Lizzie McGuire: Lizzie McGuire And The Blue Lagoon
Part 5 - Another Wonderful Night (Mf,inc)
by Lude ([email protected])

One month before this story began, thunder seemed to shake the very night sky
as Sam McGuire walked into the hall bathroom. When lighting Flashed again, he
was surprised to see Lizzie, his daughter, standing in the bathroom door.
Even thought she was sixteen, Lizzie was wrapped in her fluffy pink cotton
bathrobe. On her feet, she wore pink bunny slippers.

"Daddy can I sleep with you?" She spoke slowly, with a heartrending sulky
face. Neither Sam nor Lizzie had discussed the wild morning they spent
together two years earlier. But with Mom and Matt gone, Lizzie and her
father were alone.

"Sure, honey," he answered. "Are you alright?"

She nodded her pretty face and smiled. "Now I am."

"Okay, get into bed," Sam told her. "I'll join you in a minute," Turning
away. Thinking she'd gone, he took out his cock to relieve himself. But
Lizzie didn't leave. On impulse, Lizzie surprised him, taking him in her
hand. Playfully, she swung his cock about, making a meandering stream of
piss splash about.

"Hey, don't make a mess!"

Lizzie laughed. "I can't piss that way. This is fun." As she spoke there was
a mischievous look in her eyes. She squeezed the tip, turning the flow off
and on.

He smiled. "Yea, I don't have to sit down."

Lizzie laughed. When he finished, she shook his cock for him. On impulse
again, Lizzie firmly curled her thumb and fingers and squeezed his warm

"You're getting bigger. and get harder," she murmured, as her fingers slipped
from his smooth shaft. Brandishing a sweet innocent smile, Lizzie's bathrobe
fell from her smooth shoulders. Dressed only in white thong panties and a
lacey bikini style bra, her sixteen-year old body was incredible.

Sam regarded her small trembling body with warm eyes. It was obvious that
Lizzie was excited, but it was with desire not embarrassment. Deliberately,
he gazed with delight at her firm swelling breasts and succulent nipples.
Sam licked his lips as his gaze drifted down, stopping at the bulge in
Lizzie's panties. He slowly opened his legs wider, arching his cock up with
a wiggle of his ass. Lizzie continued to gaze at him with speculating,
smoldering eyes and licked her lips in a deliberate gesture of intense

"You're very handsome Daddy." Lizzie told him, her voice husky.

"Do you think so, honey?" He cooed, arching his waist up once more, dangling
his cock invitingly.

Lizzie nodded, her burning eyes focused between his thighs.

"I bet I know what you're thinking," he said softly.


"Would you'd like play with it?" His voice was throaty as he gazed boldly at
her body.

A small tremor seemed to go through her as she slowly nodded her head.

"You can Lizzie. Any time you want to." He crooked a finger at Lizzie,
motioning her come with him. "I've missed being together."

Opening the covers, they slid into bed. Cuddled up next to his naked body,
Lizzie felt the heat radiating from his hard body. She closed her fingers
upon his tight ass cheek, giving it a squeeze. Sam whimpered and shuddered
as his daughter placed her hand upon his hard long cock. Running her fingers
about the smooth shaft, she fingered his crown into a harder peak. Squeezing
his cock, Lizzie felt his hairy, wet balls with the other hand.

Unable to resist, Sam traced his fingers along the tight crotch of Lizzie's
panties. The contact seemed to sear his fingers. Sliding his hand between her
thighs, he cupped his girl's succulent cunt and pressed inward. Lizzie moaned
and pleasurably began to squeeze his cock with both hands. Rubbing his palm
back and forth, Lizzie's slim hips writhe and move with him. While pulling at
Lizzie's wrist and he pressed a finger inside of her pussy. Lizzie closed her
thighs about it, pumping her hips up and down.

Making a tentative thrust, Lizzie mewled as one finger pushed deep into her
slippery cunt. Neither father nor daughter saying a word, they panted as the
excitement grew within their bodies. Their hands moved about, seeking and
finding pleasure. Sam slipped his fingers in and out of Lizzie's succulent
pussy, rubbing about Lizzie's steaming clitoris.

As he worked the hot lips, Lizzie's eyes glassed over as she mewled and
arched her hips. Sam withdrew her finger and offered it to Lizzie. Without
hesitation, she licked and sucked his glistening finger in her small mouth.

It pleased him tremendously that Lizzie had an erotic mind. Going a bit
further, he pulled his cock from Lizzie's fingers and lifted it to her mouth.
With her brilliant blue eyes blazing, she curiously licked and tasted her own
father's cock. Taking his cock deeper into her mouth, Lizzie sucked on it. He
was delighted to hear Lizzie purr in eager sensual pleasure. It was time.

Sitting up, Sam reached for the straps of Lizzie's bra. Pulling them from her
golden shoulders, the tight garment fell to Lizzie's waist. Her nipples were
brown and stood up beautifully. For a moment, he fondled her succulent tits,
then leaned forward and sucked on each nipple in turn. Her large tits tasted
delightfully. Lizzie cooed with lust and tightly hugged her Father's face
into her breasts. Finally he began to roll down her panties. His eyes lit up
like a child's on Christmas. As Sam unwrapped her panties down her slim
thighs, he received the sweetness of her pussy. Delicately sculptured,
Lizzie's lips were swollen with desire and the very tip of the hot clitoris
peeked out from her fine honey blonde bush.

Not embarrassed to be naked before him. Lizzie didn't realize she was
exquisitely beautiful and wasn't the least bit vain about it. He took
Lizzie's hand and pulled her closer.

Knowing what he wanted, Lizzie didn't need instructions. She squatted her
luscious delicate lips and throbbing clitoris above his face. He moved his
hands along her firm legs to Lizzie's curvy ass. Hot and smooth, her skin
was exciting to touch. Then Sam lifted his head to Lizzie's vertical smile
and his tongue traced her swollen cunt lips.

Letting out a sharp moan, Lizzie wiggled her small ass as he kissed her. Sam
then pressed his mouth tightly upon her whole slit and clitoris. Lizzie had
to close her eyes as he moved his tongue up and down her pussy, tasting it,
finding it sweet. Shaking with ecstasy, she had to grip the bead to brace
herself. Then twisting her cunt upon his face, Lizzie slid back and forth on
his lips. He gurgled with delight tasting the hot tightness, her pussy seemed
to scald his tongue. Sam thrusted his tongue in as deep as possible, then
began to rapidly fuck it in and out.

Enjoying his tongue, Lizzie squealed loudly, wiggling her crotch down hard
against his face. Cupping her small tight ass cheeks, he pressing his tongue
in and brushing it over her sweet clitoris. As he sucked in ecstasy, Lizzie
twisted and writhe her naked ass into the bed. Her cunt boiling, Lizzie
squealed in ecstasy as her father licked and sucked with more enjoyment than
he'd ever had with any women. He found Lizzie's pussy a delight to lick.
Holding his mouth wide open, he shoved his tongue into her tight cunt lips.
Lizzie lustfully bounced her shapely little ass up and down, fucking his
tongue as if it were a cock.

He loved it. Hot, slippery juices flowed over his tongue and into his mouth.
But Lizzie didn't last much longer. She began to squeal even louder. He felt
her sweet cunt lips throbbing and quivering when Lizzie's convulsive orgasm
struck, her cunt closed about his tongue like a hot vise. Gurgling loudly,
her body shaking violently, squirming her cunt spasmed in frenzy over his

After her wild orgasm, Lizzie laid beside her father until she stopped
gasping. There was a pack of condoms next to the bed. Sam opened the package
and handed one to Lizzie. She smiled and then opened it with her teeth.
Pulling out the condom, she blew into it and pulled it down his shaft. Then
still without saying anything, she raised her body to on top of his. Lizzie
began to rub and twist her little cunt against his cock. Running his hands
down Lizzie's back to her cute ass, he held both ass cheeks to help him enter
her. Sighing in ecstasy, he squeezed and massaged her body as Lizzie shoved
his cock into her pussy. Lifting her hips, he let his girl clamp onto ass
cheeks to help force his cock deeper into her cunt. Then their mouths met,
her hot little tongue swirling hungrily in heated gasps of pleasure.

Arching her sweet cunt hard upon his hard cock, Lizzie panted with searing
breath. As grinded her hips against him, he pulled on his daughter's sweet
ass. It was obvious that his daughter was about to climax again. He felt
his own orgasm growing and it was going to be tremendous.

"Oooh, Lizzie!" he spoke. It was the first words said for quite awhile.
"You're so beautiful! I'm going to cum!"

"Ohhh, Daddy," Lizzie whispered, continuing to bang her cunt upon his hard
cock. "I want to make you cum again and again!"

Squeezing his fingers around her bouncing hips, Lizzie's pussy drew even
tighter around his plunging cock. He could feel her delicate cunt rubbing
with a more intense, sensitive manner. As the dark rough hair around his
shaft was scraping her clitoris when, with a sudden upward lunge, his
climax hit him!

Almost at the same time, Lizzie squealed in ecstasy. As they held each other,
her small body shuddered on top of his. Her cunt smashed against his cock as
their convulsions gripped them. Cupping Lizzie's lovely face in his hands and
staring into her brilliant blue eyes. The heat in them had not been dampened
in the least, they both still burned with erotic desire. Kissing her sweet
lips, Sam was not in the least surprised to find the moist tongue licking at
his mouth, then darting into it. He sucked on her tongue as it snaked back
and forth.

"Come on," he murmured, "let's soak in the hot tub for a while." She nodded.
As Lizzie walked outside and slipped into the tub, he gazed at her slender,
sexy, naked body. The warm sun high in the sky, climbing in beside his
little girl, the heat of the water soothed their tired flesh. He placed his
arm around Lizzie's waist as she rested her head on his shoulder. While he
cupped and fondled her firm breasts, a small hand moved pleasurably down his
stomach to wrapped around his swelling cock. They held each other this way,
kissing, fondling and smiling.

"I wish we could have done this years ago." Lizzie murmured with a lazy

"You do, honey?"

"Yea, I wouldn't have wasted my time with little boys." Lizzie giggled,
twisting his cock. I'm glad you were my first Daddy!"

He chuckled with a deep sound, "Lizzie, you're not as innocent as you look
are you."

"Innocent!" Lizzie pulled her head from his shoulder and looked at him.
"Daddy, I don't know the meaning of the word! I you to fuck me all the time!
I want to fuck only you! Only you." She placed her head back on his shoulder
and began to stroke his cock once more.

"Gordo does like you." he commented.

"I do like him. I've.I sucked his cock," she confessed.

"I didn't know," he replied.

"I like pulling his pants down and go down on him. I've been doing it a
lot lately. But we've never gone all the way. I love you Dad, your cock is

He laughed. "I like hearing you say that," he murmured.

Lizzie lifted her head and looked him straight in the eye. "You've got a very
beautiful cock!" Then she burst into melodious giggles. Then she laughed.
"Here we were, naked as jay birds. My pussy was so hot ... Now what am I
supposed to do about it?"

He started to reply, but the sound of the front door slamming shut stop them
in their tracks. They heard Jo, Lizzie's mom's voice. "Honey, I can't find
Lizzie." Then suddenly, Jo stepped out the back doors. Jo stopped when she
saw Lizzie, her daughter, in the tub with Sam, her husband.


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