MASH: Part 9 - Nurse Cutler Returns (MF,FF,F-mast,oral,BDSM,voy)
by Spyder ([email protected])

The Korean War continues on. All the doctor's and nurses are growing weary
of the time the peace talks are taking to set them free from this strange
time and place. Some of the doctor's have gone home: Frank Burns and Trapper
John and one has been killed while turning home: Henry Blake. Of course other
personnel such as Major Winchester and Colonel Potter have replaced them.
They have slowly fit into the routine of this crazy ragtag group of medical
people. One unusual occurrence is the return for a second tour of duty is
Nurse Marjorie Cutler. She had went stateside to work in a hospital, but
opted to return to help where the need is highest, at the same unit she left
behind eighteen months prior. At the 4077th she has any memories of the
people, especially Hawkeye and Trapper (who has gone home). Cutler remembers
the time she blew both Trapper and Hawkeye in front of Houlihan and was
surprised that night to have her pussy ravaged by Margaret.

Upon her return to the 4077th she reported to Major Houlihan and they are to
have a reunion of sorts that night in her tent. So far she hasn't met the
replacements with the exception of Colonel Potter, who asked to talk with the
sexually hot nurse. Nothing happened at this meeting, but Marjorie wants to
see how far this old stallion can run in a sexually charged situation. She is
surprised that Pierce hasn't requested her in his quarters, but knows it
won't be long before he welcomes her back for the second time and this time
Trapper can not stop them from what will transpire. While lying on her cot
she masturbates with her cotton panties still covering her still thick bush.
Jamming her fingers deeply inside she is watched from the door, Marjorie
notices that Radar is stroking his cock while viewing her probing digits
entering her pink love nest while wearing her undies. Once she has noticed
that Radar has been watching, she slides off her panties and bra to continue
to give the young corporal the show to remember. Marjorie soon cums and has
Radar shooting all over his hands. The hot nurse lies there for awhile
totally nude with her perky large tits glistening from the sweat that covered
her from the masturbation action she performed.

Later that afternoon as she walks about the camp, she spots Max Klinger still
attempting to get out on a psycho by dressing as a woman. It's not the fact
that he is dressed in a dress that surprised, but the fact that he had just
had his ass fucked by Sergeant Zale. She had no idea that Klinger was BI
sexual and tries to ask him about it. Klinger answers that sexy woman with a
smile, a grope of her tight ass and says that he does occasionally like to
have a man inside his ass as opposed to having a woman blow him. Klinger
takes her behind the latrine and lowers his pants to allow the hot lady to
give him what he wants. Nurse Cutler obliges him and soon has his medium
sized dick filling her mouth with cum. For the first time since her return,
she has had a man actually inside a part of her body. The two of them leave
the area separately to continue any duties that must be performed.

Cutler goes on duty that same afternoon, relieving Kellye, who kisses her
mouth and squeezes her butt tenderly. While on duty she has an unusual
request from a patient, in that he has not had a woman since he left home
and wants her to stroke his cock. Since it is in her opinion a part of
the job, she lowers his hospital pajamas and begins to fulfill the young
soldier's request. He begins to moan as Marjorie licks the head of his
dick before she deep throats it. Major Houlihan is a witness to this
unusual form of relief for the patient and after it is all over requests
that Cutler report to her tent after her shift is over. The soldier is
happy with the final outcome and wished she could go further, but knows
that it is not possible in case Cutler gets into trouble for blowing him.
Marjorie covers him up after pulling his pajama bottoms into place and
finishes her shift.

Later that evening, once Marjorie has completed her shift, she reports to
the quarters of the Major. She is somewhat nervous as she approaches the head
nurse's tent, knocks on the door and is told to enter. Upon her entrance she
is witnessed to the Major without a stitch of clothes on and wonders why this
time she is so free to show her the body that remained so well hidden on her
last tour of duty with the 4077th.

Houlihan welcomes her to the 4077th with a smile and asks her to relax as she
moves closer to the hot nurse. Marjorie does as she is asked and joins the
blonde Major by removing her clothes. Houlihan stops her for a moment and
tells her that she saw the form of relief she performed on the soldier.
Becoming very embarrassed by hearing so, Marjorie tries to explain the views
she has on wartime relief of male or female personnel. Margaret nods her
head, says that she was considering to write her for the action, but saw that
the soldier was happy and decided to reprimand her in her own time. Cutler
wonders what sort of punishment is about to be endured. Houlihan asks her to
continue to undress and join her on the cot.

Once she is fully nude, Marjorie sits on the cot beside the shapely vixen
known as the head nurse of the 4077th. Margaret strokes the lieutenant's
hair, then her breasts and finally teasing her pussy. The two ladies kiss
one another as Marjorie slips her fingers one at a time in the hot pussy
of Major Houlihan. Margaret slowly stands up and retrieves a couple of
leather straps, letting Cutler know of her intentions at this time. The
Major ties Cutler to the bedposts of her cot, repeats the treatment on
the feet of this redheaded woman and winks at her as she reaches into her
foot locker for her whip. Marjorie smiles, as she knows that she is in for
a little whipping by her boss. With a snap of her wrist and a lightening
fast move she cracks the leather apparatus on the thighs of her new sex
partner. A few red lesions appear on the white skin of nurse Cutler as she
lets a scream after each stroke of the whip hits her naked body. Margaret
lets up long enough to grab a candle and uses it as a dildo inside the
pussy of her lover.

Replacing the wax stick with her fingers Houlihan eats pussy as she makes the nurse have multiple orgasms while tied to her bed. Cutler quietly moans as she enjoys her form of punishment now being endured. The major slowly kisses her way up the sweat soaked body of her now returned nurse and unties her as she licks some sweat from her areolas. Marjorie now free quickly turns the major on her back and sucks the breasts that she only heard about from the men in the camp, especially the now stateside Major Burns. She remembered how he's brag about having many nights to fuck the major. She now has the opportunity to ask if this happened and the blonde bombshell states that only Trapper John and Hawkeye actually fucked her form.

Cutler has no designs to whip the major, but saw the horse in the compound and decides to get some other use from the animal. She leads to major out into the compound without even a robe on and takes her to the corral. Houlihan states there could be problems if they are caught riding the colonel's horse. Cutler states gleefully, who said anything about riding the horse up the road. She gets the major to lie down, props her ass as high as possible and after getting the animal aroused takes hold of the cock and tells Houlihan to fuck this beast. Margaret never did this before; in fact she has only fucked a dog, but is willing to have a new experience. The horse whinnies as Margaret fucks the animal; Marjorie keeps kissing Houlihan and soon the major flops to the ground as the horse shoots a load on her body. Now it is Marjorie's turn as she surrounds the horse cock with her pussy and repeats the performance while Houlihan lies on the ground nearby masturbating. Again the horse whinnies as now the colonel has wandered close by to see why his horse is so noisy. Upon seeing the ladies giving his horse sex, he waits until Cutler is done and demands the two of them blow him before calling it a night.

Colonel Potter stands there as his two sexiest nurses take turns giving him a blowjob. He smiles as her shoots his wad all over Margaret's face she gets up runs to her tent and leaves the lieutenant with the colonel. He smiles and says that he wants a well-rested lady to join him in his tent soon. Potter helps Cutler up, pats her ass and they return to there quarters. Only Marjorie needs to retrieve her clothes before heading to the nurse tent to bed. She smiles as she leave Houihan's tent and says she wants to have another go at her soon. Houlihan nods as Cutler walks out quietly.

The End


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