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Lost: Sun Worship (M-mast,voy)
by Ronin

Sun smiled as a gaudy butterfly rested for a moment on her bare shoulder,
then flitted away again into the emerald depths of the jungle. The beautiful
young woman closed her eyes and slowly inhaled, savouring the scent of the
blossoms which blazed like scarlet suns amongst the verdant undergrowth
fringing the stream. She stepped further out into the water, the lazy current
lapping at her shins and then her golden thighs; it was midday but the stream
was shaded from the tropical glare and a balmy breeze slid over the water to
caress her naked body. She sighed, relishing this rare moment of contentment,
this chance to dream that the island was a paradise and not a prison...

Harvey squinted through the fronds. He didn't dare get any closer but the
view from his hiding place was pretty much perfect as it was. He licked his
thick lips, his piggy eyes narrowing with lust as he watched the Asian beauty
pour handfuls of water over her perfect body. Goddamn, she was hot. Harvey
had always had a thing for Asian chicks and this one - petite, pert, demure -
had had the blood pumping into his cock for weeks. Jesus, he'd thought he was
gonna burst; it'd been a fucking eternity waiting for his hands to mend and,
as soon as Jack had removed the bindings and pronounced the burns healed,
Harvey had lumbered into the jungle to jerk himself off.

Shit, how long had it been since he'd last emptied his balls? Too fucking
long, for sure. Not since the cubicle in the airport, squatting on the can
and imagining two of the stewardesses he'd spotted in the concourse tonguing
each other in a sixty-nine. Yeah, the crash had really put a hold on his
daily - and occasionally hourly - jacking routine; he'd scorched his palms
and fingers on a red-hot scrap of engine casing as he staggered from the
wreckage of Oceanic 815. The doc, Jack, had bandaged him up and, when the
pain ebbed, Harvey had stared forlornly at the clumsy mittens. No chance of
getting a grip on his meat with those fuckers. Not that he hadn't tried...

Well, that was then. He unzipped himself and levered his long thick dick
out, experimentally flexing the fingers of his right hand before wrapping
them round his joint. Goddamn, this was gonna be good. His eyes never left
Sun, his gaze boring into her as she scooped water over herself. Her skin
glistened; her small pink nipples glittered like diamonds. Harvey's cock
twitched in his palm each time she bent over, her hair as sleek and glossy
as a raven's wing as it trailed in the water, the honey-hued peach of her
ass so perfect that the sweating voyeur had to bite his tongue to suppress
a moan of desire.

Goddamn! This was worth the wait; his imagination had run wild during those
endless days on the beach, his cock almost permanently hard as his hard
little eyes followed Kate, Shannon and even that little pregnant blonde
chick - but it had been Sun that had really got him going and the frustration
of being unable to empty his ever-bluer balls as he fantasised about her had
near killed him.

It had been an unbelievable stroke of luck seeing her ahead of him on the
jungle path barely moments after he'd got rid of those fucking bandages; the
image of her bathing provoked by the towel slung over her shoulder had given
him an instant hardon and he'd followed her with a stealth which belied his
bulk. He hadn't seen her undress, had been picking his way carefully through
the undergrowth looking for a peephole in the bushes which fringed the
stream, and the sudden, stunning sight of her buck naked had made his knees

Sun felt something brush delicately against her thigh, glanced down and saw
an orchid unfolding on the slow current. She bent and picked it up, smiled at
the perfume of the petals and tucked it behind her ear. Humming a tune, she
ran the sliver of soap she'd been hoarding down her slender neck and over the
slopes of her proud, pert breasts. Her nipples rose into hard little studs at
the innocent caress and she blushed, coy even when she was alone. Or thought
she was...

Harvey's hand was moving faster now, his heavy balls churning. The
middle-aged pervert's fecund, fetid mind had cut and pasted Sun into a
fantasy that brought beads of sweat popping out of his forehead. She was
on her hands and knees on a bed, naked save for high heels. Her back was
arched, her perfect ass raised so high in the air that that the huge black
cock was driving into it almost vertically. She was begging the hulking
negro squatting over her to stop, her hands scrabbling desperately at the
crumpled sheets but the nameless stud that Harvey had conjured for his
fantasy just hip-hammered his monstrous member deeper into her, his balls
slapping her pouting pussy lips...

Sun spun, beads of water flicking from her golden body. Her lips parted and
she instinctively crossed protective arms across her breasts. Her nipples
stiffened again, but this time it was from fear. The snarl that had
interrupted her reverie had been thick, feral. She stared with widened eyes
into the green gloom of the jungle.

A long, long moment passed. She jumped as the silence was broken by the noise
of something heavy trampling the undergrowth, and then she exhaled a slow
sigh of relief; whatever animal had been lurking on the bank was heading
away from her. She waited until the noise of its passage had faded before
hurriedly climbing out of the stream and scooping up her clothes, pulling
them on without drying herself first.

Dressed again and feeling less vulnerable than she had when she'd been naked,
her fear quickly passed to be replaced by curiosity. Which of the mysterious
island's denizens had she heard? She cautiously parted the fronds behind
which she thought the snarl might have emanated. There was a path of crushed
stalks leading away beyond, disappearing into the jungle. She felt something
slick sliding over the fingers of her right hand and glanced down to see
thick white gloop dripping down the broad, paddle-shaped leaf she'd moved.
She stared at the goo for a long moment, then shuddered and flicked the
viscous muck from her fingers. She knew plants, knew that the white slime
wasn't sap.

Then she saw the footprints, a heavy pair pressed into the soft soil.
Realisation dawned. She'd been watched! Someone had been standing here,
hidden in the shadows, watching her bathe, running hungry eyes over her
body until they'd - they'd - nausea rose in her throat as a fat white
bead of sperm plopped from the frond onto the ground by her feet. Her
stomach heaved. She clapped her hand to her mouth then snatched it away
at the salty taste of the gloop still webbing her fingers. A rising tide
of anger mingled with her revulsion. Curse you, she thought fiercely,
whoever you are. And pray that Jin never discovers what you saw - and
what you did...

THE END...for now. Yeah, I know this was only a short piece and kinda light
on action but I'll be returning to the island before long - and when I do,
my favourite 'Lost' babes are going to get fucked. Hard.


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