Note to the reader: This story is, in part, an extended version of the second
chapter of Lizzie McGuire Movie story.

Lizzie McGuire: The Education of Lizzie McGuire And Friends Part 1 (no sex)
by Lude ([email protected])

Alone with Lizzie McGuire in her room, Sam McGuire had trouble looking past
her blossoming womanhood to gaze into his daughter's shinning eyes. He smiled
and said, "Honey, I'm so proud. Just yesterday you were in
you've graduated junior high. You're so grow up."

With her top two buttons undone, Sam McGuire couldn't help but stare at her
firm heaving breasts that jutted out from under her thin cotton shirt. Unable
to control himself, his cock grew erect. Sitting in his lap, Lizzie looked
down and saw the effect she was having upon him, causing a tingle in her
juicy snatch.

As Sam spoke, his right hand slid down along her side and gave her little
curvy bottom a soft fatherly pat. Then filling his hands with her sweet butt
cheeks, he firmly squeezed. Hugging him back, Lizzie playfully fondled his
ass and rolled her eyes.

Lizzie enjoyed how her father had been so much spending quality time with her
recently. She liked how he'd been tickling her, feeling up her and touching
her. A warm feeling grew between legs every time she remembered the first
time Daddy had expressed his appreciation of her blooming womanhood.

Lizzie was twelve when her breasts had begun to sprout. Savoring the intimacy
of the experience, Sam took her out to purchase her first bra. The moment
they returned home from the mall, Lizzie cheerfully ran to put it on. She
returned from her room with a glowing smile, until she looked at herself
sideways in the hall mirror and her glee instantly deflated.

"It's not fair," Lizzie complained. "Dad, Kate's had them for over a year
now. My bobbies are just beginning to grow."

"Lizzie, you're a very pretty girl. They do say that anything more than can
fill a Champaign glass is wasted."

"But I still look a boy. It's just not fair."

"Honey, don't worry. Remember, you're only twelve. You're Mom has nice big
hooters. Here," he put his hands out in front of her chest. "Can I see them?
I'll give you my honest option. I promise."

Lizzie nodded her head.

Sam undid her buttons and opened up her shirt. Beneath, he discovered the
cutest and sexiest white-lace bra he had ever seen. Lizzie inhaled in
surprised when Sam filled both his hands with her cotton and lace covered
cupcakes. It felt smooth and warm to his touch. Reaching around, Sam undid
her clasp and Lizzie's strapless bra fell away from her smooth creamy skin.

They stared at each other. It was odd...Lizzie thought later...that she felt
not a bit afraid. It was the way he looked at her. There was no threat in
his expression, no lewdness, no smirk. He first looked at her breasts,
then at her face, into her eyes. She looked back, a bit shocked but not
embarrassed, with just a tiny part of her mind wondering why she did not
squeal, and cover herself with her hands.

Something did come into his eyes, at least.perhaps she was imagining it, but
she saw admiration and a faint twinkle of wonton lust. Sam took both Lizzie's
nipple-topped diminutive breasts between his thumb and forefingers. "Oh,
Lizzie, there very nice."

Lizzie smiled as he gently squeezed her soft flesh and tweaked her firm pink
nipples. She tingled all over as he caressed her titties.

He spoke again. "Very nice. Your nipples look so scrumptious. Lets see if
they work okay?"

Sam bent his face down on his daughter's breasts and gave each a kiss. He
could tell every thing was in fine working order when he suckled on her
titties and licking her nipples for a few moments of ecstasy for them both.
While Sam sucked so hard that he would have got milk if Lizzie had been
older, Lizzie gleefully shuddered as she wet her panties.

Returning to two years later, the precocious fourteen-year old pixie had even
been doing some of feeling her own lately, especially when she sat in his lap
and she could feel his hard-on rub against her. Bringing down her right hand,
Lizzie fondled his upper inner-thigh right next to the bulge in his pants.
Lizzie rolled her eyes as she said. "That's just about the best combination
of words and action you can make, Daddy."

Just then, her father brought his hands up to her shoulders. His eyes full of
love, he said. "Lizzie, this is a big day." Mr. McGuire cleared his throat.
"As William Shakespeare once wrote, "Be not afraid of greatness. Some are
born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust in...
thrust upon them."

"Um, thanks, Dad, but I'm just trying to get through the commencement
ceremony," Lizzie replied. "Greatness can wait until this is over."

"Okay, Lizzie, but we need to have a talk. I want to discuss the...birds and
bees with you."

"Sure Dad, what do you what to know?" After she spoke, Lizzie began fondling
his ass.

"Lizzie, kidding aside, I want to make sure you know that even in this day
and age, its okay to wait until you're older."

"Wait to do what, Daddy." Lizzie loved playing the innocent little girl with
her father. Even though she really wasn't all that innocent, it always turned
her father on.

"You know."

"No, what do I know?"

"About losing your...virginity!" In a suddenly disclosure, he seemed
embarrassed to even say the word virginity.

"Daddy, to tell you the truth. I've haven't done anything yet," Lizzie said,
not quite truthfully, as he well knew.

"What, you're still kidding me, right?" Lizzie shook her head. "You mean
you've've never...?"

"No Daddy. Never." She said.

"Really! You've never been fucked?" He looked inquisitively at her as she
smiled back at him. "Hurried teenage boys can leave girls needs unmet. I
want to make sure you know how pleasurable an experience sex can be.

"I'd been too embarrassed too. I guess I've been too shy even to give oral
sex a try. I've never even seen a hard cock before." Lizzie kidded him,
telling what they both knew was a `big white lie'

"That's not what Miranda tells me."

"Well, Daddy, you can't believe everything you hear can ya." She spoke with
her teasing little girl voice.

He smirked disapprovingly at her "Really." Then he grinned at her. "But you
know, you're best friend (Miranda) is a wild little thing!"


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