Disclaimer: This work of fiction should not be read by anyone, it details events that will never happen, should never happen and has never happened. This is my first story and probably littered with typos and bad grammar. Please post at the forum if you want to see a part 2.

And of course the story itself...

Celebs: Kate, Claire, Sun, Ana Lucia, Juliet and Alexandra

Content Codes: FFF, anal, ncon, bond, toys

Lost: Claire's Revenge Part 1
by Frank

The white light disappeared. Kate, Claire, Sun, Ana Lucia, Juliet and Alexandra lay unconscious on the floor in one of the Dharma compounds. Kate regained herself, and stood up. She felt groggy, but also fitter and healthier. She experienced the time travel flashes a couple of times now, but she never felt like this after waking up. She saw her friends lying on the floor. She checked them all out, to see if they are okay. She got a closer look of the room.

It was clearly setup as a living room for at least 5 people. It had concrete walls and ceiling, the floor was carpeted. There was a TV/VCR combo in the corner. Facing it a sofa large enough for 6 people to sit comfortably. Next to the couch was a large wooden chest. There was a big 2 door fridge, dinner table with 6 chairs, a pool table and a PC.

One of the walls had 6 chains attached, with various anchors in the wall. Under each chain stood a padded chair. She didn't pay to much attention to it, since she noticed a mirror in the corner.

Her reflection... She recognized herself, but something was different. She walked to the mirror, and as she got closer she noticed the changes. Her wrinkles were almost gone, she had gotten some of her baby fat back, her boobs looked and felt a little bigger. She turned to her side, and noticed her butt was a little bigger, but also felt firmer. She was younger! The flash must have been more powerful, and not only sent her trough time, but she had returned to her teenage years. She carefully examined herself and guessed she must be somewhere between 16 and 18 years old. Emotions ran trough her mind, and nearly lost her balance. The island had restored her youth. Kate walked back towards the girls, and noticed Claire had gone missing.

"Claire are you there?" Kate said with a little suspicion. She never trusted her again since they found her again. Claire blamed her for kidnapping Aaron, and lost her mind. She heard a loud click, and then a sharp pain in her neck. Her hand went to her neck, and she felt something there. She felt dizzy and her mind went fuzzy. She pulled out a small tube, and realized it was a needle. She fell, down, and right before her eyes closed and passed out she could see Claire standing with a gun in her hand.

But it is wrong, these people are my friends, she reminded herself.

"NO THEY ARE THE ENEMY, Kate took your daughter, and left you here to die, they must all pay."

Claire's worried expression slowly turned to an ear to ear smile, and she walked in the compound, opened the padlocked door and walked in.

* * *

One of the walls had a red curtain in front of it, spanning the entire wall. Kate hummed a children's song, slowly walking towards the curtain.

She pulled it open

On the wall hung Kate, Sun, Ana Lucia, Juliet and Alexandra all completely naked and unconscious. They were bound with their arms above their heads, their knees pulled wide next their hips. They were all supported by chairs, so this position could be maintained for a long period of time.

She pulled the heavy chest to the girls, and opened it. In it was a large variety of didlos and vibrators. This post must have been manned by some serious horny employees. She took out a rather long and thick dildo, and slowly pushed it in Kate's bald pussy. Claire really had to push it in. Kate had a really tight pussy. But Claire had her mind set on revenge, so she shoved it in and out of her with force and speed. Kate was out cold from the tranquilizer dart, but her pussy reacted to the dildo by getting wetter and wetter. Soon Claire could work it in and out of her without trouble. She pulled out the wet dildo, and pointed it at Kate's relaxed asshole. Claire's eyes turned big, and smiled like a mad woman. She pushed it in with the same force as she was fucking her pussy.

Kate woke up feeling above all to the intense feeling of her ass. She couldn't move, knees spread, and naked. Her chin was pressed to her chest, due to the position she was in. She had a view of her perky full tits, nipples erect in the air. Her pussy lips bald, swollen and glistening in the brightly lit room. A 2 inch thick dildo stretched her asshole. She could only see a small part of it. She never had any sort of anal sex, but didn't feel a lot of pain. A little excited even. But her fear took over.

Claire stood in front of Kate, also naked. Just like Kate she had gotten younger, and looks even younger, 16 tops. Slim firm legs, small but curved hips, her waist was tight, complimented by her small firm tits with 2 little pink erect nipples.

"Well Kate, it looks like we all changed back to our old selves, but guess what.. The island made sure we kept our minds... Which is fine by me, I like who I am, because this was I truly know what kind of fucked up person YOU are. You stole my baby, you bitch, and than you left me to die. I survived, just for Aaron, I tried to find him because the others took him. I hunted them down Kate, I hunted them down and killed them, I did horrible things to them..." Claire's eyes were red with tears, her face red, shaking with anger.

"I did it to PROTECT him, Claire, we thought you were dead, what was I supposed to do?"

"Either way, Kate, you took him from me, left me all alone. But now it is time for me to have my revenge, and have some much needed fun."

Kate struggled, but the restraints did their job, and Kate realized it was impossible to escape. Ready to accept her fait, she asked "What are you going to do to us, are you... going to kill us?"

"You can't be serious? Are you that thick? You are tied up, naked with a dildo shoved up your ass, what the fuck so you think I'm gonna do! And killing you? Who knows, the day is young, and there is no one left to rescue you. Everybody is dead or 'sometime else' if you know what I mean."

Kate knew she was right, the six of them had been together for almost 6 months now, not seeing another soul. Claire must have been planning this for a long time now, and this shift was perfect for her. "Claire, I know you want your revenge, believe me you deserve it, but please just take it out on me, I took him, they had nothing to do with it"

"Oooh no, they are just as guilty as you, they knew Aaron was mine, they left me as well. You will all pay."

Claire took another dildo from the chest, and forcefully pushed it in Kate's pussy. Kate grunted, the dildo felt so big in her virgin pussy. The intense feeling of the 2 dildos got her to have an intense orgasm, pushing out the dildos and squirting load after load of cum over Claire. Screaming at the top of her lounges. The 4 others girls woke up, and each of them went trough all of the emotions Kate had to endure over the last hour, from waking to finding out what was happening as Claire explained their fate.

"Now that all of you know there is no way out of this, we can begin."

Sun looked at Kate with fear. Kate just nodded slowly, letting Sun know they were going to be okay. Sun looked at the crazy Claire and closed her eyes. Claire picked up the dildo that was in Kate's ass, and slowly pushed it in Sun's virgin pussy. She gasped and let out a loud moan. Sun accepted, and tried to enjoy the feeling, to get her trough this. Kate pulled it out and pushed it firmly in her ass.

Sun yelled in Korean, squirming in her restraints. Claire worked the dildo in and out as fast as she could. Sun kept moaning in Korean. "Guess the bitch wants to cum, but who knows..."

"YES, YES, YES!" Sun gasped.

End of part 1


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