Lizzie McGuire: Lizzie McGuire And The Blue Lagoon
Part 4 - On The Beach (mf,inc)
by Lude ([email protected])

Now Lizzie surprised both Matt and, especially, herself when she got on her
knees, wrapped her hands around his ass and started to lick her brother's
cock! Matt gave out hoots of joy as she then swallowed it up! Messaging his
balls as she took him in. Almost immediately Matt blew a load of creamy cum
into Lizzie's beautiful mouth. It dribbled from her mouth as Lizzie smiled
up at him. She knew his next orgasm would take longer and give her more
pleasure. His bright blue eyes moving over Lizzie's swelling breasts, Matt
bent down to her chest, enjoyably sucking and nibbling them. Knowing that
when it comes down to it, family came first. Lizzie then laid back on the
beach and spread her legs.

"Mmmm." Lizzie moaned as Matt's tongue made its way down her stomach toward
her vagina. "I'm ready."

"Me too," he said.

Lizzie asked, "Is this your first time?"

He nodded his head.

"You have to get me ready first," Lizzie's smile glowed as she spoke. "So."
He looked confused at her. "Matt, put your tongue in my pussy!"

Doing as he was told, Matt gleefully wrapped his fingers around the string of
Lizzie's panties, pulling them down. With a coarse mat of hair at the base of
his penis, he 'd been surprised at discovering her oh-so-heavenly blonde
bush. When he got her panties all the way off, Lizzie kicked them playfully
away. With that, Matt knelt between Lizzie's legs. Caressing the insides of
his sister's thighs, his fingers drew ever closer to the silky patch that
partly obscured her slit.

As Matt's fingertips brushed her sensitive lips, Lizzi moaned softly and
spread herself even wider. Matt pressed his fingers up and down and soon
Lizzi's juices were flowing. Matt's fingers spread her open and slipped
inside, drawing a deep sigh. Smiling, Matt then bent down further until
his mouth was so close that Lizzi could feel Matt's warm breath on her.
Then, to Lizzi's surprise, and perhaps to Matt's too, he slipped his
tongue inside. Licking and tasting luscious blonde bush, Matt used his
tongue and mouth. She tasted so good, so perfect, so sweet. God, he'd
never tasted a girl before and he was enjoying every second of it. Under
Matt's probing tongue, Lizzi was soon bucking and twisting on the ground,
her long hair flailing around her. Shouting incoherently under Matt's
tantalizing ministrations, she entangled both hands in her younger
brother's hair and tried to force Matt's tongue deeper into her. Wrapping
her legs around his head, suddenly, her body arched and stiffened,
squeezing against Matt.

Gordo or Miranda had never gotten her this hot.

"Lizzie, keep shouting! Maybe someone will hear you and will be rescued!"
Matt joked.

Full of passion, he took advantage of his sister's rapture to drive two of
his fingers deep inside Lizzie's vagina. Lost in orgasmic bliss and overcome
with the sensations, she didn't realize what was happening. Slick from his
tongue fucking, Matt knew it was time and he moved to press his cock into

"Hey," she said, slightly in a daze, "what are you ... Oooooooohhh. Oh. OH.

Lizzie wailed in ecstasy as her pussy lips closed around his helmet shaped
crown. She wiggled in delight as her soft lips held the tip of his throbbing
cock. Pressing hard against him, his entire crown plunged into her.
Confusingly, it felt delicious but painful at the same time. Feeling impaled,
Lizzie continued to wiggle and hump Matt's cock into her. Juices started to
flow out of her and down his shaft. But he was so large, it hurt too much too
much to get more than three or four inches into her pussy. As hard as she
tired, his cock seemed just too big, too painful, to fit more into her.

Now Lizzie's turn to be surprised as Matt pressed deeper into her. Deeply
arosed, she raised her hips rising to meet his as he plunged into Lizzie's
steaming hot vagina. Picking up the pace, he enjoying her tight squeeze as
she met his every thrust. Matt kept driving his rock-hard penis into her
boiling pussy bucking up at him. Soon she had her thighs wrapped tightly
around his waist and her heels were digging into his buttocks, urging him
deeper and deeper. This time Lizzie was the first to cum. The orgasm rocked
her so hard her young body shook again and again with tremors of delight.
Matt's powerful plunging was met with equally forceful movements by his
older sister.

"This is great!" Lizzie exclaimed, her tits heaving up and down. "Oh, Matt,
yes, yes, more! Fuck me, harder!"

Pistoning his hips, sweat poured off Matt's slim body as his balls slapping
wetly against her thighs. Then all at once he saw stars as he felt a surge
building. Soon wave after wave pulsed through his shaft, blasting into his

"Lizzie I'm ... gaaaahhhh ... I'm ..." was all he could say as a surge of
uncontrollable emotions drained him of all feeling. cum oozed from her sweet
vertical smile, as he collapsed onto his sister. Still bucked up at him, her
own exploding climax launched her into a series of wild gyrations that
finally quieted down into a warm glow.

Twisting, Lizzie bent over, licking and sucked his cock again, cleaning it
off. Matt put his face between her legs and started licking her pussy. When
his tongue slid into her, Lizzie's nervous system seemed to short circuit and
she collapsed. Then suddenly, Matt's cock began jerking and shaking. Lizzie
pulled off just as wave after wave of cum spouted out his cock. Amazingly, it
oozed from her mouth, running down her throat, as other gobs of cum landed in
her hair and covered her face.

Later, their strength recovering, Matt braced himself for a tongue-lashing
when he asked, "Was it ... did you ... does it feel okay?"

But instead of being angry, Lizzie broke into a freckled grin. Her voice was
soft, "It was great! Really, really great! You're really good at it." Taking
hold of his cock, she added, "I like you fucking're so big brother! I
love you!"

Now it was Matt's turn to blush. "Really?" Matt stared at her in happy
disbelief. In ecstasy, he clapped his hands to his mouth, almost unwilling
to believe what she'd just said.

"Yes." Lizzie scrambled to her knees and turned toward her brother. "Do
you ... what to do it again?"

"Oh, fuck yes! I love you too!" Matt blurted out.

Immediately, Matt was at her side, taking off her bra and panties again. Then
he caught Lizzie's eye and she winked at him. Already stiff and hard, his
penis grew even bigger as he admired his sister's slim body. Matt moved down
and planted his lips on Lizzie's, giving her a long, deep kiss. In a flash,
Matt was then kneeling over his sister's lovely face. Bowing to his urges, he
moved forward, looming above her and brushed his penis up against his
sister's beautiful glowing face. Lizzie reached up as she flicked her own
tongue up to meet it. Teasing him, Lizzie lightly licking him up and down the
length of his shaft. Lizzie's tongue lustful sensations sent shocks through
Matt's body. It felt amazing! Overwhelmed, he had to bend down, putting his
hands on the ground on either side of Lizzie's head, to keep from falling on
top of her.

With Lizzie's hands all over his cock, rubbing and stroking, stroking and
rubbing, he had to continue branching himself. Moving her head into better
position, she began lovingly swallowing up his rock-hard shaft. As her hands
reached around to grab his butt, she sucked him in. The feeling of Lizzie
throat taking his member in was absolutely orgasmic.

"It's okay to cum in my mouth," Lizzie told him, hoping to taste his load
shooting into her mouth again. But this time he was able to last longer. When
he was getting close to cumming, he pulled out.

"Mmmm, let's not get you too hot before the main course. I've got to pace
myself," he said. Lightly moaning, Matt looking down as he spook. Then he
reached both hands around her neck and pulled her towards him, kissing her
deeply. He next suckled her firm, perfectly rounded, amazing breasts. While
he was in heaven, Matt was just getting started.

Liking the feel of his lips upon her body, Lizzie asked, "Doesn't my brother
want to fuck me with his big cock again?"

He nodded, unable to speak.

Smiling, his right hand started stroking her pussy. As two of his fingers
actually pressed in, he got on his knees and put his mouth between her legs.
Running his hands around Lizzie's smooth soft ass, his face seemed to glow
as he hungrily pressed his tongue out to taste her sweet juices. Thus
penetrated, Lizzie gave out soft moans as he worked his tongue through her
slick slit, teasing her erect clit as he did. Her hands moved to his head
and again pressed him deeper into her.

"Hummm! Hummm! Hummm!" she moaned again and again as he ate her out. Then he
pulled her waist down towards his. Not able to wait any longer, he moved his
throbbing cock up against her sweet pussy.

"God brother, do me again and again!" Lizzie exclaimed as she reached up to
guide his cock into her.

While Lizzie wrapped her legs tightly around Matt's waist, she taped her
heels against his buttocks, urging him to enter her. As Lizzie's cunt lips
parted and he pushed into her, he felt them envelop the full length of his
shaft. Buried deep in her, he rocked back and forth enthralled by the
incredible sensation of his hard cock raging inside his beautiful teenage
sister. The walls of her tight soft velvet pussy felt incredibly intense
as he fucking her slow and hard. Gabbing her firm little hips, he started
to pump his cock his full length in and out in a furious assault upon her
tight little pussy. Lizzie gyrated her butt in tune with his motions as
her pussy juices flowed down into her lap. In about five minutes, she felt
Matt's cock jerking in her pussy, his heat and flow filling her as the look
of bliss on his face enflamed her ecstasy. All of Lizzie's senses were tuned
to this moment as a wave of orgasmic euphoria overwhelmed her mind and body.

"O, Matt, you're so good!" Lizzie shouted out.

Thus encouraged, still hard, and driven by lust, Matt moved back up and with
a thrust of his groin, entered her again. Her pussy felt amazing. She was so
tight, so perfect, and so fine. He started humping in and out of her. In
another five or ten minutes he felt ready to burst again.

"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH" they both moaned in orgasmic fury. As his cum over flowed
from her pussy, he heard her exclaim, "YES! OH YES! OH GOD YES! OH YEAH! OH

Unbelievably, his teenage sex goddess's orgasm got him even hotter as he kept
plunging inside of her, harder and harder and harder. The sexual ecstasy they
were having was unbelievable. She was so wet, so hot, so tight. The friction
and intense sensations of her tight pussy and wet juices took him higher and
higher. They held each tightly as their sweating naked bodies pressed against
each other, wanting, desiring and fucking each other's brains out.

EVER STOP!" Lizzie shouted out, as passion brought her to another orgasm. And

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she erupted again in pleasure and ecstasy.
His sister cummed so hard that he thought it never stop. Washing over them,
their bodies feed on each other's pleasure. Lizzie quivered as she was over
come. Then they both lied together for a while, bathed in sweat. But the look
on Lizzie's face showed that she was still in the mood to fuck.

"Oh yeah. We aren't done with you yet. Not by a long shot," Lizzie ordered.

Matt didn't saying anything. He only looked at Lizzie's body and smiled as
he fondled her breasts. Then he took one into his mouth and sucked on it.
Enjoying his action, Lizzie wrapped a hand around his hand as mouthed her
breasts. With the other, she began to jack him off again. Looking into his
eyes, Lizzie and uttered words that sounded like magic to him. "Matt, do
you fuck me in the ass?"

"Wow, I can do that? You've got suck a great butt!"

He slid up Lizzie's body as she leaned forward and braced herself on her
elbows. Lizzie considerately gave his cock a few quick licks for lubrication
before he positioned it at her waiting butt-hole, he then forced it inside.
Her ass was like a vice. Matt didn't think he could have pulled out even if
he wanted to, and it wasn't letting go until it got what it wanted. He was
more than happy to oblige, as he tried to start a piston motion.

Realizing she was an ass-fiend, with a divine look of pure lust, Lizzie
looked back at him. After cumming in Lizzie's ass and she licked his rod
clean, Matt realized what heaven on Earth was. Repositioning herself,
Lizzie kneeled over Matt and slowly lowered her pussy onto his face. "Eat
me," Lizzie ordered and Matt shoved his tongue deep into her pussy. "Oh
yes! Oh yes!" Lizzie played with her own nipples as Matt got her off with
his spectacular tongue work. Still sitting on Matt's face, Lizzie smiled,
then spun around and lowered her mouth to his cock.

Much late, she turned to Matt and said, "So you'll never tell Mom and Dad,

"Sure, if we're ever rescued," he answered. While Lizzie knew she should
never tell Mom. Her father was different story. With a glint in her eyes,
she remembered his handsome face, his hard naked ass and large beautiful
cock. Griped by erotic imagery of her father. Yearning for the feel of
his cock blasting like an orgasmic fountain again, Lizzie remembered a
day six months ago.


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