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Lizzie McGuire: Matt Gets a Crush Part 7
by DCForever

The following day as school let out, Matt McGuire unlocked his bike from
the bike rack out in front of his school and started pedaling as fast as he
could. Knowing that Monday was trash day and that the infamous drop-off
point was only a hole behind a loose brick in the wall behind the dumpster,
he knew that there was always a chance of something going wrong and his
package(s) accidentally finding a way into the trash. Nearing the drop-off
point he brought his bike to a screeching halt. Laying it down on the
ground, he quickly made his way over to the dumpster and smiled when he saw
what looked to be the edge of a envelope sticking out from behind the loose
brick. He removed the brick and the envelope and returned to his bike;
impatient as he was, he torn into the large envelope and extracted a letter
on scented paper. It read.

'Hello my Beefcake,
I really don't know what to say, but enjoy. I really don't
know how I feel right now for what acts have been recorded
on this tape, but hopefully it makes up for the absence in
the last letter. It somewhat involved the same concept
from your last request. I look forward to your response.

Your Willing and Eager Lady in Waiting.'

Matt grinned as he slipped the letter and envelope in his book bag and
started pedaling for home.

Once he was in the privacy of his own locked bedroom, he retrieved the
tape and inserted it into the VCR he was borrowing from his sister's room.
Turning off the lights, he returned to his bed where he proceeded in
removing all his clothes. Now comfortable and naked and sporting a slight
hardon, he grabbed the remote and pressed play. The screen opened up with
a close up of his mother's face. It was the first time in any of the
videos that she had allowed her face to be shown. As the camera panned
away, his mother's nude body came into view. Matt admitted that he wasn't
sure anything could look more perfect than how his mother looked at that
moment on the tape. He listened as she spoke. "To my lover and admirer...
this is my gift to you. I hope that you have plenty of tissues laying
around and you got your hand good and coated. I wouldn't want you to
stroke yourself raw at the footage you are about to see. Well, best not
keep you waiting, so follow me."

The camera followed behind the older lady as she started up a flight of
stairs. The camera only focused on her butt cheeks as they ascended the

At the top of the stairs, Jo hesitated before feeling the camera lens touch
her butt. Turning toward the camera and stepping back a few feet so the
camera could catch her whole body, she smiled before turning and facing a
door. Her hand reached out and opened the door as her and the camera stepped
through the threshold. Matt immediately recognized his sister's bedroom,
even in the dark. The light on the camera only gave off a small amount of
light...enough for Jo's purpose.

The camera panned the room until it focused on the bed and the teenage girl
under the covers. Jo walked over and kneeled by her daughter's bed. Turning
toward the camera she whispered, "This is my daughter...and my gift to you."
Turning back towards Lizzie's bed, Jo grabbed the bedspread and fulled it
from the teenage girl's lithe body. The bed sheet followed as all the covers
gathered on the floor at the end of the bed. Jo motioned for Wayne to film
her daughter's entire body. Leaning over, Jo kissed her daughter on the
cheek and then followed with a kiss on her lips. The older woman was shocked
at the tingling her body received from initiating the kisses.

Moving ahead with her plan, she ran the palm of her hand over her daughter's
t-shirt covered chest. The girl's flesh reacted unconsciously to her
mother's touch.

Matt couldn't believe what he was seeing on his TV screen. His hand had
already wrapped itself around his young cock and had begun a slow and steady
stroke. He didn't want to blow his load before the climax of the film.

On screen, Matt's mother's hands were lifting her daughter's t-shirt up and
over her breasts and above her head. She allowed the shirt to bundle up
around Lizzie's hands as they were resting against the bed's headboard above
her head. The camera panned down taking in the beauty that was the young
girl's maturing breasts. Jo licked her hands and began rubbing long strokes
up and over her daughter's breasts and down to her stomach and back up. The
camera panned out to catch all the action on the bed. Wayne's own cock began
stirring at the realization of what he was being asked to film.

Jo allowed her lips to close in on Lizzie's breasts as she continued to
stroke them with her saliva-filled hands. Her tongue lashed out over one of
the young girl's nipples. Lifting her head, she moved her mouth and tongue
to the other breast. Her mouth continued playing with both of her daughter's
pert breasts, giving both mounds of flesh equal amount of attention. Jo
wasn't sure if she should hate herself or just go with the flow. Her body
was reacting in ways she didn't know it could; especially not from feeling up
her daughter. Her hands seemed to center around Lizzie's lower abdomen as
she relished the feel of her daughter's flesh through her hands. Jo always
liked the feeling of her own hips and now she was enjoying the feeling of her

Slowly her hands worked under the waistband of her daughter's pajama bottoms.
She continued pushing her hands further down the body, allowing the pajamas
to follow along until they were gathered at the young girl's feet. Jo pulled
them off and discarded them on the floor along with the previously discarded
bed covers. The older woman had no idea that her daughter's legs were so
smooth and tight. She allowed her hands to linger on the girl's legs.

Moving from the side of the bed, Jo walked around so she was glaring at her
daughter's feet. "My, oh my, has Lizzie grown," thought Jo McGuire. Jo
reached down and grasped both of Lizzie's feet with her hands and lifted them
in the air. Leaning over and using her mouth and tongue, she cleaned one toe
at a time. Jo had thought that she might be disgusted at following through
with this act, but she wasn't. She was actually turned on by the vanilla
tasting lotion that Lizzie must have applied to her feet earlier in the

Jo's tongue swept across the girl's two feet as her hands massaged her soles.
Gently she laid the girl's feet back on the mattress, but made sure to leave
them spread further apart than they had previously been. Crawling onto the
bed, she knelt down and continued where her tongue had previously left off.
Starting at one ankle, she started a slow sensual licking motion that took
her to the girl's valley of essence and back down the other leg to her other
ankle. Lifting her head she turned and smiled for the camera, for Wayne, and
for the added enjoyment of her mystery admirer. Dropping her gaze, she saw a
familiar object sticking out of the young camera man's jeans, which increased
the size of her smile. Pulling herself off the bed, she methodically
performed a short strip tease for the camera and any interested viewers.

With her body as naked as her sleeping daughter's exposed breasts, she turned
her attention to exposing her daughter's womanhood. Reaching over the bed
and into the girl's bedside table, she pulled out a pair of previously placed
scissors and proceeded to cut away the impeding material that made up the
teenage girl's panties. She pulled away allowing the camera closer and more
personal access. Jo reached back over to the small table and pulled out a
small flashlight. Returning to her previous position, she aimed the
additional beam of light at the smooth valley between her daughter's legs.
This gave the camera and eventually Jo's admirer a much better view of the
teenage girl's tender flesh. The camera panned up and down the teenager's
body before pulling back so Jo's face could be seen as it neared her target.

Placing a palm on each of the girl's thighs for balance, she lowered her face
between her daughter's spread out legs. She took in the sweet smell of the
pussy before her. Her tongue escaped her lips and sought solitude in her
daughter's inner core. Lizzie's body reacted to the intrusion, thrusting
itself against her mother's invading tongue. Wayne moved all around the bed
making sure to catch as much as the action as he could. Matt was elated that
whoever was behind the camera really knew what they were doing. The fade
in's and fade out's and angles and zooms were used to perfection as it only
added to the excitement of what was being filmed. Young Matt McGuire
couldn't hold back his emerging and growing need as he jerked his dick back
and forth in his already precum greased hands.

Jo McGuire had no idea that she would fall in love with her daughter's
pussy, but the actions of the film didn't lie as she ground her face in her
daughter's cunt, salivating on the taste and mild juices that were being
secreted in all the excitement. She now only wished that she hadn't have
drugged the dessert earlier in the night, but without the additional help
she wouldn't be able to enjoy her own dessert now. She wished Lizzie could
have been awake and could have been a more willing participant.

The young girl, consciously was out like a light with no idea of what was
going on, but subconsciously her feelings were right there with her mother's
as her body bucked at the attention her mother's tongue was giving to her
pussy. Finally after a multiple of minutes had passed, Jo lifted her head
and smiled at the awaiting camera as her daughter's juices dripped from her
lips. Reaching over and pulling the camera closer to her face, she smiled
a great big smile before running her tongue over her lips and cleansing them
of all the evidence from her parlay with her daughter. Again, moving the
camera with her hands, she aimed it at her daughter's juices covered folds.
Shifting the camera's view, her own pussy filled the viewfinder's screen and
ultimately Matt's tv screen. The camera stayed still and in focus as she
masturbated herself...getting closer and closer to an orgasm of her own.

Matt saw another pair of fingers add to his mother's as the intensity of
the finger fucking increased ten fold. Her body bucked and jerked to the
additional thrusts. Nearing orgasm, she lifted her body off the bed into
a standing and straddling position above her daughter's still sleeping
form. Squatting down, still working over her own pussy, she let her juices
seep out of her body onto her daughter's breasts. Wayne's hands worked
Jo's accumulating juices over the teenage girl's exposed and excited breasts,
enjoying the feeling of the young girl's flesh as well. Leaning over, he
couldn't help but to have a small sampling taste as his tongue ran over one
of Lizzie's heaving orbs. Matt wasn't too thrilled about seeing another
guy's tongue and lips on his sister's and lover's breasts.

Jo lowered her body further down at the sight below her. Wayne took her
actions as an open invitation as his lips left Lizzie's breasts and attached
themselves to Jo's hovering pussy lips. He proceeded to suck in and clean
the older woman's pussy, as she remained squatted over her daughter's form
while resting her hands in the young man's hair. Jo couldn't take the pain
her position was causing her and lifted herself back up into a full standing
and straddling position over the girl. The young man wasn't finished with
the older woman as he to stood up on the girl's bed. The balancing act put
on by the two of them was something to behold. Matt had no idea how his
sister's bed could hold the two of them up as the young man pounded his cock
into Matt's mother's backside, for the second time that day. The walls in
Lizzie's room shook violently with each determined thrust.

Upon pulling out, Jo motioned for the young man to return to the camera as
she settled her body beside her daughter's. She pulled Lizzie's succulent
lips to her own lips as she graciously kissed her daughter while moving two
finger's in and out of Lizzie's inner folds. Jo felt her daughter becoming
restless and quickly removed her tongue and fingers from the girl's body.
She pulled away from the bed and threw the fallen covers back atop her
daughter's still nude body and hurried to the door. Wayne never let the
camera leave the older woman's exposed body as they rushed to the safety of
the hallway.

Once in the hall, Jo took a minute to settle her emotions and to catch her
breath. She had enjoyed her time with Lizzie more than she thought she
would. She leaned against one of the walls in the hall as Wayne's finger
moved in and out of her body; her body was on the edge of another quick and
much needed release. The young man set the camera down between Jo's spread
out legs and zoomed in on her tattooed pussy mound. Jo took over fingering
herself as Wayne jerked off behind the camera.

Lifting the camera up herself, she whispered into the microphone, "I hope it
was as good for you as it was for me, my precious lover." Her lips touched
the lens before Wayne cut the power.

Matt watched the final few minutes through weakly opened eyes, as his own
body was spasming from his own bedroom actions. Grabbing the remote, he
hit the off button to the TV and VCR. In the darkness of his bedroom, the
youngest McGuire stared up at the blackened ceiling while he continually
stroked his cock; replaying in his mind everything that his naked mother
had done to his ever loving and equally naked sister.

* * *

Tuesday morning, the second morning after Jo had visited her daughter,
Lizzie awoke for the second day in a row with the oddest feelings. Again,
her body seemed to be sore and quite tired, and again she was baffled as
to why. Throwing her covers back, she began to get up when she realized
that she was naked from the waist up and had something all over her breasts.
She immediately thought of her brother, Matt. Grabbing her robe off the
back of her desk's chair, she marched out of her bedroom and into her
brother's bedroom. Jumping on the bed, she landed on her brother, skin
once again exposed as the robe had fallen open. Matt opened his eyes at
the sudden intrusion of added weight on his body and on his mattress.

Barely audible and awake, "What is it Lizzie?"

"Matt, do you see this? It's cum...I think. Did you use my body for your
pleasure again last night? Well, did you? I let it pass yesterday morning,
but way."

Matt knew he could have told his sister what really had happened to her the
other night and morning, but decided against it. "Yeah, it was me again."

"I thought we had agreed to no surprises...especially when there is a chance
for mom or dad to catch us."

"I doubt that is much of a problem anymore," thought the young boy. "I know.
I'm sorry. And it isn't my's yours. I promise I won't do anything
like that again without you knowing."

"And what about yesterday morning? I was completely naked when I woke up and
covered in this mess...and it wasn't my juices. What about that?"

Matt thought quickly, "Lizzie, you wouldn't believe how many forms a guy's
cum comes out. I was shocked myself. Guess it could have been all that
water I had the other night at supper."

"So you're saying that even that can be watered my own?"

"Yeah, that is what I'm saying. It's weird because it looked just like
your juices. For a moment I thought that I might had turned into a girl
overnight, but that was just too ridiculous." Looking at his sister's
baffled, yet beautiful face. "Are we okay?"

Quickly turning to look her brother in the eyes, "Yeah bro, we're more than
okay. Come here." Matt lifted his head as Lizzie brought hers down to meet
him; their lips locked as they shared in a early morning kiss.

As they broke their kiss, "Lizzie, would you mind going downstairs and
stealing me some of that chocolate dessert that we had the other night? I'm
kind of in the mood for some, but I don't feel like getting out of bed."

Lizzie looked at her brother with a confused face, "I don't get you
sometimes, little bro. I just don't get you, but yeah, I'll go grab you

"There isn't a rush for it. Just set it on my bedside table when you get
it. I'm going back to sleep now."

"Sleep? You can't sleep. We got school."

Opening his eyes a bit, "Lizzie, don't you remember that today is a
state-wide teacher's work day. There is no school today."

"Oh yeah, today is Tuesday isn't it? Fabulous! I guess Miranda and me can
catch some sales at the mall then. Thanks for the reminder."

"You're welcome. Now let me get back to sleep."

"Okay." Lizzie lifted herself off the bed as Matt pulled the covers up over
his smirk-filled face. Lizzie had a feeling her brother was up to something,
but wasn't sure what. She left his room leaving his door wide open as she
stepped back across the hall to her own bedroom.

Sometime later that morning, "Lizzie, where is your brother?"

"He's still upstairs sleeping, mom."

"What about school? Won't you two be late?"

"Mom, isn't it a little late in the morning to be asking me that? It doesn't
matter. Today is a teacher's workday. So is it okay if I go hang out at the
mall with Miranda?"

Jo McGuire thought about her decision knowing that her daughter would get
more impatient by the second. "Sure, honey, you can go. Maybe you can find
something for your dad's and my anniversary next week. You didn't forget did

It had slipped the girl's mind, but she didn't let on that she had forgotten.
"Of course I didn't. Guess you know why I wanted to go shopping today then?
Sales and all."

Jo was proud of the daughter that she had raised. "I should have known you
wouldn't forget. Sure, go ahead and have fun with your friends." 'Get out
the house now and maybe I will stop thinking about force feeding you more of
that dessert and spending the day worshipping and tasting your delicious
body,' thought Lizzie's mother.

"Thanks, mom. We probably won't be back 'til later today."

'The longer the better,' crossed the older woman's mind. "That's fine dear."

"Oh yeah, I hope you don't mind, but I took Matt some more of that fabulous
dessert you made the other night. It was heavenly delicious."

Jo's eyes filled with a spark as she replayed her daughter's last words to
her. Quickly the older woman grabbed for her purse, "Here Lizzie, you and
Miranda take this money and have fun. Spend the whole day at the mall if
you like."

Lizzie quickly grabbed the money from her mother's hand, "Thanks, mom. You
are the best." She reached up and hugged Jo before heading through the
kitchen, the foyer, and out the door. Jo immediately rushed over and locked
the front door, making sure to apply the dead bolt. Turning and resting her
back against the front door, an evil looking smile assumed her face. She
rushed off to her bedroom and a few minutes later was standing beside her
son's upstairs' bed as he continued to sleep the day away...or at least that
is what she thought as she smiled at the empty plate on his bedside table.

She called out his name a few times and didn't receive a reply either
time. This confirmed that her little boy was drug induced and fast asleep.
Reaching down, she pulled on the knot holding her robe together and let the
garment hit the floor. There she was, standing completely naked in her son's
bedroom, thinking about all the things she would finally have a chance to do
with her son...or at least his body.

Leaning down, she grabbed his covers and pulled them off the bed exposing
an already naked body. To say she was surprised would be an understatement.
Her juices immediately began running as she stared down at her son's bare
naked ass. Leaning down she let her fingers rest upon his flesh; a shock of
excitement coursed through her entire body. She lowered her palms to fully
meet his ass cheeks. The feeling she was getting by touching her youngest
child was just too much for her to contain her excitement. Her juices
released down her legs and onto the carpeted floor below. Giving little
thought of the incident she began massaging his ass cheeks.

Jo McGuire was past the state of being turned on...she was on fire with
excitement. She dropped her body atop her son's sleeping form, making sure
to rest her breasts on his ass. Moving her arms under his body, she sought
out his member as she began rubbing her breasts against his flesh. Matt's
rod of flesh hardened at her touch causing the young boy's eyes to shoot
open and then closed again. He knew he couldn't let her know that he was
fully awake and that this had been a setup.

Her fingers traced the length of his member, causing the woman's mouth to
open in realization of how big he was at his age. For his age, he was
nothing less than hung. Lifting her body up just enough to allow his legs
to spread out, she reached between his legs and under his body for a better
grasp. This way, if he got hard, at least she could guide it to point
toward stomach and not into the bed. She knew from experiences with her
husband, Sam, that a guy's penis wasn't designed to be forced into any
hardened objects. Sam's shrieks of pain informed her of that on a few
occasions. She proceeded to stroke his boyhood as she forced her tongue
between his ass cheeks. Her tongue slithered between his cheeks and ran a
path up and down his crack. Matt was trying his hardest not to scream
out...and he didn't. He took everything his mother had to give him and
secretly enjoyed every second.

Turning over so her back was against the mattress, she lifted Matt's body
up enough so she could squirm underneath him and engulf his member in her
mouth. She took everything he had to offer into her mouth. She snaked her
tongue out and ran it over the boy's glands as they peeked out from the
skin. Slowly she raised his body up and back down as she started pumping
his meat. Without having a willing participant, she quickly abandoned the
position deeming it too hard for herself to handle; she wasn't in great
enough shape to press her son's body every time she wanted to deep throat
him. So instead she pulled out and turned his body over so his back was
to the bed and his cock was standing at attention. If at any moment she
had looked up she would have seen his eyes wide open staring back at her,
but she didn't. All her concentration was on what was between his legs.
She rested her body a top of son's legs as her mouth sunk around his shaft.
She licked the sides of his member, starting at the base and working her
way to the peek and back down again. Matt was afraid she might try and
stick her tongue in his piss hole, but luck was strong and held out for the
duration of the entire blowjob. He remembered oh too well what that horrible
pain felt like and wasn't looking to experience it again any time soon.

Jo showed off her masterful skills as she worked her mouth over his organ,
occasionally scraping her teeth over the head. On many occasions he could
feel her pushing his cock against the inside of her cheek, causing her cheek
to expand. She knew all the techniques and he was glad for them. A dream
had come true, but he wished it would end in a hurry. He didn't know how much
longer he could hold out from the immense pleasure that was building up in
his body. Jo sensed Matt's hips moving with her movements and knew that his
subconscious was the one fucking her mouth, meeting her pound for pound. The
older woman hovered above the young boy's member and watched as it grew in
size and filled with the seed that she had wanted since the day she realized
that he was fooling around with Lizzie.

Just thinking of the two of them the same bed...pleasuring
each other while her and her husband were sleep or gone for the night,
caused moisture between her legs. And now, as she lowered her mouth once
more, she was soaking her legs and her son's bed sheets with her sexual
secretions. The scent of sex in young Matt's room was intoxicating and
growing by the minute as his mother willingly accepted his seed into her

"If this is what I get when he is unconscious, I wonder what it would be like
when he is awake," thought Jo as she continued to suck on her son's fading
cock, swallowing every last drop of his youthful seed. Matt may have started
the affair by faking sleep, but he ended it in a deep, tiresome slumber. Jo
realized something for the first time...she knew Matt snored when he slept,
but the whole time she and him had been getting it on, she couldn't remember
him snoring. She lifted herself off the bed then gathered her clothes from
the floor. She watched her son sleep while she redressed herself and then
leaned down, gathering up his bed spread, and laid it atop of his body. Jo
turned around and walked into the hall, closing her son's bedroom door before
walking down the stairs into her and her husband's master bedroom. Walking
into their bathroom, she started the shower and began removing her clothes.
Throughout her shower she replayed in her mind the two most memorable times
that she had spent with her two children. She knew, as their mother, what
she had done and wanted to do again and again with Matt and Lizzie was wrong,
but as a woman seeking a good time and craving sex more and more, she knew
her two children were her perfect mates. After her shower, she laid her
naked body face first across her queen sized bed and began pleasuring
herself; dreaming that it was her daughter's tongue between her legs instead
of her own fingers.

(To be continued in part 8)


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