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Codes: MMMF, inc, oral, anal

MASH: Part 14 - "Howitzer" Al Houlihan's Visit
by Spyder

The 4077th, hotbed for the casualties of war as well as other types of
behavior that happens while the staff members are so far from home. The
doctor's, nurses and other people who keep the daily routine going are
always looking to keep active and that includes sexually. Colonel Potter is
no exception, even though he has enjoyed a long marriage to his wife back
in Missouri.

This day is no exception to the rule; the war is quiet, as B.J has been
given head from nurse Kellye to start the day. Klinger took one of the
nurses to his quarters and they are hot and heavy in sexual activity.


Potter, Hawkeye and Margaret are in her tent fulfilling each other's needs.
Margaret is kneeling as she blows both of her favorite men in the camp.
Moaning in ecstasy, Potter opens one eye as he watches the blindfolded head
nurse drain him for his cum.

Suddenly the door opens as, Al Houlihan walks in, he smiles as he sees his
daughter doing what is necessary to break up the boredom. Al puts a finger
to his lips to make sure he is not announced to his daughter, lowers his
pants and joins the line-up as the Major sucks cock.

Back and forth the sexy nurse goes, doing all three dicks one by one. Potter
moans and says, "Damn, Margaret now I know why you are called 'Hot Lips'."

Hawkeye giggles as he sees Al for the first time and says, "Margaret, you
are truly the hottest of the nurses in the camp."

The captain and colonel remain quiet as Al kneels between Margaret's open
thighs and begin to eat her twat. She moans and is wondering who the third
man in the tent is and why he smells familiar. Al, moves back, allows
Hawkeye to enter his daughter's pussy with his finger sand tongue. Potter,
by now has dressed and left to complete some paperwork, having his moments
of sexual bliss for now and also knows that he and Margaret will fuck much

Hawkeye ends his eating of her pussy as Al and he make plans to fuck her.
Telling her to leave the blindfold on, Pierce lifts her into position to
drive his dick in her pussy, while Al has opted for the read entry. The
horny major moans as the tow men drive her holes, while Margaret continues
to wonder who has such a thick cock in her ass. She recalls the General's
and Colonel's she has fucked since she turned 17, none have felt this thick,
except for Pierce, but being only a captain, she has to think about it more
as they are ready to unload in her pussy.

Al exits her ass; Hawkeye lifts her from his throbbing dick as the two switch
places. Al sits down, Hawkeye helps to lower her twat on his cock and once
that is done he drives her tight ass. Fucking his daughter wasn't what he had
in mind when he decided to show for a visit, but since she was interested in
fucking him at 16, he waited and hoped it would not happen, but seeing her
naked turned his memory back to that day. His condom-covered cock inside her
hot twat makes him wonder if she would hate him for the incestual relations.

Hawkeye unloads in her one more time, Al waits to have Margaret lifted from
his ready to explode cock and once she is removes the rubber and places it in
her mouth. The Major sucks with delight as Al reaches down and removes the
blindfold, thus revealing him to her lusting eyes. As he takes the cover
from her eyes, he says that he too now understands the meaning of her

Margaret is surprised that she has had sex with her dad, but is calmed by the
remembrance of wondering how he felt inside. Al smiles and shakes the hand of
the man he one time hated, but is pleased that such a strong man is his
daughter's lover. Hawkeye bends her over and fucks her from behind as Al sits
quietly on the chair.

As she is being banged, Margaret says, "Dad, how would you like to meet your

Al clears his throat and says, "I already know him don't I. The man is
Captain Pierce here."

Margaret smiles and with a nod says that Hawkeye is her future husband and
that she hopes that he will return for the wedding at the end of the war. Al
says he will be there, but why at the end of the war, to which Hawkeye says
that they want it to commemorate the end of the fighting and the start of
something new. Al watches as his future son-in-law continues to ass fuck
his daughter. Margaret moans as Pierce cums in her cunt and they separate
to allow the discussion to continue. Hawkeye leaves as his name is called to
surgery and tells Margaret to visit, he will get Kellye to assist the only
patient in camp. Margaret gives head one last time to her father, who as to
rush out and get to Tokyo for he has another meeting to get to. They agree
to meet in Tokyo when he returns in two weeks. A lingering kiss and Al
leaves a naked Margaret masturbating on her cot.

The End...


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