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Lost: In the Garden
by Tricksterson

"Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't think..." said Kate. She had come into the clearing
that the survivors of Flight 815 had started calling "Sun's Garden" because
it was the Korean woman who had created it. Few people came here but Kate did
because she liked the solitude.

However she hadn't expected to see what she was seeing now. Sun was sitting
against one of the trees bordering her garden, peach blouse unbuttoned, jeans
and black panties thrust down past her hips, one hand under her lacy black
bra, the other between her legs, two fingers probing her slit, which Kate
noticed had only a thin strip of dark fur on either side.

Sun looked up, irritation and sexual frustration plain on her face.

"Why...don't you...come back..later?" she asked, while her fingers continued
busily at her pussy.

Kate licked her lips. The truth was that the view in front of her was
starting to turn her on. While she preferred men she'd had a couple of
lesbian flings while on the road, including one particularly memorable
one with a woman named Cassidy.

"Actually I was wondering if you might want"

Sun's eyes widened but she didn't dismiss the idea out of hand. She had been
educated in a series of girls-only private schools, all of which had been
hotbeds of bisexuality. She'd never gone beyond a few stolen kisses but she'd
wanted to. After a moment of reflection she nodded.

"I...miss...Jin...sooo much." Her husband, Sawyer, Michael and Walt had left
only the day before but tensions between the Korean couple combined with a
lack of privacy both on the beach and in the caves had kept their sexual
encounters to a minimum.

Kate quickly stripped down to only a black thong, walked over to the other
woman and knelt down. She had her own reasons for needing relaese, reasons
that could be summed up in three words: Jack and Sawyer. Repelled and
attracted to both of them she had been celibate since before she'd met them.
She bent down to kiss the Asian hottie's open mouth, supporting her neck with
one hand while the other went , not to replace but to join Sun's fingers with
two of her own inside her Korean cunt.

Feeling crowded Sun pulled her fingers out and reached for Kate's small but
firm breasts only to have her juice coated hand stopped by the one Kate had
had been bracing her neck with. It was then pulled to Kate's lips and licked
clean. It was then released to join it's sister in squeezing and fondling
Kate's tits.

Sun grunted as Kate slipped a third finger in then moaned loudly as the
fingers found her clit and started rubbing and pinching. A stream of Korean
obscenities erupted from her as she came on her friend's hand.

After she'd calmed down Sun uncharacteristically decided to take the
initiative. She gently pushed the other woman down onto the ground then took
off her shirt and bra, skinned her jeans and panties all the way off as well
then straddled her new lover's waist. She bent down to kiss Kate's lips then
to nuzzle her neck as the brunette below her reached up to fondle her
breasts. Kate rubbed and pinched at the Korean cutie's dark brown nipples at
the same time Sun's lips kissed and sucked at her own lighter colored ones.

Kate pouted when the Asian honey's lips left her breast but sighed with
pleasure as they proceeded downward and Sun's hands reached down to remove
the thong that was the other woman's last vestige of clothing. But just she
as reached the juncture of hip and groin the Korean woman stopped.

"I've never...I mean... I want to but...I don't know..."

"It's okay baby, I'll talk you through it," said Kate, biting back on her
sexual frustration. Following her lover's eager instruction Sun kissed her
way down the trimmed strip of fur to Kate's pussy lips, parted them slightly
with her fingers and dipped her tongue inside. As she got used to the odd but
not unpleasant taste of the other woman's vagina the probing of both tongue
and fingers became deeper and more confidant. Soon Kate's back was arching in
orgasmic anticipation and her hands were clawing at the ground.

Panting after having come Kate was nonetheless quick to retake the dominant
role, tumbling her partner over so that she was now on top and, straddling
her crotch crosswise, rubbed their vaginas together while their hands got
busy on each others tits. Soon their moans and whimpers were echoing through
the clearing in exciting counterpoint to each other.

* * *

"We're a mess," concluded Sun sourly as they lay next to each other. In their
sexual tangle on the ground both had gotten quite dirty in more way than one.

"That's okay I know a pond nearby we can wash off in. Should we wash
ourselves or each other?," she said with a sly smile.

"Each other," her friend said firmly, running a hand through Kate's hair.

" want to do this again too?" Sun nodded.

"What I really wish is that we had a dildo."

Sun frowned, this was not one of the English words she'd learned. "What is

Kate smiled at her friend's naivete. "It's an artificial penis made from
rubber or plastic, sometimes metal or plastic covered with rubber."

Comprehension dawned on Sun's face. "I know where we can get one."

"You do? How? From who?"

"We are not the only ones to have used this place for sexual purposes."

* * *

It was dark when Shannon crept into Sun's garden, the toy she'd "salvaged"
from Sawyer's tent wrapped up in a t-shirt. She herself wore only a bikini
top and khaki shorts. She didn't think of it as stealing since it had been
hers to start with. Her relationship with Sayid was at the awkward stage
where they were close enough to get her as horny as hell but he hadn't yet
gotten around to doing anything about it.

She sat against a tree, not knowing that it was the very same one that Sun
had braced herself against earlier that day while masturbating and unwrapped
her toy, a nine inch flesh colored rubber over hard plastic dildo. She
reached up and undid her bikini top, massaging her pale breasts and running
her thumbs in circles over her pink aureolae.

She didn't realize that she had an audience, a very appreciative one. Kate
and Sun had seen her sneaking away from the beach and, knowing where she was
going to had beaten her to the garden and now watched, licking their lips in
anticipation as Shannon slipped her shorts off and then put the dildo in her
mouth to moisten it. The two conspirators looked at each other and nodded.
Time to make their move.

Shannon's eyes were closed, her mouth enthusiastically bobbing up and down on
the false dick and fingering her slit as she imagined it was Sayid's cock in
her mouth when Kate's voice interrupted her fantasy.

"Would you like some help with that?"

Shannon's eyes flew wide open. Kate and Sun stood to her right and left
respectively, clad only in their panties. The fact that they were both mostly
naked, the way they were both licking their lips and the sexy tone of Kate's
voice told her what was on their minds.

"I'm not a dyke!," she protested a little too loudly. There had, after all,
been a time or two with her best friend Nora. But best friends didn't count
did they? Especially if you'd both been drinking. Well okay they'd both been
sober the second time so maybe it did count after all.

"We're not either," replied Sun, breaking up the petite blond's internal
monologue. "But my man is gone and I don't know when...or if, I'll see
him again." After she said this she knelt and placed a hand on Shannon's

"And I don't have one at all, " said Kate also kneeling by her.

'At least not one you can make up your mind about,' Shannon thought but
didn't say. 'Of course my man can't seem to make his mind up either.' So
when Kate leaned over and kissed the side of her neck she made no resistance.
In fact she arched her neck to give the brunette woman better access. This
turned her face towards Sun who promptly took advantage and kissed her on the
mouth while sending a hand to grope at her breasts. Shannon bit down on her
lower lip and moaned as Kate's lips worked their way down her neck and
shoulder to suck avidly on her free tit.

Kate took the dildo from Shannon's trembling fingers, removed her own panties
and turned to give the little blond slut access to her pussy while spreading
Shannon's labia and sliding the artificial penis in. Shannon happily slipped
a finger into the brown trimmed slit while Sun positioned her crotch over her
new lover's open mouth and upthrust tongue.

Kate let a gasp escape her mouth as one finger became two, then three,
pushing the dildo in ever faster and harder into Shannon's shaved twat. As
in the previous tryst Sun, rapturously riding the tongue of the blond beneath
her interspersed moans and whimpers with Korean words of passion. Shannon's
own screams were muffled by the weight of the Asian beaty writhing on top of
her. Kate, on the other hand, was completely understandable.


* * *

The three women lay together for a moment then they all sat up. They shared
a look, then a slow, hungry threeway kiss.

Then they got up, got dressed and left in different directions, creating one
more secret on an island full of them.


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