Mad About You - 8 [mf/consensual bondage]


The following story contains scenes of graphic sex and bondage.


Jamie had been getting hotter and hotter since she'd donned
the slutty black lace thing. The shackles, actual metal shackles,
were incredibly erotic to her way of thinking, and chains were even
more so. She turned around and around, staring at herself in the
mirror, moving her hands just to feel the weight of the chains and
make them clank.
"Wow," she breathed.
"Hot looking little slave girl, aren't you," he breathed,
sliding his hand up and down her belly.
"And who's your master?"
"You are, Master," she sighed.
"A true little slut."
"Yeah. I'm a slut. I'm a cock hungry little whore," she
gulped, turning to see herself from behind.
"And you'll obey your lord and master, won't you? Otherwise
it's to the dungeon for you."
He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, though not too
roughly, and bit down on the front of her exposed throat. She
groaned in pleasure, especially after raising her hands, and
finding they wouldn't go that high.
"This is all the clothes a slut like you needs, baby," he
said, gripping her arm and giving her a kind of shove towards the
And for the rest of the day that was pretty much it. He
treated her not much different than normally, except for more
groping and more stroking and caressing, and a lot more dirty
talking. She did some work on a file she'd brought home the
previous night, she did some cooking and cleaning, and she and Paul
watched TV, read books or papers, and talked about politics or
gossiped about friends.
But she did it mostly naked, and in the chains.
There was two other differences, one, she was kind of horny
all day, and two, whenever she disagreed with him, or he caught her
trying to stroke her pussy, Paul would give her a slap on the ass,
or the hip, or once on the breast.
Also, several times, once when she was washing the dishes,
once when she was changing the bed linen, and once when they were
watching TV, he slid his hand in between her legs and began to jerk
her off, plunging his warm fingers deep into her pussy hole and
stroking her clitty with his thumb. He would work on her until she
was panting and moaning, and her hips were humping and jerking,
then he would stop, and forbid her to touch herself.
Just being dressed...if you could call it she
was, and wearing the shackles and chains made her pussy warm and
moist, and left her in an all day heat, but the rubbing and
fondling made her cunt boil with lust, and had it yearning for a
deep, hard, rough pounding cock. Even after she begged him to fuck
her, though, he wouldn't.
Once she was so horny she said the hell with him, and
continued to rub at her pussy after he stopped, ignoring him as he
slapped her ass several times. She was on the verge of coming when
he grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands away.
She cursed him, but he held her struggling body, then produced
another chain, this one that went snugly around her belly. It had
a ring in the middle, and he attached her wrist shackles to it so
she couldn't move them more than a few inches up or down. She was
thus no longer able to rub her pussy.
Then to make sure she didn't rub her thighs to a cum, which
she immediately tried to do, he got an ice cube and forced it up
her pussy. She snarled and cursed at him for that, but couldn't
reach her pussy with her fingers, and the discomfort eased her heat
enough that she couldn't bring herself off by rubbing her thighs
together alone.
As the day turned to evening he got worse, rubbing and groping
her more often, and using the ice to cool her down when she was too
hot. He got hard too, but wouldn't fuck her, even though she
begged. He wouldn't even fuck her ass, though she begged for that
too, thinking the hard pumping against her ass would make her come.
Instead he made her kneel and suck his cock, then had her deep
throat it. She did so, hoping against hope he would then use his
spit-wet cock to fuck or sodomize her. Instead he pulled it out of
her mouth and shoved it between her tits, crushing them together
around it as he humped into her again and again.
His sperm shot out over her breasts, and he directed some of
it up into her face and mouth, then bent her across the table, and
used the vibrator on her pussy until she was screwing her ass
around wildly, and humping back against it while yelping and
grunting in pleasure.
Then he popped an ice cube up her asshole, another up her
pussy hole, and rubbed a third up and down her slit, then over her
breasts and nipples.
She cursed him foully, and for that he turned her over his lap
and gave her a spanking. The spanking made her ass burn, and made
her squeal and curse and cry out in pain, but it didn't make her
Immediately after that she straddled the arm of the sofa and
rubbed herself back and forth against it, heating up her super-
sensitive pussy once again, and bringing her so close to a come
that had he not grabbed her and rushed her into the bathroom, then
turned the shower on to cold and forced her into it, she would have
been surely riding an orgasmic whirlwind.
Instead she came out of the shower dripping, and freezing and
He dried her, and brushed out her hair, drying that, then led
her back into the living room.
"I swear to God I'm gonna get you for this, Paul," she growled
as he shoved her along.
"If you really want a cock inside you you had better start
acting like it."
"What have I been acting like!?" she demanded in frustration.
"You haven't been acting like a good little slave."
"What do you want me to doooooo?" she moaned.
"Beg for it."
"I have!"
"Not really, not in the right tone. I want you meek and
submissive and desperate."
She got down on her knees and made he eyes wide and round.
"Please fuck me, Master," she begged. "Please fuck my slutty
little pussy crack! Please fuck your dirty slutty little slave,
Master! Please! Please!"
She rubbed her face against his thighs and crotch, much like
a cat, moaning and whining. He stepped back and grinned down at
her, and she felt a mixture of anger at him, and excitement at what
she was doing, at the degrading way she...Jamie Buchman, was
"Lick my feet," he said, pushing his bare foot out at her. She
immediately bent over and began to slide her tongue over it,
lapping steadily, then halting to look up at him with imploring
"You know, I don't think I'm man enough to handle a girl as
slutty as you," he said. "Maybe I need some help."
She blinked her eyes in confusion.
"I know a guy who'd love to fuck you, baby. What do you say I
invite him over?"
"What?" she stared.
"He's one of the guys I play tennis with. He doesn't know any
of your friends either. He's got this huge cock that I bet your
pussy would love."
"You're serious!"
"Yeah," he grinned.
"Jesus Christ, Paul!"
"Why not? Wouldn't you love to suck my cock while a another
one else pounded up your pussy?"
"You love me, I love you, this guy would only be physical.
Hell, you don't even have to know his name if you don't want."
"You want me to let another guy fuck me?"
"I'd like to see it. I'd love to see how you'd fry another
guy's eyes, how you'd make his cock stick up in the air. You are so
incredibly erotic and sexy that I want to show you off like this."
"I...but I can't...I mean, Jesus, I couldn't let a stranger
see me like this!"
"You could. He's not gonna tell anyone you know."
"He'll think I'm a whore!"
"What do you care? Anyway, you are."
"I am not!" she glared.
"But you like acting like one, don't you."
"Well...yes but...I don't know...another guy...a stranger."
"Just think of the two of us getting you in a bed and fucking
you till you can't scream any more," he growled, sliding his hands
through her hair, then tugging it sharply to force her head back.
"Just think of two naked guys pounding their cocks into you."
She did think of it. His words were so graphic the images
sprang immediately to mind, and despite her fears and trepidations
her loins began to burn at the idea. She had thrown so many rules
out the window in the last week or so, had lusted after the rawness
and bondage, that she was tempted to agree, tempted to allow this
other man, this stranger, to come in and...and use her like a cheap
But she just couldn't bring herself to do it.
"No," she said.
"You're sure?" he said, pulling her up to her feet by the
hair, though not too roughly.
"Yes," she gasped, as he pulled her head back.
He stroked his hand over her breasts, then slid it down into
the front of the lacy crotch, rubbing at her bare pussy crack. He
slid his fingers inside and stroked her clitty, then pierced her
fuck tunnel and pumped in and out.
"Just think how you'd blow his mind," he breathed. "Just think
of how hard he'd get at the sight of you, at how excited. You'd be
something he'd remember forever, the hottest, wildest fuck he'd
ever had."
"Paaauulll," she moaned, humping against his fingers as the
images burned into her mind.
"Maybe I could bring over five guys," he taunted. "Or maybe
ten. They'd all stand around you naked, their cocks all hard and
throbbing. You'd be tied naked to the bed, and they'd fight to be
the first to climb on top of you."
She moaned, and humped harder against his fingers.
"They'd fuck you one at a time, at first, one after the other,
cock after cock, then they'd take you two at a time, one fucking
your pussy while the other fucked your mouth, then maybe one more
would fuck your ass, and another would tit-fuck you. Naked men
would be pumping their cocks at you from every direction. Their
hands would be all over you, groping and squeezing and rubbing and
touching you."
He had her bent way back, her legs spread wide as she moaned
and whined and humped against his hand.
"Gang banged," he growled. "Gang fucked, gang raped. You'd be
fucked seven ways from Sunday, cocks shooting off all over you,
pouring their sperm onto your tits and thighs and face."
"Paaaullll! Oh God! Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ooh pleeease!"
"Time to watch TV," he said, removing his hand and letting her
straighten up.
"NO! Fuck me! Paul! Fuck me, God damn you!"
"Not me. I've got a headache."
"Pleeeeasse!" she almost sobbed.
"I bet Sean would love to fuck you."
"All right! All right! Bring him over! If you're not man
enough bring over the whole fucking club! I'll take them all on!"
She said it in anger and defiance, but a thrill of shocking
pleasure ran up her spine when she did.
She expected him to argue, or to go to the phone. instead he
went to the door to the hall and opened it, then called to someone.
She had just enough time to realize that someone was going to come
in when a tall, broad shouldered blonde man came inside, and Paul
closed the door after him.
She stared at him in utter shock, then turned red in
embarrassment, gave a shocked yelp, turned, and ran into the
bedroom, only just barely hearing his gasp of lust and excitement.
Paul came after her, and slid his hand over her pussy,
squeezing and rubbing it as he told her how hot and erotic and
exciting she looked, then he led her back out into the living room.
She struggled to pull back but...but didn't struggle that hard for
some reason.
Then she stopped struggling as he led her out to where Sean
was standing. Again she turned beet red, and her eyes immediately
fell to the floor so she wouldn't have to face him.
"You were sure right, Paul," she heard. "She's one of the most
gorgeous babes I've ever seen. Talk about hot!"
"She's hotter than fire," Paul said with a note of pride.
"She's insatiable.
She gasped as he gripped her hair and forced her head up.
"See the chain around her belly? I had to chain her wrists to
that to keep her from jerking off."
Jamie felt a new rush of embarrassment. No, embarrassment
didn't quite describe it. It was more like humilation. Yet, as she
stared at the tall blonde man, and saw the heat and desire in his
eyes, saw the giant bulge in his pants, she remembered what Paul
had said, about how she was so hot that she'd make men crazy with
And she knew it was true, knew that the sight of her like this
was driving this man wild with lust. She felt her pussy beginning
to steam at that, even though she was still terribly, terribly
Paul held her by the arm, and she saw that he too had a big
bulge in his pants, and the deep yearning in her loins burst forth
as she realized that she was going to finally get fucked, that she
was going to be allowed to come, going to be forced to come.
"Watch this," Paul said.
He slid his other hand between her legs as he held her arm,
and began to squeeze and rub her pussy through the thin lace.
Jamie couldn't help the lust that burned inside her, and the
sight of his face, the smile and excitement on it, and the lust in
Sean's eyes, made her defiant. Somehow the humilation turned to
excitement within her. She truly was a slut, she thought, a sultry,
sluttish tramp that men used for pleasure.
She hadn't so much as touched either of them, but these two
big strong handsome men were burning with lust for her, and both
wanted to drive their cocks into her moist depths and fuck her
brains out.
And then, helplessly at first, but then deliberately, she
began to hump against Paul's hand, began to revel in the
degradation of having another man watch her like this. And then
when Paul took his hand out of her crotch and offered Sean, and the
stranger put his hand there, she felt a flashing surge of heat.
She humped madly against his fingers, gasping for breath as
the heat blasted through her body. She could hardly stand up as she
spread her legs more and rubbed furiously, driving herself against
his fingers.
"On your knees, slut," Paul said, pushing her backwards.
"Spread your legs and show us what you've got."
She couldn't breath, couldn't think. She whirled and
practically fell down, then groaned as she laid her head on the
floor and raised her ass into the air.
"Fuck meeee!" she sobbed. "Fuck meeee!"
"Give it to her Sean," Paul said. "Pound the whore's cunt for
Jamie mewled in delirious heat as she felt Sean behind her, as
he ripped the back of her lacy lingerie apart and exposed her
sopping fuck crack. His hand squeezed her pussy and she arched her
back, trembling violently now, trying to suppress the grinding,
burning lust until he was inside her.
"Quick! Hurry! Oh hurry!" she begged.
She heard his zipper going down, then felt his hardness
against her cunt.
"Fuck me! Hurry! Put it in!" she cried, grinding her ass in
He pressed his cock against her crack and thrust hard, spiking
it up to the hilt in her body. He didn't hesitate for a second, but
gripped her hips tightly and began rodding his cock into her with
total abandon.
There was a stunning explosion of pleasure inside her, a
starburst of blinding ecstasy that screamed along her nervous
system and tore her mind to shreds. Jamie came and came and came,
the pleasure building past anything she'd ever felt before,
shrieking higher and higher and higher as Sean's cock pounded down
into her.
She tried to scream but couldn't breath. She was ripped by a
devastating orgasm that seemed to have no end. Her mind howled
insanely as her body spasmed and shook and bounced in animalistic
sexual delirium. The world winked out, for nothing existed but
pleasure and more pleasure.

Paul watched in excitement and fascination.It was so
incredibly strange to see another man fucking his wife that he
could hardly believe what he was seeing. He was gripped by feelings
of jealousy and protectiveness. He was supposed to stop some guy
from violently fucking Jamie, not stand there watching while he did
Yet he also felt tremendous pride at being able to show off
this hot, gorgeous sexual creature he owned. Oh sure, his friends
might have met her and noted that she was beautiful, but that was
nothing like seeing her like this, naked and writhing in orgasmic
glee, begging for more, grunting and groaning and whining in
pleasure as her hot, tight cunt chewed on a big cock.
And then there was the excitement the excitement that was so
high and hot that he had to fight from coming in his pants. He
wanted to shove Sean out of the way and bury his burning cock in
Jamie's guts, not stand there and wait.
Fortunately he didn't have to wait long. Sean had been excited
at the sight of her, and riding this wild, gorgeous, woman through
a violent orgasm hadn't exactly left him capable of a long steady
fuck. His eyes were bulging out of his head as he struggled to keep
atop her, and even after, with a long, drawn out, shuddering moan
she'd went limp, he'd continued to hammer his cock up into her cunt
with blinding strokes, smacking his hips into her ass with enough
force to jerk her upwards off her knees a few times.
Then he came, cursing and gasping as he arched his back, his
cock pistoning inside Jamie as she moaned and sighed in pleasure.
And then Paul shoved him aside and tore his pants open. He
pressed his cock against her round asshole and thrust in violently.
She cried out, a brief yelp, and then a long groan escaped her as
his cock rammed down into her ass and he was growling as he raped
her asshole.
Sean stumbled to his feet, and went to the nearby video
camera, still on its tripod. He pulled it around and started
filming. Neither of them noticed or cared. Jamie had been stunned
nearly senseless by the force of the orgasm that had ripped through
her, and Paul was too horny, too hot, and too excited as he rammed
his cock up her asshole with as much force as Sean had used on her
And then his seed burst out and flooded her asshole, and he
could finally release some of the pent up energy and frustration
he'd been holding in check.

It took all of them a few minutes to recover, needless to say.
By then Jamie had begun to feel embarrassed again, especially when
Paul ripped away the lacy lingerie and left her naked. She was
still excited, though, and when the two men had her sit on the sofa
between them, and then began to stroke and fondle her body, she
quickly began to fall into the sexual haze that had gripped her
Then Paul had put on the TV, and Sean had watched the lewd and
carnal scenes he had taped over the weekend. Jamie was both deeply
embarrassed, and intensely excited by Sean seeing her like that.
The worst, though, was when he saw her pumping her pussy with the
Paul took the clips off her wrists, freeing the shackles so
she could move, then gave her a vibrator and sat her on a chair
facing the sofa, then told her to spread her legs and jerk off for
them live. The idea was so horribly embarrassing that for a long
moment she just froze.
But it was also sluttish, and, well, they had
both seen her on the tape and...
And she really wasn't thinking straight.
She drew her knees up and back and, her hands trembling, she
turned on the vibrator, and rubbed the nose up and down along her
naked pussy slit. She felt how hot and moist she was, and forgot
her embarrassment as she fed the thing up into her snatch. She
fucked herself with it, pumping hard and deep to be dramatic, to
put on a really slutty show for them.
And when she came, she knew that, more than the vibrator, more
than her fingers, it was their presence, their watching that drove
her pleasure.
After that she was on her knees on the floor, and "forced" to
suck Sean off. Her shackles were locked behind her back as he held
her hair and "made" her suck him off, "made" her lick his balls and
take his cock down her throat.
Then Paul was beside him, and she had to take turns, sucking
one cock, then the other. Then both of them rubbed their spit-wet
cocks over her face. They put her on her side on the rug and forced
her upper leg high, painfully high and back, then, kneeling at her
crotch, Paul forced his cock up her pussy while Sean buried his in
her asshole.
They fucked her long and hard, and she came repeatedly, lost
in a world of sexual gratification and glassy eyed pleasure.
After they had both come inside her they took off the shackles
and put on the leather cuffs, then forced the vibrators up her
pussy and asshole again and hung her spreadeagled from the ceiling.
They called her obscene names, and suggested awful punishments for
her as she came again and again, their words stabbing into her mind
like fire and inciting her to greater and greater heights of
Afterwards, dazed and exhausted, she crawled across the floor
on her belly, licking at their feet as she begged them to rape her
ass or fuck her throat. Sean sodomized her a final time, then went
home, and Paul carried her into the bathroom and washed her off.

Jamie had long vowed that she would find the time for a
holiday, but put it off time after time. That week she took her
holiday. She spent Monday night, sleeping exhaustedly, wrists
chained to her belly. The next day she spent entirely in chains,
and much of it on her knees, scrubbing floors with a brush, eating
her food off of plates and bowls on the floor, and saying the most
demeaning, obscene things about herself as Paul filmed her.
Sean came over that evening, and he joined Paul in fucking and
sodomizing her, and even spanked her ass once when she wouldn't
repeat his words about how she loved to fuck German shepherds and
That night, very late, Paul removed her chains, and instead
used leather shackles to lock her wrists behind her back. Then he
forced a leather ball-gag into her mouth, and, leading her by the
leash attached to her studded leather collar, took her out into the
She was terrified one of the neighbors would be looking out of
their peep holes, or would open the door as they passed, but none
did. She was also intensely aroused at being naked like this
outside, or, well, sort of outside.
He took her downstairs, using the stairs, and led her into the
dark garage. There he made her suck his cock, and deep throat it,
before bending her across the hood of a Porsche and fucking her in
the ass.
She spent the rest of the next day, Wednesday, in chains
again, Sean, and two other men she didn't know, Paul, and Jack,
came over. She was so incredibly hot at the four men being there
with her that she almost came before the first cock slid into her.
All evening long they fucked her, all of them taking her at least
Paul took her out of the apartment again late that night, and
down to the garage. He made her get into the trunk of his car, then
drove to a wooded area just outside town. He took her out of the
trunk, led her into the woods, then pressed her back against a
large tree, tied her hands up and back behind it, then lifted her
legs and fucked her long and hard.
Then he tied her legs back behind the trees, so she was
spreadeagled and her flesh was so tight against the bark it was
like she was part of the tree. He put a vibrator up her pussy, and
another up her asshole, then told her he'd see her in the morning
and drove off.
She was alone for long hours, coming and coming as her mind
was blown by gale force winds of sexual lust and heat. Paul didn't
leave her there till morning, having stuck around to watch just out
of her sight, and came back for her after an hour and a half,
putting her back in the trunk and taking her home.
That day, Thursday, he brought over twelve men, and Jamie was
fucked and fucked and fucked until she was almost drowning in come
juice. In fact, all of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were like one
long party, where men crowded around her fondling and groping and
fucking her, and making obscene remarks about her body.
They watched TV, including the video tapes of her, and drank
beer, and talked, and meanwhile she crawled around them sucking
cocks and licking feet, and getting fucked and sodomized. She
jerked off for them as they watched, using vibrators in her pussy
and asshole, and coming with crazed abandon as they cheered.
Late Friday and Saturday nights Paul took her out of the
apartment again, only this time without the chains, and wearing a
sluttish skin tight, low-cut, very short hemmed dress. He took her
downtown and prostituted her, letting several men take her to a
nearby motel room and fuck her for money.
Afterwards, she remembered they were men who had been at the
all day parties, friends or acquaintances of his from the club, but
it was still desperately exciting and wicked.
Sunday she stayed in chains, but nobody came over. Paul fucked
her a few times, but it was mostly a day for her to relax.
Monday, wearing a mannish blue suit with a high-collared silk
shirt, her hair neatly brushed, she went to work, telling everyone
she had had the flu all last week, and behaving as close to normal
as she could. Every now and then as she worked, though, she would
think back to the wildly erotic week that had ended, and her hand
would go to her pussy to give it a squeeze.
It made the day go by faster, and she was looking forward to
getting rid of the clothes, and donning her chains that evening.



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