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Lizzie McGuire: The Best Christmas Gift Ever
by DiGiovanni ([email protected])

It was Christmas vacation time for Lizzie's eighth grade class. They
wouldn't have to go back to school until after the New Year's holiday.
Unfortunately, they had been given an assignment to do during their
vacation which they would have to turn in when school resumed.

Lizzie's best friend, Gordo, had been over at her house most of the
afternoon helping her with the assignment. They had gotten a lot finished,
but still had more to do. He was planning to come back the next day and help
her finish it up.

Lizzie appreciated Gordo's help, but she was a little depressed because they
didn't have school. She wouldn't see Ethan again until after vacation was
over. Ethan was a boy in her class. He was tall and good looking, and was
kind of an eighth grade jock. And he was cool. His only drawback was that he
was really dumb. But that didn't deter Lizzie. She had been drooling over
him for as long as she could remember, and she was disappointed that she
wouldn't be able to see him for a while. She couldn't think of anything that
would be more pleasurable than letting Ethan ravish her in every way
imaginable. But she knew that would never happen. She knew she didn't really
appeal to him in a sexual way.

Lizzie had no experience whatsoever with sex with boys, except for a couple
of casual kisses. But they didn't count. One thing she did have experience
with, though, was masturbation. That was her one lifesaving sexual release,
and she would normally take advantage of it at night when she went to bed.
She would usually fantasize about Ethan. She tried fantasizing about Gordo a
few times, but it just didn't work out very well. When the action would slow
down with Gordo, she would invariably switch to Ethan to finish herself off.

On this particular night, as she lay in bed she was naked under the covers.
She often went to bed naked when she intended to masturbate; it felt much
more sexual than when she was wearing something. She caressed her breasts
for a moment, then slid her hands down her front until they rested on her
smooth little mound of soft, sensuous hair, with her fingertips against her
anxious little pussy.

As she fondled it and pressed her fingers against it, she pictured Ethan
sitting on his school desk. Lizzie was standing in front of him. She had her
arms around his neck, and they were kissing. At first it was casual and
gentle, but then it became more and more intense. Soon she was tasting his
tongue and his saliva, and he was tasting hers. As they opened their mouths
wide and kissed more and more intensely, Ethan began caressing her, running
his hands all over her body. He would squeeze and fondle her breasts, then
run his hands down and squeeze and fondle her firm sexy ass. And she had her
hand in his crotch, fondling his big hard cock through his pants.

Finally he slid his hand between her thighs, and up to her crotch. He cupped
her pussy in his two middle fingers, kind of like holding a bowling ball,
and began caressing and manipulating it. Lizzie began pressing her pussy
against his fingers, wanting more and more. Soon she was bouncing wildly.
And then it happened: she was writhing around in climax against his fingers.
Well, actually her own fingers. But in her fantasy they were his, and that's
what counted. Then she lay still, relishing how good it felt as she drifted
off to sleep.

But this time, before she was able to fall asleep, she was startled by the
feel of something on the bed beside her. Her eyes popped wide open and she
blinked repeatedly, trying to make out what, or who, was there. "Who are
you?... WHAT are you?"

"Hello, Lizzie. I'm the Christmas Elf" he said, "but you can call me 'Mr.
Elf' for short." He was a little man, only about three and a half feet tall,
with a little beard, and he was wearing a little green elf suit with a red
belt and red pointy elf shoes. He was sitting beside Lizzie with his legs
crossed. He put his hand on her shoulder to calm her down.

"An ELF? You look like a leprechaun, or a little dirty old man to me!"
Lizzie pulled her covers up to her chin.

"Well, that may be, but I'm still an elf." He raised his hand, and for a
moment the room was filled with sparkling gold dust.

"W..what do you want?.. What are you doing here?" Lizzie asked.

"I've been watching you very closely lately, and I've convinced Santa that
you deserve an extra special present this year; something you really really

"Something I really want? Well, I'd sure like my homework done."

"Oh, come on, Lizzie. You can do better than that... Something special."

"Well, I'd like my own computer. That'd be special."

"Can I make a suggestion, Lizzie?"

"Uh, sure..."

"From the way you were fantasizing about Ethan while you were stroking your
little pussy a few minutes age, I'd say a really special gift for you would
be getting together with him."

"WHAT?! How did you know...?" Lizzie was startled by the revelation that her
most private thoughts weren't really private.

"I'm an elf. Lizzie. We can do those things. But it doesn't really matter
how I know. Picture your fantasy really coming true. Picture him rubbing
your pussy for you... In fact, picture him having sex with you right on your
own bed. You wouldn't have to just fantasize about playing with his cock;
you could really do it. How would you like that?"

"Yeah, I would." Lizzie smiled. "But, uh, I don't know... I'm still a
virgin. I don't really want to change that, yet... After all, I'm just in
eighth grade... But doing me with his fingers would work,"

"Oh, that's no problem. I can make it so your pussy gives way, then pops
back afterward so everything is still intact. So how about it? Tomorrow
instead of Gordo coming over to help you with your homework, it'll be Ethan.
Don't worry. He's smarter than you think."

"Uh, well... okay..."

"Good. Now that that's settled, how about pushing your covers down and
showing me those little titties of yours."

Lizzie found herself involuntarily pushing her covers down, just as he had
asked. She didn't want to, but she didn't have any choice. Soon she was
lying there naked from the waist up. It was embarrassing, but there was
nothing she could do about it. Mr. Elf smiled at her as he began fondling
her breasts. "Nice little tits, Lizzie. I'll bet Ethan's really going to
enjoy them."

"WHAT?! What are you doing?!"

"Well, since I've arranged such a special present for you, I think it's only
right for you to give me a little present." With that, he levitated himself
up so he was perched on Lizzie's chest, his knees straddling her shoulders,
and his crotch just inches from her chin. Lizzie found that she couldn't
move. It wasn't because of his weight... It was just that she couldn't move.

Like magic, Mr. Elf's zipper slowly opened itself, and out popped his smooth
shiny cock, fully erect and dripping with precum. It was directly above
Lizzie's mouth. "Go ahead, Lizzie. Taste it."

Lizzie found herself involuntarily lifting her head and kissing the head of
his cock. Her mouth had never touched a cock before. She didn't know what to
expect. But she was pleasantly surprised; it tasted sweet, like lime. It was
delicious. She began kissing and licking it voluntarily, trying to get more
of that sweet taste into her mouth. She somehow knew there was a whole
mouthful of it waiting for her, and all she could think of was how to coax
it out.

Mr. Elf smiled as he looked down at Lizzie's innocent face and her innocent
little mouth trying to coax out a load of his cum. He pulled his cock out of
her mouth and slapped it against her cheek, making her grab for it with her

Her cheek glistening with precum, Lizzie was finally able to get it back
into her mouth and began sucking and bobbing her head, trying her hardest to
suck out its sweet contents. Then it happened. Her mouth was suddenly filled
with the warm sweet fluid. She savored it and swallowed it and kept sucking
for more.

"That's all you get, Lizzie. We have to save some for your cute little
pussy." As he levitated himself up again, Lizzie's covers magically pushed
themselves down to the foot of her bed, leaving her totally naked beneath
him. Then she found herself involuntarily parting her legs for him. In an
instant Mr. Elf was kneeling between them, caressing her thighs.

Lizzie wasn't really big on the idea of this little guy fucking her. Yes,
she had sucked his cock, partly because she couldn't help it, and partly
because it tasted so good. But a fuck was a lot more personal. She knew it
was going to happen, though, so she rationalized that since he was setting
up such a really special Christmas gift for her, he probably deserved to get
a little too.

As he knelt there, he began nuzzling the head of his cock against her pussy.
It really felt kinda good to Lizzie, but she was still afraid of how much it
was going to hurt. As the elf leaned forward and slid his hard, slippery
cock all the way into her, she was surprised that it didn't hurt at all.
Yes, it was tight, but it didn't hurt. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. She
would just lie there and let him fuck her, and then it would be over.

As Mr. Elf lay on top of Lizzie, slowly pumping his cock in and out of her,
his face was positioned right above her breasts. He grinned at her as he
fondled them and took them into his mouth. "I gotta hand it to you, Lizzie.
You're not only a good fuck, but your titties are delicious."

Although Lizzie had intended to just lie there and wait for Mr. Elf to
finish having his way with her, she couldn't help beginning to respond to
the slow thrusting in her pussy. She was becoming turned on, whether she
liked it or not. As she began slowly thrusting her hips in rhythm with Mr.
Elf, he smiled down at her. "That's it, Lizzie. I've been waiting for you to
start fucking me back... You like having my cock in your pussy, don't you?"

Lizzie didn't really want to talk to him, but at this point she did want him
to bring her to climax and get it over with. She didn't answer his question,
but she did begin thrusting harder.

"Don't want to talk about it? I think we can fix that." He nodded his head,
and immediately Lizzie found herself saying things she didn't want to say.

"I love it that you're fucking me, Mr. Elf... And I love it when you suck on
my boobs... or, as you call them, titties... I hope you like them." Lizzie
found that her involuntary words were turning her on even more. She began
thrusting harder. "Fuck me harder, Mr. Elf. I want to feel your cock all the
way up to my throat." So he did begin fucking her harder, and soon they were
both writhing in orgasm.

When they had both recovered, Mr. Elf lay beside her, casually fondling her
breasts. He smiled at her "For an eighth grader, you're sure a wild little
thing, Lizzie."

"Uh, thanks, Mr. Elf... It was really good after all... Thanks for making me
say those things..."

"You're more than welcome, Lizzie. Of all the eighth graders I've fucked,
you're definitely one of my favorites."

"Thanks, Mr. Elf... Will I ever see you again?"

"I'm afraid not, Lizzie. When I leave, you won't remember anything about me.
You'll just know that something good is supposed to happen between you and
Ethan tomorrow. And you'll have the confidence to make it happen." With
that, he disappeared just as quickly as he had appeared.

* * *

About 5:30 the next morning, Gordo was in his bed, sound asleep, and
dreaming. He and Lizzie were sitting on his bed playing strip poker. Well,
they didn't really know how to play poker, so they were drawing cards, and
the loser had to remove an article of clothing. He couldn't believe his
luck. He still had all his clothes on, and Lizzie had already lost her
sweater and was about to remove her bra.

He grinned as he watched her reach behind her back and unhook it, then slide
the straps off her shoulders. Her breasts weren't very big, but they were
round and full, and creamy white with delicate little pink nipples. He could
feel his erection getting bigger.

They drew cards again, and again Lizzie lost. Smiling, she undid her jeans,
then held her feet out towards Gordo so he could pull them off, which he
gladly did.

The next pair of cards resulted in Lizzie having to remove her panties. She
giggled as she squirmed out of them, then sat there totally naked for
Gordo's pleasure.

Then Gordo drew another card, so Lizzie did too. Again she lost. "I'm
already naked, Gordo. What do I do now?"

"Uh, well... You could come over here and give me a kiss."

Lizzie crawled around to Gordo's side of the bed and sat there next to him.
Then she leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. Gordo expected it to be a
quick kiss, and that would be the end of it. But Lizzie continued kissing
him, parting her lips and licking his lips with her tongue. Gordo parted his
lips and began using his tongue, too. Soon their tongues were all over the
inside of each other's mouth.

Gordo put his arm around Lizzie and drew her closer, then he raised his
other hand to her breasts. As he fondled them, he couldn't believe how good
they felt, so smooth and firm. He had a full blown erection by now.

As they kissed, Lizzie slid her hand down his stomach to his crotch. She
could feel that his cock was fully erect. She wrapped her fingers around it
and began to fondle it.

Gordo was becoming a little uneasy. He didn't know how long he could last,
with Lizzie fondling his cock like that, before he exploded. Lizzie seemed
to sense his anxiety, and began pumping it more and more. At that point
Gordo knew it was too late. He could almost count it down: three... two...
one... zero... and he felt his warm semen come streaming out, gush after

Then his eyes popped open and he woke up. His hand was wet with cum, and so
were his pajamas. He knew it had been too good to be true. It could never
happen in real life. Real life sucked. He closed his eyes and went back to
his dream.

Lizzie was still there, and she was still naked. She was giggling because
she had made him cum in his pants. Gordo put his arms around her and drew
her close to him. He lay back down on his bed, pulling her with him, and
drifted back to sleep.

He hadn't been asleep twenty minutes, though, before he was awakened by a
voice telling him "Wake up, you pathetic little turd." As he opened his
eyes, he saw Mr. Elf sitting on his bed beside him.

"Don't even bother to ask" he began, in a very matter-of-fact voice. "I'm
the Christmas Elf, but you can call me Mr. Elf, and this is going to be the
best day of your life. You're going to get to fuck Lizzie McGuire, and if
you play your cards right, she might even suck your cock for you."

"Now, don't get me wrong. It's not because you deserve it, or anything. You
don't even believe in Christmas. It's because Lizzie deserves it. Well, she
deserves getting fucked by Ethan, but that was too hard to arrange, so
instead, I tweaked her brain so that whenever she sees you today, she'll
think you're Ethan. Understand?"

"Uh, yes, Mr. Elf... sir..."

"Of course, after today you won't remember any of it, but for today you'll
have perfect control. You'll be able to last as long as you want, and you'll
be able to cum as many times as you want. Oh, and Lizzie's going to think
your cum tastes like whipped cream, so don't be surprised if she wants
seconds or thirds. And one more thing. Since you don't deserve any of this,
after today you'll be impotent for the rest of the school year. Do you

"Uh, yes sir, Mr. Elf... sir." Then the elf disappeared as fast as he had

Gordo wouldn't know whether or not he really believed it until he saw Lizzie
and saw whether or not she really thought he was Ethan. But in the meantime
he was climbing the walls, waiting for enough time to pass so he could head
over to Lizzie's house.

When Lizzie woke up she could taste a faint taste of lime in her mouth, but
she had no idea how it got there. All she knew was that she expected Ethan
to come over to help her with her homework that day and that things would
probably get very sexual between them. With that in mind, she took her
shower and began getting dressed.

First she rubbed a little cologne on her neck, chest, and thighs. Then she
picked out a lacey little bra to go with her white bikini panties. It was
the only bra she had that opened in the front. She didn't know how adept
Ethan might be at opening one, so this should take care of it. Since they
were going to be doing schoolwork, she decided to go with a Catholic school
uniform look. She put on a short blue-green plaid skirt along with a white
shirt and little matching necktie. She finished it up with white knee socks
and black Mary Jane shoes. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she put
her hands on her thighs and began slowly drawing her skirt up. It only had
to come up a couple of inches before she could see the white crotch of her
panties. Good. She figured if that outfit didn't turn him on, nothing would.

Just as she came downstairs her mom and dad were leaving to take her little
brother, Matt, Christmas shopping. She knew they'd be gone most of the day.

Not twenty minutes later the doorbell rang, and there was Gordo. "Hi, Ethan.
I'm glad you could make it."

"Hey, Lizzie. I like your outfit. It's hot, especially the short skirt....
You should show your legs off more often."

Lizzie blushed a little as she smiled and invited him in. "Let's go up to my
room. It's more comfortable than the couch." As she led the way up the
stairs, Gordo followed, with a really nice view up her skirt. He could
already feel an erection beginning.

Once in Lizzie's room, they sat side by side on her bed. They both knew that
if they started messing around right away, they would probably never get the
schoolwork done, so they controlled themselves as best they could, and after
about an hour, with a number of distractions, they finally finished it. Then
they both threw their books down and sat there looking at each other.

"So... Ethan... you like my legs?"

Gordo brushed his fingers across her thighs. "Yeah... They're so smooth...
and they smell so good." He leaned down and pressed his face against them,
breathing in deeply. Lizzie put her hand against the back of his head to let
him know that he could just take his time, and she lay back on the bed. With
her other hand she discreetly inched her skirt up enough so she knew he'd be
able to see the crotch of her panties, hoping that would encourage him to
work his way up in that direction. It did. Before long his face was right
next to her crotch.

Lizzie couldn't believe she was sitting there with Ethan's face against her
thighs, and he was definitely kissing them. She couldn't stand it any more.
She pulled his head, pressing his face against her crotch.

Gordo was absolutely beside himself. It was as if his dreams were actually
coming true. He buried his nose in her crotch for a few moments, then slid
down off the bed and knelt on the floor in front of her, his nose still in
her crotch.

"Uh, would you like to take my panties off...?"

"Uh, yeah, Lizzie... That'd be great.."

Lizzie pulled her skirt up over her waist and began pushing her panties
down. When she got them down to her thighs, Gordo took them and slid them
the rest of the way off. As Lizzie parted her legs for him, Gordo gazed at
her perfect little pussy. He had never seen it before. He had never seen any
pussy before. Her silky young hair was dark blonde, almost brown, and it was
trimmed to about the size of a small egg. Her summer tan was almost gone,
and her thighs and hips and ass were all a smooth, creamy white.

He leaned down and pressed his mouth against her pussy, then licked it
curiously. With Ethan kneeling there, actually licking her pussy, Lizzie was
coming unglued. She pulled him tight against her and began rubbing her pussy
against his mouth. All Gordo could do was lick and rub his mouth against it.
It didn't take any time at all before she was shuddering in climax.

Gordo knew he must have done a good job for it to have happened that
quickly. He climbed up onto the bed and lay alongside her, still caressing
her thighs and pussy.

"Thanks, Ethan. I've been looking forward to that for a long time... Uh,
there's something else I've been looking forward to doing too... " She slid
her hand into his crotch. She felt his erect cock and wrapped her fingers
around it, gently fondling it. "Would you like me to... you know... kiss

"Uh, sure, Lizzie. In a minute..." He leaned over and kissed her on the
mouth. Lizzie kissed him back. Within moments their mouths were open and
their tongues were coating each other with saliva. As they kissed, Gordo
began unbuttoning Lizzie's shirt. With one hand fondling Gordo, she used the
other to pull her shirt out from being tucked in her skirt. Once it was
unbuttoned, Gordo spread it wide open, exposing her creamy white stomach and
her lacey little bra. Then Lizzie helped him unhook her bra and spread it

Gordo hesitated, then put his hand on her breast. He had never seen a girl's
breasts up close before, and had certainly never touched one. Although they
weren't very big, he couldn't believe how smooth and sexy they felt. He
brushed his finger against her small pink nipple, and it seemed to grow a
little bigger. He propped himself up on his elbow so he could use both
hands, then began kissing and sucking and fondling them. He knew he wouldn't
ejaculate prematurely, even with Lizzie fondling his cock, so he just took
his time playing with her tits.

Lizzie was delighted that Ethan would find her breasts so appealing. She
knew they weren't as big as some of the other girls', but that didn't seem
to matter to him at all. After several minutes of kissing and fondling each
other, Lizzie asked again "Would you like me to kiss it now?"

"Sure, Lizzie. I just wanted to play with your tits a little, first."

As he spoke, Lizzie sat up and took her shirt and bra off, then got down on
the floor and began taking Gordo's shoes off. "Take your pants off, Ethan...
I want to see everything."

Gordo was confident in knowing that Lizzie would see Ethan instead of him,
so he quickly undid his pants and pushed them down so Lizzie could take them
off. Once his pants and shorts were off, Gordo's cock stood straight up. As
Lizzie looked at it, it looked much bigger than it actually was. She smiled
at it, then up at Gordo. Then she leaned forward and kissed it.

"Uh, you didn't mean just kiss it, did you, Lizzie..?"

"No... well, you know....I"

"You mean suck it off for me?"

"Yeah... you know... a blowjob..." She had never given one before, that she
could remember, but she really wanted to, and she figured she could learn as
she did it.

"That's what I was hoping for, Lizzie... It's all yours." He reached down
and fondled her tits as she took the head of his cock into her mouth.

Lizzie found it hard to believe that she actually had the head of Ethan's
cock in her mouth. She had heard some of the girls bragging about giving him
a blowjob, but she hadn't thought she would ever have the chance. Well, now
it was her turn. She tasted the precum, and was surprised that it tasted
like whipped cream. Miranda, one of her best friends, had told her that cum
doesn't taste very good. But it sure tasted good to Lizzie.

She began kissing and licking and sucking it, giving it every bit of
affection she could muster, in hopes that Ethan would really like it. Gordo
took his sweet time, thoroughly enjoying every kiss and lick and suck, even
if she did think it was Ethan's cock. He would occasionally hold the back of
her head and push his cock in a little farther, causing Lizzie to gag a
little, then he would ease it back. He had fantasized a million times about
Lizzie sucking his cock, but never thought there was a chance of it ever
really happening.

Lizzie wrapped her fingers around it and began pumping it, and at the same
time instinctively began bobbing her head, her long blonde hair bouncing
back and forth. Gordo didn't want to wear her out with just one blowjob, so
he let himself reach orgasm. He could feel his semen streaming through his
cock and into Lizzie's mouth, and it was the best feeling he could imagine.
Meanwhile, Lizzie was slurping and gulping that whipped cream-tasting fluid,
and swallowing it as fast as she could. Then she milked out every last drop,
savoring every bit of it.

When she was sure it was finished, Lizzie climbed back on her bed and sat
there next to gordo. "That was really hot, Lizzie. I never would have
believed you could suck cock like that."

"Thanks, Ethan. I've wanted to suck it for you for a long time... and it was
really worth it. Maybe I can do it again in a little while?"

As they sat there, talking and kissing, they soon began horsing around,
tickling each other and wrestling around on the bed, getting themselves just
as horny as they had been a few minutes earlier. Gordo had Lizzie pinned
underneath him, pinning her wrists against the bed. "You know what you need,
Lizzie?... a good fuck."

"So, what are you going to do about it, Ethan?" Lizzie giggled. "Are you
gonna fuck me?" As she spoke, she spread her legs apart for him.

Gordo let go of one of her wrists, then took his cock and positioned its
head against Lizzie's pussy, pushing just the head in. "I'm gonna fuck your
little brains out, Lizzie... and you're gonna love it." Then he slowly
pushed it all the way in, and began slowly thrusting in and out.

Lizzie's giggle stopped. "Oooooh... I love it already... Don't stop,
Ethan...Fuck me..."

So he did. And as he thrust, Lizzie thrust back. Getting fucked by Ethan was
her ultimate fantasy actually coming true. It didn't take long before Lizzie
was writhing and shuddering in climax. Gordo simply waited until she had
recovered and was ready to go again, then he began fucking her again. Lizzie
had three orgasms in less than ten minutes. Then Gordo managed to roll both
of them over, so Lizzie was on top. That way he could play with her bouncing
little tits as she thrust away, engorging herself on his stiff cock. When
she began to look a little worn out, he finally rammed his cock in as far as
he could and pumped her full of well-deserved semen.

They carried on like that for the next four hours, sucking and fucking each
other's brains out. Lizzie talked him into letting her suck his cock at
least six more times. She seemed to have an insatiable appetite for his cum,
both in her mouth and in her pussy. It was by far the best day of both of
their lives.

* * *

Unfortunately, the next day neither of them remembered it. In the future
they would sometimes get a flashback, but neither of them knew it ever
really happened. And sure enough, Gordo was impotent for the rest of the
school year. And Lizzie was still a virgin.

And that's the story of why Lizzie and Gordo were just "best friends" for
the rest of eighth grade.


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