Mad About You: Mad About You And Her (MFF,rough,bmail)
by Celeb Watcher

Jamie Buchman had always been sexually fufilled by Paul, he did have a 9 inch
rod that he rammed into her almost every night. But today Jamie was feeling
especialy horny. She was wearing a tight tank-top, and matching skirt. It was
almost time for Paul to get home and Jamie was starting to get pissed off.
Paul had been away on a trip for 10 days and she hadden't gotten any since
Ira snuck over and fingered her. Her and Ira had been having an affair for
about 6 months.

"ding dong" Paul walked in.

"Hey honey, long time no see!!!!" he grabed her and hugged her lovingly, not
to mention the occasional ass grab.

They did that for about a minite, then Paul started to get a boner. Jamie
could feel it rubbing against her moist pussy through her tight skirt.

"Wow, somebodys glad to see me," Jamie said happily.

"You don't know how long I have been waiting for this!!!!" Paul said joyfuly.

"Well, lets see how Buchman Jr. is doing!!!" Jamie said also joyfuly.

She unzipped his pants and though them onthe ground. She then pulled is under
wear off and his dick pulled free and hit her in the face. "Sorry," he said

"That's fine I like it really rough," she mentioned.

"Good 'cause I've got a huge load saved up, and I'm as horny as hell!!!" Paul

Jamie then took the enormus cock into her mouth, almost gaging. "MMMMmmmm,"
she moaned as he started to rip apart her top and feel her tits. Paul had
never been satisfied when it came to tits cause Jamie's, were only average,
and he wanted huge. He decided to take his upset out on his wife, he started
to pull on her hair, and rock her head back and forth. A muffles scream came
out, But Paul ignored it and pulled harder. A louder scream came out this

"Jamie I am gonna cum soon, where do you want it?"

"Put it all it my mouth!" she said.

Paul couldn't hold on, he let it shoot out spraying it all over her face
including her hair. But she took tons in the mouth as she swallowed it all
down. Paul did in deed have a huge wad saved up.

"Alright I 'am not done yet you slut!!" Paul said. He ripped off her skirt
and panties and shoved it into her already moist puss.

"Oh fuck, FUCK!!!" She screamed.

Paul had entered his entire dick into her tight vagina.

All of sudden Fran ran in and saw them on the floor with Jamie almost crying.
"Ohmygoodness!" she said, as she was about to run out.

"Get your tight ass over here!" Paul yelled.

Fran was wearing a super tight white t-shirt, with no bra on, and a tight
pair of short spandex shorts. Her huge DD tits bounced as she ran over.

"Take your shorts off or I'll really give it to Jamie!!" Paul blackmailed.

"PLEASE!!!!! do it Fran! This hurts soooo much!" Jamie yelled.

"Well okay, I am pretty horny." She took them off exposing her shaved pussy.

"Now come here so I can play with your tits!" Paul said excitedly.

Jamie started to get used to the pain as Paul was really shoving it in far.
"Now I'm gonna cum!" Jamie screamed.

Her jucies spashed against Paul's and her thighs.

"Now Fran lick that up, I and I'll fuck you up the ass!"

Fran started to crazily lick the juices up as Paul slid his huge cock into
her ass. "Fuck!" she screamed as he entered her virgin ass hole. He did her
so hard so started to reall scream.

"Keep licking her cunt you whore." He rode her faster and faster. Her unbound
tits bounced within her shirt. You could clearly see her nipples. After Fran
was done licking Jamie cum up she started on Paul's which was all over her
tits and face.

"Fuck Fran your so tight!" Paul blew his second load into Fran ass. She let
out one last scream, as she felt the cum spash against her inner walls. Paul
got up and wiped his dick off in Jamie's hair, and grabbing both women's tits
as they lay there sobbing and in pain.


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