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This story is based on a storyline of the TV show. Only with a twist in a
diffrent direction of course. It goes from when Lizzy hung out with a bad
girl named Angel. Angel got her in trouble in class and they both got
detention. After being in detention with her and finding out Angel was
trying to get together a band Lizzy thought she was cool. Lizzy got tired
of her friends saying she was a good girl who shoulldn't hang out with a
girl like Angel. So suddenly she was hanging out with Angel. She liked
being a bad girl with Angel, she had even started blowing off her friends
Gordo and Miranda. She started dressing different.

Lizzie McGuire: Lizzie The Lezzie (f/f)
by Mia Is Da Bomb

On this day Lizzy had a clip-on nose ring. She wore skin tight blue jeans,
white sleeveless t-shirt and denim jacket. Her hair in a wild look, down and
frizzy. Angel was in black jeans a white t-shirt and a green flannel shirt.
She had on more makeup then Lizzie dark purple eyeshadow, dark lipstick.
They were both walking in the hallway eating pizza, when they ran into Gordo
and Miranda.

"Lizzie did you go off campus to get that pizza?' asked a shocked Miranda.

"Um yeah very good, your such a fucking genius!!! laughed Angel.

Lizzie giggled as Miranda gave her a unpleasant look "Hey, Miranda, its
'N.B.D'...ya know No Big Deal?"

"You could get in alot of trouble Lizzie!"

"Well, yeah, Miranda, but if I don't take risks I'll be as lame as you two
are!!!" Lizzie giggled as her and Angel gave each other a high five as they
walked away.

"Ohh, I tell ya Dizzy (Angel's nickname for Lizzie) I'll be glad to get out
of this lame town. After my band hits it big we'll be looking for the B.B.D.
the bigger better deal."

The two girls rambled on talking about who was the T.T.B.O.A of rock bands
(Totally The Baddest Of All). Angel listened to Lizzie but her eyes were
elsewhere. She always thought Lizzie was cute but her new look was really
hot. Lizzie's flimsy white t-shirt was practically see-through and Angel
could see the lacey design of the 13 year old girl's bra. Even though young
Lizzie had only been wearing a bra for a few months as far as 13 year old
girls went, her breasts were quite nice, and she could have been wearing
a bra a year ago.

Angel lightly bit down on her sunglasses eyeing her up and down. The way
her tight jeans hugged her young hips, she would purposely walk behind
Lizzie just to see her walk. Angel was in fact a lesbian and she just had
to find a way to get in cute little Lizzie's panties.

"So Dizzy does this intrest you?" Angel pulled out two tickets to Lizzie's
favorite band.

"Oh my god, yes, that would be too cool!" responded Lizzie, as she tried to
grab a ticket, but Angel pulled them out of her reach.

"You know that me and you are cool Dizzy, but as far as this concert goes
you have to earn it!" said Angel with a devilish smile.

"It don't understand," said a confused Lizzie.

Angel took her by the hand to a broom closet in the school.

"Ever kiss another girl Dizzy?"

"Well no I.........I ..haven't"

Angel moved forward and kissed Lizzie on the lips. Lizzie was shocked as
Angel broke the kiss and looked at her with lust in her eyes. This time
Angel put her hand on Lizzie's hip and caressed her blonde hair with the
other, as she moved in to kiss her again. This time she opened her mouth
and gave Lizzie her tongue, Lizzie had heard of this it was called a
french kiss. She had always wanted to try it even though now it wasnt
gonna be with a boy. Lizzie gave her the tongue back.

The two teen girls started making out. Their tongues were joined together
in a bath of saliva, as Angel started to slide a hand down the front of
Lizzie's shirt. Lizzie liked this feeling as Angel's hand slowly went
higher and higher til her hand had reached one of her breasts. Angel
caressed Lizzie's small breast as the two continued kissing. Lizzie decided
to extended the same favor to Angel, so she unbuttoned Angel's flannel
shirt then went under her white shirt to Angel's breasts. Lizzie found out
that Angel wasn't wearing a bra, and she also found out that her breasts
were much bigger than hers, easily a B cup!

Angel removed her own flannel shirt, then Lizzie helped her out of the
white shirt exposing Angel's big round breasts to Lizzie. They had big
brown nipples that were already hard because of her and Lizzie's foreplay.
Angel sat back on the floor and pulled Lizzie to her. Lizzie felt Angel's
tongue, this time on her bellybutton, as her pants were unbuttoned and
unzipped displaying her pink panties to Angel.

Angel then told Lizzie, "Take off your shirt."

Lizzie did so revealing her bra covered breasts. Angel licked up Lizzie's
body from her bellybutton to between her breasts. Angel then reached back
and unhooked her bra. Then she slid Lizzie down to her to where her breasts
pressed up against Lizzie's. Lizzie was so incredibly turned on by this
feeling her small breasts against Angel's big breasts had her feeling a
tad bit wet in between her legs.

The two did some more kissing, Lizzie had kissed only a couple of boys
before, but Angel's kissing was putting them to shame. Lizzie wondered if
all girls kissed this good. Angel grabbed Lizzie's tight jeans and yanked
them off her. Her panties now exposed, Angel put Lizzie on her back and
tenderly kissed between her inner thighs. Angel planted one soft kiss after
another on her new girl lover.

Lizzie felt so hot, she was melting at Angels touch. The soft gentle kisses
had Lizzie so excited she worried about having her first orgasm with her
panties still on!! Angel may have been a bad girl or a trouble maker but
Lizzie was seeing the tender and sensual side of her.

Finally Angel grabbed the waistband of Lizzie's panties from the backside
and lifted her legs in the air as her panties were pulled off her. There in
front of Angel was Lizzie's pretty young pussy, only a little blonde pubic
hair had grown in on it. Angel decided to join Lizzie and get naked too she
stood up and slid down her pants. Lizzie smiled at Angel's white cotton
panties. Then off came the panties to reveal a dark forest of pubic hair.

Angel smiled then went back down to Lizzie. She fed one of her boobs to her
and Lizzie took it in her mouth. Lizzie's tongue did circles on the hard
nipple like it was an ice cream cone. She sucked it hard as she felt the
bigger girl pressing her pussy against Lizzie's. Lizzie moaned feeling the
heat from Angel's cunt against hers. Angel felt up Lizzie's small but perky
young tits, pinching the nipples making her new lover squirm.

Angel could take no more, she removed her breast away from Lizzie and
started licking Lizzie's breasts. First she licked between them as she felt
the mounds of flesh with her hands. She kneaded them like bread dough as
her tongue licked the underside of Lizzie's tits. Angel went lower kissing
Lizzie's flat stomach. Then she went lower still and kissed Lizzie's cunt
lips. Her tongue followed going up and down licking Lizzie's lips. Angel
could already taste a small sample of her sweet cunt juice, as she kept
licking it up and down. Then just when Lizzie thought she couldn't be
anymore on fire Angel spread her young virgin lips and started tonguing her
on the inside.

"Ahhhhhhhhh Angel that.......thats....ohhhhhhhh yesss don't stop ohhhhhhh
fuck yessss don't stop!!!!!"

Angel didn't stop she went on and on. Lizzie's moans made her work faster
and faster carpet munching on Lizzie. Then it happened, Lizzie felt her body
rocked with an orgasm. Her back arched as she grabbed Angel's hair pushing
her face into her crotch. Angel didn't need any incentive though, she gladly
lapped up Lizzie's sweet juice!

Lizzie was in heaven. She started wondering if she should be swearing off
guys forever after the orgasm that Angel just gave her. One thing was for
sure at this moment she couldn't imagine anything better than this!

Angel got up and kissed Lizzie forcing Lizzie to taste her own juices. "Mmm,
I taste good! I wonder if you taste this good?" she asked.

Angel was glad she asked that question. Not to mention the fact that she
knew how it could be answered. Angel turned around and sat on Lizzie's face,
Lizzie pulled back her pubic hair and found Angels clit and gave it a
tounging, and at the same time used her hands to fondle Angels big tits.
Lizzie may have been a virgin, but after what Angel had done to her she
learned what to do really quick.

She tongued her clit then even nibbled on it which really got Angel going.
Angel rode Lizzie's tongue on her clit to a giant orgasm. She looked down at
this teenage cuttie between her legs eating her out, finding it so hard to
believe she was once good girl Lizzie McGuire!

"Ohhh yeah, that's it, eat my pussy you little cunt!!! Ohhhhh yeah mmmmmmmmm
who says school can't be fun!!!"

Then Lizzie started pinching Angel's big nipples as her clit licking
continued. Angel couldn't take this anymore and in no time at all she was
cumming like a gusher all over Lizzie's face. Lizzie licked up Angel's
cunt juices, she found the taste a bit diffrent but still very sweet.

The two then decided they didn't wanna stop and they engaged in a hot 69
right there in the broom closet. Tongues and cunts were met in an endless
cycle of orgasm after orgasm til they both lie there spent. They lie there
kissing each other and caressing each other, both of them just lost in the
pleasure of lesbian love and never wanting it to end even though it finally

After they got dressed and left the two girls held hand walking to the next
class. When they reached Lizzie's classroom they gave each other a big wet
french kiss goodbye. Miranda and Gordo were shocked as they witnessed this.
The two girls held hands til they finally had to let go. Lizzie walked into
her class as normal as usual, only this time with a special smile that
hadn't been seen before.

By the end of the day everyone seen or knew Lizzie and Angel as "the couple."
Unfortunately for her she wasn't referred to in school as Lizzie anymore,
instead she was known as Lizzie the Lezzie.

The End?


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