Lizzie McGuire: The Education Of Lizzie McGuire And Friends Part 7
by Lude ([email protected]) (Mf,inc)

The next time Sam McGuire went to the mall, two weeks later, only Lizzie was
with him. But instead of stopping in front of Fredrick's, she went right in.
Quickly Lizzie picked a little `see thru' lace bra and panty set. Holding
held the bra in front of her top, she smiled at him. He was embarrassed, but
still bought it for her. When he drove her home, Lizzie sat right next to
him. When we stopped at a light, she put a hand on my upper thigh, and she
gave me a little kiss on his cheek.

"Thanks Steve for not treating me like a girl." She said, staring into his
eyes, smiling as he returned her gaze. Then she leaned forward and kissed
him. As their lips met, Lizzie's right hand moved and her fingers wrapped
around the bulge in his pants.

"You're welcome." Her kiss had been very a waking, and her fingers drove him

When the light changed, he drove forward as her hand slid into Sam's pants
and grasped his cock. Sam almost immediately pulled over into an empty
parking lot and Lizzie lowered her luscious red lips.

At first she was shy, and just brushed his cock with her lips. Then little
by little she opened her mouth and let more of it in. He felt the wetness of
her saliva on his burgeoning head and the smooth sweetness of her lips as
they danced upon him. Lizzie's warm mouth worked back and forth along the top
of his cock and her tongue twirled lovingly around each and every contour.
Embracing his dick in one petite hand, she lowered her head until her lips
engulfed the mushroom head. She sucked the knob for a minute, running her
tongue around and around the rim. The feeling made him moan with pleasure.
"That feels wonderful honey!"

She pulled back, and looked up at him. "Thanks, Daddy."

Immediately afterwards, she returned to pleasuring him. Moving down, faster
and faster, she swallowed up his balls and played with them in her mouth. Her
lips then travel back up and, to Sam's happy surprise, his crown pressed in!
Her tongue wrapped around his shaft, as five or six inches slid in. He could
really feel her suck, as his tip tickled the back of her throat. Lizzie's
lips felt wonderful running along his shaft faster and faster, harder and
harder. Her hands were still stroking him and playing with his balls. As
grasped up her breasts and fondled them joyfully for the first time, Sam
excitedly came furiously in her mouth!

It was a real mess, as wave after wave of hot steaming sperm spasmed out,
some of it flowed out her nose or out her mouth around his cock! His cum
even got into her hair and ran down her breasts. It was incredible. As Sam
had cummed, he arched his head and back, hiding most of smile, moaning out,
"Hummm, Baby!"

Lizzie then retreated back up to my tip, and as each wave followed, spurting
more cum into her mouth, she sucked it in. Stroking his shaft to pump out all
her father's sweet cumm, he felt her swallow several times as she licked and
slurped it all up.

Remembering how embarrassed Lizzie had been, this time it was different. He
put the car sheet down and reached into her skirt and pulled off her panties.
Lizzie shamelessly spread her legs wide apart, exposing her trickling sex to
his whims. He slipped his long, middle finger inside her pie and felt her
cunt clamp around his probing digit. His fingertip pressed against her hymen,
as he cautiously poked further. The elastic membrane yielded a little,
causing Lizzie to moan, but Sam was not sure if he was hearing pleasure or

"Daddy, I'm still a virgin," she whimpered, "I been saving my cherry for you.
Daddy, make me a woman!"

Sam's heart jumped, as his hardened cock twitched. She was giving her
virginity to him! He kissed her fiercely on the mouth then whispered in her
ear. "Are you sure you want to do this honey?"

"Oh, yes! I'm sure!" she whimpered, pressing against him. "I want you to fuck
me!" she said panting into my mouth. "My little chunny is hot and wet for

He took one pert breast in his mouth and nibbled on it. He sucked the nipple
until it burned then moved to the other. The fresh teen shuddered in climax
again, slamming her hips upward with each stroke like a wild thing. Finally
he let go of her tits and kissed her as deeply as he could. She kissed him
back, her tongue working in tune with his.

He bent forward on his knees between her gorgeous thighs. "Ready?" he asked.
When she nodded warily he started pushing into her. Sam aimed his throbbing
cock at her cunt, pressing the tip toward her petite pink slit. Lizzie's
hands helped guide him.

His throbbing cock sensed the heat of her sopping womanhood. He pressed
harder and Lizzie could feel his hardness prod apart her split peach. The
bulbous tip found its way inside. Slowly I slid his stiff dick into her
supple, virgin cunt. She began to rock her hips and let out a small gasp
as my tip pushed aside the outer walls. Deep in his throat Sam mimed her
mild moans as he felt her tender walls wrap around his hard flesh.

Lizzie was such a tight fit that he suddenly became worried that that her
virgin snatch was too small for me. She sensed his apprehension. "I'm not
afraid," Lizzie said tenderly, kissing his ear.

"Oh Jeeezzus! You're so tight," he moaned, feeling the walls of her little
pussy compress around my cock, the lust was boiling in Sam's brain and all
he wanted was to fuck her!

"Oh, baby! Oh, fuck!" he crooned as his dickhead pried into the entrance to
penetrate the preteen's too-tight cunt. He pushed, but just wasn't going in.

Lizzie didn't want to say anything to change his mind. This was after all her
big moment.

"Do it, Daddy!" she begged, abandoning her childhood. "Fuck me! Fuck me! I
want you to fuck me and fill me up with you cum!"

He grunted as the head of my prick slipped between her swollen cunt lips.
`God, she's tight,' he thought, and pushed again and this time the whole
head went in.

"Wow!" shouted Lizzie. There was a stretchy feeling inside her pussy. It
hurt! But it felt good at the same time, but my size made her pussy ache.

He started sliding back and forth, back and forth, sawing just an inch into
her pussy. Then, suddenly, he slipped in another inch.

"Oh God," she groaned, "you're in me, you're in me."

He pulled his prick head almost all the way out; it glistened with her
pussy-juice. Lizzie's stretched pussy lips pulled outward clinging to the
thick knob. As her lips parted wider, he could feel the tip of his cock
putting pressure against Lizzie's hymen, as her hot pussy lips closed in
around the entire tip of his pulsing manhood.

With his cock head buried into the hot wet velvety entrance of her virgin
pussy, she couldn't describe the sensation and feelings as the tip of his
cock pushed against the elastic barrier of her maidenhood. He would push
forward ever so gently and it would respond by every so softly pushing back.
Lizzie was rubbing her nipples as his cock poked her tiny cunt. Sam was
barely halfway in when he felt the unavoidable barrier. He pushed a little
harder but the taut membrane of flesh refused to give. Lizzie pleaded into
his eyes, her face a mask of pleasure and pain.

"Am I hurting you, baby," he asked her kissing her ear.

"No, I'm okay," Lizzie panted, "fuck me Daddy!"

He pushed, her hymen stretched ... painfully.

"You're doing it. Oh God, you're doing it!" She groaned, "It hurts!"

"Should I stop?" he asked.

"No ... ... Yes." She wailed. "Stop! Stop! STOP!" she screamed. "Please
stop!" she begged. "You're tearing me apart!" But Lizzie knew it was supposed
to tear, so immediately she went on, "No, no! Don't stop, keep going."

He pushed. Lizzie felt a tearing sensation and started to bleed. But
encouraged by lust, Sam lunged forward, lifting Sally ass off the couch as
he impaled her. Then Lizzie screamed out in pain and pleasure when and her
virgin finally relented to his assault. With one deep thrust he tore open
her tiny hymen as his swollen cock stretched her pussy to a new limit.
Lizzie continued to squeal and let out a loud moan of pleasure as his cock
penetrated deeper into her tiny cunt. Her eyes bugged out as his shaft
speared her.

Fully in her now, Sam found he could only rocked back and forth only the
slightest amount because of the incredible sensation of his hard raging cock
inside the walls of Lizzie's tight wet pussy. The friction was incredibly
intense inside my innocent young daughter. Then it all improved when she
cummed again and her juices dripped down my burly cock.

"Oh, Jeeezzus! Oh, shit! Oh, fuck!" flashed through her brain. She had never
known such agony and such abandon at one time. Her father's dick felt huge
as it invaded her. Then he backed up and thrust in again and again, pushing
deeper with each lunge, tearing the remnants of her cherry to shreds. After
ten or twelve jabs he was almost buried to the hilt and Lizzie let out a
shriek as it filled her up. Then she moaned with pleasure as her vaginal
walls molded to the intruding shaft. She lifted her ass higher off the sheet
and pulled him in even deeper. Her body jerked as he pushed inside her
cervix, nothing had ever touched her there before. Her shrieks turned to
grunts, then to low moans.

As Sam began to move faster in and out of her fresh cleft, she closed her
eyes and fell silent. He felt her cunt wall quivering around his dick as he
drove all the way in, his dark pubic hairs mixing with her golden fleece. He
withdrew and entered again and again, stretching her with each new thrust.
She let out another cry; trying to fuck back as best she could. Her grasp
loosened a little and he began to fuck her harder ... in and out; in and
out ... her tight pussy felt so good wrapped around him as his balls slapped
against her ass crack! When he was all the way in her, he slowed to fondle
her slippery breasts.

"Oh, God! Oh, yes! Oh, do it faster!" she gasped.

Going even faster, Sam began seriously fucking her, causing coursing ripples
of pleasure over her sexual center, ripples that grew more frequent and
intense. Soon their lust was in perfect rhythm. His lunges were met by
Lizzie's pelvic thrusts. A thin sheen of sweat gleamed on her luscious flesh.
Their hearts and breathing became enraptured, as the room became a blur.

Lizzie knew this was her moment, she would never know another like it.
Together she had changed her forever. She felt as if this was the last minute
of her life and she wanted it to go on forever. Sam's control slipped as
blinding passion tore through him. He wrapped his arms around her, thrusting
and thrusting, both bodies shuddering violently. Pure, unfettered pleasure
held them enthralled in each other.

The horny young blonde wrapped her legs around his ass and pulled him even
deeper inside, terrified of letting go. She matched his every stroke with
one of her own. Her heart and lungs were out of control as she plunged into
the abyss of passion. The supple girl entwined him with her legs, her heels
tapping his moving ass. Her stomach jerked and her legs became weak as the
ravaged teen felt his hard cock penetrate even deeper.

Lizzie could feel her father's rising to orgasm, just as he could feel hers
approaching. She could feel that as much as he wanted to climax, he was using
his last vestige of will to hold until she could join him.

Lizzie felt her orgasm build as she felt him building to another peek ... and
soon. The gorgeous little girl shivered, then moaned, followed by screams as
his cock drove even deeper inside her adolescent cunt. She didn't seem aware
she had screamed. Her body trembled out of control and new emotions shredded
her young body in this one flawless instant.

Finally the moment approached and Sam pulled her to him and drove into her
with animalistic fury. All of Lizzie's senses were tuned to this moment as a
wave of euphoria filled her mind and body. She gasped for breath and sighed
as his cock continued sliding in and out of her. It felt so good to have him
fucking her tight slippery hole. She looked at his face and knew that now,
now he was ready to shed his self-control and lose himself in her. That
excited her more than anything, so that when he finally arched his back, his
face screwed up into a mask of pain and abandoned herself to the ecstasy of
it. Then, after so long, she heard the trumpets and cymbals that romance
novels promised. Suddenly, Lizzie felt something new; it was her father's
cock jerking.

Sam shouted, "Fuck! Fuck en Yes!" as his erection swelled, his butt muscles
tightened, my balls throbbed, and as loads of hot semen blasted into his
teenage daughters tight slit. Lizzie felt her father's seed fill her, the
heat of it warming her pussy.

Her pussy already filled with his cock, was now flooded with his boiling
seed. Lizzie's flawless pussy was so tight that there was no room for the hot
jets of cumm burning into her. The pressure of the building load squeezed his
molten seed past the seamless joint where the skintight O-ring of her snug,
little pussy encircled my swollen cock. With each in stroke he pumped her
full, as with each outstroke, white fluid squirted out of her perfect pink
pussy. The adorable girl could feel the expelled sperm run out of her tight
pussy and dripped like hot wax down her smooth inner thighs and into her
humid ass crack. He held her tight as his cock jerked for the last time,
shooting a final spurt of sticky cumm into her.

"God, God, God," Sam moaned as spasms ran through him even after he had
nothing left to give.

Slowly they stopped moving and he collapsed between his fresh-fucked-fawn's
widespread legs. It took several minutes for them to focus. He rolled
over and fell panting beside Mehree. He stared at the rosy hue of her
yearling-like legs and watched in awe as white foam trickled from her tiny
slit and dribbled down the crack of her ass and on to the car seat. He bent
down to finish the job with his tongue.

Afterwards, on the driving home they didn't say a word. But when he pulled
into the garage, Lizzie French kissed him. She smiled at him, then got out
and walked inside. Lizzie and Sam didn't sleep that night. Wearing what he
bought for her at Fredrick's, Sam had a wonderful time taking it off of his
beautiful teenage daughter.

After humping, he asked, "Do you want to suck my cock again, honey?"

Her beautiful naked body laid out before him, with a twinkle in her eye, she
leaned toward him and said. "Right now.I want you to fuck me some more!"

Lizzie's cunt lips were wonderfully soft. Feeding upon the fragrance of her
body, Lizzie was compliant and ravishing to Sam's senses. While his face
pressed into her women-hood, she in-turn feasted upon his manhood. He could
feel the trembling of her lower lip, which might have been both nervousness
and desire. After fucking her mouth, he pressed into her ass, and then her
pussy. In the height of lustful enjoy, she enthralled him with her taste,
her sight, and feel. Lizzie overwhelmed him. She then stretched and curried
towards him as rapture took them again.

Whispering his name, she trembled powerfully and fell bonelessly upon her
father. After a night of unbridled passion, the earlier morning sun filled
Lizzie's bedroom with light as her father cummed again in her already cum
field pussy.

It was the beginning of a whole new day for Lizzie.

To be continued?


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