MASH: Part 6 - Kellye Gets BJ (MF)
by Spyder ([email protected])

The fighting 4077th is the armies best kept sexual secret. The only camp in
the Asian Theater of operations, where not only the patients are operated on.
Everyone in Korea and Japan know about the escapades of there ranking nurse
Major Margaret Houlihan, but don't know that the other nurses are hot in the
sack as well. This is a story of one of the nurses who can really enjoy her
men and women.

Nurse Kellye, a Japanese, American and Hawaiian mix, which is one to smile
while working. On this particular day while enjoying free time from the O.R,
she seeks the company of a man or should I say the only man who hasnĦt tried
to hit on her while she has been around.

BJ Hunnicut is a young doctor and a father of one child back in Mill Valley,
California. His wife Peg awaits his discharge from the army so she can renew
the sex that she has missed. BJ hasn't cheated on his wife, but has had his
cock sucked by Houlihan once, but never entered her cunt to fuck it. He has
only heard about the sensation a man can get while in the arms of the Major.
Today, he is feeling a little lonely and looks to relieve the tension in some
way, shape or form.

During the afternoon, Kellye is walking from the ladies showers, when she
greets the captain with a good afternoon and a come hither smile. BJ notices
that she has let her kimono flop open to reveal her ripe full breasts. He
immediately licks his lips, letting Kellye see the action and the bulge now
forming in his trousers. As she strolls to her tent, she lets Hunnicut know
that she is alone the rest of the afternoon and needs someone to dry her
back. BJ follows her inside and quickly uses the opportunity to plant a full
kiss on the young nurseĦs lips. She reciprocates in earnest and drives her
tongue into his mouth, while he slides his hand under her kimono to cop a
feel of her pussy. Feeling the droplets of water on the hairy opening, BJ
allows her to unzip his pants to unleash his hardened criminal. Kellye
strokes his dick as he fingers her clit, which by now is near sexual

Kellye kneels on the floor, lowers the captainĦs trousers, grips the shaft
within and licks it up and down. BJ moans as the nurse sucks his balls one
at a time and then she surprises him with the width of her mouth by taking
both of them in between her lips. She then waits as he drives his dick into
her open mouth, so that she feels the length down to her throat. At first
Kellye gags on it and then her throat muscles relax as she deep throats her
lovers cock until he has unloaded in her mouth. She backs off and swallows
the jism of her married lover.

Leading her over to her cot, BJ lies her gently on it, guides her thighs as
wide as possible and jams his tongue in her dripping pussy. BJ smiles as the
amount of hair around her twat is as thick as his wife's. Using both and
tongue he works feverishly to bring the young woman to climax. Again he
decides to use another tactic to bring this sort of action, as he plunges
three of his fingers into her tight, unfucked ass. He assumed that the
resident single, Hawkeye Pierce had already gotten inside this oneĦs hole,
but is surprised as he realizes that she is taking his rod into her ass and
it will be the first. Once he feels that she is sufficiently ready to have
some of his cock in her ass, BJ turns her over and lays it into her gaping
hole as she screams loudly. Dipping it in and out, Kellye now has felt a
man's stick pounding her tight asshole until he cums on her buttocks.

Kellye gets up for a second, retrieves a belt and ties it around the
captain's wrists. She then takes another strap, uses it as a whip to bring
some excitement into the sex she is having. What they donĦt know is that
Nurse Bigelow is masturbating behind the tent as the two lovers have the
sex of their lives. BJ is stunned that the young vixen could bring on some
cruelty to the proceedings, but isnĦt one to argue the fact, besides he
opened her ass to fucking for the first time. Hearing some moans, the two
wonder who is watching or even listening. What isn't known is that Radar
is eating the pussy of Nurse Bigelow outside?

Kellye lets her lover loose and awaits his entry into her hot pussy. She
points to it, as Captain Hunnicut obliges the lady by driving his cock into
her cunt. She yelps at the way BJ has entered her mound, but accepts the way
he has gone about fucking her. She thinks that BJ's wife is one lucky woman
to have such a hard love pole to enjoy. At first BJ goes slow, not wanting
to hurt her, but knows that with both Hawkeye and Radar being in Kellye's
honey pot, he has no reason to hold back with the drive he planned. It isn't
all that long until the two of them have cum with a force of ten people and
they separate once they hear a chopper overhead. Quietly they leave and while
rounding the corner of the tent, they see that Radar has gotten a mouthful of
Nurse Bigelow's pussy. BJ thinks that he would love to fuck this lady in the
future and maybe even Major Houlihan. That's a topic or another time...

The End


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