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Lizzie McGuire: Miranda Takes Charge Part 2
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

It was a good thing that today was a Sunday because Gordo would have been in
no shape for school having spent almost the entire Sabbath nigh watching and
jerking off to the video he had made of the lesbian frolicking of his friends
Miranda and Lizzie. By this point the original dance video and the amateur
porn he'd shot had blurred together in his mind so that he had visions of
them doing a striptease for him bouncing around in his head.

He had come up to his room immediately after breakfast, telling his parents
that he had to work on a school project, which in a way, he did and was once
more obssessively stroking his meat while watching the video. It was in the
middle of Lizzie and Miranda's tickle fight that he heard the voices of the
actual girls coming towards his room. Belatedly he remembered that they were
supposed to watch the final, edited version with him. He had just enough time
to turn off the video and stuff his dick back in his pants, just barely
avoiding catching it in his zipper when Miranda knocked perfunctorily and
entered with Lizzie close behind. However he was not able to reach the VCR
in time to take out the cassette.

"Is it done?" Miranda asked.

"Um, no. There've been...umm..problems," he said, stalling for time. The
problem of course being that he'd been too busy masturbating to actually do
any work.

"Why don't we all watch it and see what's wrong," said Lizzie. Miranda nodded
and before Gordo could say or do anything took the remote away from him and
turned on the video just in time to catch a rearview of Lizzie as she pinned
a giggling Miranda to the locker room floor. Even knowing he was doomed Gordo
couldn't help but admire her tight little panty clad ass.

"Those are *my* panties!" shouted Lizzie, making Gordo absurdly grateful that
his parents had been headed out when they had let the girls in. And indeed as
the footage continued to roll it became obvious who the subjects were.

"YOU'RE...GONNA...DIE!!!" screamed Lizzie in an uncharacteristic rage and
leaped at him, fingernails clawing for his face only to be restrained by her
newly revealed girl-crush.

"We can't kill him, we'd have to clean up the mess!" Miranda said. During
this Gordo, overwhelmed by guilt and terror, had crawled up into a fetal

"Of course, he does have to pay," Miranda said she walked up to the
ball-formerly-known-as-Gordo and kicked him. "Get up," she said sneering.
When he did, warily she barked out, "Strip!"

"Wha?" he said brightly

"You got to see us naked, now it's our turn. Strip for us, boy!"

He couldn't deny either the justice of her charge or the angry glares both
girls, especially Lizzie, were directing his way. When he was naked they eyed
his package sceptically.

"It looks...dead," sniffed Lizzie disdainfully.

"Well, you killed it!" retorted Gordo.

"Huh, well let's see what we can do to revive it," said Miranda, plopping
herself onto Gordo's bed, leaning back against the headboard, kicking off her
sneakers and skinning off her jeans. Sure enough, at the sight of her smooth,
cafe-au-lait legs and the soft mound concealed by her gold colored panties
Gordo's cock started to stir. When she lifted her legs, thrust her crotch in
his direction and commanded "Take them off!" his erection came to full
attention and he was happy to slide them off. Her next order was a bit
disconcerting however.

"Eat me!"


She looked sternly at him. "For someone as smart as you are, you can be real
dumb sometimes so let me make things clear. We have the tape. From now on
your penance is to be our sex slave. If I want to stand over you and pee on
your face, you'll let me. If Lizzie wants to spank you with a hair brush..."

"Which I do," interrupted Lizzie.

"You'll let her. Because if you don't we won't give it to your parents, we'll
give it to the police."

"P-police?" said Gordo, cringing.

"What you did is porn. Kiddie porn at that or did you forget that we're all
underage? What do *you* think will happen?"

Images of a life in prison, as the "special friend" of some weightlifting
thug named Rocko flitted through his head. Besides, except for the idea of
being pissed on, which he hoped she didn't really mean, the idea of being a
sex slave to these two beautiful girls didn't strike him as all that bad
especially Lizzie, whom he'd had a crush on since they were both little,
even though she seemed the maddest at him. But he wasn't going to let them
know that so he was in full whine mode as he said, "Alright. You win."

"Good, now put your face down between my legs and fuck me with that tongue of

Gordo's nose wrinkled with distaste but he got onto the bed and moved in
between her thighs. He was surprised at the smell, musky but not unpleasant.
Then he caustiously licked her moist slit finding again that while odd the
taste wasn't at all bad. His tongue and fingers started to explore first the
dark fuzzed lips of her pussy then deeper, producing a long slow moan of

"Okay Lizzie...mmmm...strip off those clothes and climb on my face." Miranda
by now had finished taking off her own top and bra and was gloriously nude.
Slowly, with what to Miranda was a dissapointing show of reluctance, Lizzie
shed her own clothes but did not at first mount her friend's face. Instead
she bent down and gave her a lingering kiss then turned her lips to the
Hispanic cutie's tits. Miranda responded by sending one hand to do it's own
exploration of her friends smaller, paler breasts while the other probed
between her legs. Finally with a disdainful look at the top of Gordo's head,
now eagerly lapping at Miranda's twat and barely visible, being clamped
between her soft brown thighs she straddled her friend's face and lowered
herself onto Miranda's upthrusting tongue. Soon her hips were rocking and
grinding against Miranda's mouth and she was clawing at the wall as she came
while her friend's own fingers were digging into the pale flesh of her tight
little ass as Gordo's tongue drove her into an orgasmic frenzy.

As she came down from her climax Miranda reluctantly unwound her legs from
around Gordo's head and let her and Lizzie's new sex toy up for air. At the
same time Lizzie slid down her body and cuddled against her.

"That was good. But you're not done. Now you have to fuck me."

"Hey! What about me?" protested Lizzie, raising her head from Miranda's

"Don't worry hun," the other girl replied, kissing her softly on the lips and
rubbing one rosy nipple between her fingers. "You'll get yours." She spread
her legs and cupped her breasts at Gordo. "Well? What are you waiting for?"

Gordo sighed while smiling inwardly. It was a tough job but somebody had to
do it. He started to crawl up Miranda's body only to be halted by her hand
held out in an imperious stop gesture.

"Wait. You're the slave, I want to be on top." Over his sputtered protests
she and Lizzie rolled him over and soon she was rubbing his hard erection
against her crotch while Lizzie kneeled next to her sucking on her tits.
Gordo didn't really care at this point whether he was on the top or bottom
as only one thought was going through his head, 'I'm going to get laid!!!'.

Miranda poised herself over his dick and pushed the head in between her pussy
lips. Letting gravity do the work she sank down until Gordo's pole pushed
against her hymen. Knowing that what was going to happen now would hurt she
squinched up her face, rose almost off her sexslave's member then plunged
herself down.

"OW!" she yelled as blood seeped out of her vagina.

"What are you doing to her!?!" asked Lizzie accusingly.

"*She's* doing it to *me*!" protested Gordo.

"It's okay, hun," gasped Miranda. "I knew this would happen." This didn't
stop Lizzie from glaring at Gordo as if her friend's pain was still his

Miranda paused for a moment to let the pain dull to a dull throb then to
nothing and then slowly started moving up and down. Soon she was going faster
and faster while Lizzie bestowed caresses and kisses all over her body. Gordo
reached out for her tits only to have his hands slapped away.

"You didn't say 'Miranda may I?'" she teased.

"Miranda may I?" he said through gritted teeth.

"You may," she said with an air of generosity.

Soon the feel of Gordo's cock inside her and his and Lizzie's hands on her
had her writhing, rocking and moaning happily. Lizzie had positioned herself
behind her and was rubbing her titties against her back while her hands
joined Gordo's roaming up and down her lover's smooth brown body.

"Yesss! Oh yesss!" screamed Miranda. "Ohhhhgorrrdooo make me cummm! Make me
cummmm and I'll forgive youuuuu! FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!" She arched backwarda as she
came, almost knocking Lizzie off the narrow bed then fell forward onto her
boytoy's chest. As she recovered she slowly ran her hands and lips over his

"So am I forgiven?" he asked. She just nodded as she took one of his nipples
between her teeth. He looked at Lizzie.

"How about you?"

"Not yet."

"What do I have to do?"

"Give me time to think. Come over to my place after school tomorrow and maybe
we can work something out."

* * *

When he showed up the next day he gulped when she opened the door. She was
wearing only a pair of Smiley Face panties and wielding a hairbrush.

It was going to be a hard day. In more ways than one.


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