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Lizzie McGuire: The Next Step 2: Private Party
by DiGiovanni ([email protected])

It had been several days since Lizzie and Matt's first sexual encounter. It
took a while for it to sink in on both of them, just what had happened. They
both played the experience over and over in their minds, relishing the sheer
pleasure of what had happened, but, at the same time, they were both a little
embarrassed, and were somewhat afraid to bring the subject up again.
Nonetheless, they were both looking forward to another such adventure.

Their anticipation was about to be fulfilled. Their parents had decided to
attend a huge lawn gnome convention several hundred miles away. Since it was
so far, they decided to stay over at a hotel and make it a two-day event.
They felt Lizzie and Matt were old enough and responsible enough to be able
to take care of themselves overnight. And this would give Sam and Jo some
well-deserved time for themselves.

Matt was thinking ahead, too. He had already called Miranda and Gordo and
told them Lizzie was sick and couldn't have company. Matt's friend Lanny was
on vacation with his parents, so he wouldn't be a problem.

It was late morning before Sam and Jo were able to get on their way. Lizzie
and Matt had just gotten up, and neither of them was dressed yet. Lizzie was
wearing her short pink nightie. The top hung very loosely down to about her
hips, and the bottom was like a small bikini bottom. Matt was simply wearing
his pajama bottoms.

As Sam and Jo pulled out of the driveway, they again cautioned the kids "You
kids be good, now!"

"Yes, Mom!"

"We will, don't worry!"

"And Lizzie, put some clothes on!"

"Okay, Mom!"

As the car drove away, Lizzie closed the front door and turned to Matt,
"Well, here we are. The house is ours." After their last encounter they both
knew they wouldn't be able to just sit there and keep their hands off each
other. The only thing in question was when they would get started.

Matt decided to find out right away. He looked at Lizzie sheepishly "Are you
really going to get dressed?"

Lizzie got the gist of it. She had been thinking about the same thing. "Uh,
I don't know... Do you want me to?"

Matt crossed his arms and leaned back to get a better look at her. He
thoughtfully stroked his chin. Although her nightie wasn't see-through, it
certainly didn't leave much to the imagination. The deep arm openings gave
a generous view of her sides. And when she bent over, the low cut front
allowed a clear view of her breasts. He could see no reason at all to change
that. After studying his sexy older sister for a few moments, a gleam
appeared in his eye "Definitely not! ... But ... well, you could use some
makeup, and maybe a pair of heels."

Lizzie grinned at him "You little pervert."

Matt grinned right back "And loving every minute of it... So are you."

Lizzie couldn't argue with that. She really enjoyed turning him on, and she
enjoyed herself being turned on in the process. She walked off to carry out
his wishes "Okay, Matt. Go take your shower."

Matt obediently made his way upstairs, brushed his teeth, and took his
shower. When he stepped out and reached for the towel, it wasn't there. He
quickly looked around and saw that there were no towels in the bathroom at
all. Then he saw Lizzie standing in the doorway smiling, still wearing her
little pink nightie, complete with the makeup and heels he had requested.
She slowly walked up to him, put her arms around his neck, and asked "Would
you like some breakfast?"

When Matt saw her, his cock immediately began to rise. Within seconds it was
sticking straight out towards her. As Lizzie stood in front of him, his cock
had nowhere to go but between her luscious tan thighs. She gently squeezed
them together around it. "Well, would you like some?"

"Uh ... What did you have in mind ...?"

"Cereal" Lizzie smiled.

"Uh ...ya... cereal would be good ..."

Lizzie continued squeezing her thighs as she stepped back, allowing his cock
to slide out from between them. "It'll be ready in a minute."

Matt stood there dumbfounded. He had no idea his sister could be such a prick
teaser. But he wasn't complaining. When he regained his senses he quickly put
his shorts on and followed her downstairs.

When Matt reached the kitchen he found his sister pouring milk into their
cereal bowls. Her perfectly made-up hazel brown eyes had an intent look, and
her mouth was slightly open. Her long blonde hair framed her face beautifully
as she leaned over, concentrating on what she was doing. He walked up behind
her, put his hand on her very sexy ass, and gave it a soft squeeze, "That's
just right."

"Oh, don't you want more? Usually you want it filled all the way up."

Matt smiled "I wasn't talking about the milk."

Lizzie turned and grinned at him. Then she clopped her way in her heels over
to the refrigerator to put the milk away. Matt stood there watching the way
her smooth tan legs moved and her round sexy ass bounced as she walked. Even
though he was wearing his shorts, his cock was still standing straight out.

As Lizzie clopped back to him she couldn't help notice it. She walked up to
him and took hold of it through his shorts. She tilted her head down, then
looked up at him with her sultry sexy eyes "Would you like me to take care
of this for you? My cereal can wait ... I like it soggy anyway."

Matt couldn't believe his ears! Creamed Lizzie for breakfast?! There's no way
a day could start better than this!

"Uh, sit here on the table ...and take those shorts off."

Matt immediately complied.

Lizzie pulled her chair up and sat in front of him. She ran her hands up his
thighs to his hips, placing her lovely face squarely in front of his waiting
cock. She raised her eyes up to his "Uh, you can go ahead and eat your cereal
if you want."

"Errr ... No, thanks ... I think I'll just pay attention."

Lizzie leaned forward and took the head of Matt's cock in her mouth. Matt
was in heaven. Her mouth was so warm and soft and wet that it felt like
that's where his cock always belonged. She caressed its head with her tongue,
lavishing it with her sweet saliva as she slowly slid it back and forth
between her lips. With her hands still on Matt's hips, Lizzie slowly worked
her face forward, taking more and more of his steaming cock into her warm,
welcoming mouth. Since Matt was still far from fully grown, Lizzie was able
to comfortably take almost his whole cock into her accommodating mouth. And
she did. Once she had it all the way in, she began to raise and lower her
head, sliding it in and out against her soft wet lips. At the same time she
swirled and caressed her tongue against it, especially the head. Her mop of
golden hair gently flowed with the up and down bobbing motion of her head
as she teased and stroked his cock with her mouth.

Surprisingly, Matt hadn't jerked off since their last encounter. He wanted
to be sure he had a full load of cum the next time Lizzie offered to suck
him off. Well, it was happening now. She was giving him the no-hander of a
lifetime. He didn't know how much longer he could hold on, though. She
smelled so good, and she felt so good, loving his cock with her mouth, that
he was just about going crazy.

After her very next bob, Lizzie happened to look up at him, with her flushed
face and ever so sexy eyes. That was all it took. Matt reached out and pulled
her head all the way down on his pressurized cock. Then it exploded. He could
feel every blast of sperm stream through his cock and into her throat. Lizzie
gagged and sputtered, but she didn't resist. She handled it. When it stopped
pumping, she waited a few seconds, then slowly eased her head back, allowing
Matt's spent cock to flop down between his legs. She coughed and swallowed a
couple of times, then looked up at Matt with a smile "There, you horny little
perv; that should hold you 'til after breakfast."

"Lizzie, that was spectacular! And with no hands ... I had no idea you were
that good!"

Lizzie smiled "Uh, thanks, Matt ...I guess. But you're not off the hook. You
owe me."

"Don't worry, Lizzie. Anyone who looks like you and sucks my cock like that
has my undying gratitude."

"Uh, Matt, I wish you wouldn't say ‘sucks cock'; it doesn't sound nice."

"I know, Lizzie ... But when you do it, it gives it a whole new meaning. It's

"I don't know ... Well, I guess it's probably okay ... Just don't overdo it."

"Okay, Lizzie ... But you really do suck cock better than I ever would have

Lizzie smiled "Uh, thanks, Matt, now eat your breakfast."

When they had finished their soggy cereal, Lizzie picked up their dishes and
took them over to the dishwasher. Clop clop clop. Matt loved watching her
round young ass bounce and sway when she walked in heels. He decided that
since Lizzie had serviced him so willingly and lovingly, it was his turn to
take the initiative. He walked over to the refrigerator. "Want some pop,

"Sure, why not."

"Me too. I'll carry it upstairs for you."

"What? ... why?"

Matt was already gone on his way up to her room. He liked Lizzie's room. It
always smelled good. The bed was soft and comfortable, and it always smelled
good, too. He set the drinks down and perched himself on the edge of her bed.
He could hear Lizzie clopping up the stairs and down the hallway. When she
arrived, he invited her onto the bed. "Make yourself comfortable."

Lizzie began to understand what Matt had in mind, and she welcomed the idea.
She reached over and arranged the pillows, then lay on the bed sprawled out
on her back, and waited for Matt's next move. Matt didn't waste any time. He
lay down beside her, facing her. He hadn't bothered to put his shorts back
on. He liked flopping his dick around in front of Lizzie, just as she liked
giving him a peep show whenever she could. If he got an erection, she would
know that it was because of her. He propped his head up with one hand, and
traced his finger over her stomach, up over her tits, and up to her face.
"Lizzie, I don't think I've ever told you how beautiful you really are."

"Uh, thanks, Matt ..."

He turned her face toward his, and leaned over and kissed her. She opened her
mouth and kissed him back. It was a gentle kiss, warm and wet. Their tongues
gently lapped at each other. As they kissed, Matt slid his hand under her
nightie to her waiting breast. Her nipple was already half erect. He gently
squeezed and massaged her breast, pushing his hand around on her chest. Then
his hand went down to her waiting pussy. But this time he wasn't going to
simply caress it through her panties. He sat up and began pushing her panties
down. Lizzie lifted her ass so he could get them past it, then lifted her
shapely golden legs, one at a time, so he could slide them the rest of the
way off. She was still wearing her heels. When Matt had her panties all the
way off, he rolled over on his stomach between her legs, with his face above
her crotch. Lizzie moved her legs farther apart, giving him plenty of room,
and giving him a clear view of everything she had to offer.

Her white skin contrasted with her tan legs and stomach. Her small patch of
neatly trimmed blonde hair looked totally inviting. Matt buried his face in
it and breathed in deeply. It smelled fresh and sweet, just like a Lizzie
pussy ought to smell. He then moved back and began kissing her sweet, smooth
thighs, first one, then the other, slowly working his way back toward her
pussy. He kissed all around it, being careful not to touch it. Then he
looked up, making eye contact with her. Her face was flushed, as if she were
blushing. That made it look all the sexier, with her long blonde hair
surrounding it.

"Lizzie, would you like me to kiss your pussy?"

"Uh, yes ...I think so ..."

"Would you like me to lick it?"

"Uh, yes, Matt ..."

"Would you like me to make love to it?"

"...How do you mean ...?"

"With my mouth."

"Uh, yes, Matt ...please ..."

Matt lowered his face and began kissing Lizzie's sweet little muff. Then he
lowered his face more and began kissing and licking her pussy itself. Lizzie
drew her feet in so she could raise her pussy closer to his pleasure-giving
mouth. She began rocking her hips, trying to establish a rhythm. Matt held
her ass to keep her steady while he gorged himself on her young sweet pussy.
He pushed his mouth against it while his tongue darted in and out against
her clitoris. Lizzie had never been eaten before. She didn't really know
what it would be like, but it was fantastic! She found herself purring, then
whimpering, then moaning, all in the same breath. She began bucking her hips,
first one way, then another. About this time Matt's jaw was beginning to get
somewhat tired, so he brought up a couple of fingers to help out. He was
working over her clitoris with his mouth, and finger fucking her at the same
time. This was driving Lizzie absolutely wild. She began bucking and flailing
almost uncontrollably. Then she seized up. She could feel the orgasm running
all the way through her body. It was unbelievable! She had no idea she could
experience something this powerful! And she had no idea Matt would be the
one to give it to her. She twitched and jerked a few more times, then lay
there, completely spent.

Matt was rather pleased with himself, too. He had just given the hottest girl
he knew the orgasm of her life. And he had learned a good deal about eating
pussy too, something he had never done before. He crawled up on the bed
alongside Lizzie. She turned toward him, held his cock between her thighs,
and embraced him warmly.

"Thank you, Matt. That was the best experience of my whole life."

"No problem, Lizzie. I think the two of us are going to get through the next
two days just fine."

"Uh, Matt ... No one is ever going to find out about this, are they?"

"Not from me, Sister dear. My lips are sealed."

"Uh, sounds good. So are mine. Uh, Matt ... Do you know you have another
erection? Would you like me to suck it off for you again?"

Matt smiled, "Lizzie, my cock can't think of a place it would rather be than
in your mouth."

Lizzie smiled back, "Uh, I kind of like it there, too... So how would you
like me to do it?"

Matt propped himself up on his elbow. "Well, you could start by taking off
your top."

Lizzie smiled at him, then sat up, pulled her top up over her head, and took
it off. She lay back down, awaiting further instructions. Matt climbed on
her, sitting on her, straddling her midsection. He laid his cock between
her breasts, aiming at her face. Her breasts weren't really big enough to
titfuck, but that was okay. What Matt really wanted was to cum all over that
beautiful face of hers. He grinned "Okay, you can do me like this."

Lizzie took hold of his cock with her hand, then lifted her head up toward
it, leaning forward as far as she could. "Uh, Matt, I can hardly reach it ...
Move up a little."

Matt smiled "That's okay, Lizzie. You can do it like that."

"Uh, but Matt ... It'll get all over my face ..."

Matt put his hands on his hips and grinned at her.

Then Lizzie figured it out. She smiled "Uh, Matt ... you really are a perv,
aren't you?"

"No need to thank me, Lizzie dear. Just start stroking. Be sure to use your
mouth as much as you can."

With an uncertain look on her face, Lizzie began stroking Matt's cock. She
found that when she leaned forward as much as possible, she was just able to
kiss and lick the head with her lips and tongue. Matt began rocking his hips
in rhythm with Lizzie's pumping hands. She was using both hands now. As Matt
would rock forward Lizzie would reach with her lips and tongue to tease the
head of his throbbing cock. Matt looked down at her. She was doing fine. Soon
that pretty face of hers would be covered with his warm, sticky semen. As he
smiled down at her, struggling to reach his cock with her mouth, he
nonchalantly reminded her "When I start cumming, open your mouth and try to
catch as much as you can."

Lizzie figured she had better do as Matt said. If she moved her head, or
turned his cock to the side, his cum would get all over her sheets, and all
over her hair. Even if she let him spray her face, some would probably get
in her hair. That was a chance she would have to take. The only thing she
could do would be open her mouth and try to catch all she could, and hope
the rest all landed on her pretty face.

With Lizzie's expert stroking and kissing and licking, and with her beautiful
face as a target, Matt was soon ready to shoot his load. He began pumping
faster, and moving himself back just a little, so his willing sister wouldn't
be able to reach his cock with her pretty mouth. Lizzie was just about to
tell him she couldn't reach it, but she was too late. It exploded.

"Eeeeeuuuu ..." She winced... A thick rope of warm, sticky cum landed from
her bangs to her chin. Then another one, across her eye and nose. A third
one hit her cheek, but she was able to catch part of it with her mouth. She
couldn't open her eyes to see where it was going, though, without risking an
eyeful. So she opened her mouth wide, and hoped to catch all she could. Matt
smiled with satisfaction as he felt her warm naked body squirming under him,
and looked down at her pretty, cum covered face. He moved forward so he could
feed the rest of it into her mouth. She sucked and milked out all she could
before looking back up at her grinning younger brother.

"Lizzie, you don't know how hot you look."

"Uh, are you kidding? ... My face is full of this stuff." She squinted up at

"Yes. And it looks totally hot." He reached down and smeared it around her
face with his finger, occasionally putting it in her mouth so she would lick
it off.

Lizzie smiled "Uh, okay ... I guess I can't blame you... It's probably a guy
thing. But don't expect to do it this way very often ... I like it a lot
better in my mouth. Now I have to go take a shower ... Would you like to come

It went on like that for the full two days their parents were gone. When Sam
and Jo returned, Lizzie and Matt were so sore and worn out, they didn't want
to do anything but sleep. Lizzie had probably done Matt a few more times than
he did her, but it was close enough. Neither of them would have traded the
experience for the world.


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