MASH: Part 4 - The POW Camp (M+F,MF,BDSM,tort,rape)
by Spyder

It is one month after the cold season is over. Margaret Houlihan is on her
way back from an aide station, feeling tired and alone with no Hawkeye to
end her horniness. While on the road she decides to stop along the way to
relieve the inner tension that fills her body. Near one of the many trees
that she passes, Major Houlihan undoes and lowers her pants to masturbate
before continuing on to the fighting 4077th. Lying on the hard ground, she
dips her fingers into her red-hot pussy, tousling the blonde hair that
surrounds the hottest box in the army. Soon she cums on the ground but is
unaware that some North Korean soldiers are watching her.

Finally Houlihan gets off the ground, pulls her pants up and mounts the jeep
she was driving. Having troubles with the starter, she gets out to try to get
it started from the engine. While under the hood, the soldiers sneak up on
her and as she looks over the situation, Major Houlihan notices the four men
pointing guns at her. Barking orders at his compatriots, the Captain points
for her to follow them and they leave the jeep behind. Walking for nearly an
hour, they finally arrive at the soldier's camp and in order for Margaret to
stay here, they rip her clothes from her body revealing the sexiest woman
they have ever seen. Not yet sure of what they intend to do with the American
nurse, the Koreans take her to the only open tent on the base. They take some
rope, tie her against some bamboo poles and leave her to think about what
will happen to her while she stays put.

One-hour later, Major Houlihan finds out what she is to endure while a
captive in a Korean P.O.W camp. The soldiers that took her prisoner, leave
her bound and tied, and one by one they do what was decided while she hung
there fully nude. The leader of the trio takes the bamboo stick he brought
in and with swift strikes, smacks the rod down hard on her ass and back.
Margaret screams at the treatment, but tries not to pass out from the pain
inflicted, instead she squirms to attempt to move away from the onslaught
of the bamboo cane. The soldier then grabs her blonde tresses, then rams
his fist between her legs. At first he places three fingers inside her
pussy, jamming them in and out very hard, making Houlihan scream at the
top of her lungs. Following this sexual act slides his hand inside her twat
and balls it into a fist and fist fucks her for a short period of time.
Then the evil leader takes the bamboo stick and with the rounded end he ram
sit inside her gaping ass. Plunging the rod with extreme hardness and then
he rams it inside her pussy, again drawing some painful screams out of the
lungs of the gorgeous major.

Soon he thinks about letting up, but reconsiders by dipping his cock into
her bloody pussy. While he fucks the hot major, the soldier reaches for a
candle that is burning on the table near the bed. He now holds the candle
over her breasts, drips the wax on her large tits, which in turn draws more
screams from the sexpot of the 4077th. He removes his cock from her cunt
and explodes all over her upper body, as he watches Houlihan attempt to wipe
the wax off her nipples. This soldier leaves the tent quietly and snickers
on the way out.

Major Houlihan believes that she is over the shock of being ravaged by a
Korean soldier. Oh how wrong she is as another soldier enters the canvas
jail with a pot of something hot in one hand and a thick stick in the other.
Tears fall from her face as she now realizes that the torture and rape are
not over. Bracing for what is to follow, she waits the next step of her
captivity. Margaret sobs and awaits the horror of the next few hours.

Soldier number two begins where the other man left off, he thrusts the stick
in her ass, pounding it in and out until more blood and screams exit the
majorís body. There is only one difference between the two men though, this
one points to his hardened cock and her mouth. From this the aching major
senses that he wants a blowjob form her. This being the easiest part of her
captivity Margaret takes hold the second man's smallish cock and prepares
to blow him. The man seems to ease off on his treatment as Houlihan sucks
the cock that is in her mouth. It isn't much to suck on she thinks as she
decides to deep throat it. A smile emerges from his face as he unloads into
her mouth and then his next item is to slowly pour the hot liquid over her
back. Drop by drop falls from the pot as Margaret knows from the smell it
is olive oil. The heat of the liquid scalds her back; more screams emanate
out of her mouth as the soldier takes a different type of torture to
pleasure himself.

The second man leaves the tearful Major in the middle of the tent holding
her tits and ass, which are extremely sore from the torture she has endured.
A short rest and the third of four soldiers enters the tent, Margaret watches
him enter the hellhole she sits in and looks at him with disgust. Although
she sees no items to hurt her any further she knows that he could have left
it outside. He circles the hurting lady and then insists that she suck his
balls. Major Houlihan thinks that this is the easiest start to the whole day
this far.

Reaching toward the man, she unzips his pants, takes hold of his long cock
and licks it up and down the shaft until it is hard enough to continue to the
next stage. Before she does that, Margaret licks and sucks the balls of her
third captor. Soon she has the full length of his cock deep in her mouth,
slurping as he unloads into the blonde vixen. Swallowing his cum that is in
her mouth, she hopes that he will do no more to hurt her, oh how wrong she
is. Turning her back on him, she shivers from the cold she feels down her
spine and then she winces in pain as he drives his cock into her bloody cunt.
Almost passing out from the pain, she relaxes until the soldier returns from
outside with a whip and chains. He chains the Major to the pole, she was tide
to at first, then using the whip he strikes the major many times, creating
red welts and lesions all over her aching body. Margaret finally has had
enough and decides that if there are any other soldiers to enter the tent
that she will fight back and at tempt to leave. This one continues the
assault striking her body twenty times over and then unbinds her from the
pole. He takes the whip, wraps it around her throat, leads her to the bed,
bends her over and enters her ass very rapidly.

For the next half an hour or so, the soldier ass fucks the major, before
dipping into her pussy. Quite tired of the activity, Margaret senses a slow
down of this one's actions as he stops fucking her and leaves the tent. The
major flops to the ground in a heap, thankful this one didnít drop any hot
liquid over her body. Soon the final soldier walks in, he sees a bleeding,
burnt and well-fucked lady lying on the floor in a great deal of agony. He
makes one mistake though, once he undoes his gun belt and lets it fall to
the floor, he has given Margaret the glint of hope she needs to get out of

The smart Major awaits the chance to leave but allows the soldier to try his
best. Since they are near the bed, he takes what is left of the hot oil and
drizzles it over Margaret's tits, then he leans in and sucks them, which is
odd compared to the other torture specialists. Another unusual part of this
man's demeanor is the way he wishes to fuck her. Taking her arms he sits
under her and drives his cock into her ass from underneath. While he fucks
her ass in this position, he slaps her cheeks and then grabs the bamboo pole
on the floor and strikes her back. He drops the pole and then takes his own,
driving it up in her pussy, fucking her quite hard for the longest of times.
The major now grabs the gun while he drives her and shoves it into his ribs.
Sensing that his time is over, he speaks a little English, at least enough
to know that she is taking her opportunity to leave the camp with him as a
hostage. The two get dressed and walk toward the direction that they arrived
from. Unusually quiet is what she sees as they walk to her jeep. Once they
arrive to the place it was left at, the major tells him to fix the engine
and once he has done this, Margaret drives back to the 4077th hurt and
ravaged by the Korean soldiers who captured her one day earlier.

While on the way back to camp, Margaret stops to clean the crud that
corrupted her body. Seeking a creek or lake, she comes across a small stream
with fresh water, she stops, removes her filthy clothes and steps into the
water. She has only begun to rinse the last day's mess off when she is joined
by a North Korean soldier out to do the same thing. Realizing that she left
the gun from the other soldier in the jeep, the major has no idea what to do.
Shocked by the nude woman before him, he reaches out to grab some blonde hair
and some nookie. He drags her to the shore, lies her on her stomach and ass
fucks her and this is when she feels her ordeal is about to start over. One
thing she has noticed is that he is unarmed and hopefully all he wants is a
piece of fine American ass. She is so sore from her four captors that she
hopes this doesn't last long, although she hasn't seen a Korean man with a
cock this long or so tick. She decides to enjoy this one since he isn't
banging her insides as hard. Then suddenly he gets rougher on the major and
she now knows that it's time to take prisoners or kill the bastard that now
fucks her.

He unleashed his cock from her ass, then long dicks her cunt with the
strength unfelt by this woman. Seemingly they are inching toward the jeep
and her chance for freedom. Reaching into her bag, Houlihan defends herself
by taking out the Chinese pistol and blasting the soldier who just fucked
her before he can have the chance to rape her already sore body. She looks
down on the wounded man, loads him on the jeep and drives back to the
4077th with a Korean POW on board. As she enters the camp. Hawkeye sees the
bruised major, asks a few questions and helps her take the prisoner into the
O.R where she will help operate on the man who just fucked her a few hours
earlier. On her report to Colonel Potter, Margaret tells of the horror she
experienced the last couple of days, which Potter puts her in for the purple
heart for bravery and then tells her to rest for a few days. Of course her
dreams will be of the ordeal and will be a long time before she can sleep or
enjoy sex the proper way.

The End


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