This story is pure fantasy, there are no similarities between the characters
in this story and how they really are on TV. Also if your under 18 then your
too young to read this, now on with the story.

Lizzie McGuire: Lizzie The Lesbian Nympho (f/f,F/f,inc,smbd,spank)
by Mia Is Da Bomb ([email protected])

Lizzie McGuire was a pretty 14 year old blonde with sexy eyes a cute petite
body, she had a nice tan, and breasts that were just starting to develop.
Lizzie had a good share of guys giving her the eye at school, which her
friend Miranda noticed, that making her just a little jealous of Lizzie.
Miranda was a 14 year old girl too, her hair color was dark (due to the fact
that she was of Latino heritage) and much like Lizzie her hips and breasts
had only just begun to start developing. Her and Lizzie had been best friends
ever since kindergarten.

Of course Lizzie still had a secret or two that even Miranda didn't know
about. Even though Lizzie and Miranda talked about boys like most teenage
girls did, Lizzie deep down had much stronger feelings for other girls.
Lizzie was a closet lesbian she knew that she couldn't just come right out
and say she was into girls, so she just tried to act like a normal girl.

There was even a special girl she had in mind. Her biggest enemy at school,
Kate. Kate was also 14 years old but could pass easily for 16 or 17. After
all Kate was tall at 5 ft 8 in, and her breasts were already developed nicely
into a b-cup bra. Kate was very pretty, but the problem was she was a major
bitch to Lizzie and Miranda. So because of that any fantasies of her and Kate
were only that... fantasies. This didn't keep Lizzie from dreaming though.
She had Kate in her gym class and she would glance at Kate's beautiful body
whenever she could in the girl's locker room.

After admiring Kate at school Lizzie would finger herself at home, her tight
little cunt would explode at the thought of Kate naked while she fingered
herself. This had almost became an obsession for Lizzie she was so hot for

Then one day Lizzie was sick and missed school, Gordo and Miranda brought
her homework to her, they also brought her some bad news as well (at least
they thought it was bad news). "Hold on to your bra Lizzie, you gotta work
with Kate, she's your partner for a social studies project." Miranda said.

Deep down Lizzie was smiling at the idea of being closer to Kate. Of course,
she couldn't let Miranda and Gordo know this so she hid it. "Oh my God I
have to work with Kate?"

"Sorry Lizzie whoever wasn't at school was paired up by the teacher,"
responded Miranda.

"Oh well I guess I have no choice, might as well grin and bare it."

Lizzie went to bed that night and a vision of Kate danced in her mind. She
dreamed about Kate. She dreamed that Kate came over to her house, and that
she answered the door. Lizzie opened the door then saw Kate standing there.
She was in a black leather bra (with a hole cut out on each cup to display
her nipples) with a black leather thong and black stockings held up by a
black garter belt, the outfit was finished off by tall shiny black boots.
Lizzie looked Kate all over up and down. Lizzie looked down at her body and
realized that she was completely naked in front of Kate. Before she could
say word Kate grabbed her by the hair and said, "Take me to your room bitch!"

Lizzie responded, "Um...OK."

Kate turned Lizzie around and said, "My name is Mistress Kate, slave!!"

"Yes, Mistress Kate" responded Lizzie.

Once in the bedroom Kate got on the bed and pushed Lizzie on her knees in
front of her.

"Lick my boots slave!"

Lizzie started licking Kate's tall leather boots. She started at the bottom
of the boot licking it, then slowly went up to the front, licking where her
toes would be. Then to the middle of her foot, then up to her ankle. Lizzie
then went to the other boot and repeated the same process. She looked up to
see Kate with her eyes closed and pinching her nipples. Finally Kate stood up
and pulled down her thong, Lizzie saw that her pussy had just a small patch
of blonde pubic hair above it. Lizzie started licking between Kate's legs at
her slit. Then her fingers opened up Kate's lips, and Lizzie started licking
the pinkness inside of Kate's pussy.

"Oh that's it Lizzie eat my pussy you little slut!!! Ohhh I always knew you
were a cunt licker Lizzie!" Lizzie worked even faster on her clit, all this
name calling making her hot. "Ohh Lizzie oh your gonna make your mistress cum
ohhhh eat my cunt you little blonde dyke!"

Kate pulled on Lizzie's hair as her hips started to grind pushing more and
more of her pussy into Lizzie's face. Lizzie grabbed Kate's ass and squeezed
her firm ass cheeks. Lizzie sucked hard on Kate's pussy lips as her finger
massaged Kate's clit. A short while later Kate was orgasming all over
Lizzie's face.

"Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yes!!!!! Lick up my cream you little carpet-munching
whore!!!" Lizzie licked it all up enjoying the creamy taste of Kate's love
juices. Kate stroked Lizzie's hair and laid her back on the floor. "Well,
since you were a good little slave I'm gonna let you cum too."

Kate placed her high-heeled shiny black boot on Lizzie's crotch. Kate's boot
rubbed against Lizzie's blonde mound causing Lizzie to moan. Then Kate took
her heel and slowly slid it inside of her pussy. Lizzie was taken by surprise
as the high heel entered her virgin pussy. Kate moved her boot back and
forth, and started to heel-fuck Lizzie. Lizzie rubbed her clit with her
fingers as Kate stood over her and used her heel to fuck Lizzie, senselessly.
Looking down at Lizzie, Kate began to finger her own pussy, turned on seeing
her so helpless. Lizzie was so hot herself, seeing Kate standing over her
dominating her and masturbating her beautiful pussy in front of Lizzie in
the process.

All this was too much for Lizzie to handle and her body started to release
its orgasm. "Ohhh Mistress yes Mistress Kate I'M gonna cum ohhh fuck me with
your heel ohhhh yesss I'M cumming I'M cumming uhhhhh ahhhhhhh!!"

Suddenly Lizzie woke up in her bed, it was all a dream. Lizzie looked down
and saw that her panties were wet. Certainly it made sense after such a hot
dream she woke up when she orgasmed. Lizzie got up and pulled down her soaked
silk pink panties. She slid on a blue pair of cotton panties. She didn't know
how she was gonna be able to handle working with Kate tomorrow considering
the fact that she obviously had a huge crush on her.

When tomorrow after school finally came, Kate came over to Lizzie's house to
work on the project. Lizzie remembered Kate's favorite snack when they were
still friends, she loved nutter-butter cookies. So Lizzie had her mom get a
box of those and a box of chocolate nutter-butter's. Lizzie set them all on
a plate. She also got Kate's favorite pop to drink too. Kate finally knocked
on the door, Lizzie let her in and saw the blonde beauty in front of her,
white miniskirt displaying her long tan legs, blue top with thin material
that made her lacey bra underneath visible. Finishing the outfit was a pair
of open toe heels.

Lizzie stood there and stared, Kate got annoyed "Are you gonna let me in
McGuire? I wanna get this over with as soon as I can you freak!"

Lizzie's heart sank hearing Kate talk to her like that, this reminded her
how her and Kate don't get along. The two went into the kitchen and started
working on their project, it was a report on a foreign country. The first
part was a written report, the two worked on the research. Lizzie stole
glances at Kate, hoping to get a glimpse of her panties whenever Kate
uncrossed her legs. She was careful not to get caught. After all she didn't
want Kate to go tell her cheerleader friends "Lizzie Macguire was checking
me out the sick little freak!"

Lizzie got out the cookies and put them on the counter in front of Kate.

"Hey I love these cookies!" Kate grabbed a handful of the cookies.

"Yeah I know they're your favorite Kate. You loved them whenever you used to
spend the night, remember we'd both finish off a bag between us by morning?"

Kate looked at Lizzie for a moment, then cracked a smile. "Actually I
finished off a bag and a half, you only ate half a bag." Kate responded.

The two girls smiled and giggled at the same time. Then they stopped and
shrugged the joke off. Then Kate broke the silence "That was back in fifth
grade wasn't it? Remember Mr. Griswald the only guy left on the planet who
wears plaid suits, ha ha."

Both girls laughed together again. Then they looked at each other and smiled.
Kate liked Lizzie, she wouldn't admit it but she had a little crush on
Lizzie. Kate was bi, ever since cheerleading camp. At camp she met this
blonde girl named Torrance who was a high school senior. Torrance seduced
Kate at camp one night in the woods. Kate was forced at first, but later on
she was enjoying it. Especially when Torrance went down on her. A guy had
done that to Kate before and he had never hit the right spot. Torrance
however hit all the right spots, and her tongue caused Kate to have orgasm
after orgasm. She fell in love with Torrance that night, the two wrote each
other letters. Kate's letter's were usually love letter's about Kate telling
Torrance how it was the best sexual experience she had ever had, and how she
missed her sweet kisses. Unfortunately for Kate, Torrance had got together
with a guy and was gonna marry him. Kate was totally heartbroken as Torrance
asked Kate not to write her again.

Now looking at Lizzie, she realized Lizzie was pretty like Torrance. Thin
figure and a pretty face along with a great style in clothes. She gave
Lizzie's body a glance. Lizzie was in tight multicolored stretch pants and
a white shirt, Lizzie's bra was clearly visible through the shirt, much like
Kate's. The two continued talking and laughing as Lizzie's mom came in.

"Well, you two look like your having fun, reminds me of the old days when
you came over Kate."

Kate suddenly realized that she was bonding with Lizzie, this could be bad
with her being a cheerleader, certainly her friends wouldn't approve of
Lizzie. "Oh... um... hi Mrs. McGuire. I gotta be going I have cheerleading
practice, um... bye Lizzie, I'll see ya tomorrow."

"Bye Kate."

Kate walked out and Lizzie stole a glance of the back view of Kate in her

"Well, it looks like you two are getting along." said Lizzie's mom.

"Well, we were just talking, nothing big."

Lizzie went upstairs, she remembered Kate, the way she laughed, the sweet
perfume she was wearing, the quick glimpse she got down Kate's blue top,
seeing her sexy bra that was holding her cleavage. Lizzie started to close
her eyes imagining Kate removing her shirt. Then seeing Kate lifting up her
skirt to reveal sexy panties. Seeing that sweet smile of Kate coming towards
her and the kissing her on the mouth.

Lizzie slid her hand under her tight pants imagining herself french kissing
Kate. She imagined Kate pulling off Lizzie's shirt and sliding down her
pants. Lizzie's hand slid under her panties to touch her young cunt lips as
she imagined Kate unhooking her bra, then Kate unhooking her bra. She
imagined them french kissing as their bare breasts were pressed together.

"Lizzie its supper time!!"

Lizzie immediately jumped up pulling her hand out of her panties. "My God
that almost seemed real, I wish my mom's timing didn't suck so bad!"

After dinner Lizzie was left at home with her mom, since her dad and brother
went to a boy scout meeting together. Lizzie was upstairs finishing her
homework. Every so often she fantasized that Kate was there squeezing her
breasts. Lizzie squeezed her breasts imagining it was Kate's hands and not
her's. She decided that she wanted a soft drink and a couple of those
cookies, so she went to the kitchen.

On the way back she walked by her parent's room and saw her mom, she had left
the door open just a little giving Lizzie a glance of what was happening in
the room. Lizzie looked in and was shocked at what she saw. There was her
mom in black fishnet stockings, black stiletto high heels, a black halter
top and a black thong. Lizzie found out that the thong was crotchless when
her mom bent over adjusting the straps on her high heels and thong slightly
opened to show her mom's pussy in Lizzie's view. Lizzie knew her mom was
pretty but not sexy like this.

Lizzie stared at her mom's pussy it got her hot thinking how perverted this
was. A hand once again slid down her pants to her young box which she slid a
finger inside at the sight of the sexy big round ass bent over in front of
her that belonged to her Mom. "God mom's ass looks so delicious" she thought
as she licked her lips. Surely no one would think she was Lizzie the "good
girl" if they caught her watching her mom while she fingered herself!

Lizzie's mom turned around and saw Lizzie staring at her. "Elizabeth McGuire
what are you doing?!"

Lizzie stood there frozen not knowing what to say or do.

"Get in here Lizzie, right now!"

Lizzie slowly made her way in the room until she was face to face with her

"You should know spying on people is bad Lizzie!"

"I know mom," Lizzie responded.

She sat down on the bed, "Bend over my knees Lizzie, you haven't had a
spanking in a long time but you deserve one now!"

Lizzie couldn't believe this she hadn't had a spanking since she was 9 years
old. She certainly wasn't gonna disobey her Mom though. Lizzie's mom started
by pulling down Lizzie's pants, then her panties. She whaled her hand back
and slapped her hard on her cute little ass.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch!" Lizzie moaned as her mom slapped her young ass over and

Lizzie's mom was no stranger to lesbian love, having explored them in
college. After a while Lizzie's mom stopped slapping so hard, her eyes were
becoming fixated on Lizzie's cute behind. Lizzie found the slaps hardness
not to be as bad, and was wondering why they were suddenly turning her on.
Maybe it was seeing her mom's sexy stockings and heels as her mom spanked
her. Maybe it was just knowing that her mom was dressed like a slut and
spanking her bare bottom was getting her hot. Lizzie felt her pussy getting

Her mom noticed this, "God my daughter is growing up so nicely, look at this
nice ass!" she thought.

Then the slaps grew even less only to the point of them being light taps on
her pussy. She smiled at the dampness developing between her daughters legs.

"You realize you're a bad girl don't you Lizzie?"

"Yes, mommy I'M bad, I'M a very bad girl, spank your bad girl, spank me mommy
I deserve it." Lizzie's voice sounded excited not upset for getting a

"So tell me did you like what you saw Lizzie?"

Lizzie responded "Yes, I'M sorry, but I couldn't help myself. Your ass is so
nice mommy."

Lizzie's mom took Lizzie off her lap, then to Lizzie's surprise she bent
over in the same position she was in before with her ass in the air as she
adjusted her straps. "So my daughter likes this view?" her mom asked with a
lustful smile.

Lizzie stood there in awe, her mom was bent over in front of her and Lizzie
still had her pants and panties down. "Yes, Mom I love this view your so
beautiful, and... sexy."

"You wanted to eat my pussy didn't you Lizzie?"

Lizzie somewhat embarrassed responded, "Yes, mommy I find you so sexy, I know
its wrong your my mom, and its incest. Please don't hate me mommy."

Lizzie's mom reassured her daughter, "Its OK, I think your a beautiful young
woman Lizzie. Would you eat your mommy's pussy for her?"

Lizzie got down on her knees and crawled over to her mom, she slid the
crotchless underwear apart and started licking on her mom's pink clit as two
young fingers slid up her mom's cunt.

"Ohhh Lizzie oh... ahh that's my good girl, make your mommy feel good ohhhhhh
yes my sweet girl ohhh."

Lizzie was so turned on, her own mother encouraging her to violate this most
sacred taboo. Lizzie's hands slid up to caress her mom's nice ass, that same
ass that she had noticed so many times before when her mom were tight jeans,
or walked around at night in her panties.

Now as Lizzie slid down her mom's sexy underwear she started squeezing her
beautiful ass cheeks, while her tongue continued its work on her pretty
pussy. Lizzie's mom started to move her ass up and down as Lizzie buried her
tongue up her mom's love hole.

"Ohh please your mommy, you mommy wants it nasty Lizzie, slid a finger in my
ass Lizzie!!! Slide a finger in my ass and call me names Lizzie that gets me
hot, tell your mom how much of a slut she is!"

Lizzie did as she was told, who could imagine her Mom wanting her to call her
a slut?

"Ohh yeah take that finger up your ass mommy, mommy likes things up her ass
don't you mommy? You like getting eaten out by your own daughter after you
seduce her parading around in your panties, don't you mommy? My mommy the
slut, the sick daughter seducing lesbian slut. If daddy knew your were such
a sick whore he'd throw you on Jerry Springer wouldn't he mommy, letting all
the world know your a sick mom who likes getting her pussy eaten out by her
little daughter!!"

"Ohh yesss Lizzie your whore mommy's gonna cum all over your little girl

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Lizzie's mom exploded, and Lizzie got more
of her mom's sweet cum than she could handle.

Lizzie hugged her mom from behind, then her Mom asked Lizzie to unhook her
bra. Lizzie reached around to the front of her Mom and unhooked her mom's bra
in the front. Her mom's big breasts fell free and her Mom returned the favor
unhooking her daughter's training bra in the back letting her small breasts
fall free. The mother and daughter looked in each others eyes, then press
their bare tits together and they kissed each other on the lips. The mother
daughter incest kiss went on for quite a while, then her mom lifted her up
and onto the bed.

Lizzie felt her mom lick her inner thighs then higher, and higher until she
reached her 14 year old daughter's pussy. She licked her slit up and down.
Lizzie squirmed underneath as her mom's licking up and down her sacred
treasure sent her in a new realm of ecstasy. Then she opened her lips up
tonguing the inside of her young pussy. Lizzie reached down and felt up her
mother's heavy chest as her mom ate her out like a mad woman. Her mom's
breasts were so firm as Lizzie squeezed them and pinch the hard dark nipples
in her little hands.

Looking down at her mom's face eating her pussy, "Ohhhh mommy ohhh I'M gonna
cum for you ohhhhh lick me mommy ohhh lick me fucking dry ohhhhhhh God damn
it!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh!!!!"

Lizzie's Mom was about to tell her to watch her mouth, she never heard her
daughter talk like that before and it secretly kinda turned her on. She
couldn't tell her anything though, since her daughter was spasming in her
face, and she was soon drinking from the sweet nectar of Lizzie's oasis.

The two lay there for a while mother and daughter gently stroking each
other's breasts and kissing softly.

"I love you mommy." smiled Lizzie.

"I love you too my sweet daughter, you better go get ready for bed its
getting late."

Lizzie did as she was asked she slid on a pair of white cotton panties and a
baby-tee and went to sleep.

The next day Kate was over again, this time her and Lizzie had to cook a
special dish for the country they were doing the report on. Once again the
two were getting along laughing and joking as they had the other day. Kate
and Lizzie smiled back and forth at each other, there was something about
Lizzie today that Kate noticed, she had more confidence. They continued
cooking when Lizzie's little brother Matt came running it the house running
into Kate and causing her to drop a carton of eggs all over her short gold

"Oh no Kate, are you OK?"

"Oh yes I'M fine, I forgot how luck you are to have a little brother Lizzie."

The two looked at each other then started laughing.

"Here let me help you clean up, oopsssssss."

Lizzie falls to the floor as the eggs on the floor mad her slip drop the
flour and fall onto Kate. Lizzie giggled "You're looking a little sticky

"Oh yeah, you look like a ghost McGuire!!" Kate giggled back.

The two looked at each other. Lizzie was on top of Kate their bodies pressed
together on the kitchen floor. Lizzie leaned in staring deep in Kate's blue
eyes, Kate stared right back, the two leaned in slowly their lips inches away
from each other. Lizzie brushed Kate's hair aside, Kate did the same for
Lizzie and then it happened.

The two teen girls started kissing, at first just soft gentle kisses then
they became more intense. Lizzie decided to push the issue a little further
and slid Kate the tongue, to her surprise Kate gave her the tongue back. The
two went at it, Kate's head was spinning, thoughts of, "If only my pep squad
could see me now" went through her head.

"Lizzie your brother and father and I are going to the mall we'll be back
later ok?" her mom hollered.

"Ok mom!" Lizzie hollered back.

The two looked at each other, gave a few more soft kisses.

Then Lizzie said, "Hey, why don't we go clean up, maybe you can get a

Lizzie gave her a wink and a smile, then helped Kate off the floor. Lizzie
and Kate went to Lizzie's room.

"I gotta get out of these clothes," said Lizzie.

Lizzie pulled off her pink top to show a pink bra underneath. Then off came
her white pants to reveal cute panties with flowers. Kate got the hint and
took ohh her egg-covered gold dress and showed off her body to Lizzie, she
was wearing a sexy beige bra and a beige thong to match.

There was a long pause before Kate said, "So how 'bout I get that shower?"


Lizzie led her to the bathroom and showed her the shower.

"Could you unhook me Lizzie?" requested Kate.

Kate felt Lizzie pull down her straps and drop her bra to the floor. Kate
then bent over in front of Lizzie and pulled down her thong down exposing her
posterior to Lizzie's hungry eyes. Lizzie reached out and grabbed Kate's ass.
It was so very tan and firm as Lizzie squeezed it. Even in her dreams Kate's
ass wasn't nearly this good.

Kate smiled then said, "Well I'M into the shower." She then stepped in away
from Lizzie. Lizzie's heart sank, it was apparent that Kate had changed her
mind, she was on her way out of the bathroom when Kate said, "Hey Lizzie, you
know conservation is important, so why don't you shower with me?"

This time Kate gave Lizzie a wink and a smile and Lizzie unhooked her bra in
no time and slid out her panties even quicker and jumped in the shower. She
was greeted by a big wet kiss from Kate and they were in each others arms
again. The two teens explored each others bodies more this time. Lizzie went
down to lick and suck on Kate's dark red nipples they were hard as Lizzie
sucked on them.

Kate caressed Lizzie's hair, she wondered how much fun she may have missed
out over the years being this sexy little blonde's enemy. Soon her attention
was soon elsewhere as Lizzie was on her knees spreading Kate's pussy lips.
Lizzie licked all over Kate's cunt sucking on the pussy lips, then was
sliding her tongue in and out of Kate's box.

"Ohhh Lizzie oh yeah mmmm that's it baby ohhh make me cum ohhhh that's so
awesome, please don't stop!"

Lizzie worked her mouth all over Kate's box, she squeezed Kate's firm ass as
she pushed Kate against the shower wall.

"Ohhhhh Lizzie I'M cumming baby, I'm cumming ohhhhhhh!"

Kate didn't last long as Lizzie was soon tasting Kate's sweet pussy juices in
her mouth.

Kate brought Lizzie back up to another hot french kiss. Then she told Lizzie
to bend over in the shower, which Lizzie did. Then Kate started tonguing
Lizzie's snatch over and over. Lizzie closed her eyes as she felt so naughty
being bent over like a bitch and with the sexiest girl at her school, the
hot blonde cheerleader Kate giving her the pleasure. Kate then kissed and
licked Lizzie cute asshole as she fingered her sweet cunt. This pleasure
made it hard for Lizzie to last much longer especially with Kate encouraging

"Oh Lizzie cum baby cum for me ohh please I wanna taste you!"

Lizzie moaned, "OK Kate here it comes baby ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssss

Kate was treated to the very sweet treat of Lizzie's girl cum all over her
face. The two held each other until the water got cold and they both got
out. They got dressed and finished their project, kissed each other good-bye
and Kate whispered in Lizzie's ear, "Boy, are they in for a shock at school

The next day at school Lizzie met up with Gordo and Miranda.

"So Lizzie how was working with Kate yesterday?"

Lizzie said, "Hmmm... well."

Then Kate came around the corner walking towards Lizzie. Lizzie smiled, "Why
don't you ask Kate, Miranda. Oh, Kate what was it like us working together?"

Kate smiled and put her arms around Lizzie's hips, Lizzie put her arms around
Kate's shoulders. Then everyone in school stood still as Lizzie and Kate gave
each other a big french kiss right there in front of everyone.

"I'd say we enjoyed working together wouldn't you McGuire?"

"Oh, yes, Kate I'd agree with that," (slapping Kate on the ass) "Later

"Later slut," giggled Kate.

Lizzie looked around and saw every eye on her, Miranda and Gordo's jaw's
dropped to the floor in shock.

Lizzie just smiled and asked, "What? havn't you ever seen two people in love

The End


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