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Lizzie McGuire: The Next Step Part 5 - Lolita
by DiGiovanni

Lizzie had just recently lost her virginity at a party. It didn't exactly
happen the way she had planned, but it happened. And once it had happened,
she took full advantage of it, climbing on the boy whose name she didn't
know, then later climbing on Mr. Dig. Both those encounters had given her
the kind of satisfaction she hadn't known before.

The party where Lizzie had lost her virginity had been on Friday night. On
Saturday Lizzie's mother, Jo, had taken her to see the doctor and got her on
birth control. Then Jo and Lizzie's little brother, Matt, had left to spend
a week at Grandma's, leaving Lizzie and her dad, Sam, at home alone. It was
now Sunday morning and Sam was sitting on a chair in the kitchen. Lizzie was
standing in front of him, explaining something. She was wearing her usual
jeans and t-shirt. She hadn't put on a bra because she wasn't planning to go

Lizzie and her dad had each fantasized about the possibility of the two of
them getting something sexual started with the other, but neither wanted to
make the first move because they didn't know what the other's reaction would
be. Lizzie had often wondered what it would be like to try to seduce her dad.
She thought he was cute and sexy, and she could see where it might be a lot
of fun.

Sam had a feeling that Lizzie wanted to mess around as much as he did, but
that she was too unsure of herself, or unsure of what his reaction might be.
This morning he decided to give her a hint. As she was talking, he took her
by the hips and drew her in a little closer to him. Then he suddenly began
tickling her ribs.

Sam loved tickling Lizzie. He enjoyed feeling her squirm around in his hands,
trying to get away. And he could move her in whichever direction he wanted,
simply by poking her opposite side. Sometimes they would be watching TV and
he would start tickling her, making her squirm and wiggle all over the couch.
If she happened to be wearing a skirt, it would invariably end up around her
hips. It was a turn on. It turned Lizzie on, too. It reminded her of when she
and Matt would wrestle around on the floor.

Giggling and squirming, Lizzie grabbed his wrists and tried to get away. She
couldn't, but Sam stopped tickling her anyway after just a few seconds. Then,
as Lizzie was catching her breath, Sam gave her a poke in her lower back,
causing her to lurch forward. As she did, and with Sam's guidance, she
accidentally bumped her breast against his face.

When she realized her breast was pressing against her dad's face, she
half-smiled and drew back. But then Sam poked the other side of her back,
causing her to lurch forward again, this time pushing her other breast
against his face. Lizzie looked down and saw him smiling up at her with
his nose and mouth pressing against her breast. She paused for a moment,
then smiled and drew back again.

"Dad... you did that on purpose..."

"Yeah, I guess I did... I just couldn't resist." Then he simply changed the
subject, "But go on with what you were telling me."

For the rest of the day Lizzie couldn't get that little incident out of her
mind. But she couldn't be sure whether he was telling her he wanted to mess
around with her, or whether it was just a joke. The more she thought about
it, the more she was tempted to find out for sure.

She had been messing around with Matt all summer, and she had just lost her
virginity two days earlier at a party. She had even sucked and fucked Mr.
Dig. Starting something with her dad seemed like it just might be the next
logical step. She wasn't yet absolutely sure she wanted to, but she was
willing to take a step or two in that direction, and see what happened.

That evening after supper, when her dad went upstairs to take a shower,
Lizzie knew he'd be coming down in his bathrobe to watch TV. She was ready.
She had put on a very sexy, silky spaghetti strap tank top without a bra. It
was rather sheer, and it fit loosely enough so it exaggerated every little
jiggle of her breasts. It was sage green, and it went well with her faded
short denim skirt that all the boys seemed to like so much, and her tan high
heel boots.

She knew that the movie channel would be showing "Lolita." She didn't really
know much about the movie, except that it was about a young teenage girl who
seduced some middle-age guy. And she knew it was one of her dad's favorite

Sure enough, Sam came downstairs in his bathrobe, and Lizzie immediately
invited him to sit and watch the movie with her. As Sam sat down next to
Lizzie and put his arm around her, he couldn't help notice how she looked.
"I like your outfit, Lizzie. You look hot. You smell good, too," as he
buried his face in her long golden hair and breathed in deeply.

"It was just, you know, something to wear," as Lizzie snuggled up close to
him. She liked the fact that her dad could spend time with her. He was nice,
and he was cute, and he was sexy, in an adult sort of way.

As they watched the movie, Lizzie rested her hand on her dad's leg, and after
a while she noticed a little bulge in his crotch. She had a pretty good idea
he was a little bit aroused. Moving her hand a little or pressing down a
little seemed to make the bulge grow a little larger. She thought about
moving her hand a little closer to his crotch, but that would be way too
obvious. Sam saw what was going on, but he didn't want to rush things. He
wanted Lizzie to feel perfectly comfortable, so they both simply sat there
watching the movie.

The movie was about two thirds of the way over, and so far, she hadn't made
any progress at all. Finally she got up the nerve, still hoping she wouldn't
be too obvious. "Dad, do you get horny when Mom's not here?"

"I sure do, Lizzie. She's only been gone for a day and I'm horny already."

"Do teenage girls turn you on, Dad?.... You know, like in the movie."

"Sure, Lizzie, sometimes. It's just normal for a cute girl to turn a guy on."

"Uh,... do I ever turn you on?"

Sam had pretty well figured out what Lizzie was up to, and this was what he
had been waiting for. He noticed how she had changed her clothes and put on
makeup just to watch TV, but this question made it a lot more personal. It
was beginning to look more and more like Jo knew what she was talking about
when she said she wouldn't be surprised if Lizzie tried to get into her dad's
pants. Sam had been hopeful, and now his hopes were raised even more.

"Sure, Lizzie, especially when you wear a short skirt like that," he reached
down and ran his hand up her thigh. "You know, one that gives guys a little
glimpse of your panties." He lifted the edge of her skirt, exposing the white
crotch of her panties.

The way Lizzie was sitting caused a space between her top and her chest,
allowing her dad to look down and see her young breasts inside. They weren't
very big. Both of them together wouldn't begin to fill up his hand, but
they were perky, and they were cute, and they looked so inviting. So Sam

"And when you show off your tits by not wearing a bra, like now." With the
hand that was around her shoulder he nuzzled his fingers against Lizzie's
breast. "Yes, I noticed... and I appreciate it." as he began fondling her

Lizzie's eyes and mouth popped wide open. She couldn't believe her own dad
was actually fondling her breast; feeling her up. "Accidentally" making her
push her breast into his face that morning was one thing, but this was a
whole lot more than that. This was blatant. It was kind of embarrassing
because she hadn't expected it. She expected a little more talk before there
might be any actual touching. But she didn't know if she should say anything
or not. She could feel her nipple growing, and she didn't know if her dad
could feel it or not. She decided to just be quiet and see if anything else

"You've got nice titties, Lizzie. They're growing nicely," Sam smiled as he
slid his hand inside her top and began casually fondling both her breasts.
Lizzie's eyes just about popped out of her head again, and she could feel her
face flushing. On the other hand, she could definitely feel herself becoming
turned on. She had fantasized about what might happen if she tried flirting
with her dad, but she didn't really expect this, at least not so soon.

"But what turns me on most is your face. You're so darned cute." Sam leaned
down and kissed Lizzie on the cheek, then again and again. Lizzie turned
toward him, and he kissed her lightly on the lips, then again and again. Soon
Lizzie was returning his little kisses. Then Sam lightly brushed his tongue
against her lips, and again and again. Lizzie began responding with her own

It didn't take Sam long to coax Lizzie into opening her mouth wider and let
his adult tongue in, and to encourage her teenage tongue into his own mouth.
As their tongues explored each other's mouths, Sam slipped her shoulder strap
down, uncovering her young breast. It was no secret now that her nipple was
standing straight out, and her dad seemed to take pleasure in brushing his
finger against it to arouse it even more.

Things were moving along much faster than Lizzie could ever have anticipated.
She knew she had to collect her thoughts. Suddenly she excused herself to go
to the kitchen for a drink of water. Sam asked her to bring him back a beer,
and she said she would.

Lizzie was thoroughly confused. She couldn't believe she was actually making
out and being felt up by her own dad. But isn't that what she had fantasized
about? But she didn't think it would ever really happen. So why did she wear
the short skirt and the sexy top without a bra? She didn't have an answer.

The more she thought about it, she decided she was definitely enjoying
herself, and she definitely trusted her dad, so what was the problem? She
grabbed two cans of beer, just to tease him a little, and headed back to
the couch.

Sam was sitting there with his legs crossed, and his feet on the coffee
table. Lizzie stepped over his legs with one foot, then stood there astride
his legs, holding the cans behind her back. Giggling, she announced that he
could have one if she could have the other.

Sam took a moment to savor the image of his cute, sexy daughter standing
there, her golden tanned thighs spread apart, and her teenage nipples poking
impudently against the slippery cloth that was restraining them. Smiling, he
put his hands around the backs of her thighs and pulled her toward him until
she found herself kneeling on the couch, straddling his legs. He didn't try
to reach around her as she had expected him to. Smiling up at her, he put his
hands on the sides of her legs and slid them up, pushing her skirt all the
way up to her waist.

Still giggling, but with her eyes wide open, "What are you doing, Dad?"

"Just looking you over, Lizzie. You're developing into a beautiful young
woman, you know. I'll bet the boys can't keep their hands off you. I know
I've had a hard time keeping mine off," he smiled. Then he reached up and
slid one of her shoulder straps down. Lizzie wiggled her shoulders, trying
to work it back up, but with her hands holding the two cans behind her, she
found that she wasn't able to. Then Sam reached up and slid the other one
down, allowing her top to drop down, exposing both her young breasts.

Again Lizzie felt her face flush. It was embarrassing: her dad talking to
her like that, and slowly undressing her. She had gotten herself in a little
deeper than she had expected, and a little faster than she had expected, and
she didn't quite know what to do.

Sam decided to put her a little more at ease. He reached around her and took
the two cans, telling her that she could have a little bit of his. Lizzie
went along and let him take the cans and put them down. But she was still
kneeling there with her bare breasts in front of her dad's face, and her
skirt up around her waist.

As Lizzie fumbled around with her straps, trying to pull her top back up, Sam
took her wrists, then wrapped his arms around her. Holding her hands behind
her, he drew her a little closer. He looked up at her and kissed her on the
lips. Lizzie, her hands still behind her, kissed him back. Then he lowered
his face and began kissing and licking her breasts. Again Lizzie was taken by
surprise, and she didn't quite know what to do. On the other hand, her dad's
mouth felt really good gently sucking and licking her breasts. Her dad had
let go of her wrists so he could fondle her young ass as he kissed her
breasts, so she simply put her hands on his shoulders and enjoyed what he was
doing. As Sam fondled Lizzie's ass, he would kiss one of her breasts, then
the other. Then he would twiddle his tongue against one of her nipples, then
the other, causing them to stand straight out. Then he would take each breast
into his mouth and get it completely wet.

"Has anyone ever told you how cute your titties are? And how good they

"Da-aad ..."

Lizzie was normally a little bit self-conscious that her breasts weren't as
big as some of the other girls'. But Matt seemed to like them just fine, and
the boys at the party did, too. In fact, Mr. Dig could hardly keep his hands
off them. And now her dad, who was used to her mom's grownup breasts, seemed
perfectly happy with them, too. It made her feel good that adults like Mr.
Dig and her dad would find them so appealing.

Lizzie was thoroughly enjoying the attention her dad was paying to her
breasts, and was becoming more and more turned on. Sam paused for a moment
to take hold of Lizzie's tank top and raise it up to her armpits. Lizzie
knew what he wanted, but she didn't really feel comfortable taking it off
right out there in the open. She ultimately trusted her dad, though, so she
reluctantly raised her arms and let him take it off her. Sam looked up at
her, "You've really got nice little titties, Lizzie. Do you like it when I
kiss them?" He nuzzled his mouth against one of her nipples.

"Uh, yes, Dad...." Lizzie half smiled.

"How about when I suck on them. Do you like that?" He nuzzled his mouth
against the other.

"Dad,....yes....I like it....."

"Are you getting turned on?"

"Uh,'s embarrassing when you ask me things like that.....Yes,
I'm turned on...."

"I know, Lizzie. You're even cuter when you're embarrassed." With that he
looked up at her and slid his hand between her legs, then slid it all the
way up to her crotch. Again Lizzie's eyes popped wide open as she felt her
dad's fingers nuzzle against the moist crotch of her panties. She could
feel that her panties were moist, and it was embarrassing having her dad
know that they were. But she didn't move.

As her dad gently massaged her pussy through her panties, Lizzie couldn't
believe how good it felt, and she soon found her pelvis rotating in rhythm
with his fingers. Again Sam looked up at her, "How 'bout that, Lizzie? You
like Daddy's fingers touching your pussy?"

"Dad, please don't ask me.....yes, I like it...."

Sam was thoroughly enjoying himself. His really cute teenage daughter, whom
he had been lusting after for more than a year, had put on a really sexy
outfit for him, and now she was rubbing her little pussy against his fingers,
almost masturbating against them, with her bare teenage breasts jiggling in
front of his face, inviting him to kiss them or suck them or whatever he

Lizzie was too embarrassed to look her dad straight in the eye. Yes, she was
rubbing her pussy against his fingers and offering him her breasts to kiss
and nuzzle, but she still couldn't really believe it was happening. Her mind
was in a kind of a daze, and all she could think about was how good it felt.

As Sam continued massaging her pussy, and occasionally kissing her lips or
her breasts, or just smiling up at her, Lizzie began quickening her pace.
Sam knew it wouldn't be long now before his little girl would be climaxing
against his fingers. Sure enough, as Lizzie began frantically humping her
dad's fingers, she suddenly stopped and froze up. She moaned and whimpered
as she pressed her little pussy hard against his fingers in climax.

Her dad held her close as she ground her pussy down onto his fingers, moaning
and shuddering, trying her best to eke out every ounce of pleasure she could.
When it was over, Lizzie didn't know whether to be embarrassed or what. She
had just climaxed right in front of her dad, and with all the lights on. And
it was against his own fingers that she had done it. She couldn't believe her
own dad had just gotten her off with his fingers like that. And she couldn't
believe he had gotten her to tell him how good everything felt.

Sam sensed Lizzie's embarrassment, and he held her close to reassure her.
They stayed like that for a couple of minutes. But it wasn't over yet. Sam's
hand was still cupped around her pussy, and as Lizzie recovered, he began
kissing and licking her breasts again, and very gently fondling her pussy
again. Soon Lizzie was responding, just as before. But this time she wasn't
nearly as embarrassed.

"Dad, wait ..."

Sam paused. Lizzie climbed off and stood on the floor in front of the couch.
She pushed her panties down to her knees until they dropped to her ankles.
Then she straightened up and stepped out of them. She glanced up and saw the
broad grin on her dad's face as he gazed at her wet little snatch. She
half-smiled as she climbed back on, straddling her dad's legs, and putting
her hands back on his shoulders.

Lizzie let out an audible sigh as her dad's fingers made contact with her
wet, naked pussy. Sam caressed it gently, wetting his fingers with Lizzie's
juices. Lizzie rocked her hips in approval as she rubbed her pussy against
her dad's fingers.

As Sam caressed Lizzie's pussy, he gently worked two of his finger between
its lips and began pushing them in. He could feel the tightness of her young
pussy gripping them as they went in farther and farther. Lizzie moaned her
approval as she lowered herself to work them in even farther. Sam couldn't
help smiling about how horny he had gotten her and how easily he was playing
her with his fingers. Lizzie saw him smiling and pulled his face into her
tits, wiping them against his grinning mouth as she worked her pussy up and
down on his fingers.

She thought about reaching down and grabbing his cock, hoping he would
actually fuck her, but that could wait. For now, he was doing just fine with
his fingers. In fact, her dad was the first guy who actually seemed to know
what he was doing when it came to fingering her pussy, and Lizzie couldn't
get enough of it. Soon she was bouncing and squirming her way through her
second orgasm. She kissed her dad hard on the mouth, sucking his tongue in as
far as she could, as she climaxed on his finger.

As she gradually recovered she eased herself off him and sat back down beside
him. As she sat there, still recovering from her orgasms, in the comfort of
her dad's arm, it began to dawn on her that in many ways he was just like any
boy her own age: he enjoyed playing with her tits and pussy. He was a real
person after all, a guy, and he liked the same things other guys like. She
saw the large tent his bathrobe had formed over his crotch. She knew he must
be really horny. Of course he was; he was a guy. And from her limited
experience with Matt and Lanny and Mr. Dig, she knew that one thing every guy
likes is for a cute girl to suck his cock.

Sam saw that Lizzie had been looking at it, and had been gingerly moving her
hand toward it, so he took her hand and placed it directly on it. "Is that
what you were thinking about?" Lizzie smiled, but didn't say anything.
Instead she wrapped her fingers around it and began fondling it. Sam lifted
her hand up, pulled his bathrobe back, exposing his large man-cock, then
returned Lizzie's hand to continue her fondling.

Lizzie had only seen one cock that big before: Mr. Dig's. They were just
about the same size. She couldn't even get her fingers all the way around it.
She was amazed at how firm it was, too. She gingerly wrapped her fingers
around it as far as she could, and began to gently stroke it. Sam sat back
and relaxed. What better way to watch TV than to have his extremely cute bare
breasted fourteen year old daughter sitting beside him fondling and stroking
his cock? Lizzie would occasionally look up at her dad to get his approval,
and they would kiss and snuggle together as she continued stroking him.

She could see that the head was wet with precum. She knew about precum from
her little brother, Matt. She had licked it off his little pecker a hundred
times. She didn't really want her dad to know that she knew about those
things, though, so she played dumb. "Dad, what's that wet stuff?"

"It's called 'precum', Lizzie. Mom likes to lick it off. Why don't you try
it? Guys really like it when girls lick it off." Sam knew that Lizzie wasn't
as naive as she was acting. He figured she had probably sucked Matt's little
cock dozens of times. But he played along. Lizzie knew her dad was hoping for
a blowjob, but she was going to tease him a little along the way. She leaned
down and timidly licked the head of his cock.

"Uh, It's a little sour, but I guess it's not too bad."

"I think the more you taste it, the better it tastes. You can use your lips
too, if you want." her dad said encouragingly. Lizzie smiled up at him, then
leaned back down and began kissing and licking it.

"Like that, Dad?"

"That's pretty good, Lizzie. Mom likes to take it into her mouth. Why don't
you try that?" Lizzie leaned back down and took the head of his cock into her
mouth. She licked it and sucked it as she pumped the shaft with her hand. She
could feel it getting even harder, and she could feel her dad begin to thrust
his hips.

Lizzie stopped and looked up at him. "Is this what they mean by giving a, you
know, 'blowjob'?" she asked innocently.

"It sure is, Lizzie, and you're doing a pretty darned good job of it." Lizzie
blushed a little and grinned, then went back to sucking and pumping her dad's

Again Lizzie stopped and looked up at him. "Uh, what about the, you know,
stuff that spurts out? What should I do, ... swallow it?"

"A lot of girls do. It makes the guy feel good, and I think it's supposed to
be good for you."

Having gotten the answer she had expected, Lizzie leaned back down and
continued sucking and pumping her dad's cock. She could feel him beginning
to thrust harder. She again looked up at him and smiled "You're sure enjoying
this, aren't you?" Then, without waiting for an answer, "How 'bout if I kneel
on the floor? That way you can, you know,... watch."

Sam didn't answer. He just grinned and parted his legs for her. Once Lizzie
was in position, she took his cock in one hand, and slid the other under his
balls. Then she tilted her head back a little and gave it a quick shake so
her hair would fall back away from her face. She looked her dad in the eye
and gave the head of his cock a kiss. "Do you like it when I kiss it?"

"I sure do, Lizzie." Sam thrust forward so she would kiss it again.

Lizzie leaned down and took the head into her mouth, caressing it with her
tongue. "Do you like it when I put it in my mouth?"

"You wouldn't believe how good that feels, Lizzie. I'm beginning to think you
were born to suck cock." For a young girl who didn't know much about sex,
Lizzie sure seemed to have good intuition. She was driving her dad wild. And
she knew it.

As she resumed servicing her dad's cock, looking up at him as she sucked and
licked and stroked it, she couldn't help but wonder just how much cum would
shoot out. Judging from the size of his cock, it would probably be about the
same amount as Mr. Dig. Still wondering, she began bobbing her head up and
down. Suddenly her dad's thrusting became faster and faster. Lizzie tried her
best to keep up with it. All of a sudden she felt a blast of hot cum hit the
back of her mouth, then another, and another. They hit the back of her mouth
so hard that she couldn't help gagging and coughing, but she managed to hold
most of it in her mouth. The rest had already gone down her throat. When he
finished thrusting, she continued sucking it and milking out the rest of his
cum. When she was sure her dad had finished, she gently took his cock out of
her mouth, then looked up at him and carefully opened her mouth to show him
his load. Then closed her mouth and swallowed it down. "How was that, Daddy?"

"That was really good, Lizzie. You know, it's not often that a guy my age
gets his cock sucked by a cute teenage girl. And you're just about the cutest
little cocksucker a guy could hope for."

"Thanks, Dad. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for what you did for me, too. I
think I'm going to go brush my teeth ... That stuff's sticky.... Then I'm
going to take a shower and go to bed."

Sam was a little disappointed that Lizzie had decided to quit so early, but
he figured maybe it was better that they just take it a step at a time. The
movie was over and the news was on, so Sam decided to watch the rest of the
news and then go to bed himself. He figured this had been a good first step
with Lizzie, and they still had almost a full week to go.

Once in bed, Sam was having a hard time getting to sleep. He was sprawled
on his back with just a sheet over him, but he couldn't stop thinking about
Lizzie, and what a sexy little thing she was. Just as Sam began dozing off,
the door opened. Lizzie was standing in the doorway with a towel wrapped
around her. "Dad, with Mom and Matt gone, I'm lonesome. Can I stay in here

Sam couldn't believe his luck. It hadn't been more than thirty minutes since
Lizzie had knelt in front of him and teased his cock into ejaculating into
her warm, wet little mouth. And now she was apparently ready for more. He
casually responded "Oh, hi, Lizzie. Sure you can. Come on in. I was just
thinking about you."

Lizzie had been thinking about their encounter too. She didn't know exactly
what she wanted, but she really felt good that her dad, whom she idolized,
and who was a full grown adult, found her so attractive and sexually
appealing. Besides, she found that big meaty cock of his so intriguing she
just had to make it ejaculate again.

Although the lights were out, the moonlight lit the room enough so Sam and
Lizzie could see each other quite clearly. As Lizzie approached her parents'
bed, she let her towel fall to the floor and covered herself with her hands.
Sam could see that her 14 year-old body was naked. And, as Sam flipped the
sheet back for her, Lizzie could see that he was also naked. He didn't bother
to cover himself, though. She crawled onto the bed, giggling, and lay on his
outstretched arm, facing him.

Lizzie had never been completely naked with a naked adult before. The feel of
her dad's warm, hairy body against hers made her feel really grown up. As she
snuggled against him, her hand soon made its way down his hairy stomach to
his crotch.

"You're sure horny tonight, aren't you, Lizzie?"

"Da-aad, I'm just ... you know.... I like the feel of it ..."

"Now that you've tasted it, you can't get enough of Daddy's big old cock, can
you?" Sam teased.

"Da-aad ...."

As they lay there, Sam enjoyed the feel of his daughter's smooth, young body
against his, and her innocent hand fondling his big, experienced cock. And
Lizzie enjoyed fingering and playing with her new found friend, causing it to
grow larger and stiffer. "I think it's glad to see me again," she joked.

"It sure is, you little cock-teaser. Come on up here." He wrapped his arm
around her and rolled her up on top of him, facing down at him with her legs
straddling his hips, and still holding on to his cock.

"Now I've got you where I want you, you little cock teaser." He gave her a
little tickle in her ribs, first on one side, then the other. Lizzie let out
a squeal, and giggled as she frantically squirmed around on him. Sam loved
the feel of Lizzie's naked body squirming against his own. And Lizzie,
although she was resisting the tickling, loved the feel of squirming around
on her dad's naked adult body. It made her feel really grown up. And it made
both of them all the more horny.

Lizzie could feel that her dad's cock had grown noticeably harder. She
raised her ass a little and wiped the head of his cock against her pussy,
then giggled "Is this what you want, Daddy?"

"Go ahead, Lizzie, put it in."

"I don't know if I should, Dad.," she giggled teasingly. "You've been pretty
naughty, you know, messing around with a fourteen year old girl like me, and
getting me to suck it for you."

Sam grinned "If you think that was naughty, wait 'til you see what I'm going
to do next." He rolled Lizzie off him and onto her back as he lay on his side
next to her. He took both her hands, pinned them above her head, and held
them there with one hand. First Sam began tickling her ribs, just to let her
know who was in charge. Lizzie squealed and giggled as she frantically
squirmed around, trying to get away from his fingers. When Sam figured she
had had enough, he looked down at her and began caressing his hand all over
her smooth young body. He took her perky little tits into his mouth, one at
a time, as he gently caressed her thighs and her pussy.

Lizzie knew she was at her dad's mercy, and the caressing and groping was
really turning her on. Sam knew it too. Every time he brushed his hand
against her moist pussy she would moan and open her legs wider. But Sam was
taking his own sweet time before actually keeping his hand there. Instead,
he would tease it a little, then move his hand back to her thighs.

Finally he began paying a little more attention to her waiting pussy. He
caressed it softly, occasionally rubbing his finger against her clitoris, but
not keeping it there. Lizzie began moaning more and more. Sam was much better
at turning Lizzie on than Matt was, or even the boys at the party. He had the
poor little girl so hot she couldn't see straight. After teasing her for what
seemed to Lizzie like hours, her dad finally rested his fingers on her
anxious pussy. He smiled down at her. "Would you like me to put it in now?"

"Uh, yes, Dad ....put it in ..." Lizzie turned her hips toward her dad and
pushed them toward his cock.

"You mean like this?" Sam nuzzled the head of his cock against her waiting

"Yes, Dad ....more ....put it in ..." Lizzie urged as she tried to move
herself toward it.

"How's this?" Sam pushed the head between her pussy lips.

"Uh, Dad ....please put it in ....please ...." Lizzie pleaded as she
repeatedly thrust her hips forward.

Sam rolled and raised himself above Lizzie, his knees between her legs.
His ass was raised up, allowing just the head of his cock to remain in her
hungry, young pussy. He continued to fondle and caress her all over as he
smiled down at her. "You've been a naughty girl too, Lizzie, teasing Daddy
like that. I don't know whether I should give you your reward or not."

"Please, Daddy ....I'll be good," as she thrust her hips up, trying to push
his cock farther in.

Sam began rocking his hips a little, pushing his cock in a little bit deeper,
but then pulling it back again. By now Lizzie was frantically bucking her
hips, trying to get it in deeper.

"Promise you'll be a good girl?"

"Yes, Dad ...whatever you say.....please."

"Would you like Daddy to fuck you now?"

"Yes, Daddy, please ...I'll be good."

"Say it, Lizzie. Say what you'd like Daddy to do," Sam teased.

"Please, Daddy. Put it in.... Daddy,...fuck me...."

"That's what Daddy wanted to hear," Sam smiled. He began pushing his cock in
a little bit deeper every time he rocked forward. When he had worked it most
of the way in, he began thrusting more forcefully. "Is this what you want,

"Yes, Daddy, yes ...thank you ... please don't stop.,,"

Sam smiled down at her, "I've wanted to fuck your little pussy for a long
time, you little cock teaser. I'm glad you appreciate it."

"I do, Daddy. I do....please don't stop....I've wanted it, too ...but I was
afraid ...and I didn't know if you wanted it."

Sam was in pure heaven. He was finally giving this cute, cock-teasing little
girl of his a fucking that was long overdue. He was fucking her little blonde
brains out, and the best part was that she was begging for it.

"Yes, Dad .... yes....please keep.... fucking me ....don't stop."

"Don't worry, Lizzie. Now that I've got you where I want you, Daddy's going
to fuck you silly." He began pounding her deeper and deeper. He didn't know
his cock would fit so far into such a little girl. Lizzie didn't either, but
she was so hungry for it that it didn't really matter.

Sam raised himself up, kneeling almost upright. At the same time he held her
by the hips and lifted her pelvis so her ass was against his own pelvis. Then
he began methodically thrusting. Lizzie wrapped her legs around her dad's
waist, opening her pussy as wide as she could. Lizzie had never been on a
ride like this before. The only parts of her that were still on the bed were
her head and shoulders. Her face was flushed red, and every time her dad
slammed his pelvis against her ass, her face would jiggle, much like her
little tits.

Although Lizzie didn't have much leverage, she did what she could to match
him thrust for thrust. It smarted a little when her dad would occasionally
give her a little slap on her ass, but it seemed to turn her on even more.
After several minutes of this Lizzie began to stiffen up.

Sam sensed that Lizzie's orgasm was imminent, and his was, too. He looked
down at her cute, innocent face, pulled her against him, rammed his cock in
as far as it would go, and pumped in an adult load of his hot, sticky
man-cum. Lizzie moaned and whimpered as she reached her own climax, savoring
every inch of her dad's man-cock, and every drop of his cum.

When they had both recovered somewhat from their orgasms, Sam lay down beside
her, holding her close to him. "That was a really nice fuck, Lizzie. I can't
believe what a hot little bitch you've turned out to be."

"Thanks, Dad ...for doing it ... And I promise ... I'll do whatever you want,
whenever you want."

Lizzie did a lot of growing up that night. She learned that although her dad
was a klutz at some things, he sure wasn't a klutz in bed. And she learned
just how pleasurable a really good fuck from him could be. They both fell
asleep that way, but when they woke up in the morning, they were at it again.
That's when she learned what it felt like to have a full grown tongue in her
pussy; she loved it. But she loved it even more when he would stuff his big
old cock in.

Lizzie and her dad spent the whole rest of the week playing house. It seemed
like every time Lizzie turned around, her dad had her either sucking him or
fucking him. And that was just fine with Lizzie. She knew she only had her
dad to herself for the rest of the week, and she was more than willing to be
his little blonde bitch the whole time.

The next morning, as they were drying themselves off after taking their
morning shower together, Sam smiled and mimicked Lizzie's words from the
previous evening "Gosh Daddy, is this what they mean by a blowjob?"

Lizzie smiled and responded by mimicking him, "Mom likes to lick it off. Why
don't you try it, little girl?"

They both laughed, then Lizzie commented "Let's face it, Dad. You're a dirty
old man."

"Lizzie, you'd turn any guy into a dirty old man. But at least I'm a lucky
one. Not many guys my age have a cute little eighth grade whore to play house

"NINTH grade, Dad, " Lizzie corrected. "And I'm not a whore. I just... you
know... like doin' it."

Sam, with a glazed look in his eyes, "Now that's logic for you. Anyway, I
like 'doin' it' too, Lizzie, especially with a cute little cunt like you. Now
let's get dressed and have some breakfast."


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