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Lizzie McGuire:
The Next Step Part 9 - Monkey Business (mf,f-best,inc,nc-cons,reluc)
by DiGiovanni

It was a late summer evening, and Lizzie was getting ready for bed. School
hadn't started yet, so she wasn't officially a ninth grader yet, but would be

That afternoon she and a group of kids had been over at a friend's house. The
kid had a Japanese video game called Sexy Beach 3. She had never seen it or
heard of it before, but all the boys seemed to be familiar with it, and they
were constantly playing it the whole time she was there.

It was really sexy for a video game, so just out of curiosity, Lizzie and
some of the other girls watched to see what it was all about. They saw that
it took place at a tropical resort and there were six girls in it, ranging
in age from about sixteen to twenty something. The object of the game was
apparently for the player to select one of the girls, interact with her
enough, and finally take her to his room and fuck her or have her give him
a blowjob. And everything was shown, except the guy's actual penis.

The girls were more realistic looking than most hentai figures, and their
movements were much more natural. When they moved, their breasts would
actually bounce or sway. And they could be squeezed and fondled quite

During the game, the player could make a number of changes to the girls,
like their outfits or their hair color. And they could simply watch the girls
doing various things, or they could actually do things to the girls like
squirting on sun tan lotion and rubbing it in. When they would rub it in, the
player would just be represented by a pair of hands, but those hands could go
anywhere, even inside the girl's bikini, or whatever outfit she was wearing.
When he was having sex with the girl, though, his whole body was shown,
except the actual penis.

As the boys played the game, they obviously became turned on, and some of
them began playfully groping some of the girls who were watching. Lizzie
found boys' hands on her tits and her ass a number of times, squeezing and
fondling. It was all in fun, though, and didn't really develop any further.
They all just laughed about it and continued playing.

The game stuck in the back of Lizzie's mind all through the evening, even
though she wasn't consciously thinking about it. As she got ready for bed,
she could feel a sexual tension inside her. It wasn't just from the game
and the way she had been groped and fondled; it was from a number of little
things that had happened during the day. It was partly from the way her dad
had come up behind her when she was standing at the kitchen sink. He put his
arms around her and gave her tits a friendly little squeeze. "Nice tits,
Lizzie." Then he gave her ass a little pat. "Nice ass, too." Then he walked

At any rate, she intended to masturbate as soon as she got in bed, so
she went to bed naked. She much preferred masturbating naked than wearing
something. Once in bed, she slid her hands down to her silky little mound,
then down to her pussy. It didn't take long before she found herself enjoying
a much deserved climax, then falling asleep.

As Lizzie slept, she began dreaming. Her dream was about the Sexy Beach 3
video game. She dreamed that she was one of the girls in the game, and
somebody was playing her. She was at the resort, wearing a cute little
outfit, when suddenly the outfit disappeared and was replaced by a sexier

After half a dozen outfits, she found herself wearing an absolutely tiny pink
string bikini. She couldn't believe how little of her it covered. Then a gob
of suntan lotion squirted onto her leg, then another. A hand began rubbing it
all over her leg, and when it was gone the hand began rubbing her crotch. She
giggled and squirmed and turned away from the hand.

Then a gob of lotion hit her chest, and another, and another. Two hands
appeared and began rubbing it all over her chest, taking plenty of time to
squeeze and fondle her tits too. In the dream her tits were big enough that
the hands could squeeze them together and let them bounce apart, and they

All this sexplay was really turning Lizzie on. The next thing she knew,
whoever was playing her discovered how to bypass the rest of the foreplay and
take her directly to his room. She found herself taking her tiny bikini off
for him, then posing for him a little, before lying down and inviting him to
fuck her, which he gladly did.

As Lizzie lay there being fucked by the player, she felt something was wrong.
Her eyes popped open. She really was being fucked!

She couldn't imagine who it was. He felt really hairy, and didn't feel that
big. She looked intently to see who was on her, and couldn't believe what she

It was Fredo, the chimp from down the street who had befriended Matt the year
before. Lizzie only knew him casually, as Matt's friend. She liked him, and
thought of him more as a person than an animal, especially when he would sit
on her lap ant try to fondle her breasts, but she was absolutely astonished
to find that he was the one fucking her.

"What!? Fredo, is that you!?... What are you doing!?" Lizzie whispered
loudly. Fredo grinned and put his finger up to his mouth as a signal for her
to keep her voice down.

It had been several months since she had seen him. He had grown some, and
had definitely entered puberty. He would usually go to Matt's window and
climb in, wondering what he could find in Matt's room. But, for some reason,
this time he decided to try Lizzie's window. When he had seen her lying there
naked, he just had to get a closer look. The only sexual experience he had
ever had was masturbating. It felt really good, but he somehow knew that
mating with this good looking girl would feel a whole lot better. As he had
sat beside her, he began caressing her all over and gently squeezing her
breasts. Lizzie responded in a way that let him know she really enjoyed it,
writhing and cooing.

As he caressed her thighs and pubic area, he could definitely feel his
cock enlarging and becoming hard. He couldn't believe how good her smooth,
hairless thighs felt, and that little patch of hair above her pussy was just
the right touch. He had never mated before, and didn't know anything about
how to do it, but he had seen the two males in the house mate with Lizzie,
so as she spread her legs, he had very strong instincts telling him to go for
it. He knew she could be had. He crawled over and got between her legs. Then,
after fumbling around for a minute, he managed to position his cock against
her pussy and carefully slide it in. He thought it would have made more sense
if she had been on all fours with her ass up in the air, but this way seemed
to work too. And once he got his cock in, he began thrusting.

Lizzie's first impulse was to tell him to get off and get out of her room. On
the other hand, she was really turned on from her dream and all the touching
and feeling, and that warm, slippery ape-cock really did feel good in her
pussy. Besides, she was already halfway to climax, and it was Fredo's cock
that was getting her there.

After reconsidering her first impulse, she ceded "Okay, but this is the
only time... And when we're done, you go straight home and don't ever do
this again... Do you understand?" Fredo grinned and nodded his head as he
continued thrusting. He had no idea what she said, but he had learned that
when someone asked him if he understood, he should just nod his head, and
everything would be okay.

Although he didn't understand Lizzie's words, he could read that she was
giving him permission to keep doing what he was doing, so he lay forward on
her, carefully taking one of her tits into his mouth while he caressed her
other tit and shoulders. The fact that Lizzie was a human girl, rather than
a chimp, was a major reason why he hadn't ejaculated already. But that was
good, because it was giving Lizzie a chance to reach her own climax too.

And she was well on her way. His hairy body against her thighs was something
Lizzie had never experienced before, and it was a real turn on. It was like
she was the beauty being ravished by the beast. It felt almost primordial,
like something that might have happened in a cave in prehistoric times. It
occurred to her that if anyone saw her letting a chimp fuck her like this,
she would have died of embarrassment. She thanked her lucky stars that the
two of them were the only ones who knew what was going on.

Fredo's thrusting was much faster than Lizzie was used to. It almost
reminded her of her little vibrator. She put her hands on his hips to try to
synchronize their thrusting and to pull him in tight against her. The way
that slippery little cock of his was hammering away was driving her wild. She
found herself thrusting back almost at chimp-speed, loving the way Fredo was
taking charge and handling her.

Fredo had no idea what it was all about; he just knew it was something his
instincts were telling him to do. But, as he approached ejaculation, he began
to realize that there was something really good in store for him. And he
really appreciated this cute girl volunteering to show him just how it worked
and how pleasurable it could be.

Then it happened. He could feel his sperm surging through his cock and into
this girl that was being so cooperative with him. At the same time Lizzie
tensed up and shuddered in climax as she held him tight against her throbbing
pussy. At that point it didn't matter that they were male ape and human girl;
they were sharing their orgasm with each other, and the same burst of
pleasure was streaming through both their young bodies.

It was a first-time experience for both of them, and they both lay there for
several minutes relishing how good it felt. Then Fredo got up and sat beside
Lizzie, casually fondling her tits as she caressed his cock and balls. She
liked the fact that he had stayed for a few minutes afterwards to caress her
instead of just fucking her and leaving, so she was being quite affectionate
with him, showing him how much she actually appreciated what had happened
between them.

Deep down inside, she knew he'd be back. And she knew that she'd probably let
him fuck her again. What she didn't know, however, was that this had not been
the first time he had looked in her window. He had watched a number of times
as Lizzie had mated with the two males in the house. One thing that really
intrigued him about her behavior when she was mating with a human male was
the way she would lavish affection on his cock with her mouth, licking and
kissing it. Then she would take it into her mouth and get him to mate with
her mouth. It was like she could be mated at either end, but mating with her
mouth seemed to be her most common way of mating. And that's what he was
beginning to think about now. Knowing how good it felt to ejaculate in her
pussy, he now wanted to ejaculate in her mouth, like the other males would do
so often.

She had been submissive and cooperative so far, and there was no reason to
think that would change. The more he thought about it, the more he decided
that's what he wanted to do next.

As Lizzie caressed and fondled his cock, she noticed it becoming hard again,
and the long narrow head had again made itself visible. It was deep red, and
shiny wet. She figured this might be a good time to stop; she wasn't sure she
wanted to get fucked again. But when she removed her hand, Fredo immediately
grabbed it and put it back.

Lizzie wasn't sure whether she saw him bare his teeth or not, but she figured
she'd better do what he wanted. As she began fondling his cock again, he
began thrusting it a little, obviously wanting to get it worked up even more.
And Lizzie found herself helping him get his erection back.

From Fredo's point of view, he was just establishing his dominance. He knew
this girl would mate and cavort with both males in the house. Since he was a
friend of the family, they would share food and shelter with him, he saw it
as only natural that they would share her with him too. But it was up to him
to assert himself and make it clear to Lizzie that she would submit to him
and please him as she did the other males.

Then, without any warning, he grabbed a handful of Lizzie's hair and began
pulling her face toward his cock. At first Lizzie resisted, but Fredo
insisted. As she pulled back, she definitely saw him bare his teeth. Now she
was scared. She didn't dare make him mad. She didn't know just what he might
do, but she knew he could definitely do some damage.

She reluctantly allowed him to pull her head until his cock was directly in
front of her mouth. Then he began making noises at her and thrusting his cock
towards her mouth. Lizzie got the picture loud and clear: he wanted her to
suck his cock. She was repulsed. There was no way she wanted to put that
thing in her mouth. Letting him fuck her was one thing, in fact it was really
enjoyable. But the idea of sucking his cock was utterly gross.

"No, Fredo... I can't do that" she whimpered, but Fredo was having none of
that. He made louder noises as he bared his teeth again. He saw it as part of
the package. She did it routinely with the other males, and he saw no reason
for her to not do it for him.

Lizzie winced and tentatively opened her mouth. That was what Fredo had been
waiting for. He held her head still and wiped his cock back and forth against
her lips. It was wet and drippy, both from her pussy juice and from the cum
he had ejaculated. He made her lips glisten with this liquid, then he did the
same on her cheeks. That lasted for a few seconds, then he let Lizzie know
that he wanted more: he wanted her to take it into her mouth and mate with
him using her mouth, the way she did with other males.

It was finally beginning to sink in on Lizzie that, like it or not, she was
going to have to suck that ape-cock. He was determined to make her his bitch,
and there was really nothing she could do about it. She decided that if she
went along and really pleased him, maybe he would cum quickly. Then he would
take it out and go home.

She gingerly stuck her tongue out and licked the narrow head. Fredo seemed
pleased, so she licked it more. It felt warm and slippery against her tongue,
much the way the head of a human cock felt. As she licked it, she began to
feel just a little more comfortable with it. Then she began coating it with
her saliva, working her tongue all over it. Fredo really seemed to be
enjoying it as he sat there making little sounds of contentment.

Then Lizzie leaned forward and wrapped her lips around it. Fredo grunted in
delight as she swirled her tongue around it. Lizzie had never felt anything
like it in her mouth before. The elongated head was very warm, and
slimy-slippery. But it didn't really taste that much different than a human
cock. She swirled her tongue around it some more, hoping that would please
him. It did, but he wanted more.

She began sucking on it. He really liked that. Initially he hadn't known
whether or not he had any chance at all of actually mating with this cute
human girl, but he had apparently been successful in establishing his male
dominance and now she belonged to him as well as to the two males who lived
with her. And it felt even better than he thought it would. Then she wrapped
her arms around him and began to moan and put some real feeling into her
sucking. It again occurred to her that if anyone had seen her sucking an
ape's cock like that, she would have absolutely died of embarrassment. But
it was just the two of them, and she was just doing what she had to do.

He began rapidly thrusting it in her mouth, like he was fucking her face.
All Lizzie could do was hold it tight with her lips and continue swirling
her tongue against it. It didn't take as long as she thought it might. In
just a few seconds she could feel his ape-sperm surge into her mouth. It
was hot and sticky, and didn't taste much different than human sperm. There
wasn't really very much of it, though, not like a human man.

Fredo didn't withdraw his cock right away. He seemed to enjoy holding it in
Lizzie's mouth, pushing his sperm all around the inside of her mouth with it.
Lizzie had already swallowed part of it. She couldn't help it. And the longer
he continued pushing his cock around in her mouth, the more his sperm mixed
with her saliva, and got swallowed.

Finally, when he withdrew his cock, she could still taste his sperm, but she
couldn't locate any in her mouth. For all she knew, she had already swallowed
it all. There wasn't much more to say. She had let this ape fuck her to
climax, then she had sucked him off and swallowed his load for him. She was
totally humiliated that she had let Fredo use her like that, and that she had
even encouraged him in some ways.

Fredo was more than grateful that Lizzie had sucked his cock like that. He
hugged her and kissed her and let her know that he really appreciated it.
Lizzie couldn't do much but smile and tell him "That's okay... But remember,
this is the only time...Do you understand?"

Fredo grinned and nodded his head. Now that he had established his
relationship with her, he'd be back for more.

The next afternoon, Lizzie and Matt were in her room. They hadn't had sex for
a couple of days, and they were both really ready for it. Matt was completely
naked already, his cock sticking straight out in anticipation, whereas Lizzie
was still in the process of taking her panties off. Once she had gotten them
off, he put her down on the bed and lay down beside her.

Lizzie smiled at him "Can't wait, huh?.... you little fucker."

Matt smiled back "You got that right... now gimme some tit." He buried his
face in her tits and began licking and sucking them.

"I guess I can't wait, either..." She turned her chest toward him and arched
her back, pushing her tits against his mouth. Then she slid her hand down and
grabbed a handful of his cock. "You gonna gimme some cock?"

"I sure am, Lizzie... right in your hot little cunt." He kissed her on the
mouth, and as they were swapping tongues he rolled on top of her. They lay
there several moments, kissing and fondling each other. Then Matt slid down
a little, raised his ass, and drove his cock into Lizzie's waiting pussy.

As they slowly thrust against each other Lizzie smiled up at him "Is this
what you've been waiting for, you little pervert?.... fucking your big

Matt smiled back "You're the hottest, sluttiest big sister a guy could ask
for, Lizzie... and I can't think of anything I like more than fucking your
little brains out."

"I gotta admit, I like it too..."

"Just ‘like' it...?"

"Okay, I love it.... Now shut up and fuck me, you little shit... Show me what
you can do with that cock of yours..."

He was lying on top of Lizzie, relishing how good it felt to be thrusting
his cock into his cute big sister and kissing her tits, when he happened to
glance up and see Fredo sitting in the window watching them. He didn't think
much about it, though, since Fredo was often wandering in or around the
house. In fact, he kind of enjoyed the idea that someone was watching him
bang his hot big sister.

After a few minutes of watching, Fredo sauntered over beside the bed to watch
more closely. They put on quite a show for him, thoroughly enjoying humping
each other until both of them climaxed with Matt's sperm shooting into
Lizzie's hungry little pussy and Lizzie moaning and writhing in satisfaction.
When it was obvious that Matt and Lizzie had both climaxed and were just
lying there recovering, Fredo climbed up onto the bed beside them. Lizzie's
eyes were still closed, so she had no idea he was there.

Since Matt didn't seem to object to him climbing up there with them, Fredo
took it as a sign that he was welcome to participate too. As he began
caressing Lizzie and fondling her tits, Matt knelt upright to give him more
room. He said softly "Hey, Lizzie. I think Fredo likes you."

Lizzie's eyes popped wide open. "Fredo?!... What's he doing here?!... Why
didn't you tell me?!" She was about to get really upset and tell him to get
off, when she saw that intent look in his eyes. It reminded her of the night
before when he had bared his teeth. Matt didn't see it because he was looking
at Lizzie.

"Yeah... I guess he does..." was all Lizzie could say, with a forced smile.
And she allowed him to continue fondling her.

Then Fredo nudged Matt with his elbow to move over and let him have his turn.
"Sure, Fredo. If it's okay with Lizzie, it's okay with me." Matt moved over
and sat beside Lizzie so Fredo could move in between her legs. Fredo was
obviously enjoying himself, caressing Lizzie all over and fondling and
squeezing her tits. And Lizzie was lying there allowing him to do it.

"Hey, Lizzie. Look at his little cock... I think he REALLY likes you... I
think he wants to fuck you too." Matt said with a smile.

Lizzie looked down and saw Fredo's fully erect cock, the long narrow head
bright red and glistening. It was the first good view she had gotten of the
cock she had sucked the night before. It was kind of gross, but there was
nothing she could do. Again she forced herself to smile "Uh, yeah... It's

After a little more fondling, Fredo carefully positioned his cock in Lizzie's
pussy, just as he had done the night before, and began thrusting. Lizzie knew
there was nothing she could do about it, but she wanted to get it over with
quickly, so she began thrusting back, not quite as fast as Fredo, but much
faster than usual. Matt watched in amazement as his big sister let this chimp
hump her like a little jackhammer, and she was fucking him right back.

Fredo was making noises, letting them both know that he was really enjoying
it. Lizzie was too, much as she hated that it was happening. The fact that
this ape was fucking her and Matt was sitting right there watching seemed to
turn her on in spite of the fact that she didn't want it to. She found
herself holding on to his hips and fucking him in earnest, just as she had
done the night before. Then, just as the night before, they both reached
their orgasms at the same time. As Fredo came inside Lizzie, a big smile came
across his face and he made it very obvious that he was pumping his sperm
into her. Lizzie couldn't do anything but writhe and moan in pleasure,
betraying the climax she was obviously experiencing.

Matt couldn't believe what he was seeing. After a few moments he broke the
silence, "Wow, Lizzie... I had no idea you were so ‘liberated'." Lizzie half
smiled at him, but really couldn't think of anything to say. What Matt had
just seen pretty much said it all. She had fucked Fredo again, and this time
she had done it right in front of Matt. She was embarrassed and humiliated,
but not as much as she would be in a few more minutes.

When Fredo finished, he lay on top of her for a minute, but not for long. He
quickly crawled over and sat beside her head, just as he had done the night
before. That routine worked then, so there was no reason to change it. He
took Lizzie's hand and put it against his cock.

That's what Lizzie had been afraid of. She knew what was coming next, but she
couldn't do anything about it, except obey his wishes. She really didn't want
to suck that slimy little thing again, but she didn't see where she had any
choice. At this point she just wanted to get it over with as soon as
possible, so she took his cock and began stroking it and fondling his balls
just as she had done the night before.

"You really do like this little guy, don't you?" Matt said in disbelief.
"You're not gonna suck him off now, are you?... Eeew, gross..." Matt couldn't
believe it, but he couldn't stop watching.

As Lizzie got Fredo's cock back up to full erection, Fredo grabbed a handful
of her hair and pulled her face over toward his cock. Lizzie didn't resist.
She knew the drill. She leaned forward and began licking and kissing it,
covering it with her saliva. Then she took it into her mouth and began
sucking it, swirling her tongue around the tip.

Fredo looked at Matt and grinned. Then he looked back at Lizzie and began
actively fucking her mouth. Having Matt watch him do it probably helped him
along because in just a few seconds he was spewing his sperm into her mouth.
Again he made it very obvious that he was cumming and that he was really
enjoying it. And again he kept his cock in Lizzie's mouth, working it around
against her tongue and the sides of her mouth, until she had swallowed all
his semen.

Again Matt couldn't believe it. But he was so numbed from what he had seen
already that he just sat there and shook his head.

When Fredo was finished, he again lavished his affection and gratitude on
Lizzie, kissing and hugging her. Then he was back out the window and gone.

Once Fredo had gone, as Lizzie and Matt sat there looking at each other,
Lizzie could no longer control herself. She broke down crying and sobbing.
Matt couldn't figure out what was wrong, so he just held her and tried to
console her. When Lizzie was able to talk she began explaining to him between
sobs that she didn't want to suck that monkey-cock. And she didn't want to
let him hump her, or do any of those things, but she couldn't help it. She
didn't have a choice. Then she went on to explain what had happened the night
before. She explained that Fredo had bared his teeth and really looked
viscous when she tried to resist, so she had to do what he wanted. She didn't
have any choice. She was afraid of him. She didn't know what he might do,
bite her or attack her or what.

Matt saw her sincerity, but at the same time he was confused. "But it looked
like you were fucking him back.... It looked like you were cumming at the
same time he was..."

"Well, I was..." Lizzie admitted. "I couldn't help it.... But I didn't want
to..... He made me...."

Matt, who knew Fredo much better than Lizzie did, worked hard to hold back
his smile as he consoled her and explained to her that she didn't have to
worry. Fredo would often put on an act like that if he wanted something, but
if he was clearly told "no", he would simply accept it and stop. He would
never hurt a flea.

Lizzie was skeptical about such a simple explanation, but the next time Fredo
came to her room looking for sex, she tried it. He had just wanted a quick
blowjob, or as he thought of it, "to mate with this cute girl's mouth."
Lizzie was fully clothed and was lying on her bed. Fredo sat in the window
watching her, developing quite an erection. When he came into the room and
climbed up on the bed with her, he grabbed her hair and tried to pull her
face over to his waiting cock. But Lizzie, mustering all the courage she
could, resisted. When Fredo began to give her that look and bare his teeth,
Lizzie said "NO!" and gave his cock a good hard slap. At that moment, Fredo's
balloon was burst, and it deflated just like his cock did. To Lizzie's
amazement, Fredo accepted it and acted like nothing had ever happened. From
Fredo's point of view "Oh well... It was fun while it lasted."

Actually, it wasn't really over, though. A couple of nights later he came
back when Lizzie was sleeping, naked. He very carefully began caressing and
fondling her. With her defenses down, and with Fredo fondling her like that,
whatever she was dreaming began turning erotic. As he fondled her smooth
thighs and that cute little pussy he liked so much, with that little patch
of hair above it, he found her again spreading her legs apart for him, just
as she had done during their first encounter.

He carefully positioned himself between them and slid his cock into her moist
little pussy. As he carefully began thrusting, he noticed her begin thrusting
back. It went on for several seconds before her eyes popped open. Like
before, Lizzie's first impulse was to tell him "No." But, like before, his
warm wet little cock really felt good inside her hungry little pussy. The one
thing that was different this time was that she knew she could set the limits
on how far he could go.

The things that had really humiliated her before were having to suck his cock
and having to do it all in front of Matt. Those wouldn't be happening this
time. No one would know except Fredo and her. As she was thinking about it,
Fredo kept right on thrusting, carefully of course, but building up speed.

Lizzie finally succumbed to his charms. Well, she succumbed to the intensely
pleasurable feel of his slippery little cock sliding in and out of her pussy
and that warm, hairy body between her smooth thighs. She couldn't believe she
was caving in to him again, but she did. "Okay, but this time I'm not gonna
suck it.... Do you understand?"

Fredo grinned and nodded his head as he made himself at home, kissing and
squeezing her tits as he began thrusting harder. Lizzie reached down and held
him as she too began thrusting harder. As far as Fredo was concerned, he had
his magic touch back, and he was going to give this cute girl the fucking of
her life. As he hammered her, she began sighing and moaning, letting Fredo
know that he was giving her just what she wanted. She was almost lifting him
up with her pelvis as she bucked and thrusted, clamping her pussy tight
around his ape-cock.

When they came, it was fantastic. As Fredo's sperm streamed into her pussy,
Lizzie bucked and moaned in orgasm, holding him tight against her, clamping
his cock with her pussy, trying to squeeze out every last drop. Then they lay
there spent.

As they recovered, Fredo would squeeze and suck on Lizzie's tits, and she
would sigh and caress his legs and ass. She really enjoyed the way he had
fucked her, and she didn't mind showing her appreciation. She smiled "Thanks,
Fredo..... That was really nice..."

But Fredo, not understanding her words, thought she was inviting him up for a
blowjob, or as he would have put it, to mate with her cute little mouth. So
he moved up beside her head and took her hand and guided it to his cock. He
couldn't believe it when Lizzie slapped his cock. Hard. "No!... I told you
I'm not gonna suck it!" He didn't understand, but he accepted it. Lizzie saw
the disappointment in his face and tried to console him. But at the same
time, she made it clear that she was not going to suck his cock for him.

Over time Fredo learned that this girl would let him mate with her quite
often, and she really seemed to enjoy it, but mating with her mouth was
apparently reserved just for human males. It was cool, though. He really
enjoyed hammering her cute little pussy, making her moan and squeal with
delight as he pumped his chimp-sperm into her.


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