Lizzie McGuire: Touchman's Gift (mf,anal,bondage,mc,magic)
by Hamster

Christmas Eve...

Larry Touchman was in bed but he arouse to a loud clatter.
He ran down the stairs to see what was the matter.
There in the living room was old St. Nick,
and a young female elf who was sucking his dick.
When he saw this sight Touch was in shock.
What was Santa doing with an elf sucking his cock?

"Santa you sick, nasty fuck,
get out of here,
you're shit out of luck.

You should be giving presents to good girls and boys,
Not using elves as sexual toys"

Santa stood up and pushed her away

"It wasn't my idea,
I swear I'm actually gay,
I'll tell you what,
Keep this quite and I'll send a great gift your way
Don't mess up Christmas because of this slut"

"I'll tell you what Santa,
give me a girl,
give me one I can feel,
you do this,
and we'll have a deal"

"Touchman my boy,
I guess you win,
Tomorrow a girl,
Will make your sperm swim"

Christmas morning...

Touchman awoke on Christmas morning groggily. He did not have any
recollection of the night before. He went down the stairs and the sight he
saw brought the memories of the night before rushing to his brain. There
under his tree was Lizzie McGuire. She was buck naked except for a red bow
that covered her breasts and another covering her cunt. She had her wrists
and ankles locked together and a short chain connected her wrist restraints
to the ones on her ankles. She had a round ball-gag in her mouth it blinked
festively with a green and red light at its center. She also wore a collar
that resembled a wreath. She struggled helplessly.

"This is good." Touchman said.

He went over to her and examined a Christmas card that was attached to the
collar she was wearing around her neck.

Dear Touchman,
Merry Christmas. Give her some of my special eggnog.


Touchman looked around and sure enough he found a bottle of eggnog marked
'Santa's Special blend'. Touchman removed the girl's gag.

"Let GO of me." Lizzie demanded.

"Only if you drink this first." Touchman said.

"What?" Demanded a very confused Lizzie.

"Just drink it!" Touchman ordered.

Lizzie was a little bit scared so when he placed the drink to her lips,
swallowed it down. A warm tingling spread through her body and then
concentrated itself in her pussy. She felt very happy and lightheaded.

"Mmmm I feel good." Lizzie giggled.

"Really, so your not mad or homicidal or anything." Touchman asked.

"Nope. Should I be?" She asked.

"No, no forget I said anything." He said. "So do you want to suck on my meaty
Candy Cane of love?" He asked hopefully.

"Sure." Lizzie smiled and shrugged.

Touchman couldn't believe his luck.

With haste he unbuckled his belt and then whipped out his hardened cock. He
guided it to Lizzie's mouth. Lizzie parted her lips and took the meaty shaft
in. She began to suckle like a calf on a cow's teet. Touchman moaned as she
sucked on his shaft, he ran his fingers through her hair and drove his cock
deeper down her throat. Once he thought he was getting close to cumming he
pulled his cock out of her mouth. Lizzie squeaked ash he flipped her over.


"Don't worry, I just wanted to come in the back entrance." Touchman said.

Touchman grabbed the smooth ass cheeks and spread them wide. He aimed the
hardened love torpedo at her tight butt hole and thrust forward. She groaned
and whimpered as he shoved his cock slowly deeper into her ass inch by inch.
Lizzie gasped loudly as the cock rammed itself in deeper. Touchman was having
a great time fucking that tight little ass. It was a bit painful for Lizzie
but doped up on eggnog as she was she was willing to take it. He fucked her
harder and faster over and over. Lizzie gasped and grunted as she was
relentlessly pounded by the horny nerd.

"Ohhh shit this grrreat. It's better than when my half-orc wizard finally
reached level 20!!!" Touchman said.

"Eee eee eee."

The pressure built up inside him and Touchman felt the torrent rush through
his cock and fill her ass with cum. He pulled out and wiped his cock off with
his fingers then scooped out Lizzie's ass further coating his fingers with
cum and shit. He took his and placed his fingers to her lips.

"Lick." He commanded.

Lizzie obeyed and slurped the digits clean.

"Now I'm going to pop that cherry of yours. How does that sound my precious?"
Touchman asked, he said ‘my precious the way golem did in lord of the rings.

"That would be fine." She said dreamily.

"Excellent." Touchman said as he tapped his fingers together before turning
her over onto her stomach.

He lay down on top of her and spread her legs. Touchman enjoyed massaging her
firm breasts and hard nipples for a few minutes then pushed his penis into
her. He plunged in and drove it towards her virginity. With a good hard push
he broke through her Hymen and deep into her love hole. He pumped in and out
hard and fast.

"It feels great almost as great as if I had a copy of the Matrix Trilogy that
was completely unedited." He said as he fucked her.

"Ohhhh, oh, oh yes, yes." She moaned with each penetrating stroke.

Pleasure surged through his body with every stroke until finally he wailed
like a wild animal as he emptied his cum into her. Both of them were panting
and exhausted.

"Touchman?" She finally asked as she recovered.

"Yes my elven princess?"

"Could you untie me, if I don't get home soon my parents are going to realize
I'm missing." She said.

He blinked. "Oh, all right just remember to return to my lair as soon as you
can my love slave."

"Sure, one last thing." She said.


"Could I borrow some cloths? I don't want to walk home naked."
_ _ _

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