Lizzie McGuire:
The Unauthorized Un-Rated Version of Lizzie McGuire Movie Part 5
Based upon the novelized version of the screenplay
Adapted by Lude ([email protected])

The next morning, Lizzie McGuire burst through the doors of the airport
terminal. Anxious to find Gordo and her other classmates going on the
Italian trip, Lizzie wanted to board the plane and get as far away from
her old school as possible. After a few days in Rome, no one would
remember the graduation disaster. Right?

"Mom, Dad, please, let's go," she said to her parents, who were dawdling,
as usual. "I need to leave the country now."

"Sweetheart, please," said Mrs. McGuire. "We know you're upset, but it wasn't
that bad."

"Oh, really, Mom?" said Lizzie. "After your junior high graduation was your
bare ass shown on Good Morning America?"

Mr. McGuire shook his head sadly. "What kind of creep would send Diane Sawyer
a video and embarrass you like that?" he asked.

"Dad, you meant, em-bare-ass didn't you?" Matt suggested, pronouncing the
word just as it had been on television that morning. He'd been taping the
entire conversation and had to hide his smile as the McGuire's joined a
group of Lizzie's fellow graduates and their parents who were gathering in
the terminal. Noticing they still had a little time to kill, they found a
private spot to say their good byes.

Sam lovingly kissed along his daughter's neck, cuddling her just below her
right ear. Offering her body to him, Lizzie giggled as he reaching inside
her panties, cupping her firm little buttocks and squeezing them like ripe
fruit. Sam then fondled the tight flesh where his daughter's legs meet her
ass. Fondling the sweet round contour of Lizzie's smooth firm buns, he ate
out the soft delicate flesh between her legs.

As a going away present at the airport, Lizzie took her fathers orgasm in
her mouth. She squirmed when her brother licked and fingered her pussy.
Pulling off her panties, to keep as a souvenir. Matt took the time to lick
around her clit and tongued the length of her silt just to hear her purr
and moan. As it turned out, Matt then tricked Lizzie into sucking his cock
again because, if she didn't, he'd threatened to spray his load all over
her. Jo, her Mom, offered to help out, but Matt wouldn't hear any of it,
knowing that he'd get his mother later.

This day of all days, Lizzie had hoped Matt wouldn't bother her. But that
morning, she'd been flabbergasted to discover Matt had somehow taped their
father `teaching' Lizzie about oral sex.

"If you don't do what I'll tell you to do," he told her, "everybody will see
it. Not just people at her old junior high, but everybody at your new high
school too."

Knowing that she just couldn't let that happen. "What do you what me to do,"
Lizzie asked sadly, in capitulation.

"I want you to do every thing you did to Dad," he demanded. "I won't settle
for anything less. I want your hot tight body, sister. I want you to be my
sex slave!" While he talked he undid his zipper and let his pants fall to the

Hopping to compromise, or as a simple act of desperation, Lizzie reached into
his boxers, pulled out his cock, and started dispassionately giving him a
hand job.

"Not good enough, Lizzie," he told her. "Suck my cock like a slut. Do a good
job or you know what will happen. And show some feeling."

Relenting, Lizzie bent down and engulfed his cock in her mouth. To her
delight, her brother actually had a nice cock, not that Lizzie would have
told him, and she easily got into the act of pleasuring him. Matt folded
both his arm behind his head and enjoyed the ride. Pulling from her mouth,
when he was about to cum, Lizzie lustfully let Matt give her a facial.

As cum dripped from all over her face, her hair and her mouth, Matt had her
stand in front of him. "Okay, my little Geisha girl, now I want you to first
do a strip tease. After that, I want you to bathe me."

Lizzie was surprised again when she actually got into stripping off her
clothes. She gave her brother a show of slowly removing her clothes, even
letting him take off her bra and panties. Giving him a sexy lap dance as
she went. Then as she bathed him, Matt really enjoyed suckling her breasts
as she jacked him off. Then she had to suck his cock again, but this time,
he ate out her pussy. But even though they both got off, it didn't satisfy
him. "Okay, now sister dear, get your cute little ass in my bed. I want to
fuck!" he demanded.

"What, I didn't fuck Daddy yesterday? I won't.I can't go that far."

"So what, with a hot body like your, he should have. It's not my fault that
Dad didn't fuck you."

Not taking no for an answer, he grab her and threw into his bed. Then jumping
on top her. Lizzie tried to actually put a fight, but Matt was surprisingly
strong. Holding her down, he moved to mount her steamy little silt. While
Lizzy didn't want to loose her virginity, she felt both mysteriously drawn
and subject to the will of her younger brother. Surprisingly, Lizzie had
enjoyed the feel of him tonguing out her womanhood. The taste and feel of
his hard cock filling up her mouth with his steamy, white cum had made her
panties wet. Lizzie didn't resist, as Matt pulled her limp body to him.

He began by eating her out. Taking her sweet round ass in his hands, tongue
fucking her good and proper, until, he lapped up Lizzie's delicious cum
chowder. Matt then grabbed his dick and rubbed the helmeted tip of his hard
dick up and down along the wet crack of Lizzie's tight young pussy just as
he'd seen Dad do the day before. As he moved it over her clit and along the
length of her crack, Lizzie began to moan. Surprised by her passion, he
loved that instead of fighting him his beautiful sister actually responded
to the movements of his dick against the opening of her love canal. Lizzie
became wetter and slicker the more he persisted, the more he explored the
opening of her vertical smile. He slipped a finger inside her moist pussy,
as reached up with his other digits to massage her silt. Then he lowered his
mouth and sucked on her clitoris.

"Huummmm, Aahhhhhhhh," Lizzie moaned. "Okay! Okay! Just don't tell anyone,
you fucked me, Lizzie said, seemingly in desperation. Then she added, her
voice dripping with desire, "Okay, tiger, fuck me hard, you stud!" Lizzie
even reached up and grasped his balls. Then stroking the base of his cock,
she pulled to help drive him in deeper and faster. Matt nodded his head,
and then their mouths connected for their first true kiss.

So instead of just ramming his cock into her as he had planned, pleased by
his sister's sexual powers, he ever so gently worked the velvety tip of his
cock into Lizzie's warm moist canal. Bowing to the excitement of the moment,
only the front half of his cock slid into her in one hard push. With his
first fuck, Matt felt alive for the very first time.

As they French kissed, Matt could not believe the sensation of his dick being
tightly clamped in Lizzie's hot, moist body. With her legs wrapped around his
ass, drawing him in, he humped his shaft into her. In the grips by passion,
Lizzie thrust her waist against him, helping to force him deeper into her.
Melina had never enflamed him like this, he felt desire and need like he'd
never experienced before. Matt was amazed by how incredibly tight she
clenched the end of his thick shaft. Even after cumming Lizzie made him cum
twice earlier that evening, in about ten minutes of serious screwing, the
head of his balls felt ready to explode.

Just then Lizzie moaned out. "Gaaaahhhh!" she groaned for the fourth time,
his cock and balls were drenched with her cum. Matt could smell the
unmistakable musty aroma of Lizzie's excited pussy as he was ready to plant
his seed in her. Lizzie hot kissing and continued stroking took him over the
top and he came in an explosion that filled her tight little.ass. To their
dismay, it was then that he finally realized he been in the wrong hole as
his shiny cum flood out of her anus and down across her still unbreached

Finally regaining her senses, Lizzie refused to wait, or help him get hard
again. Even though he had rubbed his cock raw humping Lizzie, he still wanted
to finish the job. Matt demanded, "When you get back from Rome, we'll see
about that tight little pussy of ours."


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