Lizzie McGuire: Lizzie McGuire And The Blue Lagoon
Part 3 - Threesome (mff)
by Lude ([email protected])

Lying naked on the beach, there was a moment of silence as Lizzie and Matt
both took in the scene. Lizzie figured she knew more about sex than her
brother. Besides for several wonderful experiences with her father, her
education had really begun a few months ago. The day she walked in on
Miranda and Gordo in the shower. She'd watched shyly as Miranda gave Gordo
a blowjob like a real pro. Lizzie had never seen Gordo naked before. She
noticed that he had a cute ass. After his orgasm covered Miranda's face,
Gordo undressed Lizzie. At first Lizzie had been too embarrass to do
anything more than just let them fondle her and suckle her breasts. Then
Gordo asked Lizzie to kneel in front of him. Shyly she did as he asked.
Lizzie's eyes went wide when Gordo's penis dangled it in front of her
luscious mouth.

"You want me to suck it?" Lizzie whispered in interested surprise. Gordo
grinned from ear to ear.

"You'll love it," Miranda told her. "Trust me."

Gordo wasn't nearly as large as Daddy had been. But Lizzie still made `Hummm'
sounds as she rolled her eyes and slowly ran her index finger along his cock.
Playing with his pubic hair and tickling his balls, Lizzie's hands began
rubbing and stroking his cock. Lowering her mouth, she put her lips on his
crown. His precum already spilling out, Lizzie's tongue darted out to slurp
it up.

"Yes, that's it! Use your tongue." Gordo jubilantly felt Lizzie bath his cock
with her tongue. "Now open your exquisite mouth."

Running his hands through Lizzie's hair, he held her head as his tip pressed
into her mouth. Lizzie's lips wrapped around his crown, sucking like a baby
would a nipple. Her lungs pulled upon him, sending a shock through his body.
The little flaxen hair girl began lovingly licking, tasting, and sucking his
shaft. As Lizzie's mouth opened wider, her lips began sliding up and down his
shaft. Pistoning into her mouth, Gordo moaned, feeling the pleasurable warmth
and wetness of her saliva and smoothness of her lips. Her hands reached
around his butt, pulling him in even deeper, gently guiding upon his shaft.
Soon Lizzie felt him tickling the back of her mouth. Explored deeper, Lizzie
moaned as he pushed into her throat.

"Yes, that's it." Gordo exclaimed to encourage her. His eyes twinkled,
surprised at her ability to pleasure him. "Just relax and suck real hard."

Lizzie's hands firmly grasping his shaft, slowly but deliberately she began
to pump, her mouth rising and falling in tandem. Working her tongue, Lizzie
lustfully twirling around each and every contour of his shaft. At the same
time, Miranda began licking along Lizzie's quivering thighs and between her
deliciously tight butt cheeks.

"Hummm!" Lizzie moaned, purring deliriously, as she continued to suck his

Gordo's legs began to shake as a tidal wave built up in his balls. Jerking
and pulsating, his whole body shook as he exploded like a thunderstorm.
Gordo held Lizzie's head as bolts of milky white cum shot down her throat.
It dripped from her mouth, trickled out her nose, down her chin, and even
ran down her breasts. Gagging a little, Lizzie licked and sucked it up, her
throat working as she feasted upon his cock. Squeezing her hands up and down
the length of his shaft and she milked him dry, swallowing it down. Miranda
smiled, believing that she'd help Lizzie to perform her first blowjob.

"That's it Lizzie," Gordo had moaned. "Swallow it down." He'd groaned in
tremendous delight as he felt her throat work.

Running his hands across her ass, he'd then looked down lustfully. "Now
there's something else I've been dying to do to you." Lizzie's excitement
increased as Miranda and Gordo had both shared a hungry smile.

Spreading her legs as he took up position behind Lizzie, she tried to look
underneath, but her breasts blocked the view. When she felt the tip of his
cock enter her, Lizzie drove back upon him. As Lizzie wiggled her creamy
ass, Miranda laid down beneath her and began kissing Lizzie's pussy and
fondling her breasts.

"God yes! Both of you do me at the same time!" Lizzie made yummy sounds and
wrapped her slim sweet thighs about Miranda's face. As she licked Lizzie's
succulent pussy, an incredible orgasm covered Miranda's face with juices.
Enjoying Lizzie ass but with Miranda right there, Gordo pulled out and rammed
his cock into Miranda's mouth. After fucking her mouth, he switched back to
Lizzie. He went back and forth between Miranda's mouth and Lizzie's ass
several times. Thus, well lubricated by Miranda, Gordo humped Lizzie's ass
faster and faster. Then, when Lizzie's spasmed in violent passion around his
cock, suddenly, Gordo wailed in ecstasy. "Oh my god! It's going to happen
again! AHHHH YES! WHO'S MY SLUT.WHO'S MY SLUT.AHHH!" Already filled with his
cock, cum flowed out from Lizzie's glove like tightness, down her legs, and
on to Miranda's face.

Gordo was still fucking Lizzie up the ass and Miranda had her face buried in
Lizzie's pussy, when they'd been interrupted and had to quit. Since then,
Lizzie had discovered she loved to suck cock, first only Gordo's, and then
other boys. But she'd never, despite Gordo's urgings, gone all the way yet.
Lizzie was saving herself for love.


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