Lizzie McGuire:
The Unauthorized Un-Rated Version of Lizzie McGuire Movie Part 3 (ff, hand)
Based upon the novelized version of the screenplay
Adapted by Lude ([email protected])

Later, as Lizzie graduation ceremony was about to begin, the entire McGuire
family stood together.

"Oh, Lizzie, we're both so proud of you," Sam spoke as both he and Jo,
Lizzie's mother, beamed at her in joy. But Lizzie noticed her brother Matt
was sniffing and giving her a strange, questioning look. Embarrassed that
he might realize what he smelled, she hurriedly excused herself, found a
restroom, and threw her panties away. Luckily her gown covered her
completely. While it fit snuggly around her waist, it reached all the way
down to her ankles.

While outwardly still presentable, the gorgeous young blonde girl still
showed signs of a reddened face from a fierce sexual lesson her father had
just given her. Opening the door, she was about to leave the bathroom, but
Lizzie's forehead ran straight into the neckline and chin of whom but of
all girls, Kate her arch-enemy.

Stepping back and looking up, a long legged blonde girl looked down at her.
"What are you doing here?" Lizzie asked.

"Lizzie, we need to talk."

"We do?"

"Trust me, we do." Kate turned around and led a confused Lizzie into the
bathroom. But as they made their way back in, Kate held the door open for
her. Lizzie was surprised that Kate appeared to actually being nice to her.
She even seemed to be a bit protective of the smaller blonde. It had been
a very long time since they'd actually had a civilized conversation. It
brought back old memories. As much as Lizzie hated admitting it, it was
such a relief not to be threatened by her. But...

"Kate, I get enough of your ridicule at school, don't think for a minute
that I'm going to let you..." Her words were muted as Kate clasped a hand
over her mouth.

"Oh give it a rest, honey, and sit your cute little ass down."

"I think I'll stand."

Kate grabbed her shoulder and pushed Lizzie down directly in front of her.
"I told you to sit." She then stepped over to lock the door.

"Ouch, that hurt. Okay, I'm sitting. Now what?"

"Just be quiet. I haven't been able to talk you about this, but now that
Junior High is almost over, I can't wait any longer. I know I scare you. I
see the fear in your eyes every time I confront you. But do realize that if
it wasn't for your little friend, Miranda, we'd.we'd be together again.

"What?" Lizzie exclaimed in almost complete shock. Well, not quite in
complete shock.

"Lizzie, I know it. Hell, you know it too, don't you? You look so damn cute!
I came here to claim you as mine."

Stepping back for a moment Lizzie thought, I'm not as easy as you think. So
she said. "I don't need Miranda to fight my battles for me. I do quite well
on my own."

"Ah ...that's was what I came here to talk about. I don't want you to think
anything crazy, but do remember when we used to do everything together?"


"I do mean everything?" Kate insisted.

"Yes, Kate, I remember when we used to play together."

"Yeah, play. That's a good way to put it."

"As I recall, we played around a lot. I wonder why we never even talked about
what we were doing. Why we stopped...playing."

"Kate, you really don't have to pretend to be nice to me. I know what you
tell everyone about me." Thinking to herself, `Like I haven't heard some of
the stuff she's been saying about me to everyone? I know how she's been
putting me down for the last two years. How can she forget that we used to
be very special to each other?

Kate looked back in surprise. "I'm not pretending, Lizzie. We used to be
pretty good friends. Even though I don't act like it, I hadn't forgotten."

Lizzie hadn't forgotten either. She remembered practically every day. They
used to hang out all the time together and sleep at each other's houses.
Sometimes they even shower and sleep together. It hadn't been a big deal
at first, until Kate had kissed her. Lizzie still remembered her cherry
lip-gloss and how Kate's tongue felt in her mouth. Then she'd started
rubbing her boobs and touched her.

"How could I forget?" Lizzie said harshly to Kate. "You slobbered all over
me." She paused for a moment, softening. "Sorry, I don't know why I said
that, it just came out."

"I seem to remember that you really liked how I fingered and licked out your
clit until you screamed. But then you didn't want to eat my pussy. You still
owe me."

Lizzie looked at her with a puzzled face. "How do you figure?"

"While I went down on you. You wouldn't put your tongue in my pussy. I really
wanted that. I got so mad, I've been on the rag for two years."

"I did finger-fuck you. I think I did a pretty good job, too." Lizzie said,
still in a state of shock by Kate's sudden omission of her continued lust for

Kate walked over and slid her hand up to pinch Lizzie's nipples. "Fair is
fair. I want you to eat me out." Kate started rubbing Lizzie's breasts,
causing her resolve to melt.

"We go on stage in a few minutes. We don't have time. Aren't you afraid we'll
mess up our makeup?"

Kate looked serious as she answered. "I would like your pretty red lipstick
smeared all over my face pussy. But your right, we do have to take a
rain check. Next time, I'm not taking no for an answer."

Lizzie sighed. "Will you do me, too?" Then Lizzie reached between Kate's
legs, pushed the g-string a side, and put index finger into her pussy.
Feeling that she was already wet, Lizzie then pulled it out and gave it a
lick... "You taste pretty good. I think I'll look forward to eating you

"I've really missed you, Lizzie." Kate smiled glowed across her face.

"Me, too," Kate exclaimed. "I haven't forgotten how good your pussy tastes
and how great you kiss." Kate then kissed Lizzie hard on the lips. "I almost
don't want to go on stage. I mean, not that I've you again, I don't want
things to change."

Lizzy looked at her, but misunderstanding what Kate had just said, she
remarked. "I don't want things to change either, especially the part about
me opening my legs for you. But the truth is, I'm looking forward to change."

Kate's smile turned noticeably colder and the temperature in the bathroom
seemed to go down a dozen degrees. While she understood that Lizzie was
glad Junior High was over, Kate thought Lizzie meant that their past sexual
experiences together hadn't been anything more than a fling of passion.
Suddenly, Kate's gleefully emotions roller coasted downward.

"WHAT!" Kate shouted out. "After I lower myself by asking to lick your smelly
cunt, you're dropping...ME?"

Lizzie stood in complete horror for a moment. Thinking that Kate had just
been trying to play her along until she could really hurt her, Lizzie vision
was clouded by angry storm clouds. "Speaking of smelling cunts," Lizzie shot
back. "Did you suck the judges' cocks to make the cheerleader squad?"

Kate's cheeks turned a fiery red as her eyes sparkled angrily. The atmosphere
around them was definitely turning frosty just as quickly as things had
heated up between the two beautiful teenagers.

But both girls realized that they could let every one outside in on their
fight. They knew that they had to pretend nothing was bothering them. Not yet
any way. They both let out a loud, fake laugh while leaving the bathroom.

"Whore," Lizzie whispered as she hugged Kate.

"Skank!" Kate snapped back while hugging her so hard it hurt.

Watching from just outside the bathroom window, Matt had been astounded to
see his sister do a lesbian dance with none other people than Kate! He would
always regret not having a camera to record the moment. But he smiled,
remembering he still had an ace in the hole. An ace in the ho that is.


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