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Lizzie McGuire: To Make The Grade
by DCForever

"Hey honey, there is someone here to see you." Jo McGuire, mother to teen
bombshell, Lizzie McGuire, yelled from downstairs.

"Who is it, mom," yelled back the 14 year old teenager as she scurried
around her room trying to find a pair of clean panties. "Oh brilliant, just
brilliant. Next time I'll make sure I have a clean pair before messing
around. I wonder who could be down stairs. Guess I better hurry up and get
some clothes on," thought the young lass.

Yet clothed and somewhat presentable, the young blonde haired girl still
showed signs of a reddened face from the fierce masturbatory session she had
recently concluded. She opened the door and began to exit as her face hit
the neckline and chin of another girl.

Stepping back and looking up, she watched as the taller, curly haired girl
looked down at her. "What are you doing here?"

"Trust me, Lizzie, this is the last place that I want to be. The mall would
be so much more fun, but we need to talk."

"We do?"

"Yes, we do," the blonde haired girl stepped passed a confused Lizzie and
into her room. "I see you haven't changed your room much...predictable."

"Kate, you ridicule me enough at school, don't think for a minute that I'm
going to let you..." Her words her muted as a hand was clasped over her

"Just shut up. I can talk about you at school and I damn well can talk about
you at home or even here. I know I scare you. I see the fear in your eyes
every time I confront you. You so know if it wasn't for your friend,
Miranda, that you would have been my bitch by now. You know it. I know it.
Hell, the whole school knows it. But I'm here on important matters. I can
claim your ass some other time." Her hand was removed.

Stepping back for a moment of thought, "Just so you know, I'm not as easy as
you think. I can hold my own. I don't need Miranda to fight my battles any
more. I do quite well on my own."

"Oh give it a rest, sweetie, and sit your ass on that bed."

"I'll stand thank you."

Kate pushed Lizzie's shoulder sending her back towards her bed. "I told you
to sit." She stepped over to close the door before grabbing Lizzie's small
desk chair. She placed the chair directly in front of Lizzie and proceeded
to sit down.

"Okay, I'm sitting and you're sitting. Now what?"

"Lizzie, have you started the assignment for Mr. Davey's class?"

"Is that what this is about?"

"Yeah. So have you?"

"Are you kidding? I don't even have a clue as to what the assignment is

"My thoughts exactly. So you see we are both in the same boat."

"Yeah, kind of like the three old men, except we aren't old...and not men...
and there are only two of ..."

Cutting the other girl off, "Anyways, who do we know that not only understood
the assignment, but is a shoe-in for the highest grade in the class?"

"Gordo of course."

"My point exactly."

"So what, you want me to ask him to help us or something?"

"Do you think he would if you asked?"

"Straight arrow him? I think not. I remember one time I ask him if I could
get answers for a school assignment that I had forgotten about and I didn't
hear the end of it for weeks down the road. No way would Gordo steep that

"Dang, I was hoping it would be lot easier than what I had designed."


"Yeah, I watched his reactions the other day when you and I were having
choice words in the hall. Did you know that he likes you?"

"Likes? Yeah, in a friend way, sure, but so does Miranda. What's wrong with

"Silly girl. No, I mean he really likes you. You know how he is always
walking around with that digital video camera attached to his wrist? Well I
know for a fact that he has at least 40 to 50 minutes of video footage just
of your ass. Ever wonder why he lets you and Miranda walk in front? Hello!"

"And you would know this how, Kate?"

"I've peeked over his shoulders a few times. You know, he has a nice a
rear...for a simpleton."

Lizzie clasped her hand over her gaping mouth for a second while she pondered
the idea of Kate and Gordo as a couple. " find his ass to your

"So help me God, if you tell anyone that I said that, you are so dead...
loserville will seem like paradise when I'm finished with you."

"My lips are sealed," moving her hands in a zipper like motion across her
lips. Lizzie couldn't help but to chuckle a little. "What is so bad about
you liking Gordo? He's liked you ever since you got back from that summer
camp a few years back."

"Yeah, him and every other male at school."

"I wouldn't just say males if I were you. That Christie girl...the one that
hangs with her Goth friends...I believe she wouldn't turn down an appointment
in the janitor's closet."

"How did you know about the closet?"

"Any and everyone in gym knows why on Thursday afternoon around 2:15 or so
why you have to go use the bathroom. Even the teacher knows. It's become
like an inside joke with everyone. You and Ethan meet there like clockwork.
You might want to start carrying a flashlight. Never know who might show
up instead."

"So that is why everyone looks at me when I walk back into the gym. Thanks
for that bit of info."

"No problem. Wow, it's been a long time since we've actually had a civilized
conversation. Brings back old memories."

"Ah, memories...that was what I came here to talk about. I don't want you to
think anything crazy, but do remember when we were younger and we used to do
everything together?"


"I do mean everything?"

"Yes, Kate, I remember when we used to experiment."

"Yeah, experiment. That's a good way to speak of it."

"It's the only way to speak of it. If I recall we played, we experimented,
and then we played some more. We never even talked about what we were
doing...we just did it."

"Yeah, well, I still don't feel right talking about it, but I think
rekindling those experiments might help us out of our current jam with Mr.
Davey's assignment."

"Confused, but you have my attention."

"Okay, here is what I was thinking. First, lets get one things straight...I
still don't like you."

"That's a mutual given."

"Fine, then I'll continue. Gordo likes you, and me from what you said, so
that is a positive in our corner already. We both know that he does
everything by a book of good morals. He's basically a great guy that doesn't
falter under any circumstance. If you or I asked him to help us with the
assignment in question, it's a no-brainer that he would agree to help, but
either of us asked him to do the entire assignment for us then we would be
up shit's creek. So what if we both asked him...think he would go for that?"

"His answer would still be no."

"Okay, I figured that much. What if we agreed to give him something in

"Like what?"


"Us? Us what?"

"Hello! What if we offered him us? You and me. Together. At the same
time. As one."

"Okay, only one flaw...possibly others, but I don't like him in that way.
I have my eyes on someone else."

"Ethan. Everyone knows you drool over the guy. Ever heard of acting? When
you don't like someone, sometimes you have to put on a happy face and become
his or her best buds. It's called survival in the real world. Something my
mom and dad taught me while they were going through their divorce."

"So you want me to play with Gordo's feelings? He is one of my best friends.
I couldn't do that to him."

"What if I threw Ethan in for good measure. Do you think you could then play

"Now that could be a possibility. So what were you thinking?"

"I told you what I was thinking. Think he would go for a package deal?"

"By package deal, do you mean the two of us hugging and occasionally rubbing
against him and stuff?"

"No stupid. I mean you and me fulfilling every male's sexual fantasy. Are
you that naive? I mean you and me offering to have sex with each other while
he watches. Or if it takes it...even going as far as to let him join us.
That would mean you would have to be willing to let him fuck you. And as
often as he stares at your ass I'm thinking that would probably be his first
target. Do you think he would go for it?"

"Hell no!"

"No? Damn then what do you think it would take?"

"No, I mean there is no way in hell I'll let him or you do that to me."

"Oh you don't get a choice. You're going to do it. I'll make sure of that."

"Oh you will?"

The taller blonde raised her nose up into the air and sniffed the surrounding
air and then looked back at the other girl. "So you like masturbating do

"What? I don't do that. Even if I did it is none of your business."

"Will be when I tell the whole school what you like to do. Plus I'm sure I
can think of something to spice up a rumor or two. Like maybe where you like
do it and with whom you like to do it in front of. Stuff like that."

"Why you doing this Kate?"

"Because I need an 'A' from Mr. Davey's class and this assignment is 60% of
the grade. This assignment makes or breaks my Junior Merit Scholarship and
you can't be on the cheer squad with an 'F.' That is why I'm doing this.
Plus it could be fun."

"Fun for who? Gordo? Yeah, I'm pretty sure he would have a ton of fun
sticking his dick in you or me or whoever gave him the opportunity. Like
myself, he is a virgin as well."

"Don't tell me he is into that no sex before marriage rift?"

"Never really came up before. No idea."

"Well only one way to find out. Youz and mez...we're dating partnerz nowz."

"Just for the record...I'm totally, 100% against this."

"The record notes it. Now for some fun. So what do you use?" Lizzie
shrugged her shoulders. "You know...when you masturbate. You got a dildo
hidden somewhere around this pathetic area you call a room or are you just
a fingers type of girl?"

"That is so none of your business."

"This again. Yes, it is. I'm making it my business. So which is it?"

Lizzie positioned her legs underneath her as she hung her head down in shame
and defeat. "Already beaten? I thought you would be more of a challenge.
So are you going to show me?"

"Show you what?"

"Show me what you use. Show me your body. Either will do for the time
being. I have to know what I'll be working with. It's obvious your body
has changed since the last time I saw it in the flesh."

"You know, Kate, it's weird that you would bring up that time in our life.
It was you that never wanted to do anything. If we ever got around to doing
anything it was me that did it, not you. I'm actually quite surprised that
you haven't hung that over my head."

"Guess you don't know me as good as you thought. Like my reputation would
be worth anything if I told people about that."

"You could have always lied and said you saw me with someone else."

"Why would I want to lie about something that made me feel alive?" she
questioned out of nowhere. Both girls went quiet at the admission of truth.
For the first time in a long time both girls were in Lizzie's room talking,
and sharing and finding out answers to questions that had long gone

Lizzie was unsure of how to touch on the subject...seemed kind of unstable
after Kate's astonishing admission. "So you liked it when we did those
things? I thought you were repulsed by me or us doing that stuff to each
other." She stood up and hit Kate as hard as she could in the shoulder.
"Why didn't you say anything back then? You felt alive huh? And to think
that I thought my life had fallen apart. You should have said something...

Kate stood up herself and rested her hands on the back of the chair she had
previously occupied. "I don't need to stand here and explain myself to you."

"Oh yeah you do. So explain. Explain to me how you could like something
so much, yet act as if it was nothing...I was nothing. How? I basically
admitted my love for you and you gave me nothing. And then camp came up.
After you returned, you wanted nothing to do with me." Tears were covering
her cheeks now as she fought to hold herself together. She couldn't believe
that after all this time, time in which her heart had finally mended, Kate
was willing to bring her feelings to the forefront.

"It wasn't easy, Lizzie. Besides that was a long time ago. We've both moved
on now."

"You brought it up. This plan of yours will make us do nothing more than
relive those moments and I don't want to go there."

"Lizzie, look here. It truly wasn't easy for me to ignore you. It wasn't my
fault. It was my mom's fault. She found a letter that I had written and was
going to give to you after our second attempt at experimenting, as you call
it. After reading that letter, she chastised me for hours and even days
later. She branded into me the idea that I was in no way to pursue any kind
of relationship with you. That is why she sent me to camp. Little did she
know that while you may have lit a spark in me, those camp counselors made me
grow into a burning inferno. And people wonder how my breasts got so big
over the summer and how my attitude changed. Those counselors, their mouths,
and their fascinating methods of pleasing other girls is what happened.
After the first week or so there, I put to use what I learned during
initiation week. Any given night I would have one or sometimes two of the
girl counselors munching at my goodness. Some of my bunkmates joined in from
time to time. When I came back home, I couldn't face you. As much as I
wanted to explain...I just couldn't bring myself to do it. As bad as I
treated you before camp, I just couldn't bring myself to face you when I got

"So you just gave up on the idea that there could have been an 'us'?"

"No, I did come over to your house one weekend a few months later to explain
everything to you and tell you how I truly felt, but when I saw you hugging
up on Miranda and Gordo in your backyard, I got jealous. I'm certain it was
an innocent hug of sorts, but on that particular day it didn't matter. You
were letting someone else, not associated with the Sanders' name, touch and
caress you. That is when my attitude changed for the worse and you, Miranda,
and Gordo flew to the top of my list of known loserville targets."

"You were jealous? Never thought I would hear that."

"You have something that I don't...true friends that you can depend on when
things get rough."

"You got Clare and your cheerleader buddies."

"Oh come on, you know Clare is only my friend for the recognition. She so
wants my captain title of the squad. If she ever steals my reigns then I'm
finished in this school."

"So is that the reason you really need this plan of yours to you
can stay a cheerleader?"

"Partially, but haven't you listened to anything that I've said. I learned
my skills in camp and what did I do as soon as school started back up?
Forget? I joined the cheer squad and worked myself up to being captain. See
there are these things called cheerleading camps that are held about three
times a year. Lets just say that a cheerleader gets more than her fair share
of pussy. Oh jocks have nothing on us cheerleaders. Most of those camps
work on the basics that you learn as a freshmen and the rest of the time is
pretty much massive orgies."

"You're kidding me? So still today, even though you are with Ethan, you
still go down on girls?"

"That is what the special cheer practices are held for on Saturdays. You
know, if we could settle our differences and clear the fog from Clare's eyes,
I'm sure the girls would love to have your sweet body in a cheerleading
outfit. I know I wouldn't mind it. And Ethan is only a front for the school
and those interested. He isn't into dating or receiving all the attention
people give him, but pretending to be with me keeps everyone away so in a way
he does have the privacy that he wants."

"Wait a minute." Lizzie slowly walked back over to the bed and sat down
while she took a couple minutes to think things out. Now she understood
Ethan's evasive actions anytime she came near him. She decided she would
learn about her dear Ethan at a later time. "So what you're saying is...
this plan of yours isn't just for getting a grade or getting into my pants.
You still are feeling that spark that I set in you years ago?"

"Lizzie, don't be so full of yourself. I've seen much better bodies, been
with more mature and older girls..."

Cutting Kate off, "Yeah, but they weren't me...were they?"

Lizzie's question felt like someone had just thrown a bucket of freezing cold
water against Kate's body. Her body stiffened, breasts hardened, and juices
began flowing. "No, they weren't. Alright already...will you just kiss me

"What kind of girl do you take me for?" Kate couldn't wait on Lizzie's games
to play out. She threw her body against Lizzie where they both fell against
the bed's mattress. Lifting up on her arms, Kate smiled at the pinned girl
before dropping her lips to touch Lizzie's. Both girls had waited a long
time for this moment to arrive, but Lizzie was still unsure of the matter as
she kept her lips closed. Kate's cherry favored lips moved along Lizzie's
lips, praying that she would give in, but it it wasn't to be. She continued
to kiss with her smooth, glossy lips as a sensation much lower began to warm
to a boil.

Kate lowered her hand and softly trickled her fingers down the body and
rested her hand upon the top of Lizzie's mound. Kate knew she had gone too
far when Lizzie snatched her head up and flung her body off the top of hers.
The taller blonde just fell back and rested on her back while she watched an
even more confused Lizzie start to pace around the room.

"I can't do this, Kate. I won't let you make me relive those times over
again. I've moved on yes, but I fell for you once and you hurt me and I
don't want to follow that same path again." Kate slowly stood up and walked
over to the girl, clinching the other girl's hand in her own hand, as she
embraced her in a hug.

Kate whispered something in her ear that made Lizzie smile with a blushing
redness, before stepping past the girl and exiting through the now open
bedroom door.

* * *

The following day at school, students were crowded in the halls preparing for
the school day that lied ahead. Two particular students stood by their open
lockers talking as they usually did.

"So Gordo, what did you do last night...besides homework?"

"Well lets see, I washed the dishes after dinner, watched a news conference
on the latest NASA satellite launch, read another chapter of 'Hamlet', and...
did my homework. You?"

"Basically the same except loaded the dishwasher, watched TRL on MTV, caught
up on my Cosmos and Teen People reading and talked a bit with Lizzie. Girl's

"How is it that we are friends again?"

"Oh that's easy. You adore me...okay, you adore us...okay, okay, you adore
Lizzie and I'm Lizzie's closest and dearest friend so therefore we're stuck

"Okay, for the millionth time already, Miranda, I don't have any special
feelings for Lizzie. We are just friends. Like you and I."

"If you say so." Miranda Sanchez glanced down the hall and saw something
that was the furtherest thing from being true. "Gordo, you won't believe who
Lizzie just walked through the door with?"

Gordo turned around and his eyes seemed to want to pop out of their sockets.
"Is way."

"Looks like that is a yes way. Lizzie is walking and talking with Kate

Looking down at the two approaching girls' hands, "Look a bit closer...
they're doing more than just talking."

"Oh my God, they are holding hands. Have we ever held hands?"

"Not that I recall. Okay, someone pinch me now so I can wake up from this

"Normally I would be glad to oblige, but we both can't be having the same
nightmare. What we're seeing is real whether it seems that way or not."

Lizzie and Kate welcomed loads of stares as they walked down the school's
corridor holding each other's hand by their sides. They walked with each
other to Kate's lockers and continued giggling and smiling at whatever it
was they were talking about. Gordo and Miranda couldn't stand not being
in the know. Closing their own lockers, they both headed for Kate's since
that is where the girls currently resided. Miranda was about to say
something to her friend, but suddenly stopped all movement and became
speechless as Lizzie and Kate's lips touched for the student world to see.
When Lizzie turned to walk away she ran into Gordo and Miranda, whom were
still frozen in their steps.

"Oh hey, guys. Anything new?"

"Hey guys? Is that all you have to say? What is up with the Kateness and
the holding hands?"

"Bumped that, what was up with that kiss? Did we all like step into the
Twilight Zone or something last night?"

"She loves me. And I love her." Lizzie parted her two friends as she
walked between their bodies, headed to her own locker. Her friends
followed. They talked as she changed books from her book bag back to
her locker and vice-versa. Meanwhile, Kate wiggled her fingers at her
new lover as she passed by with her own friends in tow.

"Isn't she amazing?"

"Who, Kate? Okay something is going on here and I'm too sure I like what it

"There is nothing going on here, but two girls who have found their true
love." Lizzie stated before walking off to her first class of the day.

* * *

Two nights later, Lizzie is in bed talking to Kate on the phone.

"Kate, do you think it's time to ask him?"

"Most definitely. Everyone in school has seen the two of us now. Being that
it has been two days I think your friends have somewhat accepted the idea
that we are together."

"Yeah, at least enough to corner Gordo tomorrow. This plan of your's better
not backfire or..."

"Don't worry, I think it will work. Lizzie, I've really had a great time
these past few days. I had forgotten how good of a friend you could be."

"Same to you, Kate. You know, if you try kissing me again tomorrow, I might
let you in."

"Finally, it's about time," quickly calming her voice back down, "I mean it's
a date then."

"Uh huh. Good night, Kate. Don't let the bed bugs bite."

"Okay. Good night, Lizzie. Sweet dreams and sweet kisses to you as well."
Kate hung up the phone before she could hear the kissing sounds coming from
the McGuire's house.

* * *

"I tell you Lizzie, it hasn't been easy accepting Kate into our little
circle, but if she is the one for you then who am I to interfere. Though
I can't say that I ever knew you were into girls."

"Thanks, Miranda. You are the bestest friend a girl could have. The girl
thing is a long, long story."

Walking up behind the two girls, "Hey what about me? And what story?"

"Gordo, you're the second and as equally bestest friend a girl could have.
The story, well, it's a girl thing."

"Oh one of those. I think I might be leaving then."

"No, don't go. Wait up. I'm waiting for Kate. We have something we need
to talk to you about...together."

"Both of you? Okay, I guess I can wait, but no girl talk in the mean time."

"Scout's honor. Right Miranda?"

"Yeah, what she said."

A few minutes later, Lizzie felt two hands engulf her waist. "Hello,
sweetie. Did you miss me?"

"Of course I did, doll face." Lizzie leaned her head back and kissed the
towering girl behind her, on the lips. Kate didn't want to press the issue,
but she quickly realized she wouldn't have to as the other pair of lips
parted and made room for her tongue. She ran her tongue over the other and
proceeded to suck on it for a few seconds before releasing their lips. "The
wait was worth it."

Miranda and Gordo both had to admit to themselves that watching two of the
prettiest and hottest girls in the school French kissing in their presence
was pretty damn hot in itself.

Lizzie turned back to her friends as she leaned back against the taller
blonde's frame. "So Gordo, can Kate and I talk to you?"

"Yeah, sure." They all looked at Miranda; she was uncomfortable with all the

"Oh don't mind me, I have some chores I should get home to. You two call me
later." Miranda took her cue and walked off.

"So what is it you girls wanted to talk to me about?"

"Can we go somewhere more private?" The two girls smiled as the young male
teenager shifted his nervous stance from foot to foot.

"How's the library sound? I believe they have some side study rooms."

"Perfect," echoed the taller girl.

"Yeah, I'm sure the librarian wouldn't mind us using one," chimed in the
shorter, cuter blonde haired Lizzie.

* * *

Half hour later, behind a soundproof glassed in room, Lizzie and Kate waited
for David Gordon's response.

"Are you two out of your minds? Come on, you're joking right?"

Kate delivered her response with a stern face, "No, we're not kidding. If
you are willing to produce an assignment for us that is deserving of an 'A'
then we will let you watch as we take on our first sexual act with each
other. I might even send a smile or two your way when I'm going down on

"Oh, Kate, you're going down on me first? Owww, I can't wait. Come on
Gordo. This is like every living male's dream come true. And here we are
delivering it to you on a silver platter. So what do you say?"

"The two of you naked? I think I'm about to faint." The girls chuckled at
his reaction.

"So what, if you faint that is a yes?"

"Kate, don't push him."

"No, that is way okay with me. Push, push all you want."

"Well how about if we increase the odds a bit. You do this for us, and I
might find something hidden beneath those clothes of yours to pull on by the
time it is over. Ever had a girl give you a handjob, David?"

In a scratchy voice, "Nope!"

"Would you like for me or Lizzie here, to give you a handjob...would that
seal our deal?"

Gordo was a very smart young man; that was the reason the girls had come to
him in the first place. Being as smart as he was, he knew that if Kate and
Lizzie were willing to up the bargain to a handjob then maybe, just maybe if
he held out longer he would get a few better offers...possibly one that
included him joining the two in bed.

He decided to play it cool and make the girls sweat a little. "So what if a
girl hasn't given me one? There can't be too much of a difference between a
girl doing it and doing it myself. I'm quite familiar with that action."
Lizzie plopped her body in a chair. She knew Gordo was on to them and that
he wouldn't agree to a deal unless he could fuck both of them.

Lizzie spoke up and prayed that her deal would prove to be the one. "Look
Gordo, I know you. I know for a fact that you are still a virgin and that
you haven't had a girlfriend and that you like certain girls. I'll leave
the names out for sake of the argument. This is a better deal than you
might possibly ever get from the female race. Not that you won't have your
share of girls, but why wait for that time to come? This is the here and
now. Look at Kate's breasts, they just can't wait to get out and bounce
around. Come on, you know you are like every other boy in this school...
you've wondered what it would be like to touch or suck on her babies. Here
is your chance. You know me...if I don't get an 'A' on this assignment I
could really care less. With my other grades in the class I'm sure I can
pass with a 'C.' So this is it...take it or leave it. You get to watch
Kate and me consummate our love for each other, plus you can touch and
fondle both our bodies, suck on our breasts if you'd like and we both will
give you a blowjob as a bonus. Let me tell you upfront...I've never given
a blowjob before. Just think, you would be my first. So, do we have a

The young man knew he would be the biggest dope on the planet if he let this
offer slip out of his hands. "You two have got yourself a deal." The girls
jumped up and rushed over to give him a hug. He didn't know what to do with
the two blondes as they wrapped their hands and arms around his body. Kate
used her chest advantage to smother the teenager's face between her cleavage,
while Lizzie rubbed her free hand over the other girl's jeans covered ass.
Pulling back, they each kissed a cheek leaving behind the faint smell of
cherries. The two girls gathered their book bags and headed for the exit,
hand in hand, while the young male teenager stayed behind trying to lighten
the glow showing on his face and soften the hardon in his pants.

* * *

Three nights later, Lizzie lay in bed with her female partner.

Mumbling in the girl's ear, "How did it come to this again? You. Me.
Naked. Exhausted and basking in a pleasure I didn't know existed."

"Well if I recall, I showed up at your door earlier this evening and when you
answered I planted my lips against yours. Taking no for an answer I believe
I Frenched you until we were in your bed where I followed through with what
Kate whispered to me the first day she came over to my house. As I leisurely
planted kisses over your sweet face, I confronted my fears and confessed my
undying love to you. You don't know how hard that was for me to get out of
my mouth. Kate told me that after seeing your reactions the past few days
that she believed if I approached you and told you how I felt that you
probably have something encouraging to say back."

"As you just found out, Lizzie, I let actions talk for me."

"Ohhh, tell me about it. Kate was good and Gordo wasn't too bad either, but
my pussy has never felt the warmth and sensations your tongue provided. I
won't even ask where you learned how to do that twisted tongue movement. My
clit approved."

"A girl never divulges her secrets...especially when it's more fun teaching
and showing a person how it's done. Care for another lesson?"

"Sorry, but I'm still pretty tired. I believe I'm orgasmed out. First there
was Kate, actually I believe she made me come twice. Then there was the time
when Gordo was fingering my ass while sucking on Kate's tits. Oh, and then
Kate again. If she hadn't have kept on and not got me soaked up, I don't
believe Gordo would have taken the chance of deflowering me."

"So I can only assume that wasn't part of the deal?"

"No, it wasn't, but in the heat of the moment, the deal was out the window.
We had our 'A's and I believe that just added to the excitement. Kate held
my hand the whole time and made sure Gordo didn't rush anything. I'm sort
of glad that it was Gordo that took my cherry...that is if a guy was to be
the one to take it. Oh you should have seen Kate. She was rubbing,
stroking, licking, pinching, kissing, and doing everything she could to get
him hard again, just so she could have a go with him. Can you believe
this...he offered to pullout before he shot his load, but she just grabbed
a tighter hold and pushed him in further."

"Do you think she will be one of the lucky ones?"

"I don't know, but I have a feeling from the looks she was giving him, that
she really didn't care. Those two sucked face for a good fifteen minutes
while we all recovered. I went to Kate's bathroom to get us all some towels
to clean up with, but he wouldn't let me use them. He preferred to use his
tongue. I was shocked that my body reacted so soon. As soon as his tongue
touched by clit I was milking his face with everything I had left."

"So if you had such a wonderful time with those two then how come you showed
up at my door?"

"Kate and my relationship was nothing more than a designed plan. We
confessed to Gordo and told him everything, but he didn't seem one bit upset.
Hell he didn't have a right if he had been upset seeing that he got to fuck
both of us. I admit that a flame was rekindled when she went down on me, but
it wasn't the flame I had for was the flame that started feeling for
you that same summer that she was at camp so many years ago. It took her
actions to remind me of the hard times I had with her in our experimenting
days and wonderful times I had with you as first friends, then something
more, and hopefully now...even something much more."

"Come here sweet thing. I think it's time I showed you how I really feel."
The two girls' lips touched, as did their naked bodies while they wrestled
for affection in Miranda Sanchez's bedroom.

The End


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