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Summary: How exactly does three innocent teenagers go from searching for leaf
samples for a school project to being sexually degraded. Read the following
to find out for yourself. It's a total mystery to me. hehe

Lizzie McGuire: Uninvited Guests
by DCForever

"Ah," resounded as the three Hillridge Middle school students were hit by
the first few drops of rain before the sky opened up upon their bodies. The
three used their coats to wrap up their leaf specimens and started running
back from the direction they had come, but quickly, they realized that they
weren't quite sure which direction was which. The rain stormed down on top
of them, soaking everything in sight.

"This rain is freezing cold." Miranda shouted as they ran through the woods.
Gordo, leading the pack, looked back at the girls and immediately blushed and
turned his head forward again. Lizzie thought something was up and looked
over at her friend and immediately knew why Gordo had blushed. Miranda's pink
top was soaked enough that her large breasts were being suffocated by the
tight, wet top she was wearing. Her nipples were clearly defined by the tight
garment. Even Lizzie couldn't help but blush as she looked down at her own

"We need to find shelter immediately." She shouted out. "Forget getting back
to our bikes. Now. Shelter. Anything."

Gordo slowed his pace, remembering something. "Don't worry you two. I think
I might have seen chimney just a little ways back. And where there's a
chimney...there's usually a cabin or something."

"Lead the way." Gordo smiled, catching another brief glimpse at his friends'
tight tops. He changed directions and hurriedly led the other two through the
thick wooded forest. "There." He pointed while trying to keep his balance and
slow his momentum.

The girls looked at each other and smiled. "You've done it again, Gordo."
Lizzie complimented, kissing the young, curly haired teen on the cheek as
they all sought out shelter on the cabin's run down front porch.

"Better than nothing," comment Miranda, repeating her friend's gesture,
kissing and hugging her friend. Gordo once again strained to not blush,
feeling Miranda's wet body and cold, hardened nipples pressing against
his equally soaked chest.

Lizzie leaned back against the cabin's outside wall and looked out into the
woods, watching as the rain continually struck leaves and branches within her
sight. Miranda stepped to her side and joined Lizzie against the wall. Gordo,
feeling a little excited decided it best to stay away from them until a
certain part of his anatomy shrunk down. He walked around the cabin and
looked into the windows for any sign of life, but the dust from inside the
windows stunted his visibility.

As he walked back around to the front, "So Gordo, any chance of this storm
letting up soon?" Lizzie asked, knowing her brainiac friend would probably
know the answer or have some clue to her question.

He walked to the edge of the porch and looked up at the darkening sky. "If
those clouds moving in from the west have anything to say about it...doubt
it. Looks like we're stuck here until the sun decides to give us a break."

Miranda scooted down the wall until her butt rested on the porch boards
below. "So what do we do in the mean time?" She asked, pulling her knees up
tight against her body, attempting to consume as much heat as possible, and
to shield off her hardened nipples.

Gordo and Lizzie both just shrugged. Gordo sat on the porch's wooden railing
to watch the rain. Lizzie walked over and tried the doorknob, which opened
with ease. She stepped into the cabin and did a quick peek around the large
front room. Miranda stepped up behind her and peered over her friend's

"Looks okay to me." Miranda said, spooking Lizzie, causing chill bumps to
rise all over her body.

"Miranda! Don't scare me like that." Miranda just laughed it off and
walked past her friend. Gordo stayed behind, but kept his eyes on the girls,
thoroughly enjoying his view of their asses, now almost painted in their
clothes. Lizzie's panties were easy to make out from the almost transparent
white shorts and Miranda's wet jeans latched onto her body like a second
skin. He hopped down off the railing and stepped into the cabin to take a
look around for himself.

Lizzie closed the door before sitting down at a nearby table. "It's actually
quite a nice place."

"Yeah, pretty cozy." Miranda said, relaxing back in a reclining chair.

Gordo inspected the place and checked out the fireplace before sounding in.
"It's been in use recently. Some of the bottom ashes are still warm. Hope we
don't get into trouble for just letting ourselves in."

"I'm sure we'll be fine, Gordo. Between the three of us...we shouldn't have a
problem convincing the owner to let us stay until the storm lets up...that is
if we're still here when the owner returns." Lizzie's body was shivering from
the cold, wet clothes.

Gordo noticed the girls' discomfort. "Here you two. Found these in the
bathroom." Gordo threw the girls a pair of towels. Both smiled as they
stood up to dry themselves off. "I'll just be over here...with my head
turned away." Miranda and Lizzie looked at each other as Gordo stepped
across the room, suddenly finding something interesting to look at on
the far cabin wall. The two teenage girls huddled close together and
started taking off their wet clothes.

Little did they know, but four sets of hungry eyes were watching every
movement made by the three teenagers, their focus mainly on the girls
stripping out of their wet clothes before their very eyes.

"It's like the three bears all over again." commented one of the young men.

"Yeah, well...I never cared much for that story to begin with. Those bears
should of had that Goldie Locks for dinner, supper, and breakfast."

"Well, they're in there, so what are we going to do?" Asked the sole black
man of the group, staring through the window at a large chest covered in a

"What do you think? Our money is in there. So...we are going in there, but
not quite yet. Why don't we see everything these little girls have to offer
up...before we ourselves a healthy snack."

"You mean?"

"Pussy all around boys."

"What about the twerp over in the corner?"

"Anyone for a little corn holing?" The other three men violently shook their
heads. "Well, guess we'll all just have to share the blonde and brunette.
We'll lock him away in the back room."

The black man turned to glare at his friends. "Or, we could tie him up and
let him watch."

"Daryl...I always knew there was another reason I liked you besides your
expertise in explosives." Daryl smiled as he rubbed his hand over his crotch.
"Before the days out, boss, there will be another reason. I'm going to tear
those two bitches up and make them scream like they've never screamed

The four men leaned close against the dust covered window, each rubbing their
own crotches as Lizzie and Miranda stood in their wet bra and panties, drying
themselves off.

"I like the brunette one. She has a nice rack," commented Jack, the shortest
of the four men. "So when can we have fun, Ray? I'm not sure how much longer
I can hold off."

"Don't worry...I'll give you notice. I have a feeling it won't be much
longer." Ray's hand glided down the front of his pants and began stroking his
hardon as he watched Lizzie's wet panties pushing into her butt crack.

Meanwhile, inside, Lizzie and Miranda finished drying themselves and set
their clothes on the fireplace mantel. "Okay, you can turn around now."
Lizzie said as she and Miranda sat down together in sole recliner in the
room, their towels wrapped tightly around their semi-naked bodies.

Gordo turned around and rejoined his friends.

"Here. There's enough room for all of us to squeeze in." The girl's parted,
leaving a few inches for their pal to set between them. The recliner was
meant for one person, but the three somehow made it work. The girls loved
the closeness mainly for the warmth factor, but though they wouldn't admit
it to Gordo or each other, they both liked having a guy to cuddle up to.
Within minutes, the overall silence and soft beating of rain on the roof
took its toll on the three teenagers. They were asleep in each other's arms
in no time.

Outside, the men awaited their leader's orders.

"Guys, consider yourselves notified." Ray kneeled down and opened up a duffel
bag and handed each man a black mask and some rope. "Gentlemen, you know what
to do. And you please." They all smirked and then
made their way to the front door of the cabin.

Before entering the cabin, Daryl's long, hard 10-inch cock was already waving
itself in the cool, brisk air, his jeans left balled up in a pile on the
front porch. Jack quietly freed his stiff member as well. George hesitated,
but followed suit, not wanting his friends to think he was chickening out.
Ray quickly joined them and then silently opened the wooden door.

The men quickly put on their masks and gripped their ropes tightly as they
made their way into the cabin, closing the door behind them. Jack walked up
to the snuggling teenagers, continuing to stroke his cock as he drew closer.
The others joined him, each steadily stroking their manhood to the brink.
George's face was the first to strain, then Jack's, Daryl's, and finally Ray.
Knowing it was time, the four men leaned in close to teenagers' adorable
faces and released, coating their faces in cum.

Gordo's eyes shot open, but even quicker closed upon Ray's fist striking his
jaw. Ray pulled Gordo's limp body away as the others grabbed and secured the
girls, stripping away their only eye revealing protection. Daryl took
initiative, leaned further over the girls, and shoved his long cock between
Miranda's gapping, shocked lips. He secured his hands in her hair as he
forced himself down her throat. Jack took a different approach, slapping
Lizzie so hard her upper body cleared the side of the recliner and landed on
the wooden floor, while her legs remained limply in the recliner's cushion.

By the time Ray got back to the others after having tied and bound Gordo,
a raping orgy was in full swing. Each girl had their mouths full of hard,
pulsing cock, Lizzie getting the worse and more abuse of the two. As Jack
straddled the fallen blonde's face, he fucked his cock deep into her mouth,
each thrust, slamming Lizzie's head against the floorboards. Standing above
her, George stroked his meat and continued to cover her semi-naked body in
a mixture of cum and piss. Ray looked at the action taking place, but in
their current positions didn't see an opening for him, so he grabbed himself
a beer from the small refrigerator, pulled a chair out from another room,
and sat straddling the chair, watching as his buddies raped two innocent
teenage girls. "Life is good," he thought, waiting the time out for his
excited involvement.

In the far corner, Gordo started to come to. He pulled at his hands, but
found them secured by strands of rope, as were his feet. Shaking away the
haziness in his vision, he saw for the first time, the men having their way
with his friends. He immediately started trying to fight, yell, and scream
against his bounds, grabbing the leader's attention. Ray smiled, stood up,
and walked over to the revived boy.

"So, enjoying the show?" He asked, watching Gordo's struggles, while edging
the boy on. "I can't wait until it's my turn. Those precious hotties won't
know what hit them. They're hotties aren't they?" Ray asked, grabbing the
boy's head and forcing him to nod in agreement. "Yeah, those two are
something else. Bet they are both still virgins too. What a shame." Gordo's
eyes dropped in disgust. "And to probably could have taken them
both." Ray grabbed the boy's cock through his pants. "Oh I'm definitely sure
you could have taken them both." The man smiled as he stood and walked back
over toward his pals.

Lizzie wasn't sure if she was coming or going from the number of times her
head struck the hard floor, her mouth still consumed by Jack's thrusting and
enraged cock. "Why me?" she thought, finally catching a peak of a tied up
Gordo across the room. Her heart sunk even further at seeing her friend
fighting against his bonds. Her thoughts were pulled back to the man hovering
above her face as his seed shot out rapidly down her sore throat. Seconds
later, Jack released his hold on her hair and gently laid her head on the
floor, then pulled his deflating member free from its oral confines.

George had already spent himself and was resting, gloating at his cum soaked
masterpiece. Lizzie adjusted her head to see her half naked body and cringed
at the sight. Looking up, all she could see was her legs still dangling from
the recliner and Miranda's hand as it flopped around against the recliner's

Ray reached down and grabbed the girl up by her waist and then kissed her
full on the lips. There wasn't much fight in the girl, her head still ringing
and hurting from her attacker. Somehow the girl sought comfort in Ray's kiss
as his lips were soft and inviting, but she knew it wouldn't last. As their
lips parted and she looked into the man's eyes, all she saw was pure lust.
"Honey, are you ready for a thrill ride of a lifetime?" He asked, licking
his chops while staring daggers into the girl's chest. With a flip of his
fingers, Lizzie's bra came undone and awaited its removal, but he wasn't
ready for the revealing. "Dance for me, sweetheart. Make me want to rape your
fine, ripe body."

Lizzie cringed and dropped her head, vomiting on the floor and both their
feet. Ray smiled at George, who immediately started licking his lips as the
vomit poured out of the girl. "I'll never understand you," Ray thought,
looking at his overweight, long time friend. "Your tastes are too crazy for
me." He turned back to the crotched over girl and rested his hand on her
shoulder. "That's it sweetie...get it all out. Wouldn't want you overflowing
with my seed once I get started. That's it. Make more room for your lover
boy." Another moment of vomiting occurred, Lizzie's previous meals spewing
out onto the floor.

The only two lost to what else was taking place in the room, Miranda and
Daryl. His black muscle toned body lunged his pelvis forward, sending the
girl reeling over his enormous cock. Even the feel of her teeth against his
flesh excited him, pushing him to the next level. Miranda's head, stretched
and stiff, firmly planted against the back of the recliner as Daryl's cock
thrust down and in, filling her mouth and throat with cock meat. The girl's
gagging reflex had already been broken through; all that was left was the
sound of flesh smacking flesh as Miranda's eyes rolled back into her head,
unable to breath.

Daryl noticed the girl's non-response for the first time and immediately
pulled himself free of her mouth and leaned down to see if she was breathing.
Slowly, with her pipes now clear, air could penetrate and her breathing
returned. The color returned to her face and the coughing began. The black
man's cock dangled between their bodies, as he rested his left knee on the
seat cushion, between her legs, pressed up against her panties covered mound.

Whispering into the terrified girl's ear, "If you don't mind...let me know
when you've got your wind back. Then we can start round two. Downstairs work
for you?" The man's wicked laugh echoed in the girl's ears, causing her to
shake as terror overtook her. "He's going to rape me," thought Miranda,
fighting to fully regain her normal breathing pattern.

A few feet away, Lizzie remained bent over; staring down at her own vomit
while her attackers wallowed in her discomfort. Having paid little to no
attention, her bra slipped down and into the mess below her. She tried to
pull herself together, but her predicament was too overwhelming. She just
grabbed for her breasts, attempting to hide them from the onlookers. Ray
looked down at the girl and made sure his cock was where she could see him
stroking its full length in anticipation of what was to come.

"Uncover those lovelies now, little girl, or we will do it for you." Jack
shot in, unable to remove his eyes from her young, 'b' sized chest. Lizzie
dropped her head in shame, tears falling from her eyes as her hands relaxed
and dropped to her side, exposing her pert, naked breasts to the ogling
strangers. "Perfect." The short man spouted out before splashing a load of
cum across the nubile delicacies. Lizzie just turned her head away to avoid
facial contact.

Ray remained in place stroking himself while his brother added to what was
already quite a masterpiece of cum and urine from earlier. The newly wet cum
layered atop the older, dry crusting cum in some places while striking new
territory in other places. Once Jack was finished he leaned down and rubbed
his hand in his spunk and massaged it into the girl's skin, making himself
one with the frightened teen. And having fought the urge long enough, he
pulled his hand away from her breasts and dropped it between her legs,
feeling her covered moist mound for the first time. Lizzie unintentionally
let out a soft moan, loud enough for Jack, Ray, and George to hear it,
including her. She was beside herself, no longer in control of her own body.

Ray grabbed Jack by the shoulder and pulled his brother away. "Little
brother, don't you even think about it. That there fine all
mine. There won't be any sharing this go round. I'm making it my pledging
amendment, right here, right now. "I Ray Co...just Ray...will devirginize
this piece of ass every possible way." Lizzie's hands dropped down to
cover the front of her panties as she listened to the thirty two year old
man hovering above her, pledging to his friends, to rape and take her
womanhood from her.

What was she to do? She raised her head and looked up into the older man's
eyes. "Please...I beeegggg offff yyooouuuu."

"Oh filly, you have no idea how turned on I get listening to a woman beg.
Please, more!" He licked his lips and rubbed his large, callused hands
together, killing any chance of Lizzie getting through to the man. "Hey
Daryl...looks like I've got mine...what about you?"

"Oh yeah, she's nice and ready for the taking." He looked down at Miranda
with a smile gleaming on his face. "By the way, what's your name sweet

"Miranda," she squeaked out.

"Miranda? You don't say? Hey Ray, get this...her name is Miranda."

"Get out! Is it really? How funny is that? Guess it's true what they say...
everything does come back around full circle."

Daryl laughed and then looked at Miranda. "Funny huh. You see, the first girl
Ray ever raped...well she got pregnant and kept the baby. Funny thing, the
little girl's name was Miranda. Could it be?"

The guys busted out laughing as Miranda started trembling in fear. Lizzie
would like to have been there for her friend, but she had her own troubles to
worry about. "Say Daryl, what you think...separate or together? Which do you
think will be more fun?" Ray asked, rubbing his hands through Lizzie's blonde

"Have to be together. Let them watch each other squirm." Daryl grabbed
Miranda by her dark hair and pulled her to her feet then walked her over to
her friend, whom Ray was holding by the shoulder. The men forced the girls
to stand together with each of their heads on the other's shoulder, looking
back at one another. Miranda immediately latched onto her friend's body,
feeling Lizzie's naked breasts pushing against her chest, trying to find
some form of comfort.

"Can't say I've ever seen a better sight," Jack informed the group as he
walked up and slapped both of the girls' asses, each yelping in response. As
he walked away his handprint was left outlined in red upon each cheeky globe.
Ray and Daryl moved up to their prey and pulled their panties to the ground
and then threw them over to George who walked them over and laid them across
Gordo's shoulder. The young man again, tried fighting his bonds, but the rope
knots were too strong, weakening him with each failed attempt.

Ray and Daryl readied themselves, bending down so their cocks were level
with the girls' asses, but their height differences caused a problem. Neither
could casually bend down and enter the girls, as they had wanted. The matter
at hand was turning disturbing.

Noticing the problem right off, Jack cleared the four-foot tall dinner table
of their bags and gear and pulled it over to the girls. "I suggest you use
this. Plus, if you fuck them in a sixty-nine position you can really tear
into their fragile bodies." Ray and Daryl loved the idea and gave each other
a high-five.

"You heard my brother," Ray spoke out with authority, focusing his attention
solely on the girls. Lizzie moved first and climbed on top of the table and
turned so her back was against the top. Seconds later, Miranda joined her,
placing her full weight atop her smaller framed friend. Immediate, Lizzie
knew she had made a mistake, but there was no turning back now as the men
moved into position, stroking and lubricating their cocks with their precum.
Lizzie tilted her head slightly and found herself staring into her friend's
pussy and immediately closed her eyes. On the other end, Miranda found
herself with much the same sight, only her eyes were bug-eyed and her tongue
licking across her own lips. Ray noticed Miranda's actions and leaned down
and licked across Lizzie's exposed lips.

"Your friend tastes pretty good. Care for a try?" Miranda shook her head
initially, but the more Ray's tongue slid across the smooth, finely haired
surface and she watched her friend's reactions she couldn't pass it up. Her
head went from side-to-side to up and down, unable to pull her eyes away.
Miranda slid her tongue between Lizzie's folds and licked along the crease
getting a good first taste of her best friend. Ray pulled her head away and
whispered in her ear, "I'll take it from here." Miranda was pissed knowing
her opportunity was gone.

The two men looked at each other for signals as they positioned their cocks
against each girl's labia and with a squint of their eyes and a thrust from
their pelvis, both men found their members buried in the teenage girl's
wombs. Lizzie screamed out in pain, but Miranda only closed her eyes, taking
the full length of Daryl's shaft. "Oh, the Miranda chick isn't a virgin I
see?" He spoke out, alerting the others in the room, including a bewildered
Lizzie. The moment passed though as she felt another thrust and then another.
Ray made sure to bury himself inside the girl with each full, hard thrust,
tearing her hymen to shreds and coating his enraged cock with her blood.
Miranda found herself no liking hearing her friend in agony, while she thrust
her pelvis back at Daryl as he thrust his cock meat forward, burrowing into
her depths.

"Damn Ray, this girl is pretty loose." Those were the only words Ray's
brother needed to hear before stepping up beside his friend and offering to
lend his services and cock to the great cause.

"Let me in there," he demanded, forcing his cock up against Daryl's, larger
and thicker offering. "I bet we'll get her to scream." With a wicked smirk
on his face, Jack threw his hips forward in unison with his friend as they
forced an ear-shattering scream from the Latino's mouth. Lizzie, taking her
punishment with tears in her eyes, could push out the image before her; two
cocks thrusting wildly into her best friend's spread out pussy. There was
no blood, but there were plenty of liquids covering their cocks as they
retreated back and plowed their way back in. "When Miranda, when?" thought
Lizzie as Ray viciously rocked her body

Across the room, George sat beside Gordo, stroking his cock with one hand
while his other played with the teenage boy's crotch, massaging each shaft
skillfully as he watched his friends raping two innocent teenage girls,
each of their screams acting as an aphrodisiac to his cause. His hand piston
against his body, sliding his manhood through his fingers repeatedly until
the moment presented itself. He rose up while he continued stroking himself,
turned and pointed his cock right at Gordo's mouth. "Open up kiddo or I'll
make sure your little tight ass gets the same treatment as your girlfriends
over there." Gordo didn't see he had any other choice once his gag was
removed, electing to open his mouth. George smiled as he straddled the
smaller boy and rested his cock against the boy's lips. Few strokes later,
the older man's seed was coating tongue and throat as it rained into Gordo's
mouth, causing him to gag on the cum, but miraculously he didn't spill a
drop. George watched, anticipating the reaction when Gordo swallowed his
seed. It was a first for both guys.

George looked back at his friends and then back to Gordo. "Can't be all that, I shouldn't just stand around and let them have all the fun."
Gordo's eyes shot open as the man's lips pressed forward upon his own. Gordo
tried shaking his head from side-to-side to release the pressure, but George
wasn't having any of that. He forced his tongue into the boy's mouth and
ravished him with a manly frenching. As he pulled away and noticed Gordo
hadn't closed his mouth, he quickly collected spit in his throat and spit a
wade of saliva down the boy's throat. Again, Gordo was relentlessly shaking
his head and trying to spit out the man's spit. He hoped the episode was
over with, but soon got a rude awakening when he felt his belt buckle being
loosened. After a bit of struggling, George was able to force Gordo's jeans
and underwear down to the ground and then stood, staring in awe at the young
teenager's mountainous shaft.

"How old are you kid?" He asked, amazed at what he was seeing.

"Fifteen," Gordo answered, shocked at the other man's reaction. "Why?" he
asked in return.

"No fifteen year old boy should be as lucky as you. What is that? It's got to
be at least a solid eight inches or more and it isn't even hard yet."


"So? Truly kid, you've been blessed. If I had what you've got when I was
your age, I would have nailed that Sarah Thompson, Ms. Slut Tease Head
Cheerleader. You got one of those at your school?" Suddenly the man didn't
seem as much a threat to the young man.

"Yeah, guess you might call Kate Sanders something like that. Don't know
about her sexual history, but I know by her looks and her outfits that she's
a major hottie and an even bigger tease." The more Gordo talked about their
sworn enemy in the middle school social rankings, the more excited George
became, watching the Gordo's shaft lengthen and harden.

"Got a major crush on this broad it would seem?"

Gordo looked down at his shaft and then to the guy. "Guess I do. Never
thought of her like that be..."

Gordo's statement was cut short as George's mouth engulfed his standing cock.
The oral sensation felt too good to be true and the young man couldn't fight
it. He leaned his head back against the chair he was bound to and imagined
it was Kate Sanders naked and kneeling between his legs, her large breasts
bouncing freely as her head bobbed up and down on his lengthy shaft. It
wasn't long before Gordo was coating the older man's tonsils with his young
pubescent seed.

George lifted his head out of Gordo's lap and tongued across his lips. "Hey,
that wasn't half bad. Mind if I get seconds?" Surprisingly to both males,
Gordo agreed, nodding his head at the proposal. "Kid, this is too good to go
to waste. You know what...I'm going to give you a chance to show us all what
you're made of. I'm going to get Ray to let you fuck your friends. What do
you say about that?" Gordo's mind was someplace else, dreaming of another
blonde when a smile arose and answered the man's question. "Damn kid, you
really want to? Good for you. Fuck those friends of yours and get good and
practiced up so you really show that Sanders chick what a man you truly are.
Now, where was I?" The twenty-eight year old, overweight man dropped his
tongue and mouth back onto the young man's organ.

Ray saw his friend's homosexual side peak and motioned for the others to
take a look. "Damn, George is really enjoying that kid." Daryl said in shock,
triggering another round of hard, penetrating thrusts into the brunette's
oversized pussy. Jack paid the other little attention as he fucked his
smaller shaft passed the girl's lips on many occasions, taking liberty to
slap her clit repeatedly with his open palmed hand. Lizzie witnessed first
hand Miranda's clit peak out from under its hood and quickly turn from a
light pink to a rosy red as Jack took Miranda's punishment in his own hands,
again and again. Lizzie was glad that Ray was a much softer lover, having
started to get some enjoyment out of her first sexual experience, though it
had been brought upon by nonconsensual ejaculations.

Ray's experience was showing as he found his rhythm, loving the feel of the
blonde's tight canvas loosening ever so slightly around his member with each
energetic effort, followed by a clitoral massage by his lips and tonguing.
There was no more holding back by the short blonde as her body jerked under
her friend's weight and froze in an arched up position as she experienced her
first ever orgasm from something other than her own hand. Miranda knew what
was happening and froze herself, not wanting to distract her friend's moment
of bliss even though it was coming in such rotten of times.

Lizzie's head flopped back against the table surface, eyes closed, as she
left the erotic sensation wash over her body. Daryl watched her mouth open
and moan out her audible pleasure and wasn't about to pass up the moment. He
pulled himself from Miranda's wet, sloppy pussy and embedded it down Lizzie's
inviting throat. She came to realize what was happening, but had no way of
stopping it as Daryl's long, black cock struck the back of her throat causing
the inexperienced girl to gag on its intrusion. Ray was spent and pulled his
limp cock free from Lizzie' snatch and offered it up to Miranda's lips. With
a delightful grin, her lips opened and accepted her present, licking her way
around its girth, loving the taste of her best friend's essence drenched
along its surface.

The older man cringed as the girl's oral talents were put to good use. He
reached out and grabbed her ass, forcing Miranda to stretch out her legs
above Lizzie, and plant her knees on the table to support herself. Ray
liked that she knew exactly what to do and pushed a finger from each hand
into her anus and pulled her toward him. Jack loved what he was seeing and
decided to get in on the fun. While his hips continued fucking Miranda's
pussy, his hands joined his brother's hands, inserting two of his own
fingers into her anal opening. With fingers from each locked and anchored
in the edge of her ass, Jack tugged her hard toward him and Ray responded,
soon the two were playing tug of war with the Latino's round ass, spreading
her sphincter even further apart than it already had been. The pain was
huge and hard to not to notice, but Miranda had plenty of beef to keep her
quiet and busy.

Daryl was amazed just how far apart Miranda's ass stretched, leaving a
gaping hole just waiting to be filled. Thinking not his strong point, he
reached down and grabbed Lizzie's hand and pulled it above her friend's ass
and forced it into an arrow-like shape. Jack and Ray both loved the idea and
looked to George for a fourth approval, but George hadn't moved still quite
busy himself. The hand to ass angle wasn't to Daryl liking so he gave up one
pleasure to receive another. He pulled his cock free from Lizzie's mouth then
propositioned her.

"What's your name?" he asked, staring down as Lizzie gasped for air.

"Lizzie," she croaked out, massaging her throat with her right hand.

"Well I have a deal for you. I promise not to do that to your throat again
if you sit up and do this for me." Lizzie was confused, but once she sat up
and was once again eye level with her friend's ass and saw where Daryl was
holding her hand she about lost it.

"Do it Lizzie or else my hand is going to find it's way into your ass...
gaping loose or not." Daryl was taking on the Jack role, wanting this to
happen more than anything else at the moment. Lizzie closed her eyes and
with Daryl's help, pushed her hand forward, immediately feeling the tight
muscle surrounding Miranda's ass as she pushed her hand past and realized
her entire left hand was embedded in her best friend's ass. The guys all
let go of their hold on the girls and watched Miranda's muscles squeezing
Lizzie's arm.

"You're going to loose a lot of blood flow if you don't loosen her ass up."
Ray commented, immediately feeling Miranda's teeth shaving across his glands.
"She likes it," he thought, wondering just where this girl learned all her
tricks at such a young, ripe age.

Lizzie took Ray's words to heart and used her right hand to support her
weight as she shifted around and found her head and shoulders above Miranda's

"That's it Lizzie, get yourself in a good fucking position. You're a
natural." Jack routed on the girl and about busted a nut when she leaned over
her arm and used her weight to push her arm deeper in Miranda's ass.

"Fist the bitch!" Daryl asserted himself as he rubbed his right hand over
Miranda's pussy lips and his left over Lizzie's small, soft feeling ass.
Lizzie had but one choice not wanting to loose the blood flow in her arm.
So she started fisting her friend's ass with added vigor so as she could
work her arm free. After a few minutes, a tired Lizzie McGuire rested her
head on an ass while massaging her left hand with that of her right. She
was exhausted, humiliated, but her hand was finally free and below the
table's surface, Miranda was all smiles licking and sucking along Ray's
reenergized cock.

During all the commotion, George pulled Jack away. "You guys are good."

"Thanks, George. You know us...we try our hardest."

"So how about an initiation with stud boy here?"

"Oh hold on there, George. This boy doesn't swing that way."

"No idiot. I didn't mean like that. I mean like that." George pointed past
Jack and curiosity led to Jack following his finger as it pointed at Lizzie's
ass. "That is what I'm talking about. Imagine that thing," Jack looked at
Gordo's package and coughed in surprise, "see what I mean. He would rip that
tight ass apart and in his state of mind...wouldn't careless tearing into his
friend. He's ready."

"Oh hell yeah. I think it's about that time." Jack patted his friend on the
shoulder and made his way back over to his other boys. "Hey guys, what you
say to a little initiation into the pack?" Ray looked at his brother with
confusion written all across his face. Jack just smiled and pointed George
who was pointing both fingers down at Gordo's manly sized dick.

"Sure, dude, whatever you say. Daryl, line up the treasures." Daryl picked a
tired Lizzie up in his arms and set her back down on the floor this time with
her head pushed into the seat cushion of the couch and her ass sticking up in
the air. As he came back for Miranda, Ray stopped him and motioned it would
just be Lizzie. Ray pulled Miranda up to his lips and kissed her full on and
then turned her around and sat her down in his lap, giving her a great look
at her friend's ass. She then saw George leading Gordo over to, not
them...toward Lizzie.

Gordo crouched down close to Lizzie's ass and then rained down with hard hand
slap after another. Lizzie yelled and cried into the couch cushion, knowing
she was at her attacker's mercy. Gordo palmed and then rubbed his hand over
her pussy, coating his hand with her juices and then wrapped his hand around
his cock and stroked it a few times for needed lubrication. His hands reached
down and lifted the girl's ass up just enough so the head of his cock could
push against her backdoor entrance. With little strain and a powerful thrust,
his cock head popped past her sphincter giving him clear sailing. Gordo
reached under and assaulted Lizzie's cunt as he thrust his cock forward into
her tight ass. The young stud was possessed, taking all his mishaps and
aggression out on the buxom cheerleader that he and his friends despised with
all their might. He force fed his eight plus inch cock into Kate Sanders ass
with no fear of ever being caught. If only he realized just who's ass his
dick was in he might have stopped at the crying and pleading for stoppage,
but as Kate had done to them so many times, he for once...refused to listen
to her.

Seating in Ray's lap, Miranda spasmed as Ray's hand fisted away at her pussy,
whispering in the girl's ear as he took her once again. "How do you do it,

She leaned back against him and whispered in his ear; "years of bedposts" was
all she got out before arching and spasming for the last time.

"Ahhh, such a good little girl." Ray whispered as he ran his slick hand
through her long, brunette mane.

While her friend basked in her glorious moment, Lizzie's body was being put
through torture, now being forced to take both Jack and Daryl's cocks in
her mouth while Gordo continued plowing away at her ass and George pinched,
pulled and bit her nipples. The unlikely chance of four guys releasing their
load at the same time with one woman was unheard of, but on this day,
Lizzie's worst day ever, that is exactly what happened. Jack and Daryl's
seed created a thick, oozing tidal wave in the back of her throat while
Gordo thrust his pelvis for the final time, spilling his seed in her once
virgin ass. As the guys pulled out and away, George was the only one left
standing, standing over her limp form. He reached down and turned her over
so her back rested against the front of the couch and then kneeled down
setting his cock between her pussy lips.

"Watch this," Ray whispered in Miranda's ear as she was reviving. Then
together, everyone in the small cabin watched as George pissed his remaining
fluids into the girl's womb. Miranda started to scream at her friend, but
Ray's quickly placed his hand over her mouth. "Shhh, you don't want to get
us haven't seen mad." For the first time in a long time since
feeling the four men's' cum shot all over their faces, Miranda was brought
back to their predicament. They were in harms way, at others' disposal, long
way from home. She once again understood...they definitely weren't in Kansas
anymore. Ray let her go to allow her to stand up and walk over to her friend.
Miranda kneeled down by Lizzie's side and took in the marks of continuous
abuse, juices and cum oozing out of her front opening and evidence beneath
her to know it was coming from her rear as well. Her best friend had been
used and abused by not only the four men, but by their other best friend as

Miranda laid down on the cabin's wooden floor with her head between Lizzie's
legs and without regret, licked her tongue over the other girl's sloppy, wet
folds, taking in her taste for not the last time. She scooted closer and
buried her head in Lizzie's bare pussy and licked and sucked the combined
juices from her friend's reservoir, taking pleasure in the moment while
cleaning up her friend the best she could. Ray stood up and walked over to
his duffel bag and started getting dressed. The others soon followed suit
and in no time the four men were dressed and packed to leave. Jack walked
over to the girls and kneeled down breaking Miranda's contact with her
friend's inner lips. As Miranda pulled back, Jack shoved a thousand dollar
bill in her mouth and crunched up another five bills and packed them inside
Lizzie's pouting pussy lips.

"You girls were fantastic. I only can wish that when my wife has our twins,
they will be half as good as you two when I'm finished with them." Miranda
cringed at his words. He was the worst of the bunch. She pulled the bills
from her mouth and out of Lizzie and then started back where she had left
off, slurping up the left over remains.

George walked over to a seated Gordo and placed a stack of bills on his lap.
"Kid, you were great. Boy, if you fuck that Sanders girl half as great as
you fucked your friend's ass...she'll be begging for God's mercy. You're
experienced now, so go have some fun. Fuck all the ladies you can and don't
take no for an answer. It's the only way kid. I'm going to miss you. You're
like a son to me. Now go out into the world and spread our seed. Remember
and take these words to hear; NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. CUNTS AND ASSES

"AMEN!" Shouted the other three men as they took one last look at the three
teenagers. Ray walked over to the hidden trunk and filled up his last two
remaining bags full of freshly printed green cash and returned to his
friends' side. They each said their goodbyes to remaining three and walked
out of the front door to never be seen again.

Back inside the cabin, David Gordon looked down at the bills in his lap,
unsure of how they got there...then something hit him like a brick. "
fucked your friend's ass..." He stood up and looked around the cabin and
then he saw them, his two best friends. He blushed at their nakedness as he
approached. Miranda lifted her head from between Lizzie's legs and looked at
her hovering friend and then her gaze shifted downward taking in the sight
of his manhood. She thought about it for a moment, but then shook her head
no while smiling up. As her head shook signaling a sign of no, something
snapped in Gordo's brain and before the girl could turn around and stand up,
she was being forced down hard upon Lizzie's naked body as Gordo dropped
down and punched his fist past her sphincter.

His last words, "Daddy said, NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!"

The End


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