Lizzie McGuire: Shower Room Fun (ff)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Lizzie and Miranda had both been made to run laps after school by their P.E.
teacher. This was because Lizzie had accidently tripped, fallen and knocked
her over and Miranda had then stood up for her friend. After running their
laps the girls decided to hit the girls' showers where they were all alone.

The cool refreshing water ran over Lizzie McGwire's sweaty tits and face.
She let the spray of water hit her face and soak her, she really enjoyed the
chill of the cold water over her face and body. Eyes still clenched and being
hit by the shower spray, she groped blindly for the soap tray but found it to
be empty. Lizzie wiped the water away from her eyes.

"You looking for this?" Miranda asked. She stood there naked and smiling at
her best friend with soap in hand.

"Hand it over," Lizzie said unhappily.

Miranda just smiled and gave her the soap.

"Can I join you?" Miranda asked.

"Umm sure, no prob," McGuire replied, standing to the side to let Miranda
share the cold spray.

Miranda could not help but stare at McGuire's boobs and especially her
mouth-wateringly delicious looking pussy. She had been wanting to fuck her
cute friend for a very good long time now.

"Hey, Lizzie? Can I help you lather up?" Miranda asked hopefully, even though
she knew Lizzie would probably shrug it off as a joke.

"Sure, Miranda," Lizzie said. She had seen Miranda's lust for her many times
over, and she decided it was time to experiment a little.

Miranda's eyes widened with surprise. Sweet! Her dream was coming true!!
Miranda took the soap from McGuire's hands and began to work it in her hands,
building up a good thick lather in her hands. Lizzie turned her back to
Miranda, offering her a nice view of her fine firm round ass. Miranda soaped
up McGuire's shoulders and back and worked her way down to Lizzie's ass. She
lingered there, rubbing and soaping, as she slowly felt the smooth curves of
McGuire's butt. She promptly began massaging and squeezing the sexy ass.

"Don't you want to do the front now?" McGuire asked.

Lizzie turned around and Miranda gave up any pretense that she cared about
how the shower turned out. She took Lizzie's big tits in her hands and began
to roughly knead them, squeezing a bit hard at one point.

"Oh yes," Lizzie moaned.

Miranda dipped her head to suck on Lizzie's rock-hard left nipple as she
continued to squeeze the right one. Lizzie was moaning with excitement.
Miranda worked over the huge tit like a stress ball as she feasted on the
sensitive nipple. Without much in the way of ceremony, Miranda dropped to
her knees and began to lick Lizzie's pussy. Miranda quickly found the clit.
She lovingly licked it over and began sucking it as hard as she could.

"Oh fuck yeah, oh yeeeeees, eat my pussy oh yeah, Miranda!!" Lizzie was
crying out loudly, which added to Miranda's excitement.

Miranda slid two fingers into Lizzie's hole, which she slid in and out in a
rapid rhythmic pace. Lizzie steadied herself and rocked back and forth. Her
body shook with pleasure from the double attack on her pussy. Waves of
passion were sent through Lizzie and her body shook wildly as she had her
clit sucked and was simultaneously finger fucked.

"Oh yaaaaah I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuuming ohhhhhh!!" Lizzie came in Miranda's mouth.
Miranda did her best to drink down as much of Lizzie's girl cum as she could.

Miranda stood up and Frenched the gasping Lizzie, enjoying the feeling of
having her own teen-aged tits mashed against Lizzie's boobs. Lizzie felt
perverted delight as she licked her own juices out of Miranda's mouth. Their
lips remained locked as they kissed very passionately. Miranda motioned for
Lizzie to lay down on the shower room floor outside the, which she did.
Miranda quickly straddled Lizzie's face and began roughly grinding her pussy
into Lizzie's beautiful face as she continued her assault on Lizzie's tits.
Lizzie couldn't even really eat her friend's pussy as Miranda was just raking
her pussy over her face, grinding hard as she squeezed Lizzie's big ripe
melons. Miranda's body shook and her back arched as she came to the greatest
orgasm of her life. Her girl cum was smeared all over Lizzie's face which
Miranda promptly began to lick off. This resulted in the pair french kissing
passionately on the floor.

When they finally broke their kiss, Lizzie stared doe-eyed into Miranda's
face, cum and saliva illuminating her own face.

"You wanna do this again some time?" Lizzie asked.

"Hell, yeah," Miranda replied.


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