This is a parody, not the real thing, you have to be an adult to read the
story below.

MASH: Hot Lips' Surprise (MFF,F-Dom,reluc)
by Dr. Bone

"Kelly this is what, the fifteenth hooker I have seen today." Said Margaret

"I don't understand it. It is not like the Marines are in town, who is doing
this?" she asked. All the women could say was "big soldier". Margaret gave
out a jar of ointment and told the woman to take the day off.

Kelly acted pensive, until Margaret noticed. "Corporal, if you have something
on your mind say it. I think I know who it is. I am sure."

"Just one man. Doing that much damage. I'd like to meet him."

"No it is true."

"Name." Kelly hesitated then spoke. When Margaret heard the name she started
to crack up. "Ha! Ha! Ha! Radar. Kelly if you didn't make me laugh I'd put
you on report."

"No I'm serious, ever wonder why he doesn't have a girlfriend. Always plays
with animals? He told me once. When he was young he had fucked a neighbor's
daughter too hard and she wound up in the hospital. That's why the few women
he does hook up with don't hang around. They take one look at it and... zip,
they transfer out."

"Our Radar? Kelly if you are right I'd take him. (softly) After that needle

"What major?"

"Never you mind, I want to see if this is true."

"Major? If you really want to see it wear that black sweater of yours, he
thinks you look sexy in it."

"He thinks what! Kelly tell him to meet me in the supply room at six, and be
there, I want a witness."

Major Houlihan did show up at the supply room at six wearing the black
sweater. If Kelly was wrong she would be put on report for a month for lying
to a superior officer."

"You wanted to see me?" said Radar clipboard in hand followed by Kelly.

"Corporal have you been fraternizing with working girls. You know that is a
violation of direct orders."

"I know mam its just, just. I get...lonely and all."

"Well have you been causing them problems."

"No mam, do you mean? Awww Geez! Kelly did you tell her that was our secret."

"Out with it Corporal, and I mean out with it."

Radar blushed then unzipped his fly and Major Hot Lips Houlihan's eyes went
wide. "That little twerp is packing a cock that would do a horse proud." she
thought to herself as all she could do was gulp loudly.

"We grow them big in the mid west." Radar said with a little dry laugh.

Margaret instinctively reached out to grab Radar's cock. "Major what are you
doing?" asked Kelly.

"Some of the local working girls said they suffered injuries because of a
huge... member of our forces... well it is my duty to confirm that."

She reached forward and grabbed Radar's cock and started to rub it, to her
shock it grew even bigger. "You like this black sweater?" she asked smiling.

"Very much." said Walter sweating.

His cock grew still bigger. The Major kept pumping it. "Why don't you give it
a suck mam?" said Walter.

She was shocked, she had never expected such a statement from quiet Radar.
"How dare you, Kelly what are you doing."

"Just because you are afraid doesn't mean everyone in this camp is." said the
chubby nurse as she got on her knees and started to suck on Radar's monster

"I'm not afraid."

"Whatever you say Major." she said as her mouth struggled to take in the huge
cock in front of her.

Hot Lips felt challenged, she got down her knees next to Kelly, who held
Radar's cock out for her. She kissed the end of the cock and then took it
in her mouth and started to blow Radar.

Radar had Kelly get up and hold Margaret's head and started to ram it down
her throat.

"Come on Major take it down your throat deeper deeper." Kelly took her hands
off of Margaret's head and started to strip. Margaret knew she should run out
or stop this but she had always been into kink and this was as kinky as it

Kelly began to strip naked showing her soft body, she was heavy but also
solid. She got down on her knees besides Margaret and undid her web belt.
"What are you doing?" she cried out as Kelly undid her zipper and slid her
pants down.

"Relax Major, I'm only getting you ready for... that." she said as she slid
the Major's pants off. Kelly plunged her fingers into her cunt. First one,
then two followed by three then four. "It's gonna be tight." she said.

Kelly showing off pushed Margaret aside and deep throated half of Radar's
horse sized cock. Then she had Hot Lips stand up and lean over a table.
Kelly guided Radar's cock in. It was so big she felt like a virgin again
and groaned as it slid in. Radar pounded her without mercy for what seem
like hours.

"Come on take it Major!" Radar said slapping her ass rather hard. When she
turned around to protest it he fucked her even harder.

"You see Major, Radar and I have been lovers for years and we arranged this
whole thing and you are going to be our slave, you will get Radar and me
other nurses to fuck and get us passes to Tokyo when we need it. Is that

"Yes! Yes! Mam!" said Hot Lips as Radar pounded her pussy even harder.

The action shifted to the cot in the corner. Radar put her legs on his
shoulders and put his cock back in her. Kelly lowered her pussy onto
Margaret's face. This was not the first time she had licked a pussy,
there was that night with her ex-husband Donald, but she had been drunk

Radar lifted her sweater up and undid her bra pinching and sucking her
nipples way harder than they had ever been done. He twisted them every now
and then.

Then as he came in her bucking as he pinched her nipple hard causing here
to cum like she never had before.

Now naked she was on her knees. Kelly was licking her pussy as she sucked
his cock hard again. Spit ran down her chin as the excitement of the moment
overtook her.

He had Kelly and her get on top of each other and suck each other's tits and
kiss. He plunged his cock into Kelly and fucked her, then he slammed it into
Margaret. The girl fingered each other as the fucking continued.

The last fuck act for that night was Margaret bouncing up and down on his
cock sitting on a chair facing him. Her nipples were sore and her ass was
red from his pinching and slapping. He had her bounce up and down on his
cock telling him what a good little whore-slave she would be. After he came
in her he told her to leave as Kelly and him got back into the cot to fuck
some more.

Margaret stumbled into the cold winter air not believing what happened. She
wondered if she should report what had happened but realized it would be her
career on the line.

A few weeks later a package arrived from Tokyo. In it was a note, a time and
a sheer black night gown. As she walked towards the door her legs trembled.


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