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Lizzie McGuire: Matt Gets A Crush Part 6
by DCForever

A few days later, a young man showed up at the McGuire's residence. Jo
McGuire was in the midst of cleaning the kitchen when the doorbell rang
throughout the house. She was home alone. Her son, Matt, got roped into
helping his dad, Sam, at the office, while his sister, Lizzie, was having
fun hanging at the mall with her friends. Nope, the lady of the house...
nope, should be queen of the house, had the place all to herself on what
was a beautiful and peace-filled Sunday afternoon.

Placing the 409 spray bottle on the counter, Jo attempted to remove the
burdensome extra thick plastic gloves from her hands as she made her way
towards the door. Giving up on the removal of the slippery gloves, she
reached out and fumbled with the door knob; eventually the door opened.
The young man on the other side of the door was in awe of the older lady
and her appearance. Once glance at the dark haired young stud, made the
woman immediately wish she had presented herself in much less attire than
she currently had on. Instinctively, she arched her backa nd watched the
young man's eyes as her breasts pushed out towards him, revealing what
little amount of cleavage the woman possessed.

Remembering her manners, "Yes, may I help you?"

The young man cracked a wide smile as he looked back at the shorter, but
attractive older woman. "Hi, yes...would this happen to be the McGuire
residence?" 'Please say it is, please. Want this gorgeous doll be Jo?
Please God, make it so. Nothing turns me on more than a real homebodied
woman. Those clothes. That hair...and oh those two mouth-watering
succulent looking morcels of flesh pushing through her shirt. Make it
so.' wished the young man.

"Yes, this is the McGuire residence."

'Thank you, Jesus. There is a God.' An award winning smile was her prize
for giving the right response.

"I'm sorry, but we like our current phone company, I have plenty of knives,
my family goes to a nice church, my daughter and son already have a ton of
magazines, we don't need any candy, and as you can see over there," pointing
into her newly cleaned living room, "I have a new, fully functioning vacuum.
So whatever it is you are selling...well, we really don't need it." The
door was half closed when a hand stopped its momentum. "Okay, maybe he just
wants to give me a long package to open." Jo was shocked at her dirty train
of thought.

Re-opening the door, "I'm sorry, but I'm not selling anything. In fact, it's
more like I've come to collect something." 'Yeah, some 100% genuine golden
haired pussy.' The young man's thoughts were sinking further into the gutter
as he continued to stare at Jo McGuire.

"Oh please, collecting? My family already gives donations to too many
charities. I'm really sorry, but I don't see how you can help me."
'Actually, I could think of a few ways.' Jo's own thoughts were taking
dips into the gutter region of her mind as well.

"Well...I'm pretty good at using a computer and a video camera, I'm going to
school for photography and business, and...oh yeah...I'm truly sorry for
saying this, cock is pulsing for relief and if I don't release it
from these dockers and find a new home for it...well, it isn't going to be
pretty." He couldn't believe he had just blurted his thoughts out to Sam's
wife. The expression on the woman's face was too much for the young stud.
"I'm sorry, I really am. My mouth shoots off sometimes." Jo looked down at
his crotch and back up at his face. "But ma'am, Sam never mentioned to me
that you were this damn hot looking."

Jo was about to unleash some obscene and rude gestures of her own when she
realized who the young man was. She cut him off from making a bigger fool
of himself. "Oh must be Wayne. The intern my husband talked

"Yes, ma'am."

"Oh please, come on in." She ushered him into the house and closed the door
behind him. Turning back to the intern, "Do you know how close you were to
getting my foot shoved up your..."

Choosing not to hear Jo's completed sentence, "Sorry, but I just couldn't
hold back my tongue. I have a habit of doing it a lot around attractive

Looking down. "From the looks of things, you're having trouble holding back
something else as well. So I guess you have an idea of what I'm looking

"Not really. The specifics were new given to me. Sam just mentioned to me
that you needed my assistance with recording a video of some kind. He asked
me what I charged and he didn't seem all that sure, but then he asked if I
would do it for a blowjob...from you of course. I wasn't sure how to respond
to him, so I asked for some thinking time. I talked with our boss, Larry,
and through small talk with him and your husband I saw the reactions Larry
got everytime your name came up. I figured to get reactions like those you
must be something special...and now I see that you are. The glasses so work
for you. When I confronted your husband, he upped the anti before I could
even tell him I would do it. I am very glad now that I kept my mouth shut."

"Upped the anti, huh? What, something more pleasing than a blowjob?" She
watched his expression change. "Damn that. He told you I might be willing
to fuck you...didn't he? I'll get that man."

"Matter of fact he did, but there was a minor stipulation."

"A stipulation? What on earth could that have been?"

"I could only fuck you in the ass...but only if you agree to let me. I know
it isn't something a lot of women like to do. So you see, if I'm to get paid
more then it's up to you, ma'am."

"Okay first off, that ma'am shit has to go. My name is Jo. Jo McGuire, sole
wife of Sam McGuire. I have two children; one boy and one girl. Matt is my
darling son and Lizzie is my stunning daughter. Okay, that is out of the
way. So, how old are you anyway?"

"17. My dad is Larry's cousin and he got me the job working with your
husband so that I could be near the college campus."

"Oh, I see. That's good for you that you think so much about school and your

"Yeah. That and all the fine looking older college girls and sororities on
campus. You should see these goodness."

"That hot? Brillant. I don't know if I can compete with younger, more
attractive female bodies, but I really need your expertise so I'll try my
hardest to compete."

"Trust me, Jo...standing you're better than all those
girls put together."

"You know just what to say to the ladies don't you?"

"My parents taught me well."

"So what do you do...just hang around spying on the girls or do you just pick
them up one at a time and retreat back to your place for a little intimate

He didn't answer right away. "At first, me and some friends used to do that,
but then I bought a digital camera one day and I've been changed since that
day. After that, I started hanging around the commons area, pool, and
library snapping away at any and everything, mostly the girls though. Before
I knew it I had girls throwing themselves at me to take their picture and to
add to them to my art collection. Yeah okay, a few landed in my bed, but
mostly I ended up using them to help me fill a portfolio that aided me in
getting a chance to add an additional major. I'm now one of three school
photographers, but we are only needed for special ocassions. Any other time
I'm studying or working with your husband. You know, Sam is a pretty fun guy
to work with."

"Wow, sounds like you have a lot going for yourself; talent, brains, good
looks, and on top of that...a personality to boot."

"I really can't complain."

"So, what kind of snaps do you prefer?" He gave her an odd look. "Pictures?
What kind do you prefer?"

"Oh, video wise, I've mainly stuck to weddings, company board meetings, and
graduations. Oh yeah and one beauty little sister came in
second place. I like all kinds of pictures actually, but I guess my best
work has been still lifes and nudes."

"Nudes? Like I didn't see that one coming."

"Yeah alright, that is what everyone says. I like the nude body, but for
class assignments and the variety I needed for my portfolio; I've taken more
elderly nude shots than say of the girls on campus. I got an honorable
mentioned award for a graphics collage I put together for a state photo
contest. You should have seen it. It totally grossed out my friends, but
it was my photos and my hard work. To me it was art."

"Do I even want to ask what the collage was of?"

"Oh it wasn't that bad. See my grandfather is being cared for in a nursing
home and I'm always visiting him and showing off my work. He's a great guy.
Everyone there knows me and I love each and everyone of them. I can't
exactly remember how it took place or even why, but I got about 20 or so
pictures of many of the residents engaged in an all out orgy. Of course at
their age, many of them were faking the act, but they did it all for me.
They weren't scared to shed their clothes. Even a couple of the nurses
joined in. My grandfather was the happiest man alive when Susie, the twenty
two year old nurse that he likes to think flirts with him, took off all her
clothes and gave him a blowjob. He thought he was going to die right then.
I just thought I was going to faint before I took the pictures."

"Okay, I can see where this is going. You don't have to mess with me? A
deal is a deal. You're going to get your fucking...just don't treat me like
a moron."

"I'm not lying or messing with you, I promise. Susie, the twenty two year
old nurse, deepthroated his ass while the others partook in their own fun.
He said it was the first time he had shot a load in twenty years. I kid him
about that moment everytime I see him."

"I can see why. It took a twenty two year old to make your grandfather feel
twenty years younger."

"Yeah, that is exactly what I told him."

"So if this orgy really took place like you described...did anyone get in
trouble? Got copies?"

"I don't believe so. Heck, I seriously doubt it because a copy of two of the
pictures are hanging in the den of the nursing home. I didn't think the orgy
pic was right, but the administration head agreed that I could hang up a
couple of the regular group shots. The residence had fun, but I believe that
Susie had the most. In one, she is being held up by six of the elderly

"Was everyone still nude?"

"All birthday suits were present and accounted for. A couple of the
administration heads felt like they had missed out on the fun so I took
separate pics of them and graphically added them into the picture. There
is a nude group shot on each side of a regular, clothed group picture that
they all took earlier in the year."

"Has anything happened since that day?"

"Not to question you or anything, but do you always ask so many questions?"

"Sometimes. Depends if I'm going to let the person I'm talking to fuck me
or not."

"Ouch. I was being a smart ass I know. Sorry. To answer your question...
the only thing I know of that has happened...well, the residents came up
with a game. See Susie is still in school herself. Think for nursing or
therapy...something like that. Anyway, to make a long story short, Sussie
and two of her friends, might I add very attractive friends, became the new
prizes for a day. See, the residents put all their names in a jar and at
the end of the week three names are drawn. Each of the girls then spends
a night with each of the winners that week."

"They fuck the residents?"

"I'm pretty sure they do more than just that, but yeah, they do that..and
very well from what I've heard."

"So what do the elderly ladies get?"

"See that is what's even more wild about the whole scene...their names are
in the jar as well. In fact, my grandfather told me that the first time they
drew names that Susie had to go down on one of the nurses and one of the
female residents. I wish I could have been there. Those would have been
great pictures to look at for years to come. Originally the prize was just
Susie, but then it started getting out of hand and the poor girl was just
wearing herself out. And since it was my pictures that brought out this wild
side of everyone in the home, the residents gave Susie to my grandfather, as
a gift to me, and she recruited two of her classmates. Susie is my
grandfather's own personal nurse now and he loves her. I wouldn't be
surprised if one day he doesn't ask her to marry him. When you really think
about it they already have a marriage like relationship because she cleans up
after him, helps him anyway she can, gives him frequent kisses, and blows him
every morning before breakfast and every night after supper."

Jo was dumbfounded at everything the young intern was bestowing on her. She
felt previledged to hear everything that he was into and all the wild
escapades that went on with his grandfather at the nursing home and the girls
on campus. A campus that her own daughter would most likely be attending in
only a few years.

"So what about you? I've spent the last half hour talking about me and my
life. I want to hear about you and your life."

Looking around the room and back at the guy. "There really isn't much to
tell. I have a great husband and two wonderful, though very fussy children.
I have a steady job and live a pretty good life. What else do you want to

"Everything. Do you drink, smoke, have young interns over to your house very
often, just whatever."

"In order; no, no, and no...but if they look as good as you I might have to
reconsider that last option."

"You're too kind, Jo. Well, it looks like I'm going have to pry it out of
you. Okay...I know no other way to do this. Do you have a good sex life?
Ever fucked another guy...or female? Are you into kinky sex or are you a
plain jane? Do you wear underwear or bras because at the moment it doesn't
look like you have the latter of those two on. Do you masturbate? Stuff
like that. The juicy stuff."

"First off, the underwear thing is just an at-home dress...elsewhere I dress
and act like everyone else. As for having sex with another guy or girl...on
a regular basis...the answer is no." She stood up from the couch and quickly
left the room, but returned shortly after with a pile of blue envelopes in
her hand.

Sitting back down and leaning towards a coffee table, "Here. If you want to
know the extent of my sex life and pervertness or whatever then it would be
easier for you to read these. I have an adventuresome admirer. He has
changed my outlook on sex and has rekindled mine and my husband's sex life.
It is because of this person that you are here today."

"Oh wait a minute there. I've never said I was into guys or anything like
that. I'm a girls only guy."

"No, silly boy. I unfortunately felt obligated to decline a request at the
time and so I feel I have to make it up to him if I'm to ever find out who
my mystery admirer is. Please just read the letters. I'll just be in the
kitchen cleaning some more." She handed over the stack of letters and
started for the kitchen. Young Wayne watched the older lady's backside has
she exited the room. Settling into the couch, he started on the first

Twenty minutes later, he placed the last read letter on the nightstand and
made his way into the kitchen where Jo was reaching up and cleaning the top
shelves where she usually kept their drinking glasses. Seeing her stretched
out form, he casually made his way over to her. Reaching his arms around her
body, he pressed his hand against her upper chest and cupped her breasts,
whispering in her ear, "After reading those...I have a whole new perspective
on you. You're dirty...just like my mother used to be. Okay so I'm in.
What do you need me for?"

Attempting to support herself against the counter as his elongated, yet cloth
covered cock pressed into her ass, "You'll know when it's time." Trying not
to sound desperate. "What do you think you are doing?"

Slowly adding more force on her breasts and ass, "Exactly what you want me to
do." Leaving her breasts, his hands snake down to the front of her jeans and
loosens the buttons before sliding the material down her legs. "Naughty
girl. No panties. Are you ready?" While waiting for a response, he let his
own pants fall around his ankles and then reached over and dropped his hands
in the soapy water still plugged up in the sink. Removing his hand from the
water, he wrapped is hand firmly around his shaft and stroked it in a
lubricating manner. Second later, his hands were back on her flesh, but
still no response. Taking matters into his own hands, he spread her cheeks
apart and aimed his cock at her backside entrance. Once the hole was
plugged, he grabbed a hold of her waist and with slow dedicated thrusts of
his hips, he buried inch by inch of his six inch cock in her ass. It didn't
take a rocket scientist to figure out that Jo had just been anally
deflowered. She was tighter than most of the younger girls in high school
and on campus.

Tears of erotic pleasure dropped from her eyes onto the recently cleaned
counter top. She felt his pelvic bone pushing against her ass cheeks. He
was in and she was glad. If the pain had lasted much longer she would have
stopped him, but the pain she had previously felt desolved into a rush that
she hadn't ever felt before. She was glad that her first time was with a
gentle, experience stud, like Wayne. Sam had wanted to try his luck at her
ass in the past, but she was too scared to try it. Slowly, the pressure of
his pelvis grinding her stomache into the edge of the counter eased off as
his member drew back, but as slow as it had within drawn, it returned, once
again pressing her aching body against the edge of the counter. She knew
he didn't realize the pain he was causing her, but she didn't want anything
to stop what he was doing to her. Pain or no pain...she, she
needed a great ass fucking.

Once a steady and faster ryhthym was obtained, his hands left her hips and
returned to work more on her pert breasts. His soft, wrinkled, soaped up
hands kneaded her smooth, conical flesh. Her nipples responded to the
ministrations. Moans escaped her lips as young Wayne was taking her beyond
her wildest dreams. He really was a lover and a seducer. Moving a hand
further up her body, he lightly grasped her neck and pulled her body back
towards him as he steadily began increasing the pace. The love making was
making a turn towards raged passion as the young man began pumping his
member into her smaller body, while squeezing and pinching her chest and
steadily squeezing her neck.

She knew he was going overboard, but she was still there for the ride. Not
able to breath as easily, she pushed ber body hard against the young man,
knocking them both off balance. Now with his back to the floor, Jo McGuire
straddled his member as her ass rode his cock. Neither of the two could
take much more. Jo reached between her legs and began rubbing her clit and
fingering her pussy with a passion enraged intensity. Her body had, had
enough. Juices began pouring out as her body tensed up for a moment and
then fell limp back against the younger man's continuous thrusting body.
Wayne dropped his head and arms to the floor as cum dribbled out of her ass
and down his remaining embedded member. Both had been pleased and drained
of energy.

Some time later, the two recovered from their previous romp and separated
their bodies from each other. A quick resurgence of pain hit Jo as Wayne
pulled from free form her yet still tight confines. They both retreated to
the shower where she proceeded to give him a much deserved blowjob. Having
paid off Wayne by a great fuck and thorough blowing, she was ready to get
the ball rolling. Once dressed, they both hopped into Jo McGuire's car and
headed for the drug store.

Meeting the pharmacist at the entrace to the store. "Good to see you,
Jo. You must really be in need to get me away from the tv, to pull a
prescription, on a Sunday." They talked as they made their way towards
the pharmacy part of the store.

"Mr. Roberts, it is critical that I get my prescription re-filled. Like I
mentioned on the phone, it's about 8 months old, but the symptoms have
returned. I really could use the sleep."

"I understand. You're a good customer and good customers always come first."
Booting up the computer, he quickly located Jo's medical information and
retreated to the shelves behind the computer. Finding the necessary
substances, he returned to his mixing station and methodically mixed up and
capped off the pills to fill her expired prescription. Placing them on the
counter, he waited as she completed her check and handed it over to him. A
few minutes later, the two exited the store and she planted a small kiss on
his cheek. "Thank you so much, Mr. Roberts."

"My pleasure, Jo." Reaching up and feeling where she had kissed him. "Ah,
this might be an interesting day after all. My wife will think I have a
mistress on the side."

"Shame on you, Mr. Roberts. Shame on you."

"Hey, sometimes you just have to go with the flow."

"Well in that case, give her a kiss for me." She reached back over and
briefly planted her lips to the older pharmacist's lips and then pulled back
to see what kind of evidence she had left. "If you play your cards right...
this might get you a little more from that cutie of yours."

"Thanks again." Jo smiled as she returned to her car where Wayne was

"I think the old man liked the personal attention."

"Yeah, I think he did."

"So, what was this trip for? What did that guy give you?"

"He filled an old prescription for me. When I took it before it totally
knocked me out for hours at a time."

"Is this part of whatever I will be videoing...or is it for something

"You know everything you need to know when the time is right. Well, we best
be getting back. Lizzie and her friends should be getting back soon."

"Is that your daughter?"

"Yeah, she's my 14 year old pumpkin. I'll introduce you to her when she get
in today."


After a short drive, Jo's car pulled into the driveway of their residence.
Seeing bodies moving through the windows, she knew her daughter had already
gotten home. Opening the front door with Wayne in drag she called out,
"Lizzie! You here? Got someone here I want you to's a boy."

Lizzie's ears sprung to attention as did the rest of her and Miranda's bodies
when they heard mention of meeting a boy. They rushed down the stairs and
into the living room.

"Ah, Wayne, this is my lovely daughter, Lizzie, and her best friend, Miranda.
Girls, this is Wayne. He's the intern that has been helping Sam out at the
office. I just thought that you might like to meet him since he will be
staying for supper."

Reaching a hand out, "Nice to meet you, Wayne." Leaning over and whispering
in her mom's ear, "He's a major hottie." If young teenage girl only knew how
truly hot he could get.

"Well, I'm going to go and start dinner. Why don't the three of you sit down
and talk for a while."

"I would like that, but I just got off the phone with my mom upstairs and she
wants me home. It was nice to meet you, Wayne. Maybe we can meet and greet
some other time. So I'll leave you in Lizzie's hands. Bye Lizzie and thanks
for going to the mall with me and Gordo."

"Hey, I had a blast. Arcades are pretty cool. See ya at school tomorrow."
Wayne and Lizzie both stared at the slight hip sway as Miranda headed for the

"She seems pretty cool. What about you?"

"I don't know if cool would describe me or not. I like what I like and don't
let others influence my taste or style. So, how old are you?"


"Where do you go to school?"

"I graduated high school 2 years early and I'm attending college while
working at your dad's office."

"Oh, so you must be pretty smart then? You and my friend, Gordo, would
probably get along pretty good. He is like a genius or something when it
comes to school."

"I wouldn't call myself a genius. I just found that I loved reading and when
you are blessed with a photographic memory, tests, essays, and homework come
easy. But with Photography, I really don't have to use my memory that much.
I love the subject, therefore it comes easy to me as well. I don't want you
to think I'm overstepping any boundaries or anything, but can I say that
looks truly run in your family. Look at have model material
written all over you."

"Oh no, modeling isn't for me. I tried that once and literally fell flat on
my face. Oh no, you can keep that opinion to yourself, but thank you for the

"You're quite welcome. Your mom told me that you were only 14. I don't see
it. Because what I see in front of me is a mature and beautiful young woman.
You don't have to blush. You should know that you are beautiful and accept
it." Lizzie's eyes looked like they were going to bulge out at any second in

Smiling back at the young man, "Thanks. I'm sorry, but I'm going to leave
now." She quickly got to her feet and headed for the stairs.

"I didn't mean to scare you off or anything."

With one foot on the bottom step, she turned back towards him. "You're not.
I just got to go call Miranda and gloat." Wayne threw his head against the
back of the couch cushion and started laughing. Looking back towards the
stairs, Lizzie was gone.

Instead of retreating to her bedroom, she walked into the kitchen and over to
her mom. She wrapped her arms around her mother's waist and layed her head
against her upper back as she gave her a big hug. Whispering in her ear,
"Mom...I don't know why he is here or even where he came from, but he is a
keeper. You should have heard the beautiful words that came from his lips...
and get this...they were directed at me. Me! Thank you. Now I'm going to
go call Miranda and tell her everything."

Leaning her head back against her daughter's, "Why don't you go talk some
more? It isn't like you have a boyfriend and he is only a few years older.
Maybe you two could go out on a date."

"Thanks, mom, but I'm sort of involved with someone."

"You are? How come I didn't know this? When will I get to meet this

"When the time is right, mom...when the time is right."

"So do you love this person?"

"I think so. He does something to me that no other boy ever has before.
Not in Ethan has made me even want to feel like he makes me feel. So yeah,
I think I am in's true love."

"I'm happy for you sweetheart. I wish you the best. Now go and call Miranda
because supper will be done soon. I decided we would eat earlier tonight."

Lizzie gave her mom a big squeeze before exiting the kitchen and running up
the stairs and into her room where she jumped on the bed and immediately
reached for her phone.

Later that evening in the McGuire living room, "So Wayne, I'm assuming you
got to meet the family?"

"Yes sir. You have a beautiful looking family. You sure weren't kidding
about your wife either."

"So I guess you two worked out a deal of some kind?"

"We negotiated a bit, but I still don't know what she wants me to do."

"Yeah, she has kept me in the dark as well. I have a feeling she wanted you
around to get to know you a little before following through with the request
in the last letter she received. You do know about the letters?"

"Yes sir. She let me read them. Whoever that guy is...he's got some big
ones to suggest some of those things. Are you sure her mystery admirer isn't
you, sir?"

"Quite sure. I want to know who the guy is as much as anyone. I have mixed
feelings about what he wants from her, but if it is what my wife wants then
I'll back her one hundred percent. She is the love of my life and she has
already said that she would never leave me for anybody else."

"You're a lucky man. Hey, and that daughter of your's isn't half bad

"Alright now, that is my Lizzie you are talking about."

"I'm sorry, but she is definitely a looker. Come on...tell me you haven't
ever just stared at her for no other reason than to just stare at a work of

"Yes, I have a very pretty daughter."

"Is that all you think about her? I'm sure I'm stepping over some line
talking about this. You don't seem to be upset that I might fuck your wife
so what could be wrong discussing your daughter? She's what...14? I'm only
17. We got to talk a bit this afternoon and I really like her. I like her
looks, mannerisms, and that cute smile she gets when she blushes and feels

"I can safely say that my wife and myself produced a great specimen of a
teenage girl."

"You can say that again. Her body looks tight. Seriously, you want me to
believe that you have never stared at your daughter's chest or ass or
fantasized or touched her in a provocative manner? I just can't believe

"What do you want me to say? She is my living, breathing daughter. I am
very protective of her. And of course there have been times that I wondered
what she did behind closed doors or what she might look like under all those
tight clothes that she likes to wear. What guy wouldn't?"

"Now we're talking. So how would you feel if I asked Lizzie out on a date?"


"How come?"

"Well let me see...sometime soon you will have my wife's mouth all over your
dick or maybe already have and after that you might be humping her ass,
which you may have done already. An idiot would know that things would be
difficult if you started dating my daughter. Dating means you would probably
be around the house and family more and eventually things could come out
about you and Jo."

"Okay I can see where you are coming from, but there is something more isn't

"It would be strange knowing that you took my wife's second cherry and
possibly my daughter's precious one. Okay, are you satisfied?"

Deciding to just play along as if nothing previous in the day had taken
place. "So your wife has never taken it up the ass? I'll be her first?
Whoaaaa...that is an honor. I'll try not to let you or her down. You're
hoping that once she's done it she will let you try it. Not bad thinking
on your part."

Yelling from the kitchen, "Supper is ready everyone."

Sam and Wayne agree to continue their discussion after supper as they started
for the dining room. Lizzie and Matt came running down the stairs passing
licks from one to the other and fussing. The two siblings knew they had to
put on a front when they were around their parents, because if it was up to
them they would be walking down holding each other's hand or intimately
touching the other's body. That wasn't possible so the two acted as normal;
fussing and arguing as they entered the kitchen and got prepared to eat.
Everyone gathered around and sat down at the table that was covered with deep
dish after deep dish.

"Mrs. McGuire the food looks and smells excellent."

"Why thank you, Wayne. Honey, with compliments like that maybe we need to
have Wayne here, over more often." Jo looked over at the young man and then
towards her husband; they each smiled. With the new addition to suppertime,
Lizzie had sat down beside her brother and while the older people talked
about the food, Lizzie's hand was busy rubbing over Matt's crotch. It took
Matt through half of his supper to manuever his chair and hand where his
shorter arms could get to his sister's thighs. Little did the children or
Sam know, but Jo was having fun watching the expressions on Wayne's face as
her foot repeatedly pressed into his groin. Dinner time certainly wasn't
normal anymore.

As dinner came to an end, Jo got up and pulled a chocolate dessert from the
recesses of the refridgerator. "So who wants dessert? Wayne?"

"No ma'am...I think I might get another helping of that delicious macaroni
and cheese instead."

"Okay. Anyone else?" Sam and the children all raised their hands as Jo
dipped dessert into each of their plates.

Some time later, Jo, Sam, Wayne, and the children were in the living room
talking and watching tv. Yawns came from all directions as Wayne felt it was
time for his departure. "Mr. and Mrs. McGuire, I appreciate you two letting
me enjoy supper with you and your family. was great
meeting you both. Well, I'm a little tired so I guess I'll be leaving now.
Guess I'll see you at work tomorrow, Sam."

"Bright and early now. Remember we got that big account to finish the
paperwork on first thing."

"Yeah, like I could forget something like that." he replied in a sarcastic

"It has to be done so it might as well be us that gets stuck with it."

"Alright I'll see you later."

"Well my family may be rude, but I'm not. I'll walk you to the door, Wayne."

"It isn't necessary, Mrs. McGuire, but I'll accept the kind offer." Jo got
up and joined Wayne as they started for the front door. Once outside, Jo
stopped the young intern in his tracks.

Whispering in his ear, "You aren't leaving. You are going to go sit in your
car and wait until I come and get you. The video camera is loaded and ready
to go."

"But I don't understand."

"I told you, you would know when the time was right. That time is just about
right. Just go to the car and wait. If you want my ass again you will do as
I say."

Reaching his hand around her body and resting it on her ass, "You know I want
that ass. I'll wait."

(To be continued in part 7)


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