat inches, filling her already wet fuck tunnel up to the point where his muscular waist is starting to smack off her stunning backside. Add in the fact that the just as gorgeous woman underneath her is teasing as she openly gropes and squeezes the blonde's swaying breasts, then it's no wonder that her moans are loud and filling the air around this apartment. "MMMMM FUCK... Yessssssssss!! MMMM!! Fucking fill me up!!" She demands, looking back with a grin at the stud doing just that, her attention soon turned to the front when Mary Jane captures a nipple between her fingers in order to twist and tease with a wide smile of her own.

"Oh yeah?? MMMMM!! Take this, you hot fucking bitch!!" Gwen snaps with desire, moving a hand quickly down between the spread legs of Watson so she can unceremoniously stuff two fingers into the dripping hole of her former rival-turned lover, causing the redhead to squeal out in delight, already bucking her hips against the hand of the blonde as she begins to plunge the digits in and out of that hole. "UHHHH!! Mmmmm... Fucking!! OH FUCK!! AHHHHHH... Fucking take it!!" Stacy groans the demand, staring down at the squirming, moaning stunner underneath her as that same woman continues to grip and grope the rounded tits of the blonde, and at this point it seems clear that both females are far from strangers to some girl-on-girl fun as they ensure this threesome means no one is left out to the moaning approval of each.

"OH SHIT!! MMMMM... Yeah!! Give me those... UHHHH!! Fucking fingers!!" Mary Jane almost begs, grinding her wet snatch sharply against the pumping motion Gwen's fingers are dishing out to her. In response, MJ again works over Stacy's nipples but this time with her lips, taking the left on in so she can give a long, deep suck that leaves the beauty on top of her moaning out that little bit extra compared to how her cries already are from the fucking Gwen is taking at the same time. "MMMMM!! Oh fuck yeah!! AHHHHH... Fucking give it to her Tiger!! MMMMM!! Fuck fuck her!!" MJ looks over with a grin at the stud stuffing his cock forcefully in and out of Gwen's also snug and very pleasurably wet twat, before turning her attention back to this jiggling boobs so she can now suck on the right one, moaning into that generous tit-flesh as MJ takes a steady banging of the finger variety of her own.

"OH YES!! Oh FUCK!! Oh God... OH FUCK AHHHHH!! MMMMM!!!" Gwen gasps out, still firmly rocking back and forth against those thrusts stuffing into her deep from behind, and much like how the other woman had been minutes ago it's now the turn of the blonde to feel every inch filling up her still tight tunnel, his muscular body colliding with her each time her rams in balls deep with pump after steady and hard pump. "UHHHHH... Yeah... FUCK!! MMMMMM AHHHHHH..." She groans out, her head hanging down for a moment as drops of sweat drip sexily down her pretty face, feeling the effects of such intense action but still able not just to keep pushing back to meet every stiff thrust into her pussy, but keeping her hand working over the other snatch involved in this threesome so Watson is still made to moan out with every pump of the fingers Gwen dishes out.

"MMMM!! I must say... Both of you... MMMM... Are equally fantastic!" Mass Tarr remarks, still smiling but impressively just looking like he's only now breaking out into just a light sweat, even after all this red hot action he's been taking and giving out to both women who individually would be an expert-level sexual challenge for the most seasoned porn star to handle. He's not just saying it though to keep them both sweet or suck up, he's openly loving getting a piece of both gorgeous women, leading to him being balls deep in this stunning blonde as she fingers and pleasures the redhead who is slurping and fondling away at her big tits at the same time. "Ahhhhh... A not quite planned series of events... But who am I to say no... MMMM!! To two women such as yourselves?" He remarks, showing that while he may have intended to just "acquire" one beauty on this trip, he's more than capable of showing two of them at the same time what he's made of, and it's created one three-way to remember and them some, and from the moans both women in front of him are letting out they certainly will never forget this fuck for a long, long time to come.

"MMMM... You trying to throw us off Tiger?" Mary Jane questions with the kind of sly smirk that shows she's not really caring too much about his answer. Especially as she moans out again when Stacy slips her now soaked with juices fingers out of that snatch.

"Yeah... MMMM!!" Gwen also says, but made to groan as he pulls out of her pussy. "What are you planning now, stud?"

"Ladies! My intentions are pure..." Mass Tarr states with a smile as he raises his hands. "Well, as pure as they can be in these circumstances!" He adds with a chuckle. "But since you are offering, allow me to take the lead..."

Both women watch as this interplanetary stud takes a hold of them, moving them into position to be on their sides, facing each other and close together to their breasts as pressing against one another, enough to make them groan along but factor in the closeness of their pussies then it's no wonder why they are moaning out. Those sensations soon increase greatly as he true plan appears as he shifts into place himself, sliding his cock forward so he can run it not just against Mary Jane's pussy folds, but those of Gwen at the same time so with each firm, thrust he delivers he's fucking them both at the same time.

"OH FUCK!! That... That feels!! MMMMM!!" MJ moans out with a gasp, her hands doing the same as the blonde in front of her as the two stunners grip each other, their desirable frames sliding against each other with breasts rubbing over jiggling breasts as they start jolting back each time that big cock works sharply between their dripping snatches. "AHHHHH FUCK!! Oh SHIIIIIIT!! MMMMM... That's... That's... MMMMPHHH!!" She goes to continue moaning out but finds those cries being made muffled with the blonde opposite her pulls her into an intense and sloppy smooch, their tongues quickly slapping around inside of each other's mouths as their lips crash and rub against each other similar to the grinding their snatches are doing not just against the other woman, but against the fat cock sliding between them both.

"MMMM!! Mmmmphhh... MMMMM..." Gwen groans, all too eagerly swapping spit with her former love rival while letting her hands roam across the just as stunning body of the other to match the groping being returned, with squeezes delivered from around to the ass all the way up to the tits as they slide against the other woman's chest, and even up to run through the hair. The most important thing though is she's still moaning out although into the other beauty's mouth right now, more than being pleasured from the unique fucking her snatch is taking as the still rock hard rod of this stud from another world runs swiftly and smoothly back and forth against her and MJ's pussies.

"MMMM... A wonderful sight! AHHHHH... And an even better feeling!! MMMM!!" The man calling himself Mass Tarr continues to smile broadly as he watches the gorgeous females before him making out and rubbing against one another, a sure sign not just that they have both been engaged in some lesbian action in the past but may have had secret desires for the other long before this threesome encounter. Once again he's showing his superior sexual ability to be able to keep his focus while such a red hot sight is going on in front of him, as well as feeling it himself from the way he's making his cock slide up against not just one, but both of those still horny after all this time beauties' soaking wet snatches.

"MMMMM!! Mmmmphh!! MMMM!!" The red headed stunner moans out, finally pulling her head away as strands of that flaming hair stick now to her pretty face from all the sweat coating her body, matching the erotic glaze her new-found fuck-buddy similarly has, with the two now gasping out as their bodies continue to grind and rock towards one another while that big cock they've become addicted to keeps on rapidly sliding back and forth between them and their dripping twats.

"UHHHH!! Nearly... Almost... MMMMM!!" Watson groans out, gripping the shoulders of the stunner opposite like she's holding on like her life depends on it, feeling the pressure building inside of her after such a lengthy round of shameless, dirty sex the likes of which she'd only fantasised about before, but after these events no doubt she feels she won't be able to live without it now.

"YES!! OH FUCK!! Don't... AHHHHH!! Don't FUCKING STOP!!" Gwen squeals out, grabbing and squeezing her own tits as her head tilts back, gasping deeply between her moans as she too feels the oncoming, now almost desperately needed sexual high approaching as the sweat drips off her stunning frame to no doubt leave the couch she and her former rival have been fucking on in need of a complete cleaning if not full replacement. That's of course far from either of their minds currently as the grinding motion the women are doing continues on to keep their snatches dripping wet, in the process leaving that fat and long shaft that's still briskly pumping against and between them both soaked with pussy juices that easily have the stud that's satisfied them both and then moaning away himself.

With a last, loud moan escaping both women, both Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy end up hitting their individual orgasms at the same time, eyes closed and gasping out as their snatches stiffly rub against one another and that mighty cock that's sent them over the edge from this unique position and fucking style. It's most importantly left both women more than pleased with the outcome as they unleash a fresh, more intense wave of juices onto that pistoning cock, able to groan out and smile as they finally open their still full of lust eyes as the gaze over that still rock hard hunk as he gives a last round of pumps to ensure they've gotten the most of of their orgasms and then some.

"Mmmmm... Holy shit!!" Mary Jane finally breaks the silence with a laugh. "That... That was... Just wow!"

"Mmmmm yeah..." Gwen agrees with a smile. "But it looks like we aren't done yet..." She notes as her eyes focus on that starting to throb cock pointing at them.

"Come on then! Fucking give it to us!" Watson says with a grin of her own as both she and Stacy sit up on the edge of the couch.

"If you insist!" Mass Tarr states as he grips his cock, starting to firmly stroke his pulsing member, moaning as he stares down at the two eager, still sweat soaked but even now still craving some more beauties who are gazing up, licking their lips as the glance at the dick they've become extremely familiar with as this three-way has gone on.

Having gotten them both to their sexual peaks already, he now has no reason to hold back so with a deep and long moan of relief, Mass Tarr starts to unload onto the two women he's turned from love rivals into very willing fuck buddies over the course of a single steamy threesome. The first thick and hot blast of spunk lands across Mary Jane's face, making her groan as the seed coats across her cheek and nose, soon followed a second up across her bright red hair over her forehead and beyond, before a third makes her close her eye when the jizz lands over her. Aiming the other way, and now Gwen takes a coating to make her moan as plentiful shots of spunk land over her equally attractive facial features to leave her cheeks, her nose, and her lips taking streaks of cum with some also landing in her long blonde locks along with staining her headband that's still in her hair.

By the time he's finally let out his last groan and released his spent at long last cock, both women have been left with almighty facials that see the spunk already starting to drip from off their faces onto their own chests, hair clinging and sticky from the wild blasts of cum now staining them for a filthy, erotic sight. However the wide grins on both faces show the well fucked beauties loved every moment of it and the feeling of taking the size of loads that would be expected as a result of a gang bang rather than from a single, otherworldly stud.

"Mmmmm... Face it Tiger... I just hit the jackpot!" Mary Jane says to confirm her obvious enjoyment from this encounter as she licks her lips to hungrily collect up some come from around her mouth.

"You had to use that line, didn't you?" Gwen comments with a smirk as she glances at the other woman.

"It felt right." Watson shrugs. "And it's true... I have to have another round with this stud!" She adds, already glancing down at his cock.

"Well fuck, count me in!" Stacy agrees with a similar long look at that shaft.

"Ladies... That can absolutely be arranged!" Mass Tarr states with a smile, seeing how, just as he'd planned for his intended "target" at least, already willing for more action both women now are. "In fact... I say why not wait around for that "next round"...

Offering out his hands to both women, and they don't hesitate to accept as he helps them to stand up from the couch, in the next moment, and with a whispered spell in a language long forgotten to normal ears, both the other-worldly stud and the gorgeous women disappeared in the blink of an eyes and a flash of light not just from that world, but the dimension itself. As for the request for another round? That would certainly be granted many times over... And they would get to explore their new-found enjoyment of the same sex not just with each other either...

* * *

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