This story is a work of fiction and not to be taken seriously. This is only
fantasy, so this never happened on Disney channel. now on to the story. This
story contains ff mmf oral anal dp fff.

Lizzie Mcguire: Lizzie The Lesbian Nympho Part 4
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Lizzie made her way to school, she was excited at starting high school. She
was also nervous though, high school meant new people. Normally this wouldn't
both her, but considering she was involved in a lesbian relationship with
Kate, there no telling how other people would react. After all even in this
day and age lesbianism wasn't accepted with open arms, especially not in high

Lizzie was in a pink top with tight black miniskirt. She made her way to her
classes, she definitely didn't feel like she fit in at first. Then as she
went to English class she saw a familiar face.


"Hey there, sexy!"

The two met in an embrace and gave each other a little peck on the mouth.
Lizzie admired Kate's body from top to bottom. Kate was in black hig heeled
sandals with blue jean hip huggers and a white tube top. Lizzie's hand gave
Kate's rear end a nice squeeze.

"God, you know I love it when you wear these jeans!"

"Yes, Lizzie, but that's because you know that I don't usually wear panties
with my hip huggers." Kate gave her a smile.

"So what, can I help it if I like the fact that your sweet cunt is easy
access for me today bitch?" She giggled.

"Sorry, but I'm wearing a G-string today, and any fun will have to wait until
later you hornball! Its time for class to begin."

The two sat down across from each other at their desks. Lizzie noticed that
Gordo and Miranda were in this class too. They gave Lizzie a nod and not much
more than that. Lizzie had spent the summer with Kate. They went on a school
class trip to Rome. It was a wonderful time since Rome is such a wonderful
romantic city. Then, as luck would have it, they even roomed together. Of
course they only ended up using one bed. Their days were full of sight seeing
while their night were full of intense lovemaking. Even though it was the
happiest time of her young life, she did miss Gordo and Miranda.

As class ended, the two caught lots of attention as they kissed good-bye,
certainly those who didn't know about them before, would know now by the end
of the day. Kate had gym next, and as it turned out, so did Miranda.

Gym was filled with the usual things, boring introductions by the teacher,
and exercise and other activities. The girls made there way to the locker
room to change. Miranda was in her bra and panties about to get dressed
when she glanced over to the other side of the bench and saw Kate. Kate was
looking incredible! Kate was topless wearing only a G-string as she brushed
her hair by her locker. Kate looked Miranda's way and gave her a smile.
Miranda quickly turned to get the rest of her clothes. She bent down to get
her shirt.

'Nice ass,' Kate thought, seeing the cute latina girl bent over in her white
panties. Kate made her way over to Miranda.

"Hey Miranda, you know that Lizzie's birthday is coming up next week right?"

"Um yeah duh, I remember Lizzie's birthday, I'm the one who's been friends
with her the longest."

"I know that, quit being such a bitch."

Again Miranda eyes were locked onto Kate's round breasts, so perky so
beautiful, just like Kate, beautiful Kate. God no wonder Lizzie wanted to be
with Kate her body so amazing so perfect. She then realized Kate was saying
something but she was so busy looking at her boobs that she didn't hear her.

"I'm sorry Kate, what?"

"Miranda, weren't you listening!? I was saying we're having the party at my
house, and I want you and Gordo to stay after for a special surprise that I
have for Lizzie."

"Sure Kate, that would be great."

"Good, I'll see you there, Friday night."

Kate walked away, and once again Miranda couldn't help but glance at her
body. Seeing her white g-string she was wearing go up her sexy ass made
Miranda wish that she could be a piece of white string. Miranda blushed as
Kate looked back at her and caught her looking. Kate knowingly gave Miranda
a sexy wink as if to say 'enjoying the view?'

It was later in the day after school, Lizzie was sitting in her room doing
her homework. Lizzie was lying on her tummy on the bed in her pink top and
matching pink little panties that nicely accented her cute booty. When in
walked Kate.

"Hey sexy girl in pink underwear!"

"Kate! I thought you were busy tonight?"

"No, you misunderstood dear Liz, I said that WE need to get busy tonight!"
She said giggling.

Kate then hopped on the bed with Lizzie, she tackled the shorter girl and
planting her lips to hers. Lizzie went to Kate's ass and squeezed her
buttocks in the hip huggers. Kate made her way under Lizzie's top to her
tits in the pink bra. They kissed intensely as their bodies were on fire
with the heat coming from each other. Kate started to run her tongue up and
down the valleys of Lizzie's cleavage. Lizzie held her girlfriend's head
there, then assisted her by unhooking her bra. With Lizzie's nice tits
revealed Kate started taking a boob in her mouth. She suckled each breast
and pulled on each nipple. Lizzie's sexy moans really excited Kate, she
liked getting her girlfriend hot. Right at this moment Lizzie was totally in
Kate's power, Lizzie's body only begged to feel more, more of Kate's mouth.

Lizzie pulled off Kate's top, finding no bra, just Kate's nice rack with
nipples pointed and awaiting a good sucking. Lizzie took control now and
rolled Kate over. She started sucking her big boobies while her hands made
there way past Kate's tan tummy to her low rise jeans. She unbuttoned her
jeans and slid them off, all the while leaving her mouth attached to Kate
round globe. Kate helped kick her jeans off so she and Lizzie were in only
panties and a G-string. They kissed again, they were nipple to nipple as
they made out, they're pussies grinding together separated only by the thin
undergarment material.

Lizzie broke the kiss and lightly brushed her lovers hair from her eyes.

"I need to taste you Kate."

"I'd like nothing better Lizzie!"

Kate made her way down the sexy cheerleader's body to her pussy. She inhaled
Kate's sweet scent then dove right in. Kate opened her legs to an almost
doing the splits position, wanting Lizzie to get the best access to her
pussy. Lizzie darted her tongue in and out of Kate. Kate looked in the mirror
behind Lizzie to see Lizzie's hot ass up in the air covered by her pink
panties. She smiled to herself knowing that she would be getting some of that
real soon. For now though she laid back and let Lizzie work over her pussy
really good.

Lizzie knew what Kate liked, she forced three fingers hard into Kate while
nibbling on her sensitive clit. Kate's hips gyrated into her lovers face as
her orgasm rapidly approached.

"Fuck me Lizzie fuck me baby yesss that's it ohhh your so good God I love it
Lizzie!! Ohhh your gonna make me cum sweetie, ohhh sweetie I'm gonna cum on
your fucking face!"

Kate released her girl cream all over Lizzie's mouth, which Lizzie greedily
sucked up. Kate pulled Lizzie into another kiss before sliding her hands to
Lizzie's panties and sliding them off of her heart shaped ass. Lizzie's blond
snatch in full view now Kate told Lizzie to get on her knees and put her ass
in the air. Lizzie did as asked and Kate got behind her and went right to
work. She opened up Lizzie's pussy and started licking her inner pinkness.
Her finger slid up Lizzie's puckered sphincter. Lizzie bit on the pillow,
wanting to scream at the top of her lungs at the pleasure Kate was giving
her, but knowing full well her parents were downstairs and might hear her.

Kate pushed her ass back at Kate's face, wanting to get as much of her
incredible tongue up her cunt as she could.

"Kate ohhhhh fuck me fuck me fuck me you sexy bitch ohhh I love that tongue
oh its soooo good ohhh Kate, Kate Kate Kate ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love you I
love you Kate!!!"

Kate had her finger buried past her first knuckle up Lizzie's ass as she
fucked her cunt with her tongue. Lizzie's body started to spasm. Kate sucked
hard on her clit and it brought Lizzie over the edge. Lizzie came, and came
hard, smothering Kate's face in girl juice. After that she collapsed face
first on the bed. Kate kissed Lizzie's ass and all the way up her back.

"By the way Lizzie, I love you too!" Said Kate, giving her a big hug from

They both hugged and snuggled up together, as Kate let Lizzie know that she
had a big surprise for her on her birthday. Lizzie couldn't get what it was
out of her no matter how hard she tried, so she frowned knowing she would
have to wait until Friday.

Friday finally came and Lizzie had her party at Kate's as planned. Lizzie was
in a long black dress with a slit up the side. It showed some of her cleavage
in the front and most of her bare back in the back of the dress. She wore
dangling gold earrings. She topped it off with black stockings and heels.
Kate was also dressed up for the party wearing a very short red dress, it was
more cleavage revealing than Lizzie's and she wore red 4 inch high heels.
Gordo and Miranda definitely felt under dressed considering they went casual
in jeans and T-shirts.

The party had good music and good food, with lots of dancing. Gordo was
surprised when Kate danced with Miranda. Later Lizzie danced with him, then
Lizzie danced with Miranda. Then he was delightfully surprised when Kate
danced with him. Hours later people started to leave until it was only
Miranda, Gordo, Kate and of course Lizzie.

"OK guys now that all the riffraff is gone, its time for the real party to
begin." said Kate.

"OK baby I'm dying to know, what's my present that you've been talking about
all week?" Lizzie inquired hanging all over her girlfriend as usual.

"Well, Gordo is part of your present Lizzie, the other part is upstairs."

"Woah woah woah, hold on a minute bitch, Gordo is my boyfriend!" Snapped

"I know that Miranda, but me and you have our own fun planned, just some
girl fun."

Miranda wanted to protest but as Kate gently caressed her cute latina ass
through her blue jeans, she couldn't help but give in. She didn't wanna
admit it, but she would imagine what Kate and Lizzie did together behind
closed doors. Sometimes she could imagine herself in the place of Lizzie
making love to Kate. Now that she was being giving the opportunity to have
it happen for real, how could she say no?

Lizzie made her way upstairs with Gordo to Kate's bedroom. Once there who
did she see but her crush Ethan Craft.

"Lizzie, Kate informed me were gonna have some fun tonight, that I'm your
birthday present, which involves us all being naked, or something like that
I think?" Said Ethan, confusing himself as usual.

Lizzie stepped forward and started to kiss her crush passionately on the
lips. Ethan returned the kiss, as Gordo got behind Lizzie and started to
fondle her ass through her sexy dress. Lizzie kept kissing him pushing her
crotch hard into his, feeling his stiff cock grow in his pants. Gordo
pressed his crotch against Lizzie's awesome rear, as he kissed the back of
her neck. Ethan pulled off his shirt and Lizzie wasted no time in unzipping
his pants and shoving her hand down his underwear. His cock was a good 6
inches hard, certainly she imagined him to be 10 inches in her dreams, but
she was totally OK with reality as this moment.

Lizzie pulled her straps down and exposed her boobies to the guys. She had no
bra on just black panties and a black garter belt with stockings and heels.
The guys loved seeing the sexy innocent Lizzie wearing something so hot, dare
say even slutty. They were both sure their cocks grew another inch at the
sight. Ethan felt her up as the hot kissing continued.

Gordo began to squeeze her ass through her panties. It was an unknown fact
that Gordo had two hours of tape from his video camera of Lizzie's ass. He
would walk behind her and just film it sometimes. Didn't matter if it was
tight pants or a short skirt, he would try and get images of it. He even got
several shots of her bent over, which he wore out playing over and over in
slow motion on his VCR at home.

Gordo dropped to his knees and undid the straps on the garter belt, then
slid down her panties. There he beheld her curvy ass, and started to kiss
it. Ethan had taken one of Lizzie's breasts in his mouth now and was
tonguing on the nipple while he slid his hand down below to her blonde
treasure. Gordo felt Lizzie dropping to her knees, he didn't even think to
wonder why, he was mesmerized by her butt. He spread her cheeks and began
to lick Lizzie's asshole while he rubbed on her clit.

The reason Lizzie had dropped to the floor was because she was ready to
give her first blowjob. She gripped on Ethan's toned ass with her hands and
swallowed his modest sized rod in her mouth. She sucked him deep into her
mouth as she moaned at feeling of Gordo's tongue and fingers on both her
openings. Gordo was so into Lizzie's ass, he wanted to do something that had
been on his mind ever since Lizzie wore her skin tight pants the first time
back in 6th grade. So, deciding it was wet enough he pushed his cockhead at
her ass entrance.

Lizzie protested at first, not expecting anal sex as part of her birthday
present. She soon found out however, that Gordo's head wasn't too big and
that it really didn't hurt, it was actually very pleasurable. So Gordo slid
his shaft deep into Lizzie's saliva lubed ass. He started pulling way out
then driving back into her, giving her all of his meat up her shapely ass.
Lizzie rubbed on her clit as she deep throated her crush Ethan. Gordo
couldn't contain his excitement seeing his dick go in and out of his friends
rear. Soon he was shooting his load into her bowels.

After that his cock went limp and he pulled out of her. Ethan used this as
an opportunity to lift Lizzie up and lay her on the bed. He pushed his cock
into her, it was a fairly tight fit considering Lizzie had never had the real
thing inside of her before. She was moaning loudly as Ethan opened up her
vagina and she felt his head pushing at her maidenhood. Lizzie closed her
eyes in pleasure. So many times she imagined the cute Ethan Craft taking her
cherry, and now it was really happening! A hard thrust and sweet Lizzie
McGuire was no longer a virgin (at least with guys that is).

Lizzie spread her legs as wide as she could, wanting him to have the best
access. She played with his balls as she felt him drive into her hard. She
saw Gordo in the corner pulling on his cock and getting hard again seeing
Lizzie get fucked. She looked into Ethan's eyes and pulled on her nipples,
pinching the perky nipples as her orgasm began to consume her.

"Ohhh Ethan baby yeah ohhhh give it to me ohhh I'm gonna cum baby I'm gonna
cum all over your cock faster fast....yesssss yess yes
oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ethan!!!!!!!!"

Lizzie's cunt muscles tightened around his shaft as her virginity was now
only a memory. Seeing Gordo hard again she motioned for him to join them.
Gordo made his way to the bed where Ethan was on top of Lizzie fucking the
hot blonde senseless. Lizzie asked Ethan to pull out. Confused, he did as
she asked, he wondered what he did wrong. He soon found out that Lizzie
wanted to try something new.

"Gordo if you wouldn't mind fucking my pussy, I think I'd like Ethan to fuck
me in the ass, is that OK with you?"

"I can deal with it!" Said an excited Gordo.

Lizzie got on top of Gordo and he entered her easily. Ethan got behind Lizzie
and stuck his cock in her ass. They developed a rhythm and Lizzie McGuire was
now getting a double penetration. Gordo thrust hard into his best friend, as
Lizzie's ass was getting slammed by Ethan's dick. It was truly a sight to
see. Gordo wished he had his video camera to tape this moment, the innocent
Lizzie Mcguire taking two cocks at once like a common whore. Talk about the
biggest selling porn in town! Gordo got his chance to feel up her nice tits
and he did just that, even giving the nipples licks when Ethan rammed into
her forcing her back at Gordo.

Lizzie had her second orgasm and that egged the guys on even more. Ethan
came and his jism was soon leaking out of Lizzie's hot behind. He didn't
stop though, loving the feeling of her ass he just kept going. Gordo
started to pick up speed as his orgasm neared. Lizzie kissed her friend
hard on the mouth as they were on the verge of coming together. Ethan
started slapping Lizzie's tight butt as he stayed hard wanting to give
Miss. McGuire the pleasure of coming again with two cocks in both her

Finally Lizzie and Gordo erupted together, her tight little pussy coated
his cock with her girl cream. The three all laid there both of them kissing
softly on Lizzie's body. Lizzie snuggled up to both guys and thanked them.
As much as she was into Kate she still liked guys too, and the only thing
better than a guys cock was two guys cocks!

Downstairs Kate had dropped her dress and her panties for Miranda. Miranda
looked in awe of the blonde cheerleaders body, and watched Kate as Kate
pushed her down on the couch and sat on her face. Miranda stared at the
blonde cunt in front of her, it was already releasing a scent that was
driving her crazy. She wanted to protest to tell this sick freak Kate to
get off of her, but instead she acted on instinct, and stuck out her
tongue and licked on Kate's womanhood. Kate started to grind her pussy
into Miranda, and Miranda did her best to keep her tongue on Kate's hot

Kate lifted Miranda's top and smiled at the pretty purple bra that she was
wearing. Her hands undid the buttons on her jeans as she continued riding
Miranda's face. Miranda jumped in excitement as Kate's fingernails made
there way under her panties and through Miranda's silky pubic hair to her
pussy. Miranda felt a finger slid inside of her and on instinct pushed her
pussy up at it. Miranda's pussy was on fire only minutes later. It seemed
Kate knew just where to touch her. Kate's fingers were skilled no doubt
about it, as she fingered the Latina girl, and her hips went back and forth
on Miranda's face.

Miranda was soon rewarded by Kate's girl gusher smothering her face like
sweet sauce. Miranda then got up and kissed Kate passionately on the lips.
There were tongues going wild and tongue sucking involved, as the two
former enemies made out like lifelong lovers. Kate broke the kiss and
licked all around Miranda's nice cleavage. Miranda moaned in ecstasy as
Kate unhooked her purple bra and took one of Miranda's nice size tits in
her mouth. Both boobs got equal sucking attention as Miranda started
humping Kate's leg with her panty covered crotch.

Kate pushed Miranda back and kissed her way down to her last piece of
clothing. Miranda gladly let Kate pull her matching purple panties down,
as Kate's tongue found its target. Miranda's eyes shut tightly as she
felt her orgasm was emanate. Kate's tongue swirling on her delicate
latina flower sent Miranda over the top. Soon Kate's face was covered
by Miranda's Mexican salsa. Miranda had no chance to catch her breath
though as she felt a tongue again, or actually tongues!

She opened her eyes to see that Kate AND Lizzie were both licking her pussy
at the same time. This double assault was a sight to see, but it felt even
more heavenly. She thrashed about on the couch at the double assault, her
pussy burning up with passion, passion for the tongues that were making her
a sweaty cum covered mess. She didn't care that Ethan and Gordo were an
audience watching this now, she just wanted release! The two girls licking
her pussy gave her a release quickly, but they still wern't done with her!

Lizzie was now straddling her face as Kate kept on licking her, not missing
a beat. Miranda tasted her best friend, and even tasted what seemed to be
Gordo's cum inside of her. It was a hot and tasty mixture to say the least.
Miranda felt up Lizzie's tits pulling on the nipples. Lizzie rode her all
the harder as the two were about to come. It was only minutes later when
they were both arching their backs and releasing their ever so sweet teen
juices simultaneously. All three girls hugged each other tight recovering
from their orgasms. They all three shared a very hot french kiss as they
stroked on each others breasts and soaked boxes.

"So Miranda, are we friends again?" Asked Lizzie.

"Yes, we are, your sexy girlfriend Kate is all right by me Lizzie!" She gave
Kate a kiss.

"Thank you Kate, and thank you all for coming (Lizzie giggled). I can't wait
to see what happens at my birthday party next year."

"Oh I promise you Lizzie sweetie (Kate gives her a kiss) it will be the
party of all parties for my little lesbian nympho!"



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